Sabre IndustriesSeamlessSupplier Managementwith Avetta’sSupplier-Centric andData-Driven Solutions

AboutSabre IndustriesTelecom ServicesService ngsFull turnkey constructionand maintenanceLegacy19 yearsBusiness ChallengesOver the years, Sabre Industries onboarded several subcontractors at variouslevels of scale to execute their operations. At any given point of time, they hadclose to 400 subcontractors working for them. Such a substantial number led tosignificant logistical challenges, which became more pronounced as theprocesses were manually executed.For starters, the volume of documentation for prequalification and regulation ofprocesses; in the form of master service agreements (MSAs), certificates ofinsurance (COIs), and purchase orders (POs), among others; was immense.Secondly, the entirety of the documentation required close monitoring to detectcrucial issues such as suppliers with no MSAs and insurance renewals, andconsequently, suppliers issued POs without proper documentation to approvethem.From subcontractor audits to document mailing, monitoring, and maintenance,the processes were manual in nature and overseen by an in-house team. Theteam was finding it difficult to run the processes for such a vast subcontractornetwork.Sabre needed to outsource their supplier management function, not onlyto save time and effort, but also to avail more seamless and error-freeoperations for themselves, and greater usability and ease for theirsubcontractors.01

Solutions DeliveredBacked by their rich history as a prequalified Avetta contractor, Sabre found theiranswer in Avetta’s holistic contractor management solution suite as a client. Astheir subcontractors operated at different levels of scale, most of whomfunctioned with a small-scale setup, they needed a system that would offer aneasier transformation for every subcontractor. Avetta’s solutions included:Capturing all thesafety statistics;EMR, TRIR, OSHAlogs as well asannually updatingthe informationObtaining contactinformation forvarious departmentsof the supplierVerifying Insurancelanguage and limitsbased onrequirements by theclient as well asexpirationsAuditing of thesuppliers’ processesand safety manualManaging thefulfilment of signingdocumentsnecessaryApprovals,rejections, andwaivers based oninternal review bythe client of dataand communicationwith the suppliersOne of the big things that Iwanted to do when we wentto Avetta for contractormanagement was captureeverything that I needed totrack from the contractor. Iwanted all the data be storedhere.Not some on fileservers or email, and some inAvetta; all in Avetta! This is aone-stop shop.— Stephanie Brewer,Compliance Coordinator,Sabre Industries02

Benefits ExperiencedWith Avetta’s supplier management solutions, Sabre achieved several benefits such as:1.00.960.920170.8Decrease in average days away, restricted ortransferred (DART) rate from 0.49 in 2017 to0.37 in 20190.710.70.3720190.60.5Increase in supplier count by 130% intwo years (2017-2019) in averagetotal recordable incidentrate (TRIR) from 0.96 In2017 to 0.71 in 20190.350.310.300.250.250.2020172019Drop in averagelost-workday case rate(LWCR) from 0.31 in 2017to 0.25 in 20190.4720170.250.2LWCRTRIR20190.300.35 0.40DART0.450.50Direct cost savings to theequivalent of any prospectivefull-time employee03

The biggest thing that I love about Avetta is the team’s willingness, from the products,to insurance, and all the different departments, to work with us like we’re partners.Avetta is an extension of my Risk Management Team.— Stephanie Brewer,Compliance Coordinator, Sabre IndustriesAbout AvettaAvetta connects global organizations with more than 100,000 qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendorsacross 100 countries. We support the continued growth of supply chains through trusted contractorprequalification, safety audits, monitoring, and more. With real results in reducing incident rates, our highlyconfigurable solutions elevate safety and sustainability in every workplace. 2020 Avetta, t’s at avetta.com04