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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business CommunicationsCall recording technology can play a vital role for businesses across a wide range of industries. For example, healthcare providers,financial institutions, automotive dealerships and debt collection agencies all benefit from the ability to monitor, playback, evaluateand archive their telephone-based interactions. This also holds especially true for transportation, energy and government agencies.Organizations within this sector deal with extensive regulatory, safety, company and industry-specific requirements, and ensuringcommunications excellence is of critical importance.In fact, virtually any organization that regularly engages by phone with customers, clients, colleagues or suppliers stands to gainfrom having greater insight and understanding into the interactions that shape their everyday operations. The ability to quicklyretrieve important information contained within phone-based exchanges can help resolve disputes, minimize liability risk, improvecustomer service and safeguard company revenues. Some businesses may not have fully considered the true value of such benefits,or have avoided implementation due to apprehension regarding capability, complexity and cost. OAISYS dispels these concerns,providing solutions that make it easy for any company to fully leverage the power of their internal and external communications.What Makes OAISYS the Right Choice for Your Business? The answer is simple.OAISYS delivers voice documentation and contact centermanagement solutions that are technologically innovative, butthat alone does not create value for our customers. Without atrue understanding of customer needs, even the most advancedtechnology solution will fail to effectively improve businessoperations. We recognize just how important this considerationis, and it drives our company-wide focus on delivering featurerich, affordable and reliable products. Our approach is reallyquite simple—we listen to our customers.2Voice Documentation and Contact Center Management SolutionsListening to the shared voice of our customers helps us decidehow best to develop technology that makes their lives easier.Examining a problem closely, asking the right questions and,above all else, actually listening to the answers has allowedOAISYS to continuously evolve our solutions in the ways thatprove most beneficial to customers. We create award-winningproducts that solve common business problems in the mostsimple and direct fashion for our end-users, versus other solutionproviders that leverage technology only for technology’s sake.It’s a simple philosophy that yields impressive results.

Talkument:The Leader inVoice DocumentationTalkument , the voice documentationsolution from OAISYS, does for phonecalls what the advent of e-mail did forletters and memos, providing similarbenefits to collaboration, productivityand accuracy.Talkument capturesdigital recordings, or voice documents,of authorized users’ phone-basedconversations using patent-pending OAISYS Portable VoiceDocument (PVD ) technology. Conversations are captured intheir entirety and can be easily and securely shared with otherauthorized users to facilitate improved collaboration.In the past, the practice of recording calls was predominantlyreserved for the contact center. In today’s world, every phonebased interaction across the enterprise has the potential toexert a positive or harmful effect on overall business success.Customer retention has become more important than ever, andthe demand for business transparency and accountability hasalso increased. Recording a call is simply part of the equation; aneffective means of reviewing, analyzing and disseminating theinformation contained within that call is the other component.Talkument is the solution.With Talkument, an individual’s voice conversations arecentrally documented through call recording and madeavailable to store, organize, playback, annotate and share withothers. Now, phone calls and the information they containbecome searchable, sharable content, similar to e-mail. Whena user shares a voice document, the recipient is notified andprovided a link to the document, rather than a copy of the fileitself (although users do have the option to convert PVD filesto .WAV or other formats should they desire). Users can inserttext annotations to further explain and clarify verbal content,or to respond to a specific question within the voice document.Promoting privacy and security, shared content can be set toexpire and sharing restrictions can also be included.Voice document management and accessibility is simple andefficient, owing to the instinctively familiar Microsoft Outlook style organizational folder structure. Static folders enable usersto manually organize call recordings as needed, while dynamicfolders make it possible to automatically organize recordingsbased on pre-defined criteria or conditions set for that folder.Additionally, the Talkument user interface is intuitively designedto help users quickly locate recordings by conducting a searchon a wide variety of specific file attributes or by simply locatingwithin a dynamic search folder.As a personal voice documentation and collaborationsolution, Talkument addresses the gap between real-timecommunications and knowledge sharing—an invaluableability in a new business world where the act of efficientlycommunicating knowledge has become equally important tothe process of creating it.Can’t remember if your customer needed that order to arriveon the 30th or the 31st? Simply review the voice document.Once verified, highlight the portion of the conversation wherethe customer conveyed the address and billing informationand share the document directly with your shipping managerto eliminate the risk of miscommunication and customerdissatisfaction.Need your manager’s guidance after a difficult conversationwith an upset customer? Rather than recreating the discussionfrom memory, which can result in a potentially troublesome“he said/she said” dispute situation, simply retrieve the voicedocument, highlight the related section, add your commentsand send directly to your manager for review.Require the support and expertise of your entire sales andfulfillment team to help resolve a customer service issue?Highlight the relevant portion of the voice document withTalkument, comment on the specific actions that need to betaken, share the call with the group and successfully work outa solution.Now, telephone conversations no longer disappear as theyoccur, leaving just a few lines of ink on a notepad to retainthe important details at completion. With Talkument, a voicedocument and the wealth of additional information it containsare readily available for future reference.www.oaisys.com3

Tracer: Professional Interaction ManagementTracer, the contact center management solution from OAISYS, adds advanced qualityassurance, personnel development and reporting tools to our core PVD technology,all tightly bundled into one comprehensive system. Every Tracer solution deploymentalso includes an unlimited user license for Talkument. While other products attemptto address the needs of only the contact center, businesses deploying Tracer candramatically improve operations across all facets of their enterprise.Tracer automatically records, stores and organizes telephoneconversations and, optionally, associated screen activity on a central,secure network repository. Using a variety of audio connections,communications system integrations and recording triggers, Tracercan target those conversations that have a lasting impact on yourbusiness.Tracer is engineered to support sophisticated, enterprise-class recordingneeds, operating either trunk-side or station-side and deliveringdata link integration with a wide range of business communicationssystems. Tracer provides unlimited user access to search and playbackcall recordings based on extensive permissions criteria, including DNIS,agent ID, ANI, call duration, call direction and much more. Tracer VOXrecording integration addresses the needs of businesses engaged inradio communications, including dispatch facilities, transportationnetworks, 9-1-1 centers and other public safety organizations.OAISYS PVD technology enables access to recordings via encrypted media file streaming. Recordings never leave the server, allowingyou to retain full control of important call data. Tracer’s advanced administrative application allows for easy assignment of individualand group permissions, ensuring call recordings are accessed only by those with proper authority and in accordance with establishedcompany policies. The administrative interface also provides visibility to log files showing the date, time and user name associatedwith the playback of all recordings, creating an audit trail that helps support legal and regulatory compliance requirements.Quality Assurance and Workforce OptimizationTracer empowers managers, supervisors and agents with a variety of contact center workforce management tools to help monitor,analyze and enhance individual and group performance. With Tracer, the entire organization can benefit from powerful real-timeand historical perspective on the interactions occurring within their business. This translates to enhanced employee performance,a better understanding of customer service issues and improved business processes. The advanced feature functionality Tracerdelivers includes:Tracer Agent Desktop ClientThe Tracer Agent Desktop Client is provided free of chargeand includes unlimited user access. Using the DesktopClient, agents can view relevant information about a callin progress, start and stop call recording (provided theyhave the appropriately assigned permissions to do so)and request coaching assistance if needed.The Agent Desktop Client also includes an integrated Call Tagging interface for adding text notes or category assignments to voicedocuments in real-time. Tags added by agents can be viewed within the voice document and used as search criteria for easyretrieval. Up to six programmable buttons and drop-down menus configured by the administrator can be created for this purpose.For example, in a 9-1-1 contact center environment, the buttons could be used to tag calls with the nature of the incident beingreported, such as “high speed pursuit” or “civil disturbance.”4Voice Documentation and Contact Center Management Solutions

Tracer Live Call and Auto Call MonitorTracer’s incredibly powerful Live Call Monitor feature allows calls to bemonitored while in progress, enabling contact center management to easilyand efficiently monitor agent interactions with customers in real-time.Management can seamlessly access calls occurring across all nodes of theenterprise voice network, such as those handled in a remote or branch office.Users can connect to one or more Tracer systems, each with up to 192channels. These channels can be associated with live calls used to provideaudio streams to the Live Call Monitor, and calls to be monitored are regulatedby permissions lists. Supervisors with appropriate permissions can easilyhear what is transpiring on a call in real-time, making it easy to conductspontaneous reviews as desired.Tracer’s Live Auto Call Monitor feature enables automatic live monitoring of calls by agent or by dynamic search folders. This deliversan incredibly robust tool to streamline supervisor access for monitoring a range of important calls as they occur. For example, if anew sales agent experiences difficulty with a customer and tags the call using a custom “Irate Caller” button, the contact centersupervisor with the appropriate auto monitor configuration may begin hearing the call instantly, or can receive an instant visualand/or audible notification of the situation requiring their attention.Additionally, Tracer’s versatile live monitoring functionality is further bolsteredby the ability to add text comments directly to calls while they are in progress,which then become a permanent part of the voice document along with theaudio recording. Management will benefit from capturing their observations inreal-time and providing immediate feedback to their staff.Tracer also delivers supervisor and agent chat capabilities, making it easier tooversee agent teams and support contact center management objectives.Agents can conveniently request coaching assistance and supervisors can inturn respond via integrated instant messaging, enabling unobtrusive coachingsessions that help agents achieve targeted goals, such as cross-sell and up-sellopportunities, as well as resolve difficult customer situations.Tracer Quality Control ModuleThe Tracer Quality Control Module allows an evaluator to review a recording and rate the callby grading a series of pre-selected questions/criteria. QA personnel can evaluate calls livewhile they are in progress, and evaluations can contain an unlimited number of questions.Employees can listen to and evaluate their own performance; managers and supervisorscan more effectively and consistently gauge agent performance; and training and processchanges can be implemented to help improve overall service levels.Tracer’s quality control work queues allow users to create rules for the count and types of callsthat call center supervisors must evaluate, making it effortless to automatically collect callsthat meet established evaluation requirements. Custom evaluations can be created basedon types of calls, agents, ACD groups and other criteria. Work queues can then be based oneither the number of calls or a percentage of calls (a maximum of 100 calls in either scenario),and can be set to occur either on a daily or weekly basis.For example, rules can be created to automatically select 10 random calls per agent, per weekfor a supervisor to evaluate using a custom evaluation. Users benefit from easy to administer, statistically relevant quality controlthat provides a meaningful sample of agent capabilities while also ensuring evaluation objectivity.Evaluation of agent performance is further streamlined by Tracer’s ability to automatically categorize calls that meet set criteria,such as agent ID or extension lists, within a specific search folder. For example, a contact center supervisor can easily review a foldercomprised of only her sales agent calls. Management is empowered to maximize the efficiency of their quality assurance processeswith immediate access to the information they care about most.www.oaisys.com5

Tracer Screen RecordingTracer ReporterOrganizations seeking even greater insight into agentperformance can choose to deploy optional Tracer ScreenRecording capabilities. Tracking agent screen activity canhelp further improve contact center management and qualityassurance initiatives.Tracer Reporter is the powerful reporting package included withthe Tracer contact center management software. Businessescan generate comprehensive, accurate and timely reports,including graphs for easy analysis, on contact center activity.Managers can make well-informed decisions regarding staffinglevels, contact handling procedures, marketing and advertisingefforts and much more.Tracer Screen Recording works in synchronization with voicerecording, capturing the entire scope of the agent interaction,helping to promote high quality customer service deliveryfor customers, improved employee productivity and overallefficiency of processes within the contact center.In the event of an inquiry, customer dispute or allegationof regulatory non-compliance, management can easilyreconstruct the interaction by listening to the call and viewingthe associated on-screen activity. This enhanced level of insightcan help management by:Explaining errors in data capture, voice recordings alonemay not explain how mistakes in data entry occurredDivulging if mistakes were the result of application issues,process problems or agent errorExposing previously overlooked areas for improvementand providing additional opportunities to train using realworld examplesTracer’s reporting capabilities make it easy to evaluate andcompare performance of individual agents or agent teams, makestaffing or training decisions and develop incentive programsto help agents meet overall contact center objectives. Used incombination with Live Call Monitor and Auto Call Monitor aswell as the Quality Control Module, Tracer Reporter provides acomprehensive personnel development platform.Tracer Owner’s ReportTracer delivers the features organizations need to improveemployee performance and maximize the bottom line, butonly if the solution is being used consistently and effectively.Customers making the investment in contact centermanagement technology want to know these tools are actuallybeing utilized.Generating supplementary evidentiary record of agentactions to help resolve disputesThe Tracer Owner’s Report feature clearly discloses this dataand can help hold management accountable to their oversightand QA responsibilities. The Owner’s Report, which can beautomatically generated and delivered via e-mail, lists all useractivity for a specified period (daily, weekly, monthly) for thefollowing functions:Live Calls Monitored (who listened live to what calls?)Calls Reviewed (are managers reviewing calls?)Calls Evaluated (is your QA team evaluating the numberof calls required?)Calls Coached (which managers are responding to youragent needs?)Reports Run (are the reports being utilized by all managers?)6

OAISYS API Integrations and Mobile Access SupportCustomers choosing OAISYS receive a free, system-level Application ProgrammingInterface (API), designed to leverage open technology and provide an easy developmentand deployment environment. While many other vendors charge a premium for APIintegration, OAISYS provides this free of charge, further enhancing the overall valueand utility of the OAISYS recording system. The OAISYS API is an open architecturedeveloper’s kit that is designed to allow communication with third-party software anddevices, such as various predictive dialers, ACD and other contact center applications.The OAISYS Web Services API allows key components of OAISYS voice documentationsolutions to be accessed via other commonly used business applications, such asMicrosoft Outlook , Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Additionally, thefree OAISYS Web Services API creates the foundation for OAISYS MobileRecall, an innovative application enabling easy access to recorded callsanytime, anywhere via a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.Flexible, Scalable and Reliable Deployment Optionsdocumentation and collaboration solution with every OAISYS Recording System deployment. Tracer, working jointly with Talkumentcenter or another department within the company—to facilitate the seamless, immediate transfer of information.OAISYS recognizes that many smaller companies strive to become larger companies, and require solutions that can scale up as theyreliable hardware platforms, all using the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft SQL database, to meet the demandsof small-to medium-sized businesses and multi-site large enterprises. OAISYS delivers on-premise and cloud-driven call recordingoptions that can easily adapt to meet your unique business requirements.OAISYS Recording Appliances: A single, rack-mountable 1U appliance unit, capable of supporting up to 48 hardware ports, 100VoIP ports or a combination thereof for up to 100 total recording ports. OAISYS Recording Appliances can provide call recordingstorage up to approximately 56,000 hours.OAISYS Recording Servers: A built-to-order server base system, which is scalable up to 350 ports per stackable unit, suitable forinstallations requiring advanced fault tolerance and data protection capabilities. OAISYS Recording Servers can accommodatecall recording storage