SC KeyboardTraining Deck and FAQ0

SC KeyboardWhat is SC Keyboard? A mobile device keyboard that lets you do your banking straight from your keyboard! The keyboard is bundled with SC Mobile; anyone who installs SC Mobile will get SC Keyboard.How does it work? SC Keyboard behaves just like any other keyboard; difference is the “hotkey” – the SCB logo. Access banking services from within any mobile app; no need to switch to SC Mobile. Supports view balances, bill payments (airtime and utility) and mobile money for billers already saved in SCMobile/Online Banking.Who can use SC Keyboard? Individual customer already registered with SCB Online Banking and having SC Mobile – Yes. Android or iOS smartphone users – Yes. SME/Corporate customer – No.Who can I make payments to? Any existing Airtime/Utility/Mobile Money billers already added in SC Mobile/Online Banking.How secure is SC Keyboard? SC Keyboard is part of SC Mobile – it does not interface at all with the app it’s being used in, e.g. iMessage, Whatsapp,FB Messenger, etc.1

SC Keyboard FeaturesFeaturesDetailsView Balances View Balances of all accounts (current & savings) using SC KeyboardPay Bills Pay Bills to saved airtime and utility billers using SC KeyboardMobile Money Send Mobile Money to saved mobile wallet billers (i.e. MTN or AirtelMoney) using SC Keyboard2

Getting Started1. Install & log in to SCMobileBelow message is displayed uponlogging in to SC Mobile2. Follow steps tosetupSelect “open device settings” to bedirected to Operating System settings3. Enable keyboard4. Allow Full Access (iOS)5. Switch to SC keyboardat any appiOS – globe symbol to the right of “123”Android – keyboard symbol3

View Balances1. Tap shortcut key2. Tap VIEW BALANCES3. Log inUsing Username andPasswordAlternative Log in4. View account balancesUsingFingerprint/TouchID/FaceID –needs to be enabled in SC Mobile4

Pay Bills (Airtime or Utility)1. Tap shortcut key2. Tap PAY BILLS3. Log inUsing Username andPasswordAlternative Log in4. Select billerUsingFingerprint/TouchID/FaceID –needs to be enabled in SC Mobile5

Pay Bills (Airtime or Utility)5. Select account6. Input amount7. Done!You can select a default account to beused for SC Keyboard bill payments6

Mobile Money (MTN or Airtel Money)1. Tap shortcut key2. Tap MOBILE MONEY3. Log inUsing Username andPasswordAlternative Log in4. Select MobileMoney billerUsingFingerprint/TouchID/FaceID –needs to be enabled in SC Mobile7

Mobile Money (MTN or Airtel Money)5. Select account6. Input amount7. Done8. Inform recipient9. Generates messageYou can select a default account to be usedfor SC Keyboard Mobile Money payments8

FAQ1. FeaturesWhat BankingKeyboard?ServicesareavailableonThe services currently available on SC Keyboard are:SC View your account balances. Pay a bill to an existing airtime or utility biller. Make a mobile money payment to an existing biller.2. SetupYou will need to enable and grant full access to SC Keyboard in your device settings (Language & Input settings inWhat do I need to set up before I can use SCAndroid; Keyboard settings in iOS). In doing so, you will also need to accept any privacy or security warnings. AfterKeyboard?that, the only remaining step is to select SC Keyboard as your default keyboard and start using it!3. Payments & Notifications When using any application that requires keyboard input, you can tap the text input box to bring up the keyboard. On the keyboard, you will see the Standard Chartered logo in the top left corner. Tap the logo to see the available banking services. By tapping “Pay Bills”, you will be required to authenticateyourself using your username and password, or your face or fingerprint.How do I make a payment via SC Keyboard? You will then be guided through the steps to make a payment. You can select a biller from the existing billers youhave previously added. Select which account you would like to make the payment from. You will then be able to see the payment currencyand enter a payment amount. Confirm the payment details and the money will be transferred to your biller.Can I do a one-time bill payment or create a new biller No. SC Keyboard only supports payments to existing billers. To pay to a new biller, first add the biller on SCon SC Keyboard?Mobile/Online Banking. This will then appear on SC Keyboard.What currency can I transfer in?All bill payments will be settled in your local currency (UGX).No – all payments will be settled in your local currency (UGX).Your payment request will not be processed. You can fund your account using the following methods; Direct transfer from another account.What should I do if I don't have sufficient funds in my Through wallet to bank.source account? Through our Cash Deposit Machines. Over the counter at any of our branches.Is foreign exchange payment allowed?9

FAQWhen making a payment to a biller from SC Keyboard, you will see the biller name and your unique billerHow can I make sure the money is sent to rightreference (e.g. meter number). On each subsequent screen you will see the biller name before you confirm yourbiller?payment. You can check your Payment History in SC Mobile or Online Banking to verify the biller for the payment.What should I do if I send money to a wrong biller or Once the payment is confirmed and submitted, the instruction is irrevocable. Please check and ensure all theenter an incorrect amount?payment information is correct before you submit the payment via SC Keyboard. You will receive a notification upon successful processing of payment.How can I verify whether my SC Keyboard payment You can also check your payment history in SC Mobile or Online Banking to confirm.has been made successfully? In SC Mobile go to “Transfers”, then “History”. On Online Banking go to “My Dashboard”, then “Payments”, then “Payments History”.Can I cancel a payment instruction?No, you cannot cancel the payment as payments are processed immediately.Are there any notification messages for a successfulYes. You will receive the same notifications that you receive when completing a payment in SC Mobile.payment?4. NavigationHow do I exit SC Keyboard?You can log out from SC Keyboard at any point by tapping the (X) button located on the top right side of thekeyboard.5. SecurityHow do I prevent unauthorized payments from SC Before you access any banking service via SC Keyboard, you will be required to authenticate yourself by usingKeyboard?your username and password, or your face (FaceID) or fingerprint, in the same way you access SC Mobile. All security features are the same as in SC Mobile The log in session on the keyboard is 10 minutes (you will be logged out if idle for 10 minutes and also 10minutes after first login) Screenshots cannot be taken while using the keyboard (Android)How secure is SC Keyboard? If the user logs in from anywhere else – another device, SC Mobile, iBanking, etc. – they will be logged out fromthe keyboard. SC keyboard can access all the data you type including sensitive information such as bank account and credit10card numbers.