STATE OF NEW JERSEYDEPARTMENT OF MILITARY AND VETERAN AFFAIRSACTIVE GUARD/RESERVE (AGR)VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTACTIVE GUARD RESERVE (AGR) ANNOUNCEMENT 38-AF-21Open To: 2W1X1 AFSC qualified members of the New Jersey Air National Guard and those 2W1X1applicants eligible to become a member. Must possess a Secret security clearance.Position Title: WEAPONS SUPERINTENDENTUnit/Duty Location: 177th FW, Egg Harbor Township, NJOpen Date: 22 January 2021Min/Max Grade Require: E7/E8Required AFSC: 2W1X1Duty AFSC: 2W1X1Number of Positions: 1Close Date: 16 February 2021Security Clearance: SecretPULHES: N/AASVAB: N/ABe advised that acceptance of this AGR Tour may result in future and unexpected out of state PCS or tours of up toone year or longerAssigned to MXQ; shift work determined by mission requirements.Special Note: This FULL TIME MILITARY duty position vacancy in the Air National Guard is announced and will be filledunder the provisions of Section 502(f), Title 32, and United States Code.Duties and Responsibilities: Loads, unloads, and positions munitions on aircraft. Loads, positions, performssafing operations, and unloads munitions. Uses handling, loading, and checkout procedures and equipment. Testssuspension, launch, and release systems for retentive locking, and manual or electrical release. Analyzesmalfunctions. Performs functional checks of launch and suspension systems. Prepares munitions and inspectspost loading weapons. Operates handling and loading equipment, and mates munitions with aircraft release,launch, and suspension systems. Loads and services aircraft gun systems. Tests electrical and electronic circuitryfor continuity, voltage, and proper operation. Tests for unwanted electrical signal or power before connectingelectrically actuated explosives and propellants. Inspects, repairs, and maintains aircraft release, launch,suspension, and monitor systems; aircraft guns; and related equipment. Operates, inspects, and performsoperator maintenance on related munitions handling, loading, and test equipment. Examines for visual defectsand proper installation of systems components such as munitions ejector racks, loading and suspension devices,shackles, rocket pods, pylons, aircraft ammunition, boosters, and feed chutes. Performs armament systemsmaintenance functions. Modifies munitions launch, release, suspension, and monitor systems to improveefficiency. Determines probable effect of modifications on future maintenance and operational problems. Plans,organizes, and directs aircraft armament systems maintenance activities. Establishes and evaluates performanceand training standards, maintenance controls, and procedures. Checks methods and techniques used to load andunload munitions on aircraft, to repair and maintain aircraft release and gun systems, and to maintain, repair,and modify associated equipment. Performs other duties as assigned.Point of Contact: Major Jessica Lewis, Aircraft Maintenance Squadron CommanderArea of Consideration: 2W1X1 AFSC qualified members of the New Jersey Air National Guard and those2W1X1 applicants eligible to become a member. Must possess a Secret security clearance.

.Length of Tour: IAW ANGI 36-101, paragraph 6.2.1., Initial tours will not exceed 6 years, and constitutes theProbationary Period. Follow-on tour will not exceed six years and will not be extended beyond an enlisted Airman’sExpiration Term of Service (ETS) or an Officer’s Mandatory Separation date (MSD).Appointment: The publication of AGR orders by HRO will be the official appointment into the New Jersey Air AGRprogram. No commitment will be made by the command to any applicant prior to the review of qualifications by theHRO and TAG approved appointment through the Officer Action Board (if applicable).MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS1. Individuals must meet Physical Fitness Standards. Applicants must provide a printed copy of the electronic AirForce Fitness Assessment Results dated within the past 12 months of application close date, reference AFI36-2905.2. Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve or the United States Air Force members who have not achieved a passingFitness Program score are ineligible for entry into the AGR Program.3. Air National Guard members must meet the physical qualifications outlined in AFI48-123. Medical exams must beconducted not more than 12 months prior to entry on AGR duty.4. An applicant on a medical profile, to include pregnancy, may apply and be selected for an AGR tour; however, theselectee may not begin the AGR active duty tour until the medical restrictions are released.5. Must meet any Special Requirements as specified on Position Description.6. Failure to maintain a SECRET security clearance will result in removal from the AGR program.7. Selected individual must extend/re-enlist for a period equal to or greater than initial tour end date.8. You must be in a military status to apply for an AGR position.9. Enlisted applicant’s military grade cannot exceed the maximum military grade authorized. Over grade enlistedapplicant must indicate, in writing, the willingness to be administratively reduced in grade when assigned to theposition.10. IAW ANGI 36-101, paragraph 5.7, an individual must not have been previously separated for cause from activeduty or previous Reserve Component AGR tour.11. IAW ANGI 36-101, paragraph 5.10, applicants should be able to complete 20 years of active federal service priorto Mandatory Separation Date (MSD). Individuals selected for AGR tours that cannot attain 20 years of active federalservice prior to reaching mandatory separation must complete a Statement of Understanding contained inAttachment 3 of ANGI36-101.12. IAW ANGI36-101, paragraph 6.6.1., members should remain in the position to which initially assigned for aminimum of 24 months. TAG may waive this requirement to 24 months when in the best interest of the unit, State, orAir National Guard.13. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their education, experience, training, and performance.Consideration will be based on available information contained in the individual’s application.Information for Technicians Entering Tour: Currently employed technicians may compete for AGR positions. Ifselected, permanent employees will have their Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) continue for 26 payperiods following their start date on AGR. If selected, your National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) willbe terminated at the end of the pay period you begin LWOP/AUS. If selected, normally, your Federal Employee HealthBenefits (FEHB) will terminate 30 days after AGR start date. Other pay related actions (i.e., TSP, advanced sick leave, etc.)should be reviewed with the Employee Relations Section of J1-HRO.Contact information: 609-562-0866/0874.BONUS/INCENTIVE RECIPIENTS: If you currently receive any type of incentive such as bonus, student loan repayment, orGI Bill Kicker, these incentives will stop effective on the first day of full time employment with the National Guard. Contactyour RETENTION OFFICE MANAGER.Pay and Benefits: Your Basic Pay and Allowances depend upon your grade and the length of creditable service. You willreceive leave at the rate of 2 1/2 days per month. Your medical care will be administered under TRICARE, any dependentswill be covered under either TRICARE or US Family Health Care programs. You are entitled to PCS and TDY travelallowance when applicable. At the completion of at least 20 years of Active Federal Service, you will be eligible for a full

retirement. While on AGR tour, you will accrue retirement credits at the rate of one point for each day of service. Memberswho leave their jobs and enter tour have re-employment rights under the federal USERRA law. Full Survivor Benefits areauthorized while on AGR tour. You and all eligible dependents will receive full and unlimited PX/Commissary privileges.You are subject to military discipline under NJ State Statutes and Regulations.Equal Opportunity: Equal evaluation, consideration and treatment based upon merit, fitness and capability irrespectiveof race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national originAPPLICATION REQUIREMENTSApplications must be sent electronically by mail.milPlease upload all documents as one (1) pdf. Portfolio formats are NO LONGER accepted.The file should read as: LastName FirstName VA# (i.e. LastName FirstName 123-AF-20)Email your application to: ilplease also include [email protected] and [email protected]: include ONLY the required listed documentation. Submit all forms in their entirety. Additionaldocuments will be removed and will not be forwarded to the selecting official. Be advised, applications arenot reviewed until after the job closes. HRO does not notify members of missing or erroneous information.1. Applications must be received before the Close of Business (COB) on the closing date to be processed. Anymissing requirements that are listed below will result in disqualification. Submittals of any missing requirementsafter the closeout will NOT be accepted.2. Application Checklist, Initialed, Signed, and Dated.3. NGB Form 34 -1 - (Application for Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Position) signed. Ensure an explanation isattached for required answers given in Section IV.4. Current Report of Individual Personnel (RIP): Obtained only from Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF).Print and submit all pages (please do not send a career data brief)5. AF Form 422 - Must be obtained from Medical Group. Must be dated within the last 12 months.6. Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS) – Current passing (test within last 12 months) official printoutfrom AFFMS database showing a score of 75 or higher.7. Current, Unexpired State Driver License, all items must be clear.8. Contact Information: on a separate sheet of paper.AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION FOR AN AIR AGR POSITIONYou will receive an email acknowledging receipt by the HRO within 5 business days.If you do not receive an acknowledgement after 5 business days, please call 609-562-0860.When calling, please call during normal business hours as the work phone isforwarded to a personal cell during base shut down.Questions or concerns can be emailed to:NG NJ NJARNG List NJ Job Submission AGR Air il

This checklist/instruction sheet must be printed, initialed/signed and includedas the first page of your application.J1-AGR Branch will not accept mailed or hand carried applications.ONLY Electronic applications will be submitted as one PDF format attachment.Applications submitted in multiple attachments will not be accepted.Application Instructions:Please read the application instructions as there have been changes to the process for applying.!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!Applications will be screened after the job closing date, not prior. Please review your application foraccuracy before you submit it to HRO. Nothing will be added to the application after 2359 hours on theclosing date.DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: Redact PII, such as social security numbers for anyone other than yourself in anydocuments being submitted with your application. To ensure protection of PII, email should be sentENCRYPTED from your .mil email account. Be advised that any document sent from any other email accountcould cause a reportable PII breach. If you are unable to send your application encrypted from a .mil accountplease contact this office for another course of action, being sure to allow enough time to accomplishsubmission prior to closing date/time.E-mail must be sent to il in PDF FORMAT. Subject line mustread " LastName FirstName VA# (i.e. LastName FirstName 123-18)". Electronic applications will besubmitted as one PDF Format attachment. Applications submitted in multiple attachments will not beaccepted. Applications or attachments which are unreadable or cannot be opened will not be accepted orconsidered.Packets without the appropriate documents or a written explanation will not be processed for interviews.Applicants will use the following checklist to ensure proper documentation is submitted.This form must be completed and included in your application submission.Yes No 1. Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position, NGB Form 34-1, dated20131111. This form can be downloaded from the New Jersey DMAVA webpage.Previous versions of the form will not be accepted. Application must be signed and(Initials)written explanations for YES answers must be provided within the application packet.Yes No 2. Current Report of Individual Personnel (RIP) from Force Support Squadron (FSS) orVirtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF): must be signed on the last page by theapplicant. Submission of RIP indicates the applicant has reviewed the documentand is attesting that all information is correct. If errors in information are found,(Initials)attempt to have it corrected at your FSS. If that is not possible in time forsubmission, annotate corrections to be made and include all supportingdocumentation with your application. HRO will NOT update your RIP, but willuse the documentation in determining your qualifications.Yes No 3. Current Flying History Report (if applicable)(Initials)Yes No 4. AF 422 or DD Form 2992 (showing current physical PULHES) and PHA within the last(Initials)12 months. Working Copy will not be accepted.Yes No 5. Current AF Fitness Assessment with current Fit Test Score and Fit Test History Membermust provide current documentation from fitness monitor showing they meet fitness

(Initials)standard score of 75 or higher IAW NGB/AIPOF Memorandum, Subject: InterimGuidance Implementation of Standard Fitness Score for Purposes of Promotion andReenlistment, Effective 1 October 2008, AWGI 10-248, and ANGI 36-101.Yes No 6. Current, Unexpired State Driver License, all items must be clear.Yes No 7. Administrative Grade Reduction (if applicable): Current military grade cannot exceedmaximum Military grade announced on Vacancy. Over graded applicants must includea memorandum indicating willingness to accept an administrative reduction if selectedN/A for this position.Reduction will not occur until the day before initial AGR tour.Yes No 8. CONTACT INFORMATION: on a separate sheet of paper, provide your military emailaddress and a valid contact phone number. This information will be used to contact youfor an interview if you are found qualified or to transmit a letter explaining why youwere disqualified. Your email address will also be used to transmit your selection/nonselection letter.The HRO is not responsible for any malfunctions when using electronic means to transmit jobapplications.Questions or concerns can be emailed to:NG NJ NJARNG List NJ Job Submission AGR Air: lEqual Opportunity: Equal evaluation, consideration and treatment based upon merit, fitness and capabilityirrespective of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.This checklist/instruction sheet must be printed, initialed/signedand included as the first page of your application.I have read and understand all the Application Instructions:(Signature and date)