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Welcome to Content, Content, Content!Agenda 2Air AvailabilityAir ShoppingPNR, Payment, Ticketing, Pricing, FulfillmentAir MerchandisingSabre ProfilesHotel / Car / RailSabre Cruises APIConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air AvailabilityLorenzo Laohoo Jr.Product Marketing Manager, Air Optimization01 May 2013Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Agenda Our Area of Expertise Recent Accomplishments Air Availability Performance Plan for 2013 and beyond for Availability QualityConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Our Area of ExpertiseConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Recent Accomplishments Core Product Improvements Point of Commencement (POC) for EK, LX, TK Enhanced Interline Journey Logic (EIJL) 2nd wash by carrier Cache optimizationImprovements Through Collaboration with Airlines Lufthansa (LH) 1st pass polling Emirates (EK), Thai (TG) polling optimization Norwegian (DY) activation Airline proxies – United (UA) and British (BA)Data IntelligenceAgency Consulting and Customer SupportConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Americas and Europe Agencies Improvement26% – 33% Reduction in Failure RatesAgency 2Agency 15.6%9.8%Source: Sabre ABI data and customer dataConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

What DrivesOur Decisions ?Where Do WeInvest?CoreProductsData IntelligenceTravel Agency InsightsAirline ential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Internal Data IntelligenceDetailed Availability Business Intelligence DataTroubleshoot Customer IssuesFind Improvement Opportunitieso OTA 1o OTA 2o OTA 3o OTA 4o OTA 5o OTA 6o OTA 7o OTA 8o OTA 9o OTA 109Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

10Consulting and Support Functions- Agencies and Airlines are impacted by many activities- Help our customers manage the complexities of Air ailabilityRapidResponseTeamBlind nologyAirlineDistributionRev MgtCustomerSolutions /TechnicalServicesRetry LogicEdifactConnectivityConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Availability Quality Roadmap – 2013 & BeyondCoreProductFeatureFunctionsHigh Performance AvailabilitySystemGlobal Cache OptimizationRM Logic EnhancementsTimely Schedule UpdatesEnhanced Availability Search FunctionsAirline ProxiesAirline Polling OptimizationAirlinesDirect Access PollingCustomization by Agency and Airlines11Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

More to come PipelineProxies, Push Availability and Polling Optimization12Highly ConfidentialConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Thank YouConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air ShoppingDiane Dunigan, Director of Product Marketing14Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air Shopping – Enhancement Focus AreasFlexibilityvalueExperienceAir ShoppingCore15Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Recent EnhancementsAir Shopping16Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Recent Air Shopping Capabilities3Q124Q12LongConnectionvalue1Q13Specify BreakPointShop by ArrivalDate and TimeFlexibilityExperienceAir ShoppingExploringExpanded OptionsEnhanced DiversityCoreContinued Performance and Next Generation AlgorithmEnhancementsEnhanced TicketValidation17Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Shop by Arrival Date and TimevalueOTA AirLowFareSearchLLSRQ Web Service XML Request: ArrivalDateTime 2012-07-15T17:00:00 /ArrivalDateTime OriginLocation LocationCode "LAX"/ DestinationLocation LocationCode "CHS"/ TPA Extensions SegmentType Code "O"/ AlternateTime Minus "48"/ BargainFinderMaxRQ Web Service XML Request: OriginDestinationInformation RPH "1" ArrivalDateTime 2012-07-15T17:00:00 /ArrivalDateTime OriginLocation LocationCode "LAX"/ DestinationLocation LocationCode "CHS"/ TPA Extensions SegmentType Code "O"/ AlternateTime Minus "48"/ 18Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Long ConnectionvalueOTA AirLowFareSearchLLSRQ Web Service XML Request: !--Optional-- !--Repeat Factor 0-- !--"Ind" is used to instruct the system to take long connections into account.-- !--"MCT Override" is used to override the minimum connection time value of 780minutes. The maximum value that can be specified is 1439.-- LongConnections Ind "true" MCT Override "1000"/ BargainFinderMaxRQ Web Service XML Request: !-- Optional -- !-- Repeat Factor 0-1 -- !-- Change minimum connect time per connection in long connection schedules if LongConnect Time logic is enabled. -- !-- NOTE: maximum connect time is hardcoded at 1439 minutes -- !-- "Min" (optional) minimum connect time in minutes per connection in long connectionschedules, default is 780. -- !-- "Enable" (optional) enable long connection schedules . -- LongConnectTime Min "480" Enable "true" / 19Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Low Fare Search Performance – Before/AftervalueBefore Additional factors increase attractivenessand diversityLow traveltimeLow fareHigh traveltimeLow fareLow traveltimeHigh fareHigh traveltimeHigh fareNGS - V2 LFS comparisonUSD 1 differencecomparison low fare efficacy before/after3.002.502.00W/L ratio Minimum number of options percarrier Maximum number of inbounds peroutbound Need to see all non-stops in a market Time of day distribution Shorter flight duration performance Increased “high value” options withlow fare, short travel /20131/9/20131/8/20130.00Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Upcoming EnhancementsAir Shopping21Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Upcoming Air Shopping ty atRequest1H14*Multi Ticket ShopSpecify Carrierand Routing*Max Penalty*Override MaxConnect TimeFlexibility*Expanded CalendarExperienceAir ShoppingMultiple Fares Per Itinerary*ExpandedAlternate CityCore*Cloud Based Shopping andIntelligent ServicesContinued Optimization & Performance EnhancementsExpanded TicketValidation22* Start workResponseRestructureConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Multiple Fares Per ItineraryMultiple carriers, mix of Branded Fares, Non-Brand Fares, Air Extras23valueConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Enhanced Alternate City Shopping 24valueShop up to 15 destinations More options for eachdestination Customer configurable No radius limitations Support groups and meetingsConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Expanded Calendar Shopping25 Shop up to /- 15 days More options per date pair Shop for a length of stay(weekend, week, month) Shop a more flexiblecalendar (e.g. fixed date onthe outbound and flexible onthe return)valueConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

New Shopping and Intelligence ServicesUpcoming new shopping andintelligence services designedto power new ways to market,shop, & convert High speed platform with near real-time Air data Fueled by Sabre’s high shopping transactionvolume and quality standards Lightweight APIs, easy to use, and easy tointegrate with other content Efficient and flexible sources of itineraries and faredata Travel “intelligence” and insights to augment theshopping experience Expanding to Hotel, Car, Cruise, and more 26Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Inspirational Shopping APIsefficiency Lightweight, easy-to-use APIs build inspirational shoppingexperiences Lead fares for a broad set ofmarkets and range of travel dates Itinerary and fare options forspecified destinations and dates Fares for multiple destinationsfrom a specific origin More to come in future phases 27Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Travel IntelligenceMarket Fare ViewPower your online and offline marketingcampaigns and/or cache with anefficient source of fare and itinerarydata, including full itineraries or leadfaresrevenueGlobal View Organic stream or batch feed ofshopping results generated by Sabre Can request truly global view, or askfor one or more specific regionsCustom View Defined set of city pairs and date Ranges within a point of sale country Multiple batch feed options28Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

PNR, Payment, Pricing, Ticketing,Fulfillment, Refunds ExchangesJared Hall, Product Marketing29Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

DeliveredTicketing, Pricing, Payment Solutions and Refundsand ExchangesConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Delivered2H 20121Q13Create SSRs w/out AirlineItineraryPNR Name Change beforeand after TicketingMultiple Queue PlaceSelective PNRs every ETInhibit Duplicate Segmentat SellNet Remit methods 2 A and ESSRs for SAS Travelpass2Q13US DOT Baggage Phase 231Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

RoadmapPricingConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Roadmap4Q133Q132Q132014OB Fees – Percentage BasedFeesBaggage US DOT Phase 2BTicketing Agreement Checksfor Validating andOperating CarrierATPCO Automate TaxOB Fees FOP MatchingRTW Fares – AutomatedPricingOB Fees – ATPCO BINAnswer TableValidating Carrier Interlineand GSAHistorical Pricing via SWSLowest Fare Pricing LogicOverrideMulti-ticket Shopping andPricing33Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

RoadmapPNR, Payment Solutions, Fulfillment and AREXConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Roadmap2Q133Q134Q132014Chile Market – AutomatedCredit Card AuthorizationGlobal Credit Card AuthorizationReversal362 Days Air Avail & SellAutomated Exchanges ShopSWSOnline - Stand Alone Credit CardAuth ReversalPassenger Association ofPNR fieldsAllow replies on SSR Docs/Unsolicited Reply Messages*airline participation requiredNew PNR Form of Paymentand Reference at Sell /TicketingEtihad Chauffeur Service SSRColombia Automated CreditCard AuthorizationEK Surface Segment for BUSValidation of Operating CarrierEnhanced Fare Storage (PQ)35Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Thank YouConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air MerchandisingVi Hill, Product Marketing37Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Session Objectives Current Status of Sabre Air MerchandisingSabre Web Services RoadmapFuture State Highlights of Air MerchandisingConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Leveraging Industry Technology StandardsEnabling broad and rapid deployment of new products & servicesAirline TariffPublishing Company(ATPCO) OptionalServices (OC) datastandard enablessignificant flexibilityand customization.International AirTransport Association(IATA) ElectronicMiscellaneousDocument (EMD)delivers efficient,accurate fulfillment.Open Travel Alliance(OTA) XML MessageStandards providestructure andinteroperability inelectronic messagingbetween all industryconstituents.Standards developed through collaboration with airlines,travel agencies, and technology providers.Dynamic in nature to meet the evolving needs ofthe marketplace.39Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Existing Sabre Air Extras CarriersAirlineCodeAncillariesPoint of SaleFulfillmentAegeanA3BaggageAU, AT, BE, CH, CY,CZ, DE, DK, EG, ES,FR, GR, HU, IE, IL,IT, KW, LB, LU, NL,NO, PL, PT, RO, RU,SE, SK, TR, UK, USEMD-AAir New ZealandNZBaggageNZ, US, CA, UKEMD-AAlitaliaAZBaggage / Sports EquipmentLoungeSeats (4Q)IT, UK, US, CA, ES,BE, GR, PL, RO, IL,EG, TR, AR, VE, BREMD-AeasyJetU2Baggage/Speedy BoardingSeats (3Q)FinnairAYBaggageSeats (2Q)FI, UK, US, AU, SE,CA, NO, FR, DK, IT,PL, CH, CZ, ES, NL,IL, AE, CL, GE, RU,JP, IN, HKEMD-AUS AirwaysUSSeatsGlobal, except BRDirect FulfillmentWestJetWSSeatsCA, USDirect Fulfillment /EMD-A (4Q)Direct FulfillmentConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre Air Extras Carrier PipelinevalueIMMINENTIN THE PIPELINEConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Existing Sabre Branded Fares CarriersAirlineCodePoint of SaleAeromexicoAMMXAir New ZealandNZNZPorterPDCAQantasQFAUBrusselsSNBE, UK, IT, FRConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre Branded Fares Carrier PipelinevalueIN THE PIPELINEConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre Existing CapabilitiesConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Shop For Desired Air Extras, i.e., BaggageConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Shopping Response with Air Extras46Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Selecting Seat from Map with Price DetailConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Qantas Branded Fares in Graphical View48Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

How is Sabre investing?Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.


Air Merchandising Web ServicesCurrently AvailableWebServicesAirExtras SeatsAirExtras OtherBrandedFares AvailabilityShop Price Book/Sell PNRRetrieval Fulfill Drive More Revenue:Drive incremental revenue and higheryield from sale of optional servicesBrand Consistency: Support airlinemerchandising strategy across channelsto create a consistent customerexperience and brand messageProduct Differentiation: Unbundlingoptional services offers a variety ofdistinct, differentiated productsdelivering a relevant experience to eachunique travelerConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air Merchandising Web Services Advanced Shopping Basic Low Fare Search Bargain Finder Max RequestShop Across Passenger TypeAlternate Date PricingOTA AirPriceLLSRQ PNR RetrievalTravelItineraryReadLLSRQ FulfillAirTicketLLSRQ Seat Maps 52OTA DRQDisplay Seat MapSeat Selection / SellConfidential - Not for redistribution without Sabre's prior consent.IMAP AirSeatMapLLSRQAirSeatLLSRQConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air Merchandising Web Services Roadmap2013Enhance PNR Retrieve with AirExtras – ReleasedEnhance PNR Retrieve with AirExtras – Release in MayEnhance Seat Map Display withSeat Fees – Release in MayStand Alone Air Extra WebServices – Release in 4Q2014Air Extra Sell / CancelEnhance Shopping WebServices with Branded FaresEnhance Pricing Web Serviceswith Branded FaresEnhance PNR Retrieve withBranded FaresStand Alone Branded FaresWeb ServicesBranded Fares – Marketing Text53Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre Future CapabilitiesSneak PeekConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air Shopping ResponseMultiple carriers, Mix of Branded Fares, Non-Brand Fares, Air ExtrasHover over capabilities to view associated attributesConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Air Shopping Response with Available Air ExtrasIcons depicting available air extras, embedded product descriptionsConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Session Review More Airlines are distributing ancillariesBig year for Branded Fares in 2014 roadmapHighlighting Air Merchandising for Custom OffersConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Thank YouConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre ProfilesMaciej Kubicki, Principal Technical Consultant59Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Agenda Introducing Sabre ProfilesCurrent StatusKey Product FeaturesSystem ArchitectureMigration and Integration Options#TTX1360Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

What is Sabre Profiles?Structured Profile DataWeb Service EnabledPCI CompliantOpenTravel CompliantDefined Profile TypesAdministrative ControlsIntegrated with Sabre RedWorkspace Qik Developer Enabled #TTX1361Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Why Sabre Profiles? Efficiency Profile management functions availiable (create, read, update, delete) Copy to PNR is the only scan producing transaction Increased agent productivity Control Role based services to manage agents’ access to profile data Structure Defined profile structure Rules based logic to ensure profile structure is adhered to Flexibility Integrated with Sabre POS tools Web service enabled for easy integration with 3rd party and proprietaryapplications Security All credit card data is stored according to PCI standards#TTX1362Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre Profiles BundleSabre Red Workspace (SRW) Profiles GUI & ProfilesSabre Web Services (SWS)SRW Profiles GUIProfiles Services#TTX1363Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Architecture Data Driven POS Agnostic All Profile Servicesare externally enabled Easy to Integrate CustomizableSRWSRWSWSGetThereThird PartyapplicationProfiles Services#TTX1364OraclePSSConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

High Performance In Mind Vertically Scalable Hardware Redundancy Hot-Warm DataReplication Open Standards Proven up to 100MProfiles & 100 TPSSWS Load BalancerApp ServerApp ServerApp ServerCertificate Server Certificate Server65Oracle RACOracle RACConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Availble Objects Profile Store data Metadata Describe GUI look and feel Validator Define additional data restrictions Filter & Format Allows profile data to be structured for moving to PNR Association Links all above objects together#TTX1366Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Profile #TTX1367Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Connecting to ProfilesAccessing Sabre WebServicesThird PartySystemUSG#TTX1368Sabre ProfilesConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Connecting to ProfilesEvent Notification ServicesENSThird PartySystemUSG#TTX1369Sabre ProfilesConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Data Migration Options STARS Data Migration with Sabre Migration UtilityDirect Data Upload From Third Party SystemMixed Scenario6.x Schema releaseSubject AreaData ElementDate of BirthMarital StatusGenderAge RangeRedress NumberDescriptionKnown Traveler NumberTraveler type: Infant (Lap Child)select date from a calendar or enter itselect marital status from a listmale, female, male infant, female infantinput fieldUnique number U.S. Dept. HomelandSecurity assigns to individuals who usethe DHS Traveler Redress InquiryGlobal Entry numberYes or NoTraveler type: ChildTraveler type: SeniorYes or NoYes or NoTraveler InformationPNRBuilder(Filter)Eligible?Min/Max CharacterLimitations?maximum 11 charactersIf Yes is chosen, Name field isrequired and name field will becopied as -I/LAST/FIRST#TTX1370Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Current Status User Statistics PCCs activated –14,616Number of profiles in TN – 1MScalable system architecture110M profiles and 200 TPS peak for Airline Solutions Customers Recent Deliverables Revised Association objects, replacing Templates Group Profiles – Family or Other Automated migration tool with advanced reporting availability 2013 Focus71 Sabre Web Services (SWS) Versioning supportN* Blind Move legacy command support SWSGetThere and 3rd party product integrationGlobal & Premier customer upgradesEnhanced Search serviceConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Thank YouConfidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Hotel / Car / RailJill Melton, Product Marketing73Confidential. Sabre Travel Network, 2013.

Sabre Hotel’s database continues togrow and diversify45,183 0.1%2,648 3%4,766 12.4%36,911 19.5%1,823 13.3%1,294 9.1%10,352 10.3%2,283 7.5%310 hotel chains, representation companies & hotel aggregatorsOver 105,000 hotel properties in 240 countriesAll accessible and comparable in an instant from your desktop74

Custom Offers is the next step in the evolutionof the Sabre Travel Mark