ADDENDUM NO 5DATE:March 11, 2021TO:Interested RespondentsFROM:Kerry KeithSenior Director of Airport Development and FacilitiesSUBJECT:Addendum No 5General Aviation Terminal and Airport Office Building **********************************************The Bid Opening Date has been extended to Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 11:00 A.M.Documents Attached:Addendum #5Published as a separate document:Revised Bid Form (Excel document- AD 05 Bid Form)END – Addendum No 5Naples AirportGAT/AOB ImprovementsAddendum 5 3-11-2021

ADDENDUM #51. Is there a specification for the attendant shelter indicated on 202G?Provide 4’x4’ pre-assembled welded steel guard booth by Panel Built, Inc. per attached.Provide 5’x5’x2’ concrete foundations slab w/ rebar.2. The attendant shelter requires AC. The electrical plans do not indicate any power tothe attendant shelter location.See sketch below – Reference E100G.3. Is WC-2 (National Monson#51 L50203) is going to be used and if so where I can findthe notations on the finished plans for this wallpaper? I was able to locate WC-1, butam having trouble locating WC-2 I checked in the finished plans and elevations.Delete WC-2 from the finish schedule4. Is the Gypsum board ceilings in the RCP painted?Yes, all exposed gypsum board shall be painted5. Is the Sample “Service Agreement” going to be the formal contract or will theauthority utilize a standard AIA contract.The service agreement attached to the documents is what will be used for the final contract.Any changes with the contract must be addressed prior to the bid.6. Page P-10 of the Proposal form is a listing of anticipated subcontractors and tradespecialties. The form requires us to list one name. The form has 17 slots can youspecify what sub trades your looking for? Also, committing to a subcontractor at bidtime without contract negotiation (scope, General contractors contract) is extremelydifficult, however, if a subcontractor dos NOT agree with our terms and conditionsand our terms and conditions mirror the contractual conditions of the contract withthe owner is this grounds for substituting subcontractors/trade specialties withoutany penalty to the General contractor?All major subcontractors should be listed, concrete, paving, landscape, MEP, etc.Subcontractor changes must be approved by the Authority.7. Please provide model numbers for cameras.Addendum #5General Aviation Terminal and Airport Office Building ImprovementsPage 1 Camera manufacturers are Hanwha and Avigilon, 12 MP, 15 FPS, ceiling mounted. Seethe attached camera specification used in the recent NAA Security Upgrade project.Addendum # 4 question 7 indicates HVAC unit mount screens with BOD (EnvisorCityscapes). Shall the base bid be calculated using this method in addendum # 4 orthe BOD in addendum # 2? It is my understanding that the Harray Arch. Louvers V6JF(addendum 2) require structural framing attached through the roof.See the attached ROOF PLAN, sheet A151G, for clarification.Should the landscape demolition be included in the base bid demolition or will theallowance of 200,000 be used for both landscaping demolition, proposed / conceptplan and irrigation?Based on the attached updated Landscape Concept Plan and Tree Demolition Plan, increasethe allowance to 300,000.00 - This allowance shall include landscape demolition, conceptplan, irrigation and exterior living green wall. See the revised bid form.Please confirm the shop drawings/submittals review turnaround time for the A/E onthis projectArchitect and consultants will make every effort to turnaround complete shop drawings /submittals packages within 7 calendar days – See also General Conditions sections 2.3 – 2.5.Regarding the spec for PWT-2. We are unable to locate a spec for this tile in either the GAT orAOB drawings.See Addendum 2 for PWT specifications and locationsPlease provide a detail of how to attach the Bahama shutters to the AOB.Delete Bahama shutters from the East and West elevations of the AOB. Provide a preengineered frame to support the walkway cover and second floor shutters at the southelevation (independent from the building structure). See the attached AIRPORT OFFICEBUILDING CANOPY AND SHUTTER SYSTEM schematic.The bid form shown Canopy 2 under alternates and also in the Canopies / Misc column.See the revised bid formEND OF ADDENDUM #5Addendum #5General Aviation Terminal and Airport Office Building ImprovementsPage 2


SITE IMPROVEMENTSDescriptionBasisQuantityUnit PricingTotal CostSITE IMPROVEMENTSInlet ProtectionDemolish Concrete SidewalkDemolish Full Depth AsphaltDemolish Concrete CurbDemolish Existing Fence2" Asphalt Milling1" Asphalt MillingFull Depth Asphalt Milling12" Stabilization LBR 406" Optional Base Group 4Superpave Asphaltic ConcreteEmulsified Asphalt Prime CoatEmulsified Asphalt Tack CoatConcrete Sidewalk (4" Depth)Concrete FlumeConcrete Curb (Type D)Ameristar Montage II Fencing16' Gate20' Gate (Re-use Operator)Gravity WallCurb Ramp with Detectable WarningsPavement MarkingSignage6" Pipe Culvert Optional Material8" Pipe Culvert Optional Material12" Pipe Culvert Optional MaterialRepair Existing InletAdjust Existing Inlet GrateMiscelleneous DemolitionLandscaping & IrrigationEV Charging StationsCanopies 8, 9 and 10TOTAL OF SITE IMPROVEMENTS IMPROVEMENTSTOTAL OF ALL IMPROVEMENTS (BASE BID)TOTAL OF ALL IMPROVEMENTS (BASE BID 5543043048012038077016108001222111131020555231141 300,000.00 300,000.00

Office: 800.636.3873 x209 Cell: 727-249-7859Fax: 800.594.3245Email: [email protected] of Pre-Fabricated Buildings,In Plant Offices, SCIF’s, Canopies, Shelters,Towers, Stair Systems and Mezzanines.TO: Patick Hartig / Schenkel ShultzJOB: Naples Airport BoothPROPOSAL NO: 99058DATE: March 11th, 2021Qty (1) 4’ x 4’ x 8’ HighPRE-ASSEMBLED WELDED STEEL GUARD BOOTHBASE AMOUNT OF PROPOSAL: Optional PE Stamped DrawingsAdds 1-3 weeks to the approval process Optional Third-Party FL State Approval ADDAdds 4-8 weeks to the approval process Option Freight to FL 34104: ADD Total US Dollars 14,950.00 1,500.00 6,200.00 2,485.00 25,135.00CLARIFICATIONS & EXCLUSIONS: Permitting (If Required) By OthersFoundations and/or Footers by OthersEquipment Rental Provided by CustomerAny applicable Sales TaxUnloading and staging materials at work sitePermits, bonds, licenses, or fees as may be required by governing agenciesRelocation or modification of existing buildings or structuresThe final connection to any utilitiesCompliance with appropriate building codes is the responsibility of the purchaser of the building.Shipment: Approximately 10-12 weeks after PBI receipt of signed approvals.We are pleased to present this proposal for your consideration. Below are the details and specifications foryour project, as well as our standard terms and conditions. If you have any questions, need any changes, orwould like to see any additional options, please give me a call – I’m here to help!Thank you,Ryan Spangenberg

Welded Steel Booth Designed to Meet FL Wind Loads and State RequirementsFork Liftable Floor-Steel: 16 SFThe Steel forklift able floor shall consist of welded steel tube, channels and/or structural "I" beams. A weather shield consisting of thegalvanized sheet attached to underside and R16 insulation shall be located between perimeter frame and floor joists. The deck shall be3/4" tongue and groove (T&G) Advantech substrate with aluminum treadplate finished floor.The floor shall have all required cutouts for electrical and communication conduits. Structures shall be equipped with provisions foranchoring to the concrete slab.WallsSteel Walls: 16 LF @ 8’ HighThe walls shall be 3" thick; Framing shall be 14 gauge (1.78 mm) or heavier mechanical tube. All joints shall be MIG welded with 16 ga.exterior and 16 ga. interior galvannealed Steel panel.FinishThe walls shall be painted using a prime to paint system manufacturer’s epoxy primer with a urethane finish. Standard is 4-6 mils DFT.Color selected from manufacturer’s standard colors. The standard sheen shall be Satin finish. The exterior and the interior shall be thesame color. Standard shelter and vestibule colors are white, dove gray or bronze.Standard paint: Paint System: Corlar Primer 2.8 PR- 3-5 mils DFTImron Topcoat 3.5 HG- 1.5 – 2 mils DFTInsulationAll wall panels shall be insulated with polyisocyanurate to a minimum R-value of 16.1/8-12 Pitch Panelized Roof with 4” OverhangPolystyrene Roof -3", 3-Ply: 16 SFThe roof shall be 3" thick composite sandwich panels. Both sides shall be stucco-embossed aluminum pre-painted white. The coreshall be of 1 lb. density polystyrene foam. The entire panel shall be laminated together using a solvent-free two-part polyurethaneadhesive and pressure. The panels shall have formed edge connectors that are capable of being friction locked without mechanicalfasteners using a full-length joint without through metal connectors. The joint shall allow lateral expansion and contraction. Fascia shallbe 5” high with gutter and downspout(s).CeilingMetal ceiling panels - Mounted at 90” A.F.F.Prefinished white 20-gauge steel painted with an embossed interior.Ceiling Fiberglass Insulation:R-19 Fiberglass insulation batts shall be provided.Impact Rated Full Glass Swing Aluminum DoorsWith 3/8 Inch Clear tempered Low-E Impact Rated Safety Glass: 1 EachDoor(s) shall be 36’’w X 84"h X 1 3/4" thick. The door shall have top and bottom channel of 16 gauge steel projection welded to doorskins on no less than 2" centers. The top channel is to be flush while the bottom channel is to be inverted. The hinge preparations areto be 9 gauge steel reinforcements projection welded to the door skins in six places each. Hinge preparation is to be cut through thedoors and provided with reversible filler plates to allow building site handling. Standard hinge preparation is to be 4-1/2" regular weight.134" hinge, conforming to ANSI A1567, three preparations. The door frame shall be 16 gauge single "rabbet" commercial quality steel.The frame shall be pre-mortised for application of matching hinges and striker set of the door.The door shall be fabricated as to include 3/8-inch clear tempered Low-E impact rated safety glass. The window shall measureapproximately 28"w X 68"h. Each door includes a closer, sweep, threshold, satin chrome lever set and weather-stripping.WindowsImpact Rated Fixed Windows: 1 EachFixed windows shall be nominal 36” wide X 42” high. They shall be installed 42" off the floor, glazed 1/2” clear insulated tempered LowE impact rated safety glass, and shall be an integral part of the wall panel. The entire window frame shall be steel/aluminum with noexterior exposed fasteners. Frame will be available in either white or bronze.Impact Rated Horizontal Sliding Vinyl Window: 1 EachHorizontal sliding windows shall be a nominal 3' wide x 3' high. They shall be installed 42" off the floor, glazed with 1/2” clear insulatedtempered Low-E impact rated safety glass. One side shall be stationary; the other half shall slide to the side. The window shall have anintegral locking mechanism with cam latch. Frame will be available in either white or bronze.

Electrical Package:The electrical package shall consist of #12 Ga. Min copper wiring in 1/2 “EMT surface mounted and attached to surface mounted 2x4boxes at receptacle and switch locations. There shall be (1) wall switch, (1) duplex receptacles, (1) Single 240V receptacle, (1)telephone/computer prep (4x4 junction box mounted on wall with ¾” conduit and pull string), and (1) LED fixture.125 AMP SINGLE PHASE 120/240 Volt 8 SPACE MAIN LUG LOAD CENTER GE TLM812SCUDP or equal.The electrical service shall include an indoor load center of sufficient amperage and circuit capacity to handle all lightingloads, receptacles, and HVAC systems.NOTE: The entire electrical system for the modular building shall utilize only UL/CSA listed components and shall be in accordance withthe National Electrical Code N.E.C requirements.PBI WILL PRE-WIRE THE RECEPTACLES, LIGHTS, SWITCH, HVAC AND PBI SUPPLIED LOAD CENTERATTACHED TO THE BUILDING. FINAL TIE-IN AND DATA/COMMUNICATIONS ARE BY OTHERS.HVACHVAC - Cooling & Heating-Through the Wall Unit: 1 EachThe air conditioner shall be 11,600/11,200 BTU AC with 10,700 / 8,500 Electric Heat. The unit shall be a through-the-wall type withpanel preparation included. The unit shall be 230/208V, 60HZ, 20 AMP. Panel Built will prep & trim out the wall but the unit must beinstalled in the field.Powder coated Steel Counter Top: 4 LFThe counter top shall be 24” deep and shall include a 1.5” x 1.5” steel powder coated post every 6’ for support and access hole withgrommet. Standard counter height is 30” A.F.F to meet ADA complianceFREIGHT IS NOT INCLUDED: SEE OPTIONAll the above, including all connectors, installation/shop drawings and bill of materials shall be shipped.Shipping method shall be determined by Panel Built and is dependent on the type, size, and weight of thematerial.TERMS & CONDITIONSIn reading our proposal you will find that Panel-Built provides a complete package in that all the details are taken care ofand nothing is left to the customer to "figure out." A few tasks that Panel-Built will perform for you are as follows: Panel-Built's exclusive "RED LINE" policy. A full set of PDF drawings are emailed to you for YOUR approval. We do notproduce until you are happy with the layout. Panel-Built offers a full one-year warranty on the product and the workmanship, as well as extended warranties uponrequest.PANEL BUILT, INC. PAYMENT TERMS:All sales are subject to final approval by the finance department and may require alternate payment methods or terms.Each Order shall be considered a separate and independent transaction. Should Buyer default on payment of Order andPanel Built Inc. should employ an attorney to enforce any provision hereof or to collect damages for breach of Terms,Buyer agrees to pay Panel Built, Inc. its reasonable attorney fees and all other costs incurred by Panel Built, Inc. inconnection with such suit and legal rate of interest and penalties as set forth below.Standard Terms are as follows:1.Sales under 20,000 are standard net 30 days after shipment, or a 1% discount if paid within 10 days.2.All pre-assembled structures require a 50% deposit upon drawing approvals and balance net 30 days aftershipment.3.Projects over 20,000 will require partial payments determined by finance. If Panel Built is responsible forinstallation, terms are 30% upon approval of drawings, 30% upon shipment, and 40% upon installation sign-off.If the customer is responsible for installation, terms are 30% upon approval of drawing and 70% upon shipment.

4.Projects outside the continental USA will require down payment and payment in full prior to shipment.5.Panel Built does not accept retainage on projects6.If payment terms are not met, purchaser agrees to pay interest at the rate of 1% per month on the unpaidbalance, and any legal or collection fees incurred by the seller.Late Charges:If you fail to pay the price or any other payment due to Panel Built, Inc. promptly when due, Panel Built, Inc. may requireyou to pay, in addition to the price or payment, interest thereon at a rate equal to the greater of 15% per annum or themaximum rate of interest allowable under applicable law from the original due date until full payment has been madeby you or on your behalf.This proposal is good for 30 days. For pricing beyond this period, we ask that you call our office.Please note that price quoted does not include: Any applicable Sales TaxUnloading and staging of materials at work siteEquipment Rental (as needed for installation)Dumpster Rental / Disposal (if necessary)Permits, licenses or fees as required by governing agenciesRelocation or modification of existing buildings or structuresRunning condensate lines and/or drains further than the edge of our structuresThe final connection to any utilitiesSite work, foundation work, and/or footersCompliance with appropriate building codes is the responsibility of the purchaser of the buildingOur structure as quoted shall be built to conform to industrialized building industry standards but they may not conform to specific stateor local building energy codes if required. Certain states allow industrialized buildings that are not certified under a Third-PartyInspection program to be inspected by state or local authorities having jurisdiction. You would need to verify this with your local AHJ(Authority having jurisdiction). Typically, they will require PE stamped drawings that we can provide as an added service with a cost andlead time impact. Our standard PE stamp Drawings charge covers a PDF copy only. Our PE charges extra for each hard copy sets ofthe shop drawings and calculations if they are required.We can also provide as an added service, 3rd Party State label which is to have a DAPIA* confirm compliance to local, state andEnergy codes. We will make the necessary modifications, have it inspected and certified with an affixed state label by the DAPIA. Thisadded service and modifications have a cost and lead time impact.*DAPIA (Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency) – 3rd Party State label - These are third-party independent agenciesthat review and approve our industrialized buildings engineering and designs for compliance with the State, local building, andenergy codesYOUR ACCEPTANCE OF ANY PRODUCTS SUPPLIED BY PANEL BUILT, INC. OR ON PANEL BUILT, INC. BEHALF, SHALL,WITHOUT LIMITATION, CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED ABOVE.Optional pricing for any of the requirements listed above is available upon request.I accept the terms and conditions of this quotation:SignedName Title

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSNAPLES AIRPORTSECURITY IMPROVEMENTS2.218A0075IP VIDEO SYSTEMSA.Description: Video Recorders1. shall provide high quality delivery and processing of IP based video and controldata.System shall have seamless integration of all video surveillance and control functions.Graphical user interface software shall manage all IP based video matrix switching andcamera control functions, and recording and archive/retrieval management.System design shall include all necessary compression software for high performance,dual stream video utilizing H.265, H.264, and MPEG compression. Unit shall provideconnections for all video cameras, camera PTZ control data, discreet sensor inputs, andco