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About UsProudly Australian for over 50 YearsBirko Electrics started life just prior to World War II,making soldering irons for local markets. During thewar, a need was identified for some from of portablefood and drink heating vessel.Birko designed and produced the Foodand Drink Heater, an electric jug with aconcealed element so that the food aswell as liquid, could be heated.After the war, Birko continued manufacturingFood and Drink Heaters, selling themthrough major department stores. AnElectric Kettle was then added to the rangeof products, followed by a Hot Water Urnfor commercial and industrial usage.Birko expanded further, making industrialelements for washing machines and airconditioners. The element plant developedelements for Birko's domestic appliancemarket, which further improved the qualityand efficiency of its products.Up to this point, all Birko products hadbeen made from copper and then chromeplated. Copper was replaced by stainlesssteel in Hot Water Urns for a more reliable,hard wearing and cleaner product whichwas suitable for commercial applicationssuch as hospitals, factories andGovernment departments.Birko's next move was to develop adistribution network throughout Australia,and it soon began to export its products.2A takeover of Westgate Manufacturingin 1988, and Sarena Industries in 1989allowed expansion of the product rangeto include Food and Pie Warmers,Gas Urns, and some commercialcatering equipment.Now in the 21st century, Birkois going from strength to strength.It has expanded its product rangeeven further with its TempoTronicand introduced to the market a boilingand chilled water appliance: the BirkoTwinTemp. An ideal addition to anydomestic or commercial kitchen.Birko continues to expand and hasrecently launched a brand new rangeof commercial catering appliances.It is now proudly represented in NewZealand by Zenith Heaters - part of theZip Industries group.

TwinTemp4Conveyor Toaster18Tempotronic5Verticle Slot Toaster19Domestic & Commercial Urns6Pie Warmer20Coffee Percolator7Hot Food Showcase21Under-sink Chilled Water8Commercial Microwave22Filter Tap9Food Steamer Oven23Food & Drink Heater10Kitchen Mixer24Steam Cooker11Meat Slicer Medium & Large25Single & Double Fryer12Soup Kettle26Bain Marie13Rice Cooker27Griddle Hot Plate14Insect Killers28-29Toaster Griller15Thermal Hot Pack Heater30Griddle Toaster16Filters31Contact Grill173

Birko TwinTempUnder-sink Boiling & Chilled Water SystemFiltered boiling and chilled water from the one source.BoilingChilledCold (ambient)filtered water,instantly.filtered water,instantly.filtered water.Australian MadeBoiling and Chilled filtered water – Instant boiling filtered water for all commercial tea, coffee and cooking needs. Instant chilledfiltered drinking water from the same tap.Boiling and Ambient filtered water – Instant boiling filtered water perfect for kitchens and office tearooms. Instant ambienttemperature filtered drinking water from the same tap.New Birko 0.2-micron filters reduce chlorine taste and odour and filter out particles more than one fifth of a micron in size – that’sone five-thousandth (1/5000th) of a millimetre – twenty five times finer than earlier 5.0 micron filtration, designed to filter out bothCryptosporidium and Giarda cycsts and other impurities, for crystal-clear great-tasting water and healthier drinking.TwinTempPart Number1070901ModelTT100/125 TT160/125 TT160TT240BW Delivery(Cups)18181830CW Delivery(Glasses)1414––BW Capacity(Litres)3335CW Capacity(Litres)2.82.8––BW Recovery(Cups/Hr)100160160240CW Recovery(Cups/Hr)125125 ––AccessoriesFont Kit as pictured 1311614Dimensions(mm)W 429D 436H 337W 277D 320H 337W 277D 320H 337Replacement1311615Filter Cartridge41070801W 429D 436H 33710709111070811

Birko Tempo TronicOver-sink Boiling WaterBoiling water when you need itfor kitchens large or small.Boilingfiltered water,instantly.Australian MadeWhen you need it – boiling water available as soon as you need it.Suits your needs – choose from models delivering 8 to 150 cups of boiling water.Convenient – two-way tap makes it easy to fill cups or jugs.Low maintenance – with a stainless steel case and interior tank, it is designed to last.Filter option available – can be supplied with an external 5-micron filter for fresh and healthy filtered boiling water (highly recommended).Timer option available – substitute the 107 part number to 108.Tempo TronicPart s90Cups/Hr335 H268 W170 D1070074(2.5L)15Cups2.5Litres120Cups/Hr430 H315 W210 D1070076(5L)30Cups5Litres120Cups/Hr510 H365 W240 D1070078(7.5L)45Cups7.5Litres120Cups/Hr510 H365 W240 D1070080(10L)60Cups10Litres120Cups/Hr565 H425 W310 D1070082(15L)100Cups15Litres120Cups/Hr565 H425 W310 D1070084(20L)120Cups20Litres120Cups/Hr630 H490 W340 D1070086(25L)150Cups25Litres120Cups/Hr630 H490 W340 DReplacement1311617Filter CartridgeAlso available with timer from 2.5L- 25LWith timer5

Birko Domestic & Commercial UrnsSafe and reliable portable urns.A size to suit any need. Polished stainless steel body with vented cool to touch, twist to lock lid.Boilingfiltered water,instantly.Australian MadeHigh quality & low maintenance – Chrome plated brass tap on commercial 1009010 – 1009040 at a comfortable cupheight and polished stainless steel body with vented, twist-to-lock lid. Welded joints for superior corrosion resistance andeffortless cleaning.Temperature control – thermostat has variable settings, for greater control over the boiling water.Safety – Push button over temperature cut out turns off the power if the urn boils dry and the non-drip tap preventsaccidents and mess.All you need – indicator light, water level gauge on commercial 1009010 – 1009040, heat-resistant knobs, easy-lift safetyhandles and enclosed lockable lid.Domestic & Commercial 1009040Capacity5 Litres10 Litres20 Litres30 Litres40 240V220240V220240V220240V220240VEmptyWeight1.75 Kg3 Kg4 Kg4.75 Kg5 KgDia 253H 390Dia 300H 457Dia 354H 480Dia 354H 580Dimensions Dia 181(mm)H 3806Commercial

Birko Coffee Percolator20 Litre and 6 LitreHolds up to 100 cups of coffee hot and ready to serve.Boilingfiltered water,instantly.Quick & easy – just add cold water and fresh coffee grounds to hold up to 100 cups of quality coffee.Always perfect – the red switch indicator light shows whilst brewing is in progress. A second indicator light shows when coffee isready to serve so you can’t go wrong.Temperature controlled – once brewed, the heat automatically reduces and maintains an ideal serving temperature.Practical & stylish – polished stainless steel with welded joints for durability, sleek look and easy cleaning.Convenient – easy-to-read level gauge, non-drip tap, heat-resistant knobs and handles.Coffee PercolatorPart Number10600841060091Capacity20 Litres6 LitresDelivery12-100 cups/hr10-40 cups/hrPower1500W1370WVoltage220-240V220-240VEmpty Weight4.7 Kg3.5 KgDimensions(mm)Dia 280H 600Dia 230H 480Internal parts for 20 L modelModel 1060091Model 10600847

Birko Under-sink Chilled WaterChilled filtered water at any kitchen sink.Now you can have chilled filtered water at a fraction of thecost of bottled water.Chilledfiltered water,instantly.Australian MadeInstant chilled filtered water at your fingertips.Cost effective solution to buying and storing bottled water.Delivers refreshingly chilled water between 5 degrees and 10 degrees.New Birko 0.2-micron filters reduce chlorine taste and odour and filter out particles more than one fifth of a micron in size – that’sone five-thousandth (1/5000th) of a millimetre – twenty five times finer than earlier 5.0 micron filtration, designed to filter out bothCryptosporidium and Giarda cycsts and other impurities, for crystal-clear great-tasting water and healthier drinking.Chiller and filter system stored out-of –sight under bench top.Compressor Isolation Switch for winter use.Replacement Filter Cartridges- 1311616 Birko Replacement Filter 0.2 Micron.Under-sink Chilled Water8Part Number10702311070261ModelUSC60PUSC140PInitial DrawGlasses88RecoveryGlasses60140Dimensions(mm)W 353D 253H 377W 353D 291H 385

Birko Filter TapGreat tasting and healthy filtered water.Enjoy the taste, convenience and health benefits of filtered waterfrom your kitchen tap. All for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.Cold (ambient)filtered water.Australian MadeCompact & stylish – a slim and stylish tap with a filter unit that fits easily under any sink.Designed to last – features Australian Standard Approved filters.Save money – quality filtered water for a fraction of the cost.No mess – patented flow control valve reduces water splashing.0.2 Micron Filtration – New Birko 0.2-micron filters reduce chlorine taste and odourand filter out particles more than one fifth of a micron in size.Replacement Filter Cartridge – 1311616 - 0.2 Micron Filter.Filter TapPart Number1311066TypePremium Filter TapFiltrationSub MicronHole Size22mm9

Birko Food & Drink HeaterThe safe, versatile and reliable way to heat food and drink.The ideal travelling companion for tea, coffee and snacks on the move, this isa safe and reliable solution for serving a range of hot food and beverages.BoilingHot Foodfiltered water,instantly.heating andcookingVersatile – suits a range of food and drinks and comes standard with lid egg poaching accessory and removable power cord.Practical – stainless steel body for easy cleaning and durability.Easy-to-serve – unique all-round lip enables pouring from any angle without drip.Safe & smart – features a sealed element and intelligent thermostat with automatic boil-dry protection.Food & Drink Heater10Part 0WVoltage220-240V220-240VEmpty Weight0.68 Kg0.76 KgDimensions(mm)Dia 130H 160Dia 130H 200

Birko Steam CookerA fast and reliable steam cooker for commercial kitchens.A high quality cooker as a healthy alternative to rapidly steam everything from dimsims, seafood, to vegetables and hot dogs. Durable, low maintenance, great value.Boilingfiltered water,instantly.Australian MadeBuilt tough – designed for high-volume fast food outlets, restaurants and canteens.Fast & versatile – rapidly steam dim sims, hot dogs, chicken, vegetables and more.Controlled cooking – indicator on light with simmerstat control for continuous steaming.Easy cleaning – smooth welded stainless steel body, lid and basket for durability and low maintenance.Safe touch – heat resistant knob, handles and controls.Steam CookerPart Number1130002Capacity – Dim Sims50-60Power1000WVoltage220-240VEmpty Weight2.9 KgLitres6 LitresDimensions(mm)Dia 310H 30011

Birko Single & Double FryerReliable commercial performers for all-purpose frying.With stainless steel construction and excellent safety features, these fryersdeliver outstanding value and performance.Hot Foodheating andcookingCommercial quality – solid stainless steel construction (#304), strong chrome-plated cooking basket and thermostatcontrolled with user resettable push button over temperature cut out on the front panel.Easy to clean – the 5L model has a removable oil pan for easy cleaning while the 8L model features an oil drain tap.Safe – heat resistant ABS control dials, insulated basket handle, non-slip rubber feet and a night cover/lid, electrical interlockto enable the safe removal of the element.Single & Double FryerPart Number 10010011001002Capacity5 Litres2 x 5 Litres 8 Litres100100310010042 x 8 LitresMax BatchLoad2 Kg2 x 2 Kg3 Kg2 x 3KgWeight7.05 Kg12.5 Kg8.5 Kg15.7 KgPower2200W10 Amps2 x 2200W 2900W10 Amps15 Amps2 x 2900W15 -240V50HzTemperature 40-190 C40-190 C40-190 C40-190 CBasket Size(mm)W 200x220 W 200x220 W 200x220 W 200x220D 110D 110D 180D 180Dimensions(mm)W 282.5D 435H 350W 550D 435H 350W 282.5D 500H 400W 550D 500H 400Double FryerSingle Fryer12

Birko Bain MarieThe smart and cost-effective way to heat and serve.A high quality counter top bain marie, available with or without pans and lids, withall the features you need to simply and safely serve a wide range of hot dishes.Hot Foodheating andcookingCommercial quality – double skinned with concealed element one piece bowl, galvanised steel base, stainless steel elements andstainless steel construction (#304/#430) with stylish brushed finish.Safe – heat resistant ABS control dials, insulated faucet handles, user resettable push button over temperature cut out, andnon-slip rubber feet – pans must sit in 30mm of water as the water is heated which in turn heats the pans. Drain tap for fast,safe cleaning.Bain MariePart Number1110102(Pans& Lids)1110104(Pans& Empty Weight19.25 Kg10.75 Kg17.6 Kg8.6 KgDimensions(mm)W 700D 540H 270W 340D 540H 270W 700D 540H 270W 340D 540H 270Model 1315179Model 1110102Model 1315286Model 111010313

Birko Griddle Hot PlateHeavy duty polished steel plate for commercial kitchens.An all-purpose counter top griddle, ideal for sizzling steaks, burgers, eggs andmuch more. Exceptional quality and value.Hot Foodheating andcookingDurable cooking surface – heavy duty, polished mild steel cooking surface – simply season and oil for years of performance.Commercial quality – galvanised steel base and stainless steel construction (#304) with stylish brushed finish.Practical – removable stainless steel crumb/drip tray for easy cleaning.Safe – heat resistant ABS control dial, European thermostat and non-slip rubber feet.Griddle Hot Plate14Part Number1003101Grill PlateSmoothPower2200WWeight27.5 KgVoltage220-240V-50HzProduct Dimensions(mm)W 525D 450H 200Plate Dimensions(mm)L 520D 320

Birko Toaster GrillerA reliable, safe and high performance toaster griller.As a standard piece of equipment in many commercial kitchens,you can rely on this counter top toaster griller for quality and value.Hot Foodheating andcookingQuality – galvanised steel base, Quartz elements (3 upper, 3 lower) and stainless steel construction (#304) with stylish brushed finish.Fingertip control – European energy regulator, dual control for twin element or upper element heat and timer function.Practical – removable stainless steel crumb tray and chrome-plated grilling rack for easy cleaning.At 480mm(w) x 250mm(d) the rack takes up to 8 standard bread slices.Rack opening: 30mm upper position / 55mm lower position.Safe – heat resistant ABS control dials and handles, sliding rack locks and non-slip rubber feet.Toaster GrillerPart 0 Amps3200W15 AmpsVoltage220-240V50Hz220-240V50HzMax Temperature 280 C280 CWeight17.1 Kg16.5 KgGrill Rack Size(mm)W 480D 250W 480D 250Dimensions(mm)W 600D 290H 315W 600D 290H 31515

Birko Griddle ToasterA reliable, safe and high performance toaster griller.As a standard piece of equipment in many commercial kitchens,you can rely on this counter top toaster griller for quality and value.Hot Foodheating andcookingStainless steel main body with polished grilling plate.Dual Element Function 1 element dedicated to the griddle surface. 1 element dedicated to toasting function.Dual Control Griddle Surface element – thermostat control. Toasting elements – energy regulator control.Thermal overload protection.Non slip feet.Griddle Toaster16Part Number1003002Electrical220-240V 50Hz 2900WCooking Area520mm X 330mmTemperature60 - 300 CDimensions(mm)W 525D 594H 340

Birko Contact GrillHeavy duty cast iron surfaces for high-volume grilling.These versatile counter top contact grills are ideal fora wide range of toasted and grilled snacks.Hot Foodheating andcookingVersatile cooking surface – heavy duty, smooth cast iron cooking surfaces capable of withstanding high-volume use.Commercial quality – galvanised steel base and stainless steel construction (#304) with stylish brushed finish.European controls – dual control European thermostat and thermal cut-out function for precision and safety.Practical – spring loaded height settings and removable stainless steel crumb/drip tray for easy cleaning. Operates between60 and 300 degrees.Safe – non-slip rubber feet, heat resistant ABS control dials and handles.Contact GrillPart Number100210110021021002103Grill TypeSmoothSmoothSmoothPower2000W 10 Amps 2400W 10 Amps 2900W 15 AmpsVoltage220-240V 50Hz220-240V 50Hz220-240V 50HzWeight20 Kg30.7 Kg32.2 KgMax Temperature 60-300 C60-300 C60-300 CPlate Dimensions W 260(mm)D 226W 370D 280W 430D 240W 290D 350H 240W 410D 445H 235W 475D 390H 235Dimensions(mm)17

Birko Conveyor ToasterMasses of golden toast for high-volume kitchens.Simply feed in the bread for perfect toast to roll out at up to 600standard slices per hour. Ideal for hotels, catering and schools.Hot Foodheating andcookingCommercial quality – steel conveyer belt, motor and gears, metal elements (upper/lower) and stainless steel (#304/#430)construction with stylish brushed finish.Fingertip control – European energy control, feed and front return operation or rear exit, dual element control and conveyorspeed controls.Practical – Removable stainless steel crumb tray and chute for easy cleaning Energy saver standby mode for quick reheatSeparate upper element and combined upper/lower element settings for greater control.Safe – heat resistant ABS control dial and adjustable legs.Verticle Slot ToasterPart Number1003202Slices600 per hour*Power2400wVoltage220-240V50HzMax Temperature 60 - 280 CWeight18 KgDimensions(mm)W 370D 420H 42060mm Conveyor clearance requiredToaster opening sizes : 260mm x 60mm18

Birko Vertical Slot ToasterA proven winner for small and medium kitchens.Built tough for robust commercial use, yet very compact and portable,this great value product delivers golden toast day in, day out.Hot Foodheating andcookingCommercial quality – galvanised steel base, metal elements and stainless steel (#304/#430) construction withstylish brushed finish .Fingertip control – dual element control, and timer function.Practical – energy saver 3-slice switch and removable stainless steel crumb tray for easy cleaning.Safe – heat resistant ABS control dial, body venting, chrome steel element guards and non-slip rubber feet.Verticle Slot ToasterPart Number1003203SlicesStandard sizePower2100wVoltage220-240V50HzWeight8 KgDimensions(mm)W 410D 230H 27019

Birko Pie WarmerUp to 50 & 100 PiesDisplay and serve hot pies anywhere with ease.Hot Foodheating andcookingBuilt to last – sturdy stainless steel #430 construction and crumb trays, fixed rack levelsand metal lower element.Perfect temperature – European thermostat plus thermometer and temperature displaymean your pies are served just right.Safe & stylish – heat resistant ABS control dials and handles, glass sliding doors (1 side),tempered safety glass and non-slip rubber feet.Easy cleaning – simply slide out the racks and remove the crumb tray. Removable glasssliding doors and fixed rear glass panel.Builders model – stainless steel doors and rear panel back.Pie WarmerPart sModel)Capacity50 Pies100 Pies50 Pies100 PiesRacks4545MaximumTemperature190 C190 C190 C190 CPower1250W1850W1250W1850WVoltage220-240V10 amp220-240V10 amp220-240V10 amp220-240V10 ampWeight21.3 Kg28.5 Kg21.7 Kg28.5 KgDimensions(mm)W 585D 350H 500W 745D 350H 600W 585D 350H 500W 745D 350H 600Builders Model201040092

Birko Hot Food ShowcaseThe latest design hot food showcase for keeping food hot.Used to display heated food and maintain serving temperature.Hot Foodheating andcookingStainless steel outer case.European Café style design – Italian Zoppas Element with high efficiency heating system.LED lights for less energy use.Mechanical thermometer for clear te