www.brocade.comDATA SHEETBROCADEICX 6430AND 6450SWITCHESENTERPRISELAN SWITCHINGHIGHLIGHTS Offers enterprise-class stackableswitching at an entry-level price, allowingorganizations to buy what they need nowand easily scale as demand grows andnew technologies emerge Delivers unprecedented feature/pricevalue for enterprise applications,including Unified Communications (UC)and mobility, with 10 Gigabit Ethernet(GbE) and PoE/PoE Provides unmatched availability for lowcost switching with redundant uplink/stacking ports, hitless stacking failover,and configurable power redundancy Simplifies network operations andprotects investments with the BrocadeHyperEdge Architecture, enablingconsolidated network managementand advanced services-sharing acrossheterogeneous switches Offers attractive 12-port, compact, andenterprise-class fanless switch models fordeployments outside of the wiring closet Includes the Brocade Assurance LimitedLifetime Warranty and three years oftechnical supportEnterprise-Class StackableSwitching at an Entry-Level PriceToday’s organizations expect theirenterprise campus LANs to deliver moreservices to more users at a lower cost.These services include next-generationbusiness applications as well as anytime,anywhere access for mobile devices.At the same time, campus LANs mustbe able to scale easily to meet futuredemands and efficiently evolve withindynamic business environments.Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchesprovide enterprise-class stackable LANswitching solutions to meet the growingdemands of campus networks. Designedfor small to medium-size enterprises,branch offices, and distributed campuses,these intelligent, scalable edge switchesdeliver enterprise-class functionality atan affordable price—without compromisingperformance and reliability. The BrocadeICX 6430 and 6450 are available in12-, 24-, and 48-port 10/100/1000 Mbpsmodels and 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or10 GbE dual-purpose uplink/stacking ports(see Figures 1 and 2)—with or without IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE )—to support enterprise edge networking,wireless mobility, and IP communications.BUILT FOR MAXIMUMCOST-EFFICIENCY ANDINVESTMENT PROTECTIONWith Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches,organizations can buy only what theyneed today and easily scale userports and services as their networkrequirements evolve. Brocade offersmaximum investment protection throughflexible software licensing options thatbring advanced services and performanceto lower-cost ports.

In particular, the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture allows premium switch featuresand services to be shared with entry-levelswitches (Brocade ICX 6450 only). TheBrocade ICX switches also are hardwarecapable for easy software implementation(software available in a future release) ofemerging security (IEEE 802.1AE MACsec)and energy savings (IEEE 802.3az EEE)standards, helping to protect today’sinvestments while supporting tomorrow’sneeds.Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchescome with three years of technical supportfrom the Brocade Technical AssistanceCenter and software maintenance updates.With these capabilities, organizations gainpeace of mind while freeing up IT budgetand resources to grow their businesses.AUTOMATED DEPLOYMENTAND MANAGEMENTBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switcheshelp simplify network deployment andmanagement by enabling auto-discovery ofnew Brocade ICX switches within the stack.IT organizations can auto-configure switchesusing pre-set instructions on the network. Tofurther simplify management, these stackedswitches collectively utilize only a single IPaddress and offer transparent forwardingacross the stack.By embedding sFlow capabilities into theBrocade ICX 6450, Brocade delivers an“always-on” monitoring technology thatoperates with wire-speed performance.sFlow dramatically reduces implementationcomplexity compared to traditional networkmonitoring solutions that rely on mirroredports, probes, and line-tap technologies.2HIGH AVAILABILITY AND RESILIENCYBrocade Ethernet switch stackingtechnology helps IT organizations meetgrowing user demand by deliveringhigh availability through real-time statesynchronization across the stack andinstantaneous hitless failover support.In addition, organizations can use hotinsertion and removal of stack membersto avoid interrupting network servicewhen adding or replacing a switch. Highperformance Link Aggregation Groups(LAGs) increase 10 GbE uplink bandwidthand redundancy to the core, giving usersuninterrupted high performance to supportthe most demanding applications. BrocadeICX 6430 and 6450 Switches also offer anexternal power supply for added resiliencyand increased PoE/PoE port availability(see Figure 3).STACKING TECHNOLOGY FOR THEMOST DEMANDING CAMPUS LANENVIRONMENTSBrocade Ethernet switch stackingtechnology makes it possible to stack upto eight Brocade ICX 6450 Switches into asingle logical switch (except the BrocadeICX 6450-C), providing simple and robustexpandability for future growth at thenetwork edge. This stacked switch has onlya single IP address to simplify managementand offers transparent forwarding acrossa pool of up to 384 1 GbE ports and 3210 GbE ports. When new switches join thestack, they automatically inherit the stack’sexisting configuration file, enabling trueplug-and-play network expansion. Flexiblelicensing of 1 GbE to 10 GbE ports foruplink and stacking allows organizations tooptimize network performance based onspecific requirements. Brocade stackingtechnology also delivers high availability,enabling instantaneous hitless failover to astandby stack controller if the masterstack controller fails. In addition,organizations can use hot-insertionand removal of stack members toavoid interrupting network services.For networks with lower bandwidthrequirements, the Brocade ICX 6430 offersthe same rugged stacking capability (exceptthe Brocade ICX 6430-C) at a reduced price,providing a lower-density solution of up to192 1 GbE access ports with 16 1 GbEuplink and stacking ports, and a maximumstack height of four switches.Built to Power Next-GenerationEdge DevicesThe Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 candeliver both PoE power and data acrossnetwork connections, providing a singlecable solution for the latest edge devices(see Figure 4). Brocade ICX switches arecompatible with industry-standard Voiceover IP (VoIP) equipment as well as legacyIP phones. In addition, they support thePoE standard (IEEE 802.3at) to provide upto Class 4 (30 watts) power to each device.This high-powered solution simplifies wiringfor next-generation edge devices, suchas video conferencing and VoIP phones,surveillance cameras, and 802.11n wirelessAccess Points (APs). The PoE capabilityreduces the number of power receptaclesand power adapters while increasingreliability and wiring flexibility. The BrocadeICX 6450 can provide PoE power to all portsand PoE (30 watts) to all ports when anexternal power supply is deployed.Figure 1.Figure 2.Brocade ICX 6450 Switches support four dual-mode1 GbE/10 GbE SFP/SFP ports for uplink and stacking,and up to 48 1 GbE RJ-45 ports. Brocade ICX 6430-24and 6430-48 Switches support four 1 GbE SFP ports foruplink and stacking to provide a cost-optimized solutionfor lower-traffic networks.The Brocade ICX 6430-C and 6450-C Compact Switches supporttwo 1 GbE RJ-45 and two 1 GbE SFP ports for uplink and 12 1GbE RJ-45 ports with four PoE/PoE capable ports in a compactand fanless design—ideal for deployment outside the wiringcloset. The Brocade ICX 6450-C can be powered either from itsinternal power supply or with POE/PoE through its two RJ45uplink ports, enabling the switch to be deployed in environmentswhere no AC power outlet is present.

Plug-and-Play Operations forPowered DevicesBrocade ICX switches support the IEEE802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol(LLDP) and ANSI TIA 1057 Link LayerDiscovery Protocol-Media EndpointDiscovery (LLDP-MED) standardsthat enable organizations to deployinteroperable multivendor solutions forUnified Communications (UC). ConfiguringIP endpoints such as VoIP phones canbe a complex task, requiring manual andtime-consuming configuration. LLDP andLLDP-MED provide a standard, open methodfor configuring, discovering, and managingnetwork infrastructure.The LLDP protocols also reduce operationalcosts by simplifying and automating networkoperations. For example, LLDP-MEDprovides an open protocol for configuringQuality of Service (QoS), security policies,Virtual LAN (VLAN) assignments, PoE powerlevels, and service priorities.Compact Switch Solution forDeployment Outside the Wiring ClosetThe Brocade ICX 6430-C/6450-C CompactSwitch offers enterprise-class LAN switchingcapabilities, performance, reliability,security, and manageability in a small formfactor with fanless operation for deploymentoutside the wiring closet. It is ideal fordeployment in classrooms, retail locations,factories, small offices, workgroup, andspace-constrained environments. TheBrocade ICX 6430-C/6450-C is availablein a 12-port 10/100/1000 Mbps modelwith IEEE 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE support on four ports plus four additional1 GbE uplink ports. Additionally, theBrocade ICX 6450-C can be powered eitherfrom its internal AC power supply or withPOE/PoE power, coming from one orboth of its two RJ45 uplink ports, providingincreased deployment flexibility by enablingthe switch to be deployed in areas where noAC power outlet is present.In the enterprise, the Brocade ICX6430-C/6450-C Compact Switch can beused to extend the reach of the networkoutside the wiring closet, bringingconnectivity to more users and supportingadditional wireless AP deployment withoutrunning more wires. Additionally, theBrocade ICX 6450-C offers L3 routingand GRE support enabling secure andflexible deployment in remote areas. Tosimplify deployment in-situ, the BrocadeICX 6430-C/6450-C offer flexible mountingoptions, such as wall brackets and amagnetic mount kit.BROCADE HYPEREDGEARCHITECTUREThe Brocade HyperEdge Architecturebrings campus networks into themodern era to better supportmobility, security, and applicationagility. This evolutionary architectureintegrates innovative wired andwireless technologies to streamlineapplication deployment, simplifynetwork management, and reduceoperating costs.The HyperEdge Architecture enablesorganizations to build networksthat are: Agile: By eliminating SpanningTree Protocol (STP) betweenHyperEdge Domain switchesthrough a flatter Layer 2 design,the HyperEdge Architectureincreases link utilization andreduces application deploymentcomplexity. The Distributed APForwarding functionality of Brocadewireless Access Points (APs)efficiently secures and directsmobile traffic at the networkedge without tunneling data backto a central controller atthe network core. Automated: By grouping premiumand entry-level switches withintelligent wireless APs intoa consolidated managementdomain, HyperEdge Domainswitches eliminate the need toprovision and manage devicesindividually—simplifying networkdeployment and management.Figure 3.The optional Brocade ICX 6400-EPS1500 is an external power supply source to provideadditional power to the Brocade ICX switches (except the Brocade ICX 6430-C/6450-C and6430-24). It also can be used for system power redundancy and increased PoE/PoE powerbudget to enable additional PoE/PoE ports. Each Brocade ICX 6400-EPS1500 can connectup to three Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches. Cost-effective: The HyperEdgeArchitecture enables thepropagation of advanced featuresand services from premiumswitches to entry-level switches,allowing IT organizations topurchase only what they needtoday and add intelligent servicesas the business evolves. Furthercost savings are achieved withBrocade wireless solutions usingcontroller-less or controller-sharedlicense deployment options.3

Cost-Optimized Cooling OptionsData Center ToR Server ConnectivityThe Brocade ICX 6430 48-port and BrocadeICX 6450 24- and 48-port switches offerindustry-standard side-to-back airflow withquiet fans at less than 40 dB (except theBrocade ICX 6450-48P). The Brocade ICX6430-C/6450-C and 6430-24 Switchesare available in a fanless configuration,helping to minimize sound and costsfor deployments where users arepresent, such as classrooms andopen office environments.The Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450are designed to fit in server racks byconsuming only one rack unit. In datacenter environments where most serversare 1 GbE-capable, the Brocade ICX 6430and 6450 provide a compact and costeffective 1 GbE Top-of-Rack (ToR) switchby simply connecting the 1 GbE NetworkInterface Cards (NICs) in the servers to theBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 1 GbE ports(see Figure 5). This configuration uses10 GbE links (Brocade ICX 6450) or1 GbE links (Brocade ICX 6430) toconnect to Brocade ICX data centeraggregation switches.Basic Layer 3 CapabilitiesBrocade ICX 6450/6450-C Switchesoffer an upgrade option to bring Layer 3capabilities to the network edge, reducingcomplexity, and enhancing the reliability ofenterprise networks.Brocade MobilityRFS7000 ControllerBrocadeICX 6430Remote LocationBrocadeICX 6450Brocade Network on SXBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchesprovide simplified, standards-basedmanagement capabilities that helporganizations reduce administrative timeand effort while securing their networks.sFlow-based “Always-On” NetworkMonitoringsFlow is a standards-based network exportprotocol (RFC 3176) that addresses manyof the challenges that network managersface today. By embedding sFlow into theBrocade ICX 6450/6450-C Switches,Brocade delivers an “always-on” technologythat operates with wire-speed performance.sFlow dramatically reduces implementationcosts compared to traditional networkmonitoring solutions that rely on mirroredports, probes, and line-tap technologies.Moreover, sFlow gives organizations a full,enterprise-wide monitoring capability forevery port in the network.BrocadeFastIron SXMCTBrocade Mobility 6511Wallplate APBrocade Mobility7131 APCoreBrocadeFastIron SXBrocadeFastIronFastIronSX SXMCTBrocadeICX 7450SIMPLIFIED, SECURE STANDARDSBASED MANAGEMENT ANDMONITORINGBrocadeICX 6610AggregationBrocadeICX 6610AccessBrocade Mobility 6511Wallplate APBrocade Mobility7131 APBrocadeICX 6450Large CampusBrocadeHyperEdgeMixed StackAccessBrocade Mobility 6511Wallplate APBrocade Mobility7131 APSmall/Medium-sizeCampusFigure 4.Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches are suitable for a wide rangeof small to medium-size enterprises and branch office deploymentsat the network access layer.40 GbEData CenterCoreBrocadeICX 7750Brocade40 GbEICXBrocadeICX 7750BrocadeICXBrocadeICXBrocadeICXData CenterBrocadeAggregationICXBrocade1 GbEICXServers1 GbE10 GbEData CenterAccess40 GbEFigure 5.Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches provide ToR access whileBrocade ICX 7750 Switches provide data center aggregation.4

Simplified Deployment withAuto-ConfigurationBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchessupport auto-configuration, simplifyingdeployment with a truly plug-and-playexperience. Organizations can use thisfeature to automate IP address and featureconfiguration without requiring a highlytrained network engineer onsite. Whenthe switches power up, they automaticallyreceive an IP address and configurationfrom DHCP and Trivial File TransportProtocol (TFTP) servers. At this time, theswitches can also automatically receivea software update to be at the same coderevision as currently installed switches.Open-Standards ManagementBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchesinclude an industry-standard Command LineInterface (CLI) and support Secure Shell(SSHv2), Secure Copy (SCP), and SNMPv3to restrict and encrypt managementcommunications to the system. In addition,support for Terminal Access ControllerAccess Control System (TACACS/TACACS )and RADIUS authentication helps ensuresecure operator access. Embedded Webmanagement is also provided through aGUI-based device interface, andorganizations can use Brocade NetworkAdvisor to achieve full device and networkmanagement visibility.Out-of-Band ManagementBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchesinclude a 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45Ethernet port dedicated for out-of-bandmanagement, providing a remote path tomanage the switches, regardless of thestatus or configuration of the data ports.UNIFIED WIRED/WIRELESSNETWORK MANAGEMENT WITHBROCADE NETWORK ADVISORManaging enterprise campus networkscontinues to become more complex dueto the growth in services that rely on wiredand wireless networks. Services suchas Internet, e-mail, video conferencing,real-time collaboration, and distancelearning all have specific configuration andmanagement requirements. At the sametime, organizations face increasingdemand to provide uninterruptedservices for high-quality voice and UnifiedCommunications (UC), wireless mobility,and multimedia applications.To reduce complexity and the time spentmanaging these environments, the easyto-use Brocade Network Advisor discovers,manages, and deploys configurations togroups of IP devices. By using BrocadeNetwork Advisor, organizations canconfigure Virtual LANs (VLANs) within thenetwork, manage wireless access points,and execute commands on specific IPdevices or groups of IP devices. sFlow-basedproactive monitoring is ideal for performingnetwork-wide troubleshooting, generatingtraffic reports, and gaining visibility intonetwork activity from the edge to thecore. Brocade Network Advisor centralizesmanagement of the entire family of Brocadewired products and Aruba wireless products.WARRANTYBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switchesare covered by the Brocade AssuranceLimited Lifetime Warranty. For details,visit GLOBAL SERVICESBrocade Global Services has the expertiseto help organizations build scalable,efficient cloud infrastructures. Leveraging15 years of expertise in storage, networking,and virtualization, Brocade Global Servicesdelivers world-class professional services,technical support, network monitoringservices, and education, enablingorganizations to maximize their Brocadeinvestments, accelerate new technologydeployments, and optimize the performanceof networking infrastructures.AFFORDABLE ACQUISITION OPTIONSBrocade Capital Solutions helpsorganizations easily address their ITrequirements by offering flexible networkacquisition and support alternatives.Organizations can select from purchase,lease, Brocade Network Subscription,and Brocade Subscription Plus options toalign network acquisition with their uniquecapital requirements and risk profiles.To learn more, visit INVESTMENTSTo help optimize technology investments,Brocade and its partners offer completesolutions that include professional services,technical support, and education. Formore information, contact a Brocade salespartner or visit SUPPORTBrocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches aresupported by next-business-day advancereplacement where available, as well assoftware defect repairs and maintenanceupdates. In an effort to further improveservice levels and operational efficiency,Brocade includes three years of technicalsupport for Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450Switches, providing direct access to theBrocade Technical Assistance Centerduring normal 8 5 business hours.5

BROCADE ICX 6430/6450 FEATURE AND MODEL SPECIFICATIONSBrocade ICX 6430Brocade ICX -PD6450-246450-24P6450-486450-48P10/100/1000 MbpsRJ-45 ports1224244848122424484810/100/1000 MbpsRJ-45 uplink ports21 GbE SFP tional2-portlicense)244442*1/10 GbE SFP/SFP ports(uplink/stacking)Stacking bandwidth(data rate, full duplex)4 Gbps4 Gbps4 Gbps4 Gbps40 Gbps40 Gbps40 Gbps40 GbpsUnits per stack44448888Long-distancestacking(maximum distancebetween two stackedswitches)100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m36 W525 W65 W525 W65 W525 W100 W880 WOptional525 WOptio