CONTENT04 06 08 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 CONTITECHELAFLEXWhat are Rubber Expansion JointsWhy you should Choose ERVProduction CONTITECHProduction ELAFLEXChecklist for Expansion JointsCertificatesERV ConfiguratorERV Product RangeApplicationsContactsFLEXIBLEPIPE CONNECTIONS,PREMIUM CLASS.For pipe construction, you will need compensators – to absorbthermal expansion, to reduce vibration and noise.Our 'ERV' rubber expansion joints have reliably performed thesetasks – since 1956.Due to their construction and premium quality, our expansion jointshave become international industry standard.This brochure gives an overview of technical features and helps tochoose the right product for your needs.02 Elaflex Rubber Expansion JointsElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 03

CONTITECH – CORE COMPETENCEIN RUBBER BELLOWSCONTITECH. Engineering Next LevelAs a driver and inspiration for new, cutting-edge technologies and an expert in materialsand processes, we at ContiTech remain circumspect and considered as we take thingsto the next level – in every respect.We keep a close eye on changes and trends in society and technology so we can adaptappropriately to provide market-focused solutions for the benefit of our customers and ofpeople around the world.As an innovation leader in natural rubber and plastic products, we are a major drivingforce behind the future viability of our partners – thanks to our wealth of expertise inmaterials and processes, which we have gathered over the decades. We are quick tooffer the markets the solutions they need – always aiming for the top in quality, speedand service. Well-founded materials competenceLong-standing development know-howGlobal supportFlexible in productionTop referencesRubber Bellows for Expansion JointsExpansion joints are parts of piping systems for fluidand gaseous media. The production of rubberbellows for expansion joints belongs to the ContiTechbusiness unit Air Spring Systems as both are similarrubber bellow products with textile reinforcement.Types13 different reeceItalySpainSlovakiaSizesDenmarkGreat BritainRomaniaSwedenTurkeyDN 32 – DN 1000 mm, various lengthsFranceSwitzerlandOperating PressurePN 10 – 25 bar, depending on size and typeTemperature Range-40 C to 130 C, depending on rubber qualityChinaJapanUSASouth functional test rig – photo showing extreme elongationContiTechFluid Technology04 Elaflex Rubber Expansion JointsContiTechPower TransmissionContiTechVibration ControlContiTechAir Spring SystemsElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 05

ELAFLEX – EXPERIENCE YOU CAN RELY ONElaflex is a specialist company in safe connections forrefuelling and pipe equipment.Since 1923 we stand for values which are typical of afamily owned company: The spirit of innovation, reliability,continuity and flexi bility in thought and action.ERV expansion joints, co-developed with ContiTech, are animportant part of our product portfolio.The rubber bellows, co-developed with ContiTech, aremanufactured in Germany and assembled and distributedby Elaflex.We are a committed partner to our customers who count onquality engineered and durable products. Choosing ERVexpansion joints is a sound investment both in terms ofperformance and total cost of ownership.Service and Added ValueElaflex customers appreciate service factors such asprofessional technical advice, reliability, up-to-dateonline product information and global support by localElaflex distribution partners.Service also means the ability to supply a major partof our product range ex works with short lead times.A large 4500 sqm warehouse and a 1350 sqm workshopresult in an efficient delivery capability. More than25.000 bellows and a large number of flanges andaccessories are permanently available ex stock.According to customer specification, we supply theassembled product. Our modular system, developedover the years, is important both for efficiency and for06 Elaflex Rubber Expansion Jointssafe assembling. Bellows, flanges and accessoriesalways come from one source only and to the latestindustry standards. The combination of both modularsystem and control over the whole production chainsafeguard that everything fits perfectly.Our operational procedures also translate into betterservice. An up-to-date warehouse management systemhelps for good inventory accuracy and confirmation ofreadiness for delivery to the customer. Further, a 'pickby voice' and barcode-assisted stock managementminimise the possibility of incorrect deliveries andspeeds up the delivery process.Elaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 07

WHAT ARE RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS?Rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors for the construction of pipe systems.They relieve system strain by reducing vibration and noise and compensate static or dynamic movementscaused by thermal change, load stress, pumping surges or construction settlement.They also compensate assembling inaccuracies (misalignment during installation) and can be used aspipe insert pieces to facilitate inspections.Standard lengthAxial compressionAxial elongationLateral offsetAngular offsetVibrationComparing Metal Expansion Jointswith Rubber Expansion JointsRubber expansion joints show no fatigue failure due to high frequenciesof vibration are not endangered by stress corrosion crackingdue to their higher flexibilty are suitable for a larger range of media due to theiravailable type variety08 Elaflex Rubber Expansion Joints will absorb outer physical influences, e. g. accidentalimpacts without any damage can be used to protect the pipework against high shockstress offer max. movement ranges, at the same time they arevery compact (short installation length) are suitable to substantially reduce vibration and noiseElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 09

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ERV.Optimal Shape and Construction of the BellowsSuperior Life Time Large axial, lateral and angular range of allowable HiTech rubber compounds from ContiTechmovement, no double sphere necessaryERV expansion joints from Elaflex are moulded single sphere type rubber bellows with swiveling metalflanges. Their construction and lengths (installation sizes) have since become internationally recognisedstandard. Low reaction forces and low inherent resistance Noise dampening: the major part of thepiping's structure-borne noise and the low-frequencynoise generated by fluids is eliminated Vibration dampening: ERV efficiently absorb vibrationscaused by engines, turbines or compressors Physical properties of compounds and reinforcementsare optimised for each bellows type :elongation at break, ozone and UV resistance,cold flexibility, tensile strength, volumetric extension etc. Permanent testing of raw material properties –before and during production Rubberized reinforcements for superior adhesionof all layersSwiveling flangeswith smooth holesfor boltsExperience and Know HowLiner (tube) Applications since 1956 Useful division of labour and competence betweenContiTech, one of the leading international rubber productmanufacturers (bellows production) and Elaflex Integrated sealing surface with type matched steel wire core Made in Germany, Elaflex / ContiTech quality pilosophy High operational safety, 1 : 4 safety factor regardingburst pressure(know-how regarding flanges, accessories, assembling,Integrated sealingsurface withsteel wire corecertification, testing and distribution)Cover Consistent suppliers and manufacturing methods ensure aconstant qualityLarge Product Range Variety of 13 different types, sizes 1" – 40"( DN 25 – 1000 mm ), various lengths and a vast choiceof flange type  / material and accessoriesReinforcementCustomer Focus Large warehouse of bellows ( 25.000 bellows permanentstock ) and flanges / accessories ensure short lead timesStabilisingrimfor standard types Technical service : professional advice, documentation,testing certification (audited to European PressureEquipment Directive) Online ERV configurator: http://ervconfigurator.elaflex.dehelps to find and visualize the required product in a fewsecondsThe Bellows International quality reference for some applications,e. g. ERV-G for tank trucks (fuels), ERV-R for drinkingwater, ROTEX for heating systems, ERV-OR for LP Gas Some unique products such as ERV-GS ( ship engine roomtype approved ), ERV-GS HNBR ( large application range,temperature, abrasion & fire resistant ), ERV-G LT ( low temperature down to -40 C ) and VITEX ( FPM liner ) Efficient due to standardised bellows lengths Global support by local Elaflex distribution partnersFlangesPremium products have their price. But the additionalcost for ERV will pay off for the operator in the long run.considered costs arising from product failure: plantdowntime, environmental damage and replacement cost.The calculation: For a defined period ( e. g. 15 years ), alldirect and indirect costs for a product application withexpansion joints are determined and added.We claim that - due to their superiour lifetime - ERVshow the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, for the majorpart of applications.Cost factors include the initial product price, shipping,indirect acquisition expenses, effort for installation andinspection. Most important, the expected lifetime untilreplacement shall be reflected - including the often nonAssuming proper installation and operation within theiradmissable operating limits, they are trustworthycomponents for engineers and purchasers who thinkand calculate in long terms.Warranty Modular system – flanges match with all bellows Warranty period of 24 months Certified materials, EN 10204 - 3.1 Consistent quality results in a neglectable Standard types with stabilising rimclaim rate Each examination is free of charge, not dependingon the result Cr  ( VI)-free corrosion protection for steel flangeslong-lasting and environmentally friendlyEasy Installation Swiveling flanges and smooth bolt holes makeassembling easy The highly flexible bellow eases installation inproblematic locations10 Elaflex Rubber Expansion Joints Marked with size, standard, material, manufacturerCertificates Various ERV types are certified for civil and navy shipconstruction, drinking water, foodstuffs, heating and gassupply installationsElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 11

CONTITECH – BELLOWS PRODUCTION12 Elaflex Rubber Expansion JointsELAFLEX – ERV ASSEMBLING & TESTINGElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 13

CHECKLIST FOR EXPANSION JOINTSCERTIFICATESIf you are not sure about the required type, execution and flange material, going through this checklist helps us toquote according to your needs.1. Medium Chemical composition Gaseous, liquid, paste-like Abrasion by soldid particles expected Indoor or outdoor Exposure to sunlight (UV) Salt-containing anischer Lloyd Lloyd's Register Bureau Veritas Det Norske Veritas American Bureau of Shipping Nippon Kaiji Kyokai China Classification Society 2. Operation Conditions Minimum/maximum temperature Maximum pressure/peaks/load changes Vacuum possible Axial range of movement (elongation /compression) Angular Load3. Operating SiteERV-GS Lateral offset4. Certificates and Testing Required certificates and/or testing,e. g. to European Pressure Equipment DirectiveTechnischerÜberwachungsverein DIN 4809Bundesamt für Wehrtechnikund Beschaffung Deutscher Verein desGas- und Wasserfachs Gas Drinkingwater Attestation de ConformitéSanitaireDrinkingwaterWater RegulationsAdvisory SchemeDienststelle SchiffssicherheitBG Verkehr(ex: See-Berufsgenossenschaft) ( ERP ) Marine EquipmentDirectivePDF of certificates can be downloaded under Elaflex Rubber Expansion JointsElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 15

ERV CONFIGURATORERV PRODUCT RANGEMany options, fast choice: The online ERV configurator helps to combine bellows,flanges and accessories.ERV high quality expansion joints DN 25 -1000 by Elaflex/ContiTech. With swiveling flanges ( various types andmaterials ). For detail information see Elaflex catalogue. Choose bellows type, Size (DN) and length, Flange standard and material,ERV - RROTEXERV - CRRED BAND expansion joint for water, drinkingwater, waste water, seawater, cooling water,chemical waste water (without oil), chemicals,acids and alkalis, salt solutions, alcohols.Temperature range-40 C up to 100 C,temporarily up to 120 C.Lining Butyl / EPDM.ROTEX expansion joint for permanent servicewith heating water, cooling water and hot air(without oil). W.P. 10 bar up to 100 C, 6 bar upto 110 C. Temperature range -40 up to 130 C,temporarily up to 150 C.TÜV approved for heatinginstallations.Lining EPDM.CR expansion joint for cold and warm water,seawater (also oil containing), various wastewater, lube oils and greases, air, compressedair. Temperature range -25 C up to 90 C,tem po ra rily up to 100 C.Lining Chloroprene.Type ERV - RType ROTEXType ERV - CRERV - BRERPERV - GBR expansion joint for abrasive media such assludges, solid/liquid mixtures, dustlike and powdery products. Temperature range -50 C up to70 C, temporarily up to 90 C.Lining BR/NR.RED SPOT expansion joint for sanitary facilities,cold / warm water, swimming pool water, seawater, drinking water. Highly flexible low ownresistance. W.P. max. 10 bar. Temperaturerange -40 C up to 90 C,temporarily up to 120 C.Lining Butyl / EPDM.YELLOW BAND expansion joint for petroleumbased products up to 50 % aromatics, alsotown gas and natural gas, cooling water emulsions with corrosion preventing oil. Temperaturerange -20 C up to 90 C,temporarily up to 100 C.Lining NBR.Type ERPType ERV - GNE W Movement limiters and accessories. Direct enquiry possible.Type ERV - BR Save link or PDF on your computer if required.ERV - GSERV - GS HBNRERV - G LTYELLOW STEEL expansion joint. Similar totype ERV-G, but fire resistant to ISO 15540(type approved). Temperature range -20 Cup to 90 C, temporarily up to 100 C.Lining NBR.YELLOW STEEL HBNR expansion joint for petroleum based products up to 50 % aromaticsand hydraulic oil. Very good ageing, weatheringand ozone resistance. Temperature range-35 C up to 100 C,temporarily up to 120 C.Lining HNBR.YELLOW BAND LT expansion joint designed forlow temperature applications for petroleumbased products. Temperature range -40 C upto 90 C, temporarily up to 100 C.Lining NBR.Type ERV - GSType ERV - GS HBNRType ERV - G LTERV - ORERV - GRVITEXORANGE BAND expansion joint for LiquidPetroleum Gas (LPG) according to EN 589.temperature range -20 C up to 90 C. Workingpressure 25 bar, burst pressure 100 bar.Lining NBR.GREEN BAND expansion joint for acids, alkalis,chemicals and aggressive chemical wastewater. Temperature range -20 C up to 100 C,temporarily up to 110 C. For oil contaminatedcompressor airup to 90 C.Lining CSM.VITEX expansion joint in High-Tech design forhot oils, petroleum based products andaggressive chemicals. Temperature range-15 C up to 90 C, temporarily up to 130 C.Lining FPM.Type ERV - ORType ERV - GRType VITEXERV - WAccessoriesWHITE BAND expansion joint for foodstuffs,also oils and fat containing food. Liner conformsto German foodstuff regulations. Temperaturerange -20 C up to 90 C, temporarily up to100 C.Lining NBR, light grey. Tie rods with outer limitation ( . ZS ) Vacuum support spiral stainless steel ( . VSD ) Tie rods with inner and outer limitation ( . ZSS ) Vacuum support ring stainless steel ( . VSR ) Angular limiter ( . RG ) Bolted vacuum support ring stainless ( . VSRV ) Inner protection sleeve stainless steel ( . SR ) Flame protection cover (  . FSH ) PTFE liner ( . TA ) Flame protection cover Naval Standard (  . FSH-M ) PTFE liner and vacuum support ring ( . TAS ) Earth Cover ( . EAH )Type ERV - W16 Elaflex Rubber Expansion JointsElaflex Rubber Expansion Joints 17

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