You did it!You’re one step closer to turning yourpassions into your dream career.This guide covers the SERIOUS STUFF (p.1),like how to accept your offer and outlines importantinformation and next steps so that you can secureyour spot and start preparing for an unforgettablecollege experience!It’s also your glimpse into everything that will makeyour Cambrian experience the best it can be –the FUN STUFF (p.11). It’s your guide to Cambrian,Sudbury, and everything in between so you can startenjoying college life from the moment you arrive.Welcome toCambrian College.You’re going to love it here!Seriously.this is theSERIOUSSTUFFTO-DO LIST.p.2ACCEPTING YOUR OFFER.p.4MYCAMBRIAN.p.5WHAT DOES MY OFFER MEAN?.p.5FINANCIAL GUIDE.p.6PRIOR LEARNING, ADVANCED STANDING,AND PATHWAYS.p.8IMPORTANT POLICIES.p.81

To-Do ListOPENHOUSEHere is a summary of everything you need to do to secure your spotat Cambrian. Pay attention to the deadlines so you don’t miss out onan amazing college experience.Important Deadlinesc Log in to your myCambrian accountDo this often to track the status of your application and to see if yourprogram has any additional requirements that need to be completed.c Accept your offer of admission at ontariocolleges.caNote: For offers issued after May 1, you must confirm your offer by theconfirmation due date noted on the “Applicant” tab in your myCambrian account.c Clear any outstanding admission requirementscApply for residenceif you have received a conditional Apply for OSAPcSubmit your sponsorship letterto the Enrolment Centre if you’re being sponsored.c Apply for scholarships and bursariesPayments Duec Pay your 500 term depositNote: If you’ve applied after the deadline, then your term deposit is due by theconfirmation due date noted on the “Applicant” tab in your myCambrian account.c Pay your tuition Remaining tuition fees are due in full.Note: A 150 non-refundable late fee is applied if not paid.More Things To Doc Check out the campusBook a personalized tour (weekdays at 1 p.m.).c Register for classesLog in to your myCambrian account to choose your timetable.Note: Your 500 term deposit must be paid first.c Check if you qualify for PLAR or transfer creditsCompletebyMore infoASAPp.5May 1p.4APRIL 4m.10 a.m. – 2 p.FebMASAPApr 15TWTHMarFp.5p.16Springp.7Jun 15p.6ASAPCheck yourmyCambrianaccount for detailsCompletebyMore infoJun 15p.6Sep 21p.6CompletebyMore tingAug 5myCambrianQuick LinksBeforeclassesbeginp.8Join us at ourSpring Open House: Explore labs and classrooms Talk with professors Learn how to finance your education Tour the campus and residence Enjoy free food and win prizesAccept youroffer of admissionby May 1 and you’llautomatically be entered towin 2,500 to help you coveryour college 72829/30282930A few other things. Get your free student ID card at the Enrolment Centre Reserve a free locker through your myCambrian account View your list of books and additional supplies that may berequired for your program through your myCambrian accountNote: You can purchase your books in room 1120. If you have questions,contact the Bookstore by emailing [email protected] MPORTANTDEADLINEPayment dueM ore thingsto doS tat holiday/College closedFind additional dates and deadlines at

Acceptingyour offermyCambrianYou have been given a myCambrianaccount that lets you track the statusof your application.By choosing Cambrian, you’ll getaccess to industry-connected faculty,fully-loaded shops and labs, hands-onprojects, and outstanding educationalexperiences that will open up a worldof career opportunities.Accepting your offeris easy. Here’s how tosay yes to Cambrian!Online Go to Log in to your account Click on “View Offers” to seeyour offer(s) of admission Select the offer of admissionyou wish to accept Click “Confirm”there will be two Log outseparate times you’llHow to log in: Go to User ID: is your student number, which beginswith the letter ‘A’ Initial password: is your birthdate (MMDDYY)Some programs haveadditional reqYou’ll find a link to ad uirementsditional documentson the “Applicant” tab in your myCambrianaccount if your program has any specificrequirements that must be completed inorder to secure a final offer, or beforethe beginning of classes.need to hit confirmBy phone Call the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS)at 1-888-892-2228 (toll-free in Canada). Be sure to haveyour OCAS application number handy.Once you have accepted an offer, willsend a confirmation email to the email address associatedwith your account and will notify Cambrian that you haveaccepted your offer.Changed your mind?You may accept a different offer as long as you confirmit before the stated deadline (see p.2). This action willautomatically cancel your first acceptance.4Once you log in, ensure that you’re on the“Applicant” tab. This is where you will be ableto monitor your offer status and view anydocuments required to complete your application.Once you accept your Cambrian offer, you will gain access to the“Student” tab where you can view importantdocuments related to your program and selectyour timetable when registration opens. You’ll alsobe able to access your grades and view classcancellations throughout the year as a student.If you experience any issues trying to accessyour myCambrian account, please [email protected] doesmy offermean?Final – You have met allrequirements for admissionto your program.Conditional – You mustsatisfy all outstandingadmission requirementsfor your acceptance tobe finalized. Check yourmyCambrian account for moreinformation. Conditions mustbe satisfied before you canproceed with registration/selecting your timetable.Waitlist – When all availableplaces in a program have beenfilled, a reasonable numberof qualified applicants willbe placed on a waitlist. Inthe event that a place in theprogram becomes available,applicants with the highestgrades in the required courseswill be notified by mail, email,or phone. You may confirmyour acceptance to oneprogram and still remain onwaitlists for other programs.Alternative – If youdo not meet the admissionrequirements for the programof your choice, your applicationmay be considered for otherrelated programs.5

Scholarshipsand bursariesThe Cambrian College Foundationawards more than 800 scholarshipsand bursaries annually to students.FinancialguideComplete the survey in the Finance myEducationsection within your myCambrian account. Within 24 hours,a complete list of awards available to you based on your surveyresponses will appear in this section. To apply for an award, followthe instructions, and be sure to check if there are any additionalrequirements you need to complete to be eligible (e.g. an essay).Paying for CollegeIn order to select your timetableand pick your optional courseswhen registration opens, youwill have needed to pay yourterm deposit. This must occurby the deadline to reserve yourseat in your program.There are many waysto make tuition fee payments:See p. 2–3 for all payment deadlines.In personYou may pay by cash, debit card, cheque,or money order at the Enrolment Centre,room 2037, at Cambrian’s Barrydowne campus.We do not accept credit card payments.If you are being sponsored by a First Nation,government agency, employer, or organization,you must provide a sponsorship letter verifyingthe sponsorship and return it to the College’sEnrolment Centre by the date specified on p.2.If you are unable to provide the letter in time,it is your responsibility to pay the 500 termdeposit to reserve your seat.A sponsorship letter can be mailed ordropped off in person to the EnrolmentCentre, faxed to (705) 524-7334, or emailedto [email protected] and deadlines are subject to change.Please visit toview the tuition fee schedule and view yourprogram’s tuition and fees.6Online bankingAdd Cambrian College as a payee to youronline bank account by using your 9-digitstudent number as the account number.Keep deadlines in mind – it can take up to threedays for the College to receive your payment.By mailInclude your student number on a chequeor money order, made payable to CambrianCollege, and mail to: Enrolment Centre,Cambrian College, 1400 Barrydowne Road,Sudbury, Ontario P3A 3V8.Ensure enough time for mailing so thatwe receive your payment by the deadline.Pay with loyalty pointsUse Aeroplan Miles, TD Points, or CIBCAventura Points to help pay for your collegeexpenses.Ontario StudentAssistance Program (OSAP)If you are planning on applying for OSAP, we recommend that youapply and submit all supporting documents as early as possible.While it may be possible to complete an application later in the summer, there is a risk that youmay not receive the loan by the start of classes. Applying right away is critical. To see how muchOSAP funding you may be eligible for, or to fill out an online application, visit AheadCheck the status of your application online often to makesure your file is complete and no changes have occured.It is also important to assess your financial needs and planfor expenses well in advance of starting school.Make sure you have personal fundsavailable to pay your 500 termdeposit to secure your seat in yourprogram and to carry you untilyou receive your OSAP funding.Supporting Documentation RequiredPlease be aware that you must hand in supporting documentation to the Enrolment Centrebefore your funding application will be processed. Details about the documentation you needto provide can be found at in the “Check Your OSAP Status” section.Supporting documentation can be uploaded through your OSAP application at,emailed to [email protected], faxed to (705) 524-7334, mailed to the College,or dropped off in person to the Enrolment Centre. You will need to submit supporting documentsonly once, unless your financial situation has changed since your submission.higheredpoints.com7

Prior Learning,Advanced Standing,and PathwaysOur Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)program can help you obtain college credits for your life,work, or volunteer experience – allowing you toachieve a certificate or diploma faster.If you believe you may be a candidate for PLAR, please contactus as soon as possible to determine your eligibility and initiatethe process before you begin your a course or programat another institution? You may beeligible to receive transfer creditsor obtain advanced standing inyour Cambrian sFurther your education aftergraduation through one of many pathways. Take advantage of Cambrian’s agreements with universities in Canadaand around the world to complete a degree in your field in less time. Earn an additional diploma or certificate at Cambrian in a related fieldof study to expand your career opportunities in as little as one year. Build on your education by adding a graduate certificate in as little as 8-12 months.It’s a great way to gain career-specific skills and advanced expertise in your Policies*Refund and withdrawal policyAlthough it is fully intended to adhere to the programs of study and policies as announced in this package, the Collegereserves the right to make, without prior notice, whatever changes are deemed necessary.Students who officially withdraw within ten days of the beginning of a term are entitled to receive:Other policies affecting students1) A refund of full tuition fees for that term. The College does withhold the 500 term deposit. Where applicable,the co-op fee is considered non-refundable.All policies and procedures affecting students can be found on myCambrian. These include Prior Learning Assessmentand Recognition (PLAR), transfer credits, criminal record checks, grade review, students’ rights and responsibilities,appeals, academic integrity, and more.2) A refund in full of any fees paid in advance for the second and subsequent terms.8Cancellation of course or program Students who withdraw after the tenth day of classes must pay their full tuition and other fees for the term.It is the responsibility of all students to be aware of college policies. To officially withdraw, students must contact the Enrolment Centre.*College and Ministry policies are subject to change.9

Now that allthe serious stuffis out of the way.this is theFUNSTUFFLIFE AS A CAMBRIAN STUDENT.p.12STUDENT SERVICES.p.14WHERE TO LIVE.p.16SUDBURY LIFE.p.181011

Stay inshapeLife as aCambrianstudentCambrian may be the largestcollege in northern Ontario, but youwon’t feel like just a number here. Thepeople are friendly, your instructors willknow your name,and we care about your success.edGet involvourby joining one of ents:overnmthree student g Council,entCambrian Studociation,ssAictlehtAniaCambrenousCambrian IndigStudent Circle.There are greatstudy spaces for youand your friends. Find theone that works for you. Late library and lab hours Group study rooms Lounge and study areas throughout the college(all only a few minutes’ walk from fresh coffee) Zen Den equipped with bean bag chairs, games,puzzles, and more where you can work quietlyor take a breakGo exploring off campus and discoverwhat Sudbury is all about. Cambrianis within walking distance of a numberof restaurants and shopping locations,and the city offers a ton of things todo throughout the year.There is always somethingfun happening on campus. Sudbury has 300 lakes, which means beaches,boating, and fun in the sun during the summerand ice fishing and skating in the winter. Hypnotists Sudbury is northern Ontario’s go-to spot forshopping, entertainment, and health servicesand offers up some of the best hiking trails inall of Ontario. Movie nights Bus trip to Canada’sWonderland Pet therapy Toonie lunches Varsity games Paint nights and more! Sudbury holds a festival for everything under the sun.There are comedy, film, music, and food festivals. Sudbury has a vibrant arts scene. We haveprofessional and community theatre companies,a symphony, numerous choirs and dance troupes,as well as galleries and shops featuring local artistsand artisans.Full-time students getaccess to the AthleticsCentre that includes: A double gymnasium Cardio and weightfacilities, including amulti-purpose room International squash courts Instructor-led classes,such as yoga, pilates,and boot camps Personal training, fitnesstesting, and evaluations* Saunas Organized intramuralsports*Additional fees may applyInterested incompeting againstother colleges incross-countryrunning, soccer,badminton,or volleyball?Join one of ourGolden Shieldvarsity teams! p.18 for more about Sudbury1213

StudentservicesThey’re Free!Take advantage of theseon-campus student servicesanytime: Online, peer, and staff tutoring Financial advising Academic and personal counselling First Generation Advising Program –Special support services for studentswho are first in their family to attend college Professional Clothing Depot –interview-appropriate andjob-ready Centrefor IndigenousServicesIf you’re a learner ofIndigenous Descent, you’llfind a home away from homeat the Wabnode Centre.The Centre offers a range ofsupport services and providesspaces for all students toparticipate in traditional, social,and cultural activities, such as: Pow wows showcasing Indigenous music,dances, clothing, and food Men’s and women’s drum circles Sport and social club (gym nights,movies, games, and social outings) Smudging (available to students anytime)Get professionalassistance from ourCareer Centre staff torevamp your résumé,find job opportunitieson and off campus, securea co-op or placement, andpractice your interview skills.Interested in working on campus?Keep an eye out for part-time job opportunities in variousdepartments within the College through the myCareer portalin myCambrian. These student positions are a great way tobuild your résumé, make some extra cash, and get job-relatedexperience in your field. You’ll also have the flexibility to tailoryour work schedule around your timetable so that you caneasily balance work and school. Taco TuesdaysWe also host the largest Career Fair in northern Ontario –a perfect opportunity to meet with employers from acrossCanada who are looking to hire students to fill positions inhealth care, mining, government, tourism, and careercentre Full moon ceremonies Craft and bursary workshopsWell-established accessibility,wellness, and counselling servicesIf you’ve been diagnosed with a disability, have concerns aboutyour mental health, or are struggling academically or personally,the experienced staff at The Glenn Crombie Centre for StudentSupport are here to help you. Contact the Centre at any time ifyou have questions or concerns regarding your academic success,potential career paths, and/or your emotional well-being.14Career CentreThe Centre provides the following services to students: Confidential short-term counselling support services (in-person and online) Specialized orientation programs and classroom supports Accessible washrooms, kitchen facilities, and personal care rooms Safe space and fully-accessible computer lab Testing accommodations and private testing rooms Assistive technology and learning strategy support Specialized advisor support and assessment

ested inIf you’re interence,living in resid n form atplicatiocomplete the online apce and submitenides/rcae.egollnciacambrposit by theit with your residence dedeadline listed on p. 2.Where to eatWith great options oncampus, you’ll never be hungry.Wind down with friends andenjoy a variety of healthyand delicious food.Where to live Tim Hortons (three locations on campus) Main Cafeteria (Pizza Pizza, Sizzlers for greatstir fries, International Cuisine, Comforts fromHome, three soup station