Issue Date: 6-1-2020125 College Drive, Casper WY 82601REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS #CC540-20Casper CollegeConstituent Relationship Management (CRM) SolutionNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Casper College is accepting sealed proposals for theabove project.SEALED PROPOSALS MUST BE IN THE POSSESSION OF THE CASPERCOLLEGE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT BY NO LATER THAN:2:00 P.M. (our clock) July 1, 2020.Proposals will be opened at this time in Room #310 of the Gateway Bldg.Please provide one (1) Original and four (4) Copies in a sealed envelope.Proposals received after the time and date specified will not be considered.Sealed proposals must be sent or delivered to:Casper College125 College DriveCasper, Wyoming 82601Attn. Debbie Przybylowicz, Purchasing SpecialistGateway Building Rm. #311APlease clearly mark the outside of your envelope:“CRM - RFP #CC540-20”Telephone, fax, or email proposals will not be accepted

RFP #CC540-20Some of the specifications and qualifications noted in this RFP are either preferred or are generalguidelines and are written to be somewhat flexible. At our option, we may consider variances fromthese specifications and qualifications. Our objective is to find the best overall proposal(s) in ouropinion for these services. Although pricing is important, it will not be the only factor consideredwhen evaluating the proposals (see evaluation section).Casper College reserves the right to waive irregularities and informalities, even those that areshown as mandatory requirements, as long as it doesn’t give an advantage to the bidder submittingthe proposal or disadvantages any competing bidders. The College may also accept or reject anyand all proposals. Casper College does not bind itself to the lowest proposal, but rather the proposalthat is felt to be in the best interest of the institution.ITB/RFP POSTING & DOWNLOADING:All Casper College ITB’s & RFP’s will be posted on the web-pages shown below.Bidders are responsible for checking these sites for addendumsprior to sending in their proposals.Note: Bid awards are also posted on these asingWe also post on:www.rockymountainbidsystem.comRefer questions to (email is preferred):Debbie [email protected] 307-268-2035Sincerely,Debbie PrzybylowiczPurchasing Specialist2

RFP #CC540-20GENERAL Proposals must be received in the Purchasing Office by the date and time specified.Proposals received after the specified date and time will not be accepted.Only SEALED proposals will be accepted. Please mark the outside of your envelope“Confidential” and include the proposal number. Telephone, fax, or emailed proposals willnot be accepted.All changes or interpretations will be made by written addendum. No oral or telephoneinterpretations of this bid proposal shall be binding upon Casper College.It is agreed and understood that responses to this RFP are considered to be workingdocuments while they are under consideration and, as such, are not subject to official bidopenings. The only information released at the public opening of this RFP will be thenames of the respondents. Only after the evaluation committee makes an officialrecommendation of award will prices associated with the RFP be available as public record.Expenses incurred in proposal preparation, pre-bid meetings, site visits, submission,presentations, demonstrations, etc. are the responsibility of the bidder and will not bereimbursed by the college.Awarded bidder(s) will not be reimbursed for expenses such as travel, mileage, rental car,meals, lodging, etc.All submittals in response to this request become public record and subject to publicinspection. Any proprietary or confidential information must be clearly identified and canonly be treated as such to the extent of the Open Records Act. Proprietary or confidentialinformation is defined to be any information that is not generally known to competitorsand which may provide a competitive advantage (pricing is not considered proprietary orconfidential). Submittals in their entirety cannot be specified as proprietary or confidential.All materials submitted with regard to this solicitation become the property of thecollege. The college will have the right to use any ideas contained in proposals received,with the exception of proprietary or confidential information.Casper College will make no advance payments for materials, implementation, or labor.By submitting this proposal, the bidder certifies under penalty of perjury that he/she hasnot acted in collusion with any other bidder or potential bidder.The following designations are used interchangeably: Casper College, College and The College. Contract and Agreement. Evaluation Committee and Committee. Proposal, Bid and Bid Proposal. Bidder, Person, Vendor, Company, and Firm. Request for Proposal and RFP.3

RFP #CC540-20SPECIFICATIONS AND SCOPE OF WORKCasper College seeks a Higher Education Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solutionto provide the tools, automation, website and student information system integration, and otheradvanced features of state-of-the-art CRM systems on the market to meet the enrollment goals ofthe college. The system should address the unique needs of prospective students at all stages inthe recruitment/enrollment funnel through marketing automation, lead management, automatedmulti-channel communication flows, predictive analytics and lead scoring, enrollmentperformance management, and data-driven management tools.REQUIREMENTS User-friendly, web-based interface that is intuitive for students and campus professionals(faculty and staff)Seamless and personalized customer experience (i.e. single sign on integration)Responsive option to embed videos, functionality for scheduled and ad hoccommunications through multiple forms of media including email, text messaging, andpostal mail at a minimumFluid tracking and reporting of students through the various stages of therecruitment/enrollment funnel: prospect, inquiry, applicant, admit, enrolled studentLogic to identify the multiple steps a student takes/progress in engagementCentralized tracking of communication history with individuals and organizationsincluding but not limited to the following types of contacts: Phone conversations Emails (both personal and automated correspondence) Event attendance Mailings Text messagesAbility to create and run multiple campaigns with automated workflow capabilitiesCustomizable online application for admission-collects application history and recognizesstudents when they complete a new application and inputs their previously saved dataAbility to manage incoming information from a variety of sources through manual entry,web-form entry, and batch importing while maintaining a high level of dataintegrity/intuitive duplication management, the ability to lock a fieldDetailed reporting and analytics capabilities comprised of both vendor suppliedstandardized reports and customizable reporting optionsEasily viewed dashboard that can be customized based on users with the ability to trackkey performance indicators, prospect prioritization, and progress toward goals frommultiple perspectives including overall institutional outlook as well as individual territorymanagementRobust bi-directional integration with the Ellucian Colleague’s student informationsystem (SIS), ImageNow, Mongoose E2E(appointment manager), google analytics,hubspotImplementation, training, and support services that allow Casper College to maximize thefeatures of the chosen CRM with built in training as part of the on-boarding each usertypeEvent registration and management capabilities: robust check-in, mass creation,user-friendly embeddable calendar, built in surveys/evaluationsGDPR compliant4

RFP #CC540-20PREFERRED FUNCTIONS (We may consider some variances) Integration with email allowing for ability to reply directly to inquiries from mass e-mailswithout logging into a separate system or portalIntegration with ImageNow Document imaging softwareIntegration with our Digium Switchvox phone systemCall center functionalityPlease address the following in your response:1. Commitment to State-of-the-Art Features: Please provide a description and examplesof how your software has advanced to bring state-of-the-art features specifically targetedat higher education. How have you advanced functionality in the following areas?a. Enrollment opportunity management that both quantifies the opportunity we havein enrolling someone (lead scoring) and converting them to enroll as a student.b. Lead management so that we can easily identify the people we should befollowing up with. This should incorporate demographic and behavioral data as abasis for identification.c. Reports and dashboards - This should be a single database that includes a simpleUI that allows us to customize dashboards and the ability to create customreports.d. Campaign analytics - The system should allow us the capability to analyze ourcampaigns that collect data from email, text, website, social media, polls, andsurveys to name a few.e. Funnel forecasting - The system will allow us to forecast key metrics andenrollment based on the data captured within the CRM system. It should take intoaccount multiple data points and benchmark against organizational goals.f.Great workflow management - This functionality allows us to structure andstandardize workflow for key roles involved in the enrollment process. It shouldalert to problems and track performance at each stage. Time stamps of key tasksare also of interest.g. Enrollment data analysis that allows us to stratify the enrollment funnel and otherdata points in many different ways such as employer, geography, psychographiccategory, website visits, program of interest, etc.h. Enrollment performance management - The system should easily point to whereour enrollment process is working well. We would like to look at what elementsperform the best including the representative or other element of the admissionsprocess.i.Marketing automation - Allows us to target the right people in our campaigns andmanage multiple campaigns across multiple channels easily.j.Chatk. Integration with Google Analytics that allows us to collect website traffic at theIP level and integrate that data throughout the CRM system as noted earlier.5

RFP #CC540-202. Company Background and Experience in Higher Eda. Please provide a brief history of your company including when it was founded,what primary market it serves, and how long it has been involved in the HigherEducation market.b. Please include details on the number of clients you serve that are CommunityCollege and the number of clients you serve that use Ellucian Colleague for theirSIS.3. Commitment to End – User Experience: Please provide evidence of your company’scommitment to end-user experience by addressing the following questions:a. Does your solution work well on a mobile device? If so, was it built usingresponsive design or can it only be accessed using an app?b. Is there a portal for students? Can applicants manage their own login usernameand password? What tools are available to prospects/applicants to track their ownprogress toward admission and enrollment (i.e. checklist of step to be completed,remaining documents for submission)? Is this individually customizable?c. Are there customizable features that allow different departments to leavemessages for individual students within the portal?4. Commitment to Internal – User Experience: Please provide evidence of yourcompany’s commitment to internal-user experience by addressing the followingquestions:a. How many steps/clicks are involved in the most common processing ofinformation, such as logging an interaction or call? Are screens, labels, and otherdesigned features consistent from section to section?b. What are the different user roles that your system is designed for and what levelof “technical savvy” is required for each type of user?c. What items/sections are considered more advanced?5. Forms and Applications: Please describe whether or not the CRM provides acustomizable online application for admission and/or other customizable web forms.Include evidence about the CRM’s enhancement of limitation pertaining to the following:a. Ability to use conditional logic in forms, thank you screens, and confirmationmessagesb. Functionality to pre-populate applications and other forms with information wealready have for an individualc. Payment processing capabilities (If available, what types of payment does thesystem accept? Does the CRM integrate with payment gateways? If so, whichones?)d. Please address any limitation on the number of applications and forms that can beproduced and what is required to make changes to them (Can Casper Collegeupdate and change them at any time using self-serve editing tools or is vendorinvolvement necessary?)6

RFP #CC540-206. Communication Methodsa. Please address the different modes of marketing and communication providedthrough the CRM and how they can be integrated into campaign managementdesign. In your response please provide details regarding the availability of predesigned templates, options for customization, ability to send in batch while stilltailoring messages to the individual through conditional logic, and automaticresponse options for incoming electronic messages.b. Please include specifics on the following media in additional to any others thatyour product has available:i. Broadcast Email (Please address any limits on number of messages thatcan be sent at one time, features to improve deliverability through spamfilters, compliance with CAN-SPAM act, and mobile-responsive design.)ii. Text messaging (What data must be collected in order to utilize textmessaging? Please address both mass and individual text messagingcapabilities.)iii. Postal Mail (Are there letter and mailing label templates? Tools to assistwith bulk mailing?)iv. Call-center functionalityv. Social Media Engagementvi. Online chat (group or 1:1)c. Please describe how the above communications are logged in the CRM (i.e.automatically when sent, manually added, etc.) and provide screenshots ofinterfaces to review the communication history for an individual. What tools andreports are available for permanent bounce rates, etc.? What tools are provided toinactivate “bad” phone numbers, email addresses, etc.? What reporting isavailable for tracking?7. Campaign Management and Automated Workflow: Please explain your system’scampaign management and automated workflow features including the following:a. Explain/illustrate how an individual is classified and converted through thedifferent stages of the recruitment/enrollment funnel: prospect, inquiry, applicant,admit, enrolled student. How easily can they be converted to the next stage in thefunnel? Is this done manually? In batch? Automatically through integration withthe student information system? Does this feature keep a historic log?b. How are campaigns scheduled, and what level of technical expertise is requiredto design a multi-channeled campaign?c. Does the system allow for multiple campaigns to be run simultaneously?d. Can campaigns handle communications that are triggered by both pre-definedschedules and response to student interactions?e. What different methods of communication can be utilized in a single campaign?f.Do campaigns take student communication preferences into account?8. Event Management: Please address the following in regard to the CRM’s eventmanagement functionality:a. What types of events can be managed (i.e. on-campus, off-campus, recurring)?7

RFP #CC540-20b. Does the system provide for management of multiple activities/sessions within alarge event such as an Orientation?c. Do the event management components of the CRM include event pages (e.g.,event calendar, registration forms, landing pages, confirmation messages, etc.)?If so, can these be built using responsive design or are they already responsive?What level of technical expertise is required to customize the content of thesepages?d. Can we drive students to different events based on an attribute or set of attributes(e.g., prospective students versus admitted students, biology major versusEnglish major, etc.)e. Can we create an unlimited number of registration forms?f.Is there functionality to send confirmations, reminders, and personalizeditineraries for events once a person has registered, and will these messages allowfor conditional logic in order to personalize responses?g. Will the system allow a student/guest to make changes to their own registration?h. Does the CRM allow collection of online payments for events, and is it able tocalculate individualized fees based on data collected in the event registration(e.g., person type, selected event elements, etc.)?i.What types of event information can be stored in the system (i.e. guest limits,locations, capacity, attendance, etc.)?j.What features are included/available to help track event attendance and automatefollow-up with no-shows and cancellations?k. Does the CRM provide survey tools for evaluation of events?9. Records Management: Please address the following regarding records managementwithin the CRM:a. What types of records can be stored in your solution and what are the capabilitiesto add custom data fields? Do such customizations have to be performed by yourcompany or can an on-site system administrator do them? Are there anylimitations on the number of records that can be stored in and extracted fromyour system? Can records be archived and/or purged? Can a person’s record havemultiple roles (i.e. parent, alumni)? Can a person have multiple applications?b. Does your solution provide the ability to batch edit and delete records? Describethe process and standard tools used to import Student Search names, test scores,etc. into the CRM from CVS and other flat files. What tools will we haveavailable to create our own imports/exports and can these packages/templates besaved for future use? Can they be automated?c. What is the process for identifying and resolving duplicate or possible duplicaterecords? Are duplicate criteria customizable, and will duplicate records belocked, sent to a holding bin, purged, etc.?d. Does your CRM provide an audit trail that details the edits made to a record?e. What types of user roles can be defined and how granular is the security that canbe applied to these roles?f.What type of search capabilities does your CRM include? Name, DOB, SSN,ID#, High School? And what type of filters and sorts can be applied to listresults?8

RFP #CC540-20g. How accessible is the data in your database? Describe the process and providescreen-shots of how an end user could build an advanced query and what optionsare available for exporting that information.h. Can queries, advanced filters and sorts, and other searches be saved for future useby the creator and other system users, without affecting other users?10. Reporting and Analyticsa. Describe your system’s ability to allow for cross-site tracking. Can it connecttracking done across institutional web properties and correlate it back to recordsin the CRM?b. Describe your system’s dash-boarding capabilities, content, and customizationoptions. Does your CRM include standard and customizable report options?c. Does it provide capabilities for year-over-year comparisons?d. Are there standard reports that can be used to measure return on investment(ROI)?e. What level of expertise is necessary to run reports? What level of expertise isnecessary to create reports?f.What tools does your system have to help identify probability to enroll basedupon interactions, origin, geography, alumni/parent history, test scores etc.g. Do your reports provide a funnel snapshot? Are the drill-down capabilities towork with individuals at different stages?h. Does the CRM provide and/or integrate with tools such as Tableau and BusinessObjects?11. Inte