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Communications Infrastructure CRM database Website, Blog Email Rich Media Social Media

CRM databaseCRM stands for Constituent Relationship Management Change that to Community, Contact, or Client!Don’t be confused by CRM & CMS:CMS stands for Content Management System Architecture and content for your websiteCan work together or be stand aloneNot mutually exclusiveSome CMS tools include basic CRM functionality

What’s in a CRM?Basic Data Basic contact infoTrack activities (calls, events)Track donationsTracking VolunteersActions Email blastsAutomated donationsEvent management and registration

Kinds of CRMDesktop & Client/Server CRM Download and install on network and/or desktopsWeb Server-based CRM Download and install on your intranet web server, or onyour public-facing web serverWork through a web browserSoftware as a Service No download or installation – all hosted on companies siteWork through a web browser

Categories of CRM by licenseProprietaryOpen Source In Spirit (built on proprietary platforms)Open Source CRM built on proprietary OS/DatabaseOpen Source CRMs built to run entirely on Open SourceplatformsSoftware as a Service (not obtaining software, obtainingservices)

Examples: Proprietary eTapestryBlackbaud Raiser’s EdgeDonor PerfectFundwareSage

Examples: SaaS Democracy In ActionConvioKinteraSalesforceeTapestryBoth Salesforce and eTapestry are free for some users: Salesforce – 10 free licensesETapestry – free for 500 or fewer contacts

Examples: Open Source In SpiritMETRIX (built with MS Access)EBase (built with FileMaker Pro)

Examples: Open SourceDepends on proprietary OS and/or Database mpower open (built on .NET and depends on MS SQLserver)Organizer’s database (Windows and Visual Basic)Compiere (requires proprietary databases)

Examples: Open SourceCan be run completely using open source OS/tools Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP stack): CiviCRMSugarCRMAny OS, Apache Tomcat, Java: OpenCRXvTiger

Communications Infrastructure CRM database Website, Blog Email Rich Media Social Media

CMS & platform options Drupal Joomla Plone Wordpress Many proprietary options

Essential elements Navigation: Pages and subpages Images, video embeds Blog Customizable features Clean, simple design

Content options Website & blog together Website & blog separate, mapped URL Website & blog separate, linked Only a website or a blog Social web presence only

CRM and CMSResources and research: 2009 Data Ecosystem report: ecosystem report2008 CMS Satisfaction factionsurvey2007 CRM Satisfaction factionsurvey

Communications Infrastructure CRM database Website, Blog Email Rich Media Social Media

Email Day-to-day staff email Email lists & signups Email marketing/messaging

Day-to-Day Email Usually managed in-house or withwebsite hosting Personal email lists and address books Organizations vary with respect to: Mobile access Remote access Personal email use

Email lists Privacy statement & disclaimer Information about the content

Communications Infrastructure CRM database Website, Blog Email Rich Media Social Media

Rich Media Photo Audio Video

Rich Media Organizational events Board meetings Community events Generated by partners, constituents Generated by public, community Archived, reused, published

Rich Media hosting Photo - Flickr, picasa Audio – Libsyn, CinchCast Video - YouTube, vimeo Self hosted, part of website hosting

Rich Media sharing Waivers Tags Reporting vs marketing

Communications Infrastructure CRM database Website, Blog Email Rich Media Social Media

Social Media Social Networking Microblogging Photo & Video sharing Citizen journalism & hyper-localnetworks

Social Networking Facebook More than 500 millionactive users; 50% of active users/day MySpace 34 million users Orkut main network in Brazil, 2nd inIndia Hi5 major network in Spanishspeaking countries LinkedIn 100 million users, 61% male

Microblogging Twitter over 200 million users 140 million average number ofTweets people sent per day, in thelast month. 460,000 average number of newaccounts per day over the lastmonth.Identica, Yammer

Photo & Video sharing YouTube 490 million unique users everymonth; 150m visit every day andthe average visit lasts 25 minutes.Flickr 51 million registered users; 30005000 new photos being uploadedper minute

Citizen journalism & hyper-local

Using social media Organizational policy Content strategy Online identity Privacy and terms of use statements

People behind the tools CRM database IT Website, Blog Communications Email Communications & IT Rich Media Marketing Social Media Communications

Campaigning Tools Email Clients Petitions Surveys

Email Clients Constant Contact Democracy in Actions’ Salsa Emailnow by Network for Good Highroad VerticalResponse

Email options Free vs paid (# of contacts, # ofmessages) Integration with CRM or CMS Tracking and metrics Design templates and customization

Campaigning Tools Email Clients Petitions Surveys

Petition tools Care2 (The Petition Site) Petition Online Petition Spot

Petition options Portability Registration required User data Real time Cost

Campaigning Tools Email Clients Petitions Surveys

Survey tools Google forms PollDaddy SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey Zoomerang

Survey options Portability Integration with CRM/CMS User data Analysis and metrics Reporting and publishing Cost

CampaigningResources and research: 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks rt-2011enonprofit-benchmarks-study2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark ort-2011nonprofit-social-network-benchmark-report

ThanksAmy Sample WardMembership Director, [email protected] [email protected] http://nten.orgMore resources available at: