DIVISION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE2021 COURSE CATALOGState of New JerseyDepartment of Law and Public SafetyDivision of Criminal JusticeP.O. Box 283Sea Girt, New Jersey 08750www.njdcj.orgDivision of Criminal Justice AcademyUPDATED: February 4, 2021

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarThe Division of Criminal Justice Academy has been a Police Training Commission approved academy since 1980. Originally establishedto conduct the Basic Course for Investigators, the Division of Criminal Justice Academy has expanded its curriculum to include otherPTC approved courses, such as the revised Modified Basic Course for Investigators, as well as diverse Firearms Instructor level coursesand Basic Arson Investigator through the Middlesex County Fire Academy. In addition, the Academy conducts a wide variety ofspecialty and management development courses not generally available at other police academies. The Academy also providescontinuing education to state investigators and deputy attorney generals from the Division of Criminal Justice.NEW Course Registration ProcessTo register for a course, please copy the link next to the specific course of interest; this will takeyou to the registration site where you will complete the required information.Registration Confirmation – will be sent within a few weeks of successful registration.PaymentsPlease send any purchase orders, vouchers, or payments to the following address:Division of Criminal JusticeAttn: Training Academy Billing Dept.P.O. Box 085Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0085

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarPlease select the Survey Monkey link in the description of each course to register for your specific TBDTBDTBDTBD09/1009/13TBD09/27Radar Instructor Refresher 21-1Radar Instructor Refresher 21-2Radar Instructor Refresher 21-3CODIS06/08/21 Basic Course for Investigators 21-1CODISInterview & Interrogation 21-1 (MBCI)Investigator Safety & Security 21-1 (MBCI)Internal Affairs 21-1Criminal Procedure 21-1 (MBCI)Radar Instructor Refresher 21-4Radar Instructor Refresher 21-503/26EVOC Instructor Course (limited to 10 ppl)CODIS04/0905/2105/2809/2410/01Radar Instructor Refresher 21-6Firearms Instructor Course 21-1Radar Instructor Refresher 21-7CODISBasic Arson Investigator’s CourseFirearms Instructor Course 21-2Radar Instructor Course 21-8Basic Arson Investigators CourseCODISCODISCODISCODISCODISBasic Course for Investigators 21-2CODISCODISCODISCODISRadar Instructor Course 21-9Basic Course for Arson InvestigatorsStreet Encounters Stops and FrisksSub-Gun Instructor (only one offered)TBDCODISTBD10/0810/21CODISRadar Instructor Refresher 21-10Patrol Rifle Instructor (only one offered)10/29Camden County Police AcademyMonmouth Police AcademyMonmouth Police AcademyDCJ Academy, Sea Girt, Bldg. 37Middlesex County Fire AcademyMiddlesex County Fire AcademyMiddlesex County Fire AcademyMiddlesex County Fire AcademyEssex County Police AcademyAtlantic County Police AcademyFt. Dix DTA2Ocean County Police AcademyFt. Dix, Range #13Passaic County Police AcademyMiddlesex County Fire AcademyFt. Dix, Range #13John H. Stamler Police AcademyMiddlesex Co. Fire Marshal’s OfficeDCJ Academy, Sea Girt, Bldg. 37Morris Co. Police AcademyMiddlesex County Fire AcademyBurlington Co. Emergency ServicesFt. Dix – Range #TBDOcean County Police AcademyFt. Dix – Range #TBD

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendar10/2510/2610/2710/2811/08Criminal Procedure 21-2 (MBCI)Interview & Interrogation 21-2 (MBCI)Investigator Safety & Security 21-2 (MBCI)Internal Affairs 21-2 (MBCI)Radar Instructor Refresher 21-11MBCI COURSESCriminal Procedure UpdateInternal Affairs Policy and ProcedureInterview & InterrogationInvestigator Safety & SecurityOTHER TRAINING OFFEREDBasic Course for InvestigatorsBasic Course for Arson InvestigatorsBasic Arson In-Service (by invitation only)CODIS TrainingFirearms Instructor CoursePatrol Rifle Instructor CourseSubgun CourseRadar Instructor RefresherStreet Encounters, Stops and FrisksTrial Testimony for DetectivesNew Course added – Details to followEVOC Instructor Course (limited to 10 ppl)Middlesex County Training CenterMiddlesex County Training CenterMiddlesex County Training CenterMiddlesex County Training CenterPassaic County Police Academy

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarARSON INVESTIGATION IN-SERVICE – *Date to be determined*This course, mandated pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40a: 14-7.1 for fire personnel assigned to certified arson investigation units inmunicipal fire departments, is a continuation of the Basic Arson Investigation training and is required for arsoninvestigators appointed pursuant to this statute. The in-service training specializes in more advanced aspects of arsoninvestigation and prosecution.Who Should Attend: Attendance is strictly limited to those personnel assigned to certified arson investigation units inmunicipal fire departments created by municipal ordinance. Invitation only class.Contact: Please contact the Middlesex County Fire Academy for further information (732) 316-7171 or Mike Gallagher [email protected] .BASIC COURSE FOR ARSON INVESTIGATORS (BCAI) 950.00 *NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS*This course is mandated pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A: 14-7.1 for fire personnel assigned to certified arson investigation units inmunicipal fire departments. Program topics include the investigation and prosecution of arson, the cause and origin offire, interview and interrogation techniques, profile of an arsonist, the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, and motivesfor arson. Classroom instruction is supplemented by a practical exercise involving the investigation of actual fire scenes.Applications Approval by your County Prosecutor’s Office is required. Class size is limited to 40.Who Should Attend: Paid firefighters assigned to a certified municipal arson investigation unit;Paid fire personnel assigned to a county arson investigation unit;Police officers, County Prosecutor’s Office investigators or detectives, and Assistant Prosecutor’s assigned toinvestigate arson.NOTE: Prior to the start of the BCAI class, the student will have completed the following from The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation – 3 hourso Fire Investigator Scene Safety – 3 hourso Basic Electricity – 4 hourso Documenting the Event – 4 hourso Ethics and the Fire Investigator – 3 hourso Arc Mapping – 4 is free and will be referred to throughout the class. It can be found online at You mustregister to be able to complete the assignments and will receive a transcript of the training completed. Once registered,the site allows you to proceed at your own pace. Transcripts will be collected on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS.Dates: May 10th through May 21stLocation: Middlesex County Fire AcademySeptember 13th through September 24thLocation: Middlesex County Fire Academy*NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS* Copy and paste the link below to register for the Basic Arson Investigators Course:May 10th through May 21st

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarSeptember 13th through September EW BCI REGISTRATION PROCESS* Copy and paste the link below to register for the Basic Investigator Course:BASIC COURSE FOR INVESTIGATORS (BCI)This basic training program covers general topics such as investigative procedures essential to the successful investigation,apprehension, and prosecution of criminals. In accordance with the provisions of the Police Training Act, this course ismandatory for county prosecutor’s investigators and detectives, state investigators, and arson investigators who areassigned to certified arson investigation units. Some components of this course include: Basic Firearms training,Defensive Tactics and Physical Conditioning training.Who Should Attend: County prosecutor’s investigators and state investigators with no prior basic law enforcementtraining in New Jersey and arson investigators assigned to certified arson investigation units.Requirements: Drug screening results submitted by sending agency prior to Orientation date and medical certification.Payment: Tuition vouchers, purchase orders, and checks should be forwarded as follows:Division of Criminal Justice Training AcademyAttn: Billing DepartmentP.O. Box 085Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0085Fees and Withdrawals:Withdrawal (Orientation to Week #5)Withdrawal (Week#6 thru Week #10)Withdrawal (Week #11 thru Week #15)Withdrawal (Week #16 thru Week #20)Dismissal/Failure 2,0005001,0001,5002,0002,000Waiver Fee: 800There is no reduction for withdrawal/dismissal for waivers.Dates: January 25, 2021 – June 9, 2021TBD:Location: DCJ Training Academy, Sea GirtLocation: DCJ Training Academy, Sea Girt

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarCODIS REGIONAL TRAININGOverview of CODIS and the New Jersey DNA Collection ProgramAn overview of the New Jersey DNA collection program. In this two-hour presentation, we will cover thefollowing: Dates:Overview of the NJ and national CODIS programs and how they can help your agencyWhat’s New in CODIS: Rapid DNA, eDNA, etc.Why CODIS and DNA collection should be a consideration during every arrest!The four times DNA collection is required in New JerseyDemonstration on how to collect a DNA sampleFour ways to research if an offender’s DNA is already in the CODIS databaseWhat to do when your agency receives a DNA hit letterHandling offenders who refuse to provide DNAReceive reference materials for your agencyTBDCape May County Police Academy Public Safety Training CenterMonmouth County Police AcademySomerset County Police AcademyGloucester County Police AcademyMiddlesex County Police Training CenterBergen County Law and Public Safety InstitutePassaic County Police AcademyAtlantic County Police Training CenterMercer County Police AcademyJohn H. Stamler Police Academy (Union County)

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarCODIS dates cont’dEssex County Police AcademyNJ Division of Criminal Justice Academy (Sea Girt, NJ)Ocean County Police AcademyMorris County Public Safety Training AcademyCamden County College Police AcademyTo Register:We have a new online, automated registration system. To register, click here or paste the link below intoyour browser: you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator, Lillian Dutton, at (609) 376-2369.Thanks, and we hope to see you there!DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COURSESAttorney General’s Office Domestic Violence Training Program for Police Officers throughout New Jersey. Please EW* EVOC – FEE: 400EVOC requirements: Must have MOI Certification prior to course Must have Police Package sedan vehicle. NO SUV’S Lights and sirens are preferredThis course is designed to teach Law Enforcement and first responders the necessary skills to safely operate an emergencyvehicle.Class is limited to 10 people.Date(s): March 23rd – March 26thTime: 0800 start timeRegistration Link: 0322

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarFIREARMS INSTRUCTOR COURSE: FEE: 400This five-day PTC approved course teaches the fundamentals of firearms instruction, including range safety, weaponsprocedures, and range operation. Also included are the fundamentals of the AG’s Re-qualification Guidelines.Who Should Attend: Law Enforcement Officers who require certification of the PTC as firearms instructors, or officerswho will conduct in-service firearms training.Requirements: Candidates must achieve an average score of 95% or better during three (3) pre-qualification runs of theHQC1 in the morning of the first day of class to be admitted into the course. Candidates must also achieve a score of 80%or better in the NHQC and safely handle their firearms throughout the course to successfully complete the course. Classsize is limited to 20.Equipment List: service handgun and holster;1,200 rounds of ammunition;agency shotgun, with 50 rounds of 00 Buck and 30 rounds of slug ammunition (for those agencies using slugammo);hearing and eye protection;baseball style hat; rain gear (no ponchos); and a cleaning kit.*NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS* Copy and paste the link below to registerDate(s):04/05/2021 – 04/09/2021Ft. Dix, Range #20Start time: /24/2021 – 05/28/2021Ft Dix, Range #20Start Time: 08:00

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendar*NEW MBCI REGISTRATION PROCESS* Copy and paste the link below to register for the Modified Basic Course forInvestigators (MBCI).MODIFIED BASIC COURSE FOR INVESTIGATORS (MBCI)Effective June 1997, the PTC replaced the Modified Basic Course for Investigators (MBCI) with a requirement that newlyhired county prosecutor’s investigators and detectives, with previous law enforcement experience and training, mustcomplete. A core in-service training curriculum consists of the following courses: Criminal Procedure Update, InternalAffairs Policy and Procedure, Interview & Interrogation, and Investigator Safety and Security. These four courses areNOT open to any other Law Enforcement personnel. Information concerning each of these specific courses is providedbelow.These courses will be offered on four consecutive days in both the spring and fall. You must choose either the spring orfall courses and complete same within the four day block. You cannot split the classes between spring and fall. Fewexceptions for splitting the classes may be considered by providing written request to the PTC, with valid reason, and thePTC having granted your request PRIOR to the class start date.Criminal Procedure Update (MBCI Course) FEE: 50:00This one-day program will update newly-appointed prosecutor’s investigators and detectives with police experience in therecent development in the laws of search warrants and exceptions to the warrant requirement, as well as Identity Theftand Document Fraud. This training will focus on court decisions which have been recently handed down by the UnitedStates Supreme Court and the New Jersey courts. In addition to providing a comprehensive update of new material, theseminar will simultaneously serve as a refresher for those persons who have not had an opportunity to attend a criminalprocedure update for a number of years. Moreover, throughout the course, innovative teaching techniques andprocedures will be offered, along with helpful suggestions for instructing new or veteran officers on this topic.Registration: Registration will be exclusive to county prosecutor’s investigators/detectives who are required to attend inorder to obtain PTC Certification ONLY.*NEW MBCI REGISTRATION PROCESS* Copy and paste the following link to register for the Modified Basic Course forInvestigators (MBCI). MARCH and OCTCRIMINAL PROCEDURE UPDATETIME:ALL MBCI COURSES WILL BEGIN AT 08:30 AM UNLESS OTHERWISE STATEDDate(s):03/08/21Middlesex County Fire Academy, Sayreville10/25/21Middlesex County Training Facility, Edison OCTInternal Affairs (MBCI Course) FEE: 50.00

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarThis one-day course is designed to familiarize prosecutor’s detectives and investigators with the Attorney General’sdirectives and procedures for conducting internal affairs investigations. The course covers significant topics in internalaffairs investigations, including internal affairs interviews, search and seizure, confidentiality, and the prosecutor’s role ininternal investigations.Registration: Registration will be exclusive to county prosecutor’s investigators/detectives who are required to attend inorder to obtain PTC Certification ONLY.Date(s):03/09/21Middlesex County Fire Academy, Sayreville10/26/21Middlesex County Training Center, Edison OCTInterview & Interrogation (MBCI Course) FEE: 50.00This one-day course provides the fundamentals of interview and interrogation and explores strategies which may beemployed in each. Included are understanding verbal and non-verbal behavior, preparing for the interview &interrogation, developing questions in a structured interview, and choosing the setting for the interview. The courseincludes practical exercises.Registration: Registration will be exclusive to county prosecutor’s investigators/detectives who are required to attend inorder to obtain PTC Certification ONLY.Date(s):Time: 09:00am Start Time03/10/21Middlesex County Fire Academy, Sayreville10/27/21Middlesex County Training Center, Edison OCTInvestigator Safety & Security (MBCI Course) FEE: 50:00This one-day course will provide students with the principles and procedures for investigator safety and security whenapproaching suspects.Registration: Registration will be exclusive to county prosecutor’s investigators/detectives who are required to attend inorder to obtain PTC Certification ONLY.Date(s):LOCATION:03/11/21Middlesex County Fire Academy, Sayreville10/28/21Middlesex County Training Center, Edison OCTPATROL RIFLE INSTRUCTOR COURSE - 400*NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS* Copy and paste the link below to register

2021Division of Criminal Justice Academy CourseCalendarThis five-day course prepares the law enforcement firearms instructor to teach the fundamentals of operating the lawenforcement assault rifle. Successful completion of this course certifies the instructor to qualify police service rifleoperators under the Attorney General’s Requalification Guidelines. Instruction includes nomenclature, malfunctionclearance, semi-automatic and full automatic manipulation drills, shooting on the move, and other street relevant coursesof fire.Note: This is NOT a police Carbine instructor course.Who Should Attend: Law Enforcement firearms instructors who wish to instruct and qualify law enforcement officers inthe use of a police service rifle in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Requalification Guidelines. Class sizeis strictly limited to 15 people.Pre-requisite: Previous attendance to a Firearms Instructor Course.Registration Requirement: A copy of registrants Firearms Instructor Certification must accompany their registration form.**Candidates will be required to achieve an ARQC score of 80% or higher on the morning of the first day to continue inthe course. Iron sights ONLY no optics permitted.**Candidates must achieve a score of 90% on the Automatic/Semi-Automatic Patrol Service Rifle Qualification Course(ARQC), pass a low light qualification course, pass all standards drills, demonstrate safe handling skills and pass a writtenexamination to successfully complete the course.Equipment Required: Police service/assault rifle (rifle which fires ammunition greater than 2,000 fps [AR-15, M-16, G36], .223 cal.Preferred) with sling; four magazines for the rifle; 2,000 rounds of ammunition for the rifle of which 500 rounds will be frangible ammo; a flashlight or rifle attached lighting device; service handgun and holster; 500 rounds of ammunition for the handgun; body armor; wrap-around eye protection; hearing protection; baseball style or other hat with a wide front brim;long sleeve shirts; rain gear (no ponchos); spotting scope or binoculars; and a cleaning kit.Date(s):10/25/2021-10/29/2021Ft. Dix, Range #20Time: 0800 am R INSTRUCTOR REFRESHER – NO FEEThis refresher course is required for radar instructors once every three years. A radar instructo