DATA SHEETwww.brocade.comBROCADEFCX SERIESSWITCHESENTERPRISELAN SWITCHINGHIGHLIGHTS Delivers enterprise-class Layer 2/3switching in a compact, stackable formfactor, combining chassis-like capabilitieswith an economical fixed-port solution Simplifies network operations andprotects investments with BrocadeHyperEdge technology*, enablingsingle-point network lifecyclemanagement and advanced servicessharing across a heterogeneous stack Includes IPv4 and IPv6 Layer 3capabilities as a standard featureon all models Provides non-stop availability with hitlessstacking failover, hot insertion/removalof stacked units, and internal redundanthot-swappable power supplies and fansEnterprise-Class StackableSwitches for the Network EdgeThe Brocade FCX Series of switchesprovides new levels of performance,scalability, and flexibility required fortoday’s enterprise campus and data centernetworks. With advanced capabilities,these switches deliver performance andintelligence to the network edge in aflexible 1U form factor that helps reduceinfrastructure and administrative costs.eight switches into a single logical switchwith up to 384 ports.Designed for wire-speed and non-blockingperformance, the Brocade FCX Seriesincludes 24- and 48-port models, in bothPower over Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoEversions. Utilizing Brocade IronStacktechnology, organizations can stack up toThe Brocade FCX Series can deliverboth power and data across networkconnections, providing a single-cablesolution for edge devices such as Voiceover IP (VoIP) phones, video surveillance Offers complete visibility into networkactivity with hardware-based sFlowtraffic monitoring Provides peace of mind with the BrocadeAssurance Limited Lifetime WarrantyThe Brocade One strategy helpssimplify networking infrastructuresthrough innovative technologies andsolutions. The Brocade FCX Seriessupports this strategy by enablingnon-stop network access to missioncritical applications and the best price/performance while ensuring scalabilityfor tomorrow’s needs.Brocade HyperEdge technology is planned to be availablefor purchase in the first half of 2013.*The Brocade FCX Series offers acomprehensive line of switches with specificmodels optimized for campus and datacenter deployments.BUILT FOR NEXT-GENERATIONENTERPRISE NETWORKS

Dual-Aggregated10 GbE PortsBROCADE HYPEREDGETECHNOLOGYBrocade HyperEdge technology helps ITorganizations automate network lifecyclemanagement and share services acrosspremium and entry-level switches,enabling them to reduce complexity andcosts while protecting their investments.HyperEdge technology is planned to beavailable for purchase as a softwarelicense for the Brocade FCX Series andthe Brocade ICX product family.Highlights of HyperEdge technologyinclude: Single-point network lifecyclemanagement for the entire campusedge: IT organizations can managemultiple stacks of switches as a whole,from a single IP address. They canautomatically push policies, firmwareupgrades, and configuration changesacross the entire campus once,from a single point of management.Automating these processes helpsreduce management time and costswhile helping to eliminate humanerror in compliance enforcement. Italso enables real-time scaling, sinceswitches can be added to the campuswithout manual configuration. Shared services acrossheterogeneous stacks: Intelligentstacking allows mixing and matchingof different classes of switcheswithin a single stack, propagatingthe advanced features and servicesof premium switches to all of theswitches in the stack. This helps savesignificant IT budget dollars by allowingIT organizations to purchase only whatthey need today and add intelligentservices as the business evolves. Italso assures unmatched investmentprotection since Brocade switch stackslast longer, and premium switches canbe added to upgrade stack featuresacross all stack ports.AggregationLayer64 GbpsStackingPerformanceBrocade FCXSeries SwitchesStacked in aLogical SwitchFigure 1.Brocade FCX Series switches can be stacked into a single logical switch and then redundantlyconnected to the aggregation layer using aggregated 10 GbE ports.cameras, and wireless Access Points (APs).The switches are compatible with industrystandard VoIP equipment as well as legacyIP phones.These switches support the emerging PoEPlus (PoE ) standard (802.3at) to provideup to 30 watts of power to each device.This high-powered solution simplifies wiringfor next-generation solutions such as videoconferencing phones, pan/tilt surveillancecameras, and 802.11n wireless APs. ThePoE capability reduces the number of powerreceptacles and power adapters whileincreasing reliability and wiring flexibility.The 24-port Brocade FCX PoE model cansupply full Class 3 (15.4 watts) or full PoE (30 watts) power to every port, and the48-port model can supply full Class 3 powerto every port or full PoE power to 26 ports.The switches can power a combination ofPoE and PoE devices while staying withinthe switches’ 820-watt power budget.Plug-and-Play Operationsfor Powered DevicesThe Brocade FCX Series supports theIEEE 802.1AB Link Layer DiscoveryProtocol (LLDP) and ANSI TIA 1057Link Layer Discovery Protocol-MediaEndpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) standardsthat enable organizations to deployinteroperable multivendor solutions forUnified Communications (UC).Configuring IP endpoints such as VoIPphones can be a complex task requiringmanual and time-consuming configuration.LLDP and LLDP-MED address thischallenge, providing a standard, openmethod for configuring, discovering, andmanaging network infrastructure. The LLDPprotocols help reduce operational costsby simplifying and automating networkoperations. For example, LLDP-MEDprovides an open protocol for configuringQuality of Service (QoS), security policies,Virtual LAN (VLAN) assignments, PoE powerlevels, and service priorities.INCREASED FLEXIBILITYAND SCALABILITYThe Brocade FCX Series provides awide range of flexibility and scalabilityadvantages for dynamic and growingenterprise networks.Simplified, High-Performance,High-Availability StackingLeveraging Brocade IronStack technology,up to eight Brocade FCX Series switchescan be stacked into a single logical switch,providing simple and robust expandabilityfor future growth at the network edge.This stacked switch has only a single IPaddress to simplify management. Whennew members are added to the stack, theyautomatically inherit the stack’s existingconfiguration file, enabling true plug-andplay network expansion.Brocade stacking technology delivers highavailability, performing real-time statesynchronization across the stack andenabling instantaneous hitless failover toa standby controller if the master stackcontroller fails. In addition, organizationscan use hot-insertion/removal of stackmembers to avoid interrupting service.Brocade FCX-S switch models offer twodedicated full-duplex 16 Gbps stackingports that provide 64 Gbps of stackingbandwidth, essentially eliminating the needto work around inter-switch bottlenecks(see Figure 1). These dedicated stackingports free up the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)ports for high-speed connectivity to theaggregation or core layers—providingmaximum flexibility in a compact access

Figure 2.Brocade FCX 624 and Brocade FCX 648 switch models feature reversible front-to-back airflow,internal redundant hot-swappable power supplies, and a swappable fan assembly.switch. Additionally, all Brocade FCX Seriesswitches can be stacked through theiroptional 10 GbE ports.short-range and long-range optics, alongwith copper Twinax cables, supports flexibleand cost-effective network architectures.The 10 GbE ports can also be trunked fromdifferent members of the stack to optimizeperformance and availability. For addedflexibility, IronStack also supports the useof 10 GbE ports with fiber-optic cabling forstacking across racks, floors, and buildings.Industry-leading 4-port 10 GbE density in a1U switch provides up to 40 Gbps of uplinkbandwidth to the aggregation or core layersof the network. Even with the high-density48-port model, this bandwidth enables anear 1:1 subscription ratio throughout thenetwork. As a result, organizations candeploy highly utilized networks to avoidcongestion during peak hours.Optional 10 GbE ModuleBrocade FCX-S switch models acceptan optional 10 GbE module containingtwo XFP ports, enabling high-bandwidthconnectivity to the aggregation or corelayers, or extended switch stacking acrosslong distances. Up to eight 10 GbE links canbe aggregated in a stack, providing 80 Gbpsof bandwidth between the wiring closet andthe aggregation layer.Brocade FCX Series Models with FourOptional 10 GbE UplinksBrocade FCX 624 and Brocade FCX 648switch models accept an optional 10 GbEmodule containing four Small Form-FactorPluggable (SFP ) ports, enabling highbandwidth connectivity to the aggregationor core layers, or creating a switch stackhorizontally across a row of servers. Utilizingthe SFP port form factor enables higherdensity, more flexible cabling options, andbetter energy efficiency. The ability to useFlexible Cooling OptionsThe Brocade FCX 624 and Brocade FCX648 are the first Brocade Ethernet switcheswith reversible front-to-back airflow options.This design improves mounting flexibility inserver racks, while adhering to the coolingguidelines of the data center. Organizationscan specify airflow direction at the time oforder and can reverse the direction afterdeployment by swapping the power suppliesand the fan assembly.REDUCED POWER CONSUMPTIONIn today’s rapidly growing businessenvironments, organizations need tominimize power consumption throughoutthe entire IT infrastructure. The Brocade FCXSeries is designed to intelligently managepower usage, extending “green” initiativesto the wiring closet.Power to connected devices is automaticallynegotiated using the LLDP-MED protocol,providing the powered devices with exactlythe amount of power they need. If devicesgo into sleep mode, they can request lesspower from the network, minimizing powerusage in the campus environment. At as lowas 1.22 watts/Gbps for non-PoE models and1.41 watts/Gbps for PoE models, BrocadeFCX Series switches consume minimalpower for the performance and functionalitythey provide.HIGH RELIABILITY IN ACOMPACT FORM FACTORIn addition to stack-level high-availabilitycapabilities such as hitless failover andhot insertion and removal of stacked units,Brocade FCX Series switches includesystem-level high-availability features suchas optional dual hot-swappable, loadsharing, redundant power supplies (seeFigures 2 and 3). The modular design alsohas a removable fan assembly. Thesefeatures provide another level of availabilityfor the campus wiring closet and the datacenter in a compact form factor.Additional design features include intakeand exhaust temperature sensors and fanspin detection to aid in fast identification ofabnormal or failed operating conditions tohelp minimize mean time to repair.COMPREHENSIVE ENTERPRISECLASS SECURITYFigure 3.Brocade FCX-S switch models feature internal redundant hot-swappable power suppliesand a swappable fan assembly, in addition to dedicated stacking ports and a rear-facingout-of-band management port.The Brocade FCX Series utilizes theBrocade IronWare operating system,providing a rich security suite for Layer2 and Layer 3 services, Network AccessControl (NAC), and Denial of Service (DoS)protection. IronWare security featuresinclude protection against TCP SYN andICMP DoS attacks; Spanning Tree RootGuard and BPDU Guard to protect network

spanning tree operations; and broadcastand multicast packet rate limiting.Additional security features include dynamicARP inspection, DHCP snooping, and IPsource guard to protect against addressspoofing and man-in-the middle attacks.Network Access Control (NAC)Organizations can rely on key featuressuch as multi-device port authenticationand 802.1X authentication with dynamicpolicy assignment to control network accessand perform targeted authorization on aper-user level. In addition, the Brocade FCXSeries supports enhanced Media AccessControl (MAC) policies with the ability todeny traffic to and from MAC addresses ona per-VLAN basis. This powerful tool helpsorganizations control access policies perendpoint device.Standards-based NAC also facilitatesbest-in-class solutions for authenticatingnetwork users and validating the securityposture of connecting devices. Support forpolicy-controlled MAC-based VLANs providesadditional control of network access,enabling policy-controlled assignment ofdevices to Layer 2 VLANs.Traffic Monitoring andLawful InterceptOrganizations might need to set up lawfultraffic intercept due to today’s heightenedsecurity environment. For example, inthe United States, the CommunicationsAssistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)requires organizations to be ableto intercept and replicate data trafficdirected to a particular user, subnet, port,and so on. This capability is particularlyessential in networks implementing VoIPphones. Brocade FCX Series switchesprovide the capability to meet thisrequirement through Access Control List(ACL)-based mirroring, MAC filter-basedmirroring, and VLAN-based mirroring.Fiber to the Desktop for SecuritySensitive ApplicationsThe Brocade FCX 624S-F provides 24SFP 100/1000 Mbps fiber-optic ports forgovernment and military network initiativesor for applications requiring additionalsecurity and resiliency. For these typesof network environments, fiber-optic cableis the ultimate transmission medium,because it does not emit electromagneticsignals that can be intercepted. And, unlikecopper wires, optical fiber cannot be tappedwithout detection. Fiber-optic networklinks are also immune to Radio FrequencyInterference (RFI) and Electro-MagneticInterference (EMI).Threat Detection and MitigationThe Brocade FCX Series utilizes embeddedhardware-based sFlow traffic sampling toextend Brocade IronShield 360 security tothe network edge. This unique and powerfulclosed-loop threat mitigation solution usesbest-in-class intrusion detection systems toinspect traffic samples for possible networkattacks. In response to a detected attack,Brocade Network Advisor can automaticallyapply a security policy to the compromisedport, stopping network attacks in real timewithout administrator intervention.Advanced Multicast FeaturesThe Brocade FCX Series supports a richset of Layer 2 multicast snooping featuresthat enable advanced multicast servicesdelivery. Internet Group ManagementProtocol (IGMP) snooping for IGMP version1, 2, and 3 is supported. Support forIGMPv3 source-based multicast snoopingimproves bandwidth utilization and securityfor multicast services. To enable multicastservices delivery in IPv6 networks, theBrocade FCX Series supports MulticastListener Discovery (MLD) version 1 and 2snooping—the multicast protocols used inIPv6 environments.NETWORK RESILIENCY THROUGHFAULT DETECTIONSoftware features such as Virtual SwitchRedundancy Protocol (VSRP), BrocadeMetro-Ring Protocol (MRP) v1 and v2, RapidSpanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), protectedlink groups, 802.3ad Link Aggregation,and trunk groups provide alternate pathsfor traffic in the event of a link failure.Sub-second fault detection utilizing LinkFault Signaling (LFS) and Remote FaultNotification (RFN) helps ensure fast faultdetection and recovery.Enhanced spanning tree features suchas Root Guard and BPDU Guard preventrogue hijacking of a spanning tree rootand maintain a contention- and loop-freeenvironment, especially during dynamicnetwork deployments. In addition, theBrocade FCX Series supports port-loopdetection on edge ports that do not havespanning tree enabled. This capabilityprotects the network from broadcast stormsand other anomalies that can result fromLayer 1 or Layer 2 loopbacks on Ethernetcables or endpoints.Protected link groups minimize disruptionto the network by protecting critical linksfrom loss of data and power. In a protectedlink group, one port in the group acts asthe primary or active link, and the otherports act as secondary or standby links. Theactive link carries the traffic and, if it goesdown, one of the standby links takes over.UniDirectional Link Detection (UDLD)monitors a link between two Brocade FCXSeries switches and brings down the portson both ends of the link if the link fails atany point between the two devices.The Brocade FCX Series also supportsstability features such as port flapdampening, single-link Link AggregationControl Protocol (LACP), and portloop detection.ADVANCED CAPABILITIESTo meet a wide range of requirements, theBrocade FCX Series provides full Layer 3capabilities, along with metro features forconnecting buildings and campuses.Full Layer 3 CapabilitiesAll Brocade FCX switches come standardwith powerful Layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6switching capabilities. Organizationscan use Layer 3 features such as OSPFand RIP routing, policy-based routing, VRRP,and Protocol-Independent Multicast (PIM)to reduce complexity and enhance thereliability of large enterprise networksby bringing Layer 3 capabilities to thenetwork edge.Advanced (-ADV) models include BGProuting capabilities, enabling remoteoffices to connect Brocade FCX Seriesswitches to service provider networks.BGP routing can also be added to anyBrocade FCX Series switch model throughsoftware key-based activation.

Metro Features ConnectingBuildings and CampusesBecause Brocade FCX Series switchesinclude Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)features, organizations can use them toconnect a distributed enterprise. In thistype of environment, Brocade FCX Seriesswitches provide rich services using MRP(v1 and v2) for building resilient ringbased topologies, VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q),and advanced multicast capabilities—including IGMP v1/v2/v3 and MulticastListener Discovery (MLD) v1/v2 snoopingfor controlling multicast traffic for highbandwidth content delivery.SIMPLIFIED, SECURE MANAGEMENTBASED ON OPEN STANDARDSThe Brocade FCX Series providessimplified, standards-based managementcapabilities that help organizations reduceadministrative time and effort whilesecuring their networks.Simplified Deployment withAuto-ConfigurationThe Brocade FCX Series supports autoconfiguration, simplifying deploymentwith a truly plug-and-play experience.Organizations can use this featureto automate IP address and featureconfiguration of the switches withoutrequiring a highly trained network engineeronsite. When the switches power up, theyautomatically receive an IP address andconfiguration from DHCP and Trivial FileTransport Protocol (TFTP) servers. At thistime, the switches can also automaticallyreceive a software update to be at the samecode revision as already installed switches.Open-Standards ManagementThe Brocade FCX Series includes anindustry-standard Command Line Interface(CLI) and supports Secure Shell (SSHv2),Secure Copy (SCP), and SNMPv3 to restrictand encrypt management communicationsto the system. In addition, support forTerminal Access Controller Access ControlSystem (TACACS/TACACS ) and RADIUSauthentication helps ensure secureoperator access.Out-of-Band ManagementThe Brocade FCX Series includes a10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet portdedicated to out-of-band management,providing a remote path to manage theswitches, regardless of the status orconfiguration of the data ports.UNIFIED WIRED/WIRELESSNETWORK MANAGEMENT WITHBROCADE NETWORK ADVISORManaging enterprise campus networkscontinues to become more complex dueto the growth in services that rely on wiredand wireless networks. Services suchas Internet, e-mail, video conferencing,real-time collaboration, and distancelearning all have specific configuration andmanagement requirements. At the sametime, organizations face increasing demandto provide uninterrupted services for highquality voice and UC, wireless mobility, andmultimedia applications.To reduce complexity and the time spentmanaging these environments, the easyto-use Brocade Network Advisor discovers,manages, and deploys configurations togroups of I