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CRM PRICE LISTPricing information from May 2020Follow the source links for more informationCRM VENDORCRM PRODUCTPRICING MODELCOSTActiveCampaignActiveCampaignMonthlyFrom 9/ userAgileAgile CRMMonthlyFrom FreeApptivoApptivo CRMMonthlyFrom FreeMonthlyFrom 25/ userBN TouchBN Touch Mortgage MonthlyFrom 79/ userCapsuleCapsule CRMMonthlyFrom 18/ userCloseClose CRMMonthlyFrom 25/ userCompanyhubCompanyhubAnnualFrom 12/ userCopperCopperMonthlyFrom 19/ userBenchmark Software Benchmark CRMSOURCE2

3EngageBayEngageBay CRMMonthlyFrom FreeFreshdeskFreshdeskMonthlyFrom FreeHubspotHubspot CRMMonthlyFrom FreeKeapInfusionsoftMonthlyFrom 99InsightlyInsightly CRMMonthlyFrom 29/ userLess Annoying CRM Less Annoying CRM MonthlyFrom 10/ userMaximizerMaximizer CRMMonthlyFrom 30/userMicrosoftSales DynamicsMonthlyFrom 37.70/ userNetHuntNetHunt CRMMonthlyFrom FreeNimbleNimbleMonthlyFrom 25/ userNutshellNutshellMonthlyFrom 19/ userOnePageOnePage CRMMonthlyFrom 11/ userPipeDrivePipeDriveMonthlyFrom 15/ userPipelineDealsPipelineDealsMonthlyFrom 25/ userPipelinerSales IncPipeliner CRMMonthlyFrom 25/ userSageSage CRMMonthlyFrom 20/ user

SalesforceSales Cloud CRMMonthlyFrom 20/ userSoffront SoftwareSoffront CRMMonthlyFrom 35/ userStreakStreak Core CRMMonthlyFrom FreeSugarCRMSugar SellMonthlyFrom 80/ userSuite CRMSuite CRMAnnualFrom 1,500TeamGateTeamGate CRMMonthlyFrom 8/ userVtigerVtiger SalesMonthlyFrom 10/ userWorkbooks.comWorkbooks CRMMonthlyFrom 30/ userZendeskZendesk SellMonthlyFrom 25/ userZohoZoho CRMMonthlyFrom 12/ userHOW THIS DATA WAS GATHEREDThe information shown above was collected from a variety of public sources including thevendor’s pricing documentation where possible. The price shown corresponds to the lowestpricing tier available. Click on the blue icon next to each vendor for more information.4

CRM SOFTWAREPRICING MODELSThere are basically three types of CRM pricing model: Freemium, Subscription and Licensefee. Each has its own advantages and all of them have a place in the market.FREEMIUM MODELThe freemium model comes in a few different forms. Some offer the full range of featuresavailable with a product, but limit the number of users. If you wish to add more users, thenyou must pay either a subscription or license fee. The other common freemium model iswhere the software is supplied with a handful of basic CRM features, but more advancedfeatures require you to upgrade to a paid subscription.SUBSCRIPTION MODELThe subscription approach is common with cloud based CRM packages and its popularityhas risen due to it piggybacking on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Thesubscription payment is usually made on a monthly basis and the amount is usuallydependent on either the number of system users or the sometimes number of employeesin the organisation.The subscription model often costs less up front and it’s largely on this basis that it’sbecome so sought-after, especially among small to medium-sized businesses which maynot want a high initial outlay.On-Premise vs Cloud Based5

LICENSE MODELThe license fee is a more traditional model and is still largely associated with systemsrunning via on-premises servers. This is the model where you buy it and own it. Thiscarries a greater degree of responsibility for the system’s operation, but also a greaterdegree of freedom.In the long term this model becomes cheaper than the subscription model, since themonthly fee soon adds up. However because the software is running on your own on-siteservers, there are the associated maintenance costs to manually update and upgrade thesoftware and associated hardware.The decision of which CRM software is best for your business depends on the individualrequirements and budget of your business. The links in this price guide will hopefully saveyou time when searching for a suitable vendor. If you're struggling with features and how topriorities them, we also have a free CRM requirement template available to download onour website.6

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