Introduction to Sabre WebServicesXimena Moreira, Tech Lead, Help DeskJohn MacDonald, Implementation1Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Developer Resource Center(DRC)

Developer Resource Center (DRC)efficiency

DRC – Developer’s Startup Kit4efficiency

DRC – Developer’s Startup Kit5efficiency

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DRC – Search7efficiency

DRC – Service Overview8efficiency

DRC – Service Detail9efficiency

DRC – Sample Workflows10efficiency

DRC – Sample Workflows11efficiency

SoapUI Tool12

SoapUI Website13efficiency

SoapUI Tool14efficiency

Download SWS Test Tool for SoapUI15efficiency

Import SWS Client Test Tool16efficiency

SoapUI – Update Credentials17efficiency

SoapUI – Update Test Case Properties18efficiency

SoapUI – Run Test Case19efficiency

SoapUI – Errors20efficiency

SoapUI – SOAP Fault21efficiency

SoapUI – Sabre Host Error22efficiency

Session Management23

Session ManagementSession Management is: Managing Sabre Web Services connectionsEfficientReliableSession Management is not: State maintenance Sabre PNR state (work area or AAA) A client-side “shopping cart”Service State 24Sabre Web Services are statelessSabre functionality exposed via Sabre Web Servicesmay be stateful or statelessefficiency

Three ApproachesBasic Connection ConversationalAppropriate for low volumeConnection Pooling Persistent connectionsEfficient use of multiple sessionsConnection Management 25Protected connectionsMaximum reliabilityHighly scalableefficiency

Basic ConnectionConversational Strategy1.2.3.Open connection (SessionCreateRQ)Issue Sabre Web Services call(s)Close connection (SessionCloseRQ)NetworkSOAP/HTTPClient26

Connection PoolingPersist & Share Connections: SessionCreateRQ to establish a pool of open connectionsClient(s) connect and send Sabre Web Services callsSend SessionValidateRQ or OTA PingRQ as neededClear Sabre work area (AAA) between workflowsSend SessionCloseRQ to end Clients27

Connection ManagementHorizontally Scalable HTTPSocketsLoad BalancerClientsSession InformationPersistance28

More Information29efficiency



DevStream Community32efficiency

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DevStream Collaboration34efficiency

Sabre Web Services Support35

Sabre Web Services SupportTeam and ResponsibilitiesProvides support to all customers that use Sabre WebServices for development Support team consists of 18 specialistsService level targets 3624x7 phone and email supportGlobal coverage80% of calls answered within 40 secondsFirst response to email queries within 24 hours

Design/SchemaSecurity2%1%Connectivity3%User Error5%GeneralQuestion9% 1100 ServiceIncidents/month 68000emails/year37Version Alerts & Alarms1%2%Host related31%Admin39%How to use6% Average response 4.1 hoursAverage resolution 2.8 days/incident

Severity Level definitions38efficiencyefficiency Sev 1 - Critical component is down; no workaround exists Sev 2 - Major critical component is degraded; workaroundexists, but it is temporary Sev 3 - Medium multiple non-critical components down ordegraded Sev 4 - Minor single, non-critical, component down ordegraded; no business impact

Sabre Web ServicesRecommendations for Contact Please call the support team for any Sev One/Two issues When reporting issues via email, please use the followingguidelines 39efficiencyMake emails as specific as possibleDo not use old emails to report new issuesAvoid changing the subject line of an e-mail when responding to anoriginal threadProvide XML files/log files; screenshots do not provide the necessaryinformation

Sabre Web ServicesRecommendations for contact cont’defficiencyProvide the following information when reporting an issue: A clear description of the problem detailing: Environment and Web service name/version IPCC, PCC where the problem is occurring The payloads, requests, and responses as attachments (separatefiles) Logs and configuration files regarding the application being used Include the incident number if you are sending a follow upNote: Name your zipped attachments using the namingconvention:name.sabre.file4040

Sabre Web ServicesCustomer Support Survey41efficiency Customers may receive a Customer survey request whenthe service incident is closed You will not be bombarded with survey requests! The survey is intended to get your honest feedback on theservice you received Surveys are reviewed and customers are contacted whenconcerns are identified Your feedback will serve as a driver for future improvements

Sabre Web ServicesCustomer Support Survey cont’d42efficiency

Sabre Web ServicesCustomer Support Survey cont’d43efficiency