INTRODUCTIONThe Oficial Florida Driver License Handbook is produced by the Florida Departmentof Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). This guide has the informationyou need to prepare for the Florida Driver License Class E Knowledge Exam andDriving Skills Test and to help you drive safely and lawfully.DISCLAIMERThe Oficial Florida Driver License Handbook contains many condensed andparaphrased points of Florida laws and provides safety advice not specificallyaddressed in the laws. The handbook is not a legal authority and is not intendedfor use in court. This handbook will not reflect any changes made by the FloridaLegislature afer the last revision date (located at the bottom of this page).WARNINGFlorida law prohibits using a false name, making a false statement, concealing amaterial fact or otherwise using fraud in an application for a driver license or ID card.The penalty can be up to five years in prison, a 5,000 fine, and suspension of anyexisting driving privilege for at least one year.In addition, it is illegal to permit or authorize an unlicensed person to drive a motorvehicle and doing so can result in a 60 day jail sentence and a 500 fine. If the vehicleis involved in a crash resulting in bodily injury or death of any person, the person whopermitted the unlicensed person to drive may (unless this is an automatic mandatorysuspension) have his/her license suspended for one year.PUBLIC RECORDSFlorida law requires the FLHSMV to collect certain personal information during thelicensing process. This information, which identifies licensed individuals, is usedfor records management, driver improvement, financial responsibility, and lawenforcement purposes. If you do not provide the required information, you will notreceive a driver license or ID card.Florida’s Public Records Law makes all records made or received by FLHSMV in thecourse of its oficial business available for inspection, unless specifically exempted bylaw. Your personal information, including name, address, and driver license numberis exempt from public disclosure, but may be given to law enforcement agencies andother entities permitted by law to get the information. Your medical information,social security number, and emergency contact information are available only asspecifically authorized by law.FLHSMV strives to ensure the accuracy of the information obtained during thelicensing process. If you discover any incorrect information, please call us at (850)617-2000 or mail your request with your complete name, date of birth, driverlicense number, information about the error, and any documentation to supportyour request to: Chief of the Bureau of Records, 2900 Apalachee Parkway MS 89,Tallahassee, FL 32399-0575. Some information, such as reports of convictionsreceived from a court, can only be corrected if notification from the court is receivedthat the report was in error.The Oficial Florida Driver License Handbook—rev. 05/22/2020i

PENDING FLORIDA STATUTE CHANGES FOR 2020As of the printing of this handbook, the following legislation has passed the FloridaLegislature and is contingent upon becoming law, or further action taken by theGovernor.Section 322.57, F.S.: Effective July 1, 2020, requires FLHSMV to waive the requirementto pass the commercial driver license skills tests for certain servicemembers andveterans.Sections 316.003, 316.008, 316.027, 316.083, 316.1995, 316.2065, 316.20655, 316.306,316.613, 316.614, 320.01, 320.08, 322.01, and 324.021, F.S.: Effective July 1, 2020,creates regulations governing the operation of electric bicycles.Sections 322.08, 322.14, F.S.: Effective October 1, 2020, requires application formsfor driver licenses and identification cards to include language allowing a voluntarycontribution to Live Like Bella Childhood Cancer Foundation. Additionally, authorizesan optional “D” designation on the driver license of a person who has beendiagnosed with a developmental disability.Sections 320.06, 320.0657, 320.08, 320.08053, 320.08056, 320.08058, 320.08062,320.08068, 320.0807, 320.089, 320.0891, 320.0894, F.S.: Effective October 1, 2020,amends several provisions of law related to specialty license plates (slps). Authorizesnew slps and caps the number of slps in the state. Revises the presale requirementsfor the issuance of a slp. Additionally, authorizes the election of a permanentregistration period for certain vehicles.Section 318.18, F.S.: Effective January 1, 2021, increases the minimum civil penaltyfor failure to stop for a school bus from 100 to 200. For a subsequent offense withinfive years, FLHSMV must suspend the driver license of the driver for not less thansix months and not more than one year. The bill also increases the minimum civilpenalty for passing a school bus on the side that children enter and exit from 200to 400. For a subsequent offense within five years, FLHSMV must suspend the driverlicense of the driver for not less than one year and not more than two years.ii 2020 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

TABLE OF CONTENTSContact Info. Inside Front CoverIntroduction. iPublic Records . iLaw Changes for 2020. iiPART 1: DRIVING IN FLORIDA . 11. Preparing to Drive: Your Vehicle . 3Getting Ready to Drive .3Equipment Standards.3Required Equipment.3Equipment NOT Permitted.4Bumper Height Requirements.4Keep Your Car in Good Condition .4Anti-Lock Brake System .5Trailers, Towing, & Load .5Drawbar or Towing Connection.5Securing the Load .5Projecting Load.6Slow Moving Vehicle .62. Preparing to Drive: You—the Driver . 7Physical Conditions .7Drowsy Driving .7Emotions .7Road Rage .8Distracted Driving .8Drinking & Driving.9Drugged Driving .9Older Drivers .10Florida 511 Trafic Info .103. Occupant Protection . 11Seat Belts & Child Restraints .11Leaving Children Unsupervised in Vehicles .124. Trafic Controls . 13Pavement Markings.13Edge Lines.13White Lane Lines.13Yellow Lane Lines .14Turn Lanes .14Reversible Lanes.14Bicycle Lanes.14White Stop Lines .15Crosswalks .15Other Markings.15Trafic Signs.15Trafic Sign Colors .15Trafic Sign Shapes.16Regulatory Signs.16Warning Signs.18Informational Signs.21Trafic Signals .21Steady Signal Lights.21Flashing Signal Lights.22Lane Signals.22Ramp Signals.23Pedestrian Signals.23Zones of Caution .24School Zone Signs & Signals .24Railroad Crossing Signs & Signals .24Drawbridge Signs & Signals.25Construction/Maintenance Signs & Signals.265. Driving Safely . 27Speed Limits.27Braking Distance .28Smooth Stops.29Making Turns .29Three-Point Turn .30Intersections.30Open Intersections.30Roundabouts.31Driveways .31Trafic Lanes.31Safe Following Distances .32Following Distance for Trucks .33Blind Spots.33Passing.33Passing on the Right.33You Must Not Pass. .34Being Passed .34Limited Access Highways.34Entering & Leaving Limited Access Highways.34Limited Access Safety Reminders.35Parking.36Parking on Hills .36Against the Law to Park .37Parking Lights .37Straight-in Parking.37Backing Up.37The Oficial Florida Driver License Handbook—rev. 05/22/2020iii

Table of Contents Continued6. Sharing the Road . 39Sharing the Road with Pedestrians.39Rules for Motorists.39Rules for Pedestrians .39Pedestrian Safety Tips .40Right-of-Way .40Sharing the Road with Bicycles .40Rules for Motorists.40Rules for Bicyclists.41Bicyclist Safety Tips.41Motorcycle Awareness.42Laws for Motorcycle/Moped.42Tips for Motorists .42School Buses .43School Crossings .43Emergency Vehicles .44Florida’s Move Over Law.44Funeral Processions.44Public Transit.44Commercial Motor Vehicles.44Rules for Motorists.44Passing Commercial Vehicles .45Golf Carts.46Low Speed Vehicles .467. Special Driving Situations. 47Night Driving.47Low Visibility.48Rain.48Animals.49Following Law Enforcement Instructions.498. Handling Emergencies. 51Defensive Driving .51Avoiding Rear-end Collisions .51Breakdowns/Disabled Vehicles .51Vehicle Approaching in Your Lane.52Right Wheels Of Pavement .52Overcorrection .52Skidding/Hydroplaning .52Emergency Braking .52Brake Failure.52Wet Brakes .53Jammed Gas Pedal .53Tire Blowout .53ivFire.53Stalled on Railroad Tracks .53Submerged Vehicle .54Power Outage.54Your Responsibilities Afer a Crash.54Leaving the Scene.55Hit & Run Penalties.55First Aid .559. Your Driving Privilege. 57Insurance Laws .57No-Fault Law .57Financial Responsibility Law.58Vehicle Registration.59Applying for Title, Plates & Registration .59Renewal.59Violations of the Driver License Law .60Time Restrictions for Minors (Driving Curfew).60Littering .60Road Damage.60Driving Under the Influence (DUI) .60Implied Consent Law.61Penalties for DUI .61Zero Tolerance .61Trafic Crashes .62Three Crashes in Three Years Law.62Point System.63Mandatory Restriction for Minors.63Losing the Privilege to Drive .64Penalties for Passing a Stopped School Bus.65Administrative Hearings.66Disabled Parking Permit.66PART 2: THE FLORIDA DRIVER LICENSE . 6810. Getting Your License or ID Card. 69Definitions.69Who Needs a Florida License to Drive? .69Exceptions for the Florida Driver License.69Florida Driver License Classifications .70Requirements for Class E License .70Learner’s License .70Reciprocity .71Trafic Law & Substance Abuse Education .71Parental Consent for Minors.71 2020 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Physical & Mental Requirements.71Restriction Codes .72Identification Requirements.72Primary Identification.73Social Security Number or Secondary ID .74Proof of Residential Address .75ID cards.76ID Cards for Homeless Persons.76ID Cards for Persons at/below Poverty Level .76License Renewal .77Renewal Issuance Requirements .77Renewing Online .77Driver License/ID Card Replacement.78Replacement Requirements.78Change of Address.78Name Changes.78Veterans.79Veteran Designation on License or ID Card .79Exempt Fees for 100% Disabled US Vets.79Selective Service.79Sexual Ofenders & Sexual Predators .79Career Ofenders.80Emergency Contact Information .80Florida Organ & Tissue Donor Program .80Voluntary Contributions.80Fees .8211. Driving School Providers . 85TLSAE Course .85Third Party Driver License Exams .85Basic Driver Improvement Course .85Advanced Driver Improvement Courses .86Licensed DUI Programs .86Older Driver Courses .8612. Driver License Testing . 87Testing Options.87License Examinations .87Vision.87Class E Knowledge Exam .88Driving Skills Test.88Vehicle Inspection .89STUDY GUIDE FOR THE TEST. online services . Inside Back CoverIMPORTANT INFOFOR MINOR DRIVERSLearner’s License Must always drive accompaniedby a licensed driver, age 21 orolder, who rides in the closestseat to the right of the driver. Must only drive during daylighthours during the first threemonths afer earning learner’slicense. Afer three months, maydrive until 10 pm. Must have at least 50 hours drivingexperience prior to getting driverlicense, and 10 hours should beat night.Age 16 with Driver LicenseMust not drive between 11 pm to 6 amunless driving to or from work ORaccompanied by a licensed driverwho is age 21 or older.Age 17 with Driver LicenseMust not drive between 1 am to 5 amunless driving to or from work ORaccompanied by a licensed driverwho is age 21 or older.Driving Record PointsAny driver under the age of 18who accumulates six or morepoints within a 12 month periodis automatically restricted forone year to driving for “BusinessPurposes ONLY.”Remember.Always carry your driver licensewith you