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IntroductionCustomer Guide to Mitel SRC IntegrationsVersion: This guide should be used with NICE Uptivity (formerly Uptivity Premise)v5.6 or later.Revision: May 2017Copyright: 2017 inContact, Inc.Contact: Send suggestions or corrections regarding this guide [email protected] Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations

IntroductionTable of ContentsIntroduction . 4Audience . 4Goals . 4Assumptions . 4Need-to-Knows . 4Customer Responsibilities . 5Mitel SRC Integration Overview . 6Mitel Requirements . 8NICE Uptivity Requirements . 9Hardware . 9Software . 9Licensing . 9Customer Configuration Overview. 9Customer Integration Tasks . 10Approve NICE Uptivity Enrollment . 10Customer Administration Tasks . 12Channel Configuration Settings for Voice Boards . 12CTI Monitors Overview . 13Document Revision History . 14Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations3

IntroductionIntroductionAudienceThis document is written for customers and prospective customers interested inusing NICE Uptivity in Mitel environment using the Mitel Secure RecordingConnector (SRC). Readers who will perform procedures in this guide should have abasic level of familiarity with IP telephony, the Mitel PBX, general networking, theWindows operating system, and NICE Uptivity.GoalsThe goal of this document is to provide knowledge, reference, and proceduralinformation necessary to understand a proposed NICE Uptivity integration usingMitel SRC, and to configure the telephony equipment to support the integration.This document is NOT intended as a specific system or network design document. Iffurther clarification is needed, consult with your telephony vendor(s).AssumptionsThis document assumes the reader has access to an NICE Uptivity Sales Engineer,Project Manager, or other resource to assist in applying this information to thereader's environment.Need-to-KnowsTo facilitate ease of use, this document takes advantage of PDF bookmarks.By opening the bookmark pane, readers can easily refer to the portion(s) ofthe guide that are relevant to their needs. For example, the NICE Uptivityapplication administrator can click the Customer Administration Tasksbookmark to jump directly to that section.To expand and collapse the bookmark pane, click the bookmark icon on the left sideof the document window.For information and procedures related to NICE Uptivity configuration, talk to yourNICE Uptivity installation team.4Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations

IntroductionCustomer ResponsibilitiesYou are responsible for supplying the physical connection(s), IP connection(s) orboth to your telephone system and LAN, and for obtaining and loading any licensingrequired by Mitel. You are also responsible for configuring PBX system componentsto support the recording integration. See the Customer Integration Tasks sectionfor additional information.Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations5

Mitel SRC Integration OverviewMitel SRC Integration OverviewMitel develops business communication solutions including contact center andunified communications software, and business phones. NICE Uptivity can integratewith the Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) for both audio andCTI data. Call control events and metadata are sent to the NICE Uptivity server bythe 3300 ICP using Mitel’s MiTAI Application Programming Interface (API). For callsto be recorded, the Mitel SRC sends a duplicate audio stream to the NICE Uptivityserver, which is registered with the SRC as call recording equipment.General architectural example of the Mitel SRC integrationNICE Uptivity can also support recording in a Mitel High Availability environment, aLoad Balanced environment, or both. In this case, multiple Uptivity recording cores(on the same server or different servers) can be connected to multiple SRCs. TheSRCs control load balancing and, if necessary, failover by directing audio and CTIstreams to the appropriate Uptivity recording cores/servers.6Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations

Mitel SRC Integration OverviewGeneral architectural example of a Mitel SRC integration using multiple SRCs and multiplerecording cores on a single NICE Uptivity serverCustomer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations7

Mitel SRC Integration OverviewComponentMitel 3300 ICPMitel SRCFunctionIP PBX; provides CTI data to NICE Uptivity including call controlevents and metadata.Starts/stops recordings by sending mirrored, encrypted voice streamto NICE Uptivity for calls to be recorded.Receives call control events and business data and provides a CTIinterface to the NICE Uptivity recording node.The NICE Uptivity server has these responsibilities: recording equipmentNICE UptivityServerRecords calls based on its registration with the SRC as call Uses MiTAI (a Mitel interface) to receive call control events andcapture metadata from the ICP Copies the finished recordings to the NICE Uptivity storagelocation Provides users with an interface for call playback, QM, and otherfunctionalityMitel RequirementsReview the Mitel Secure Recording Connector Engineering Guidelines document fordirection regarding: ICP and IP Phone compatibility Hardware/Software Requirements Bandwidth Requirements Supported LAN configurationsSecure Recording Connector requires the Mitel SRC Base Pack license, whichincludes the license for the SRC software and five SRC channel licenses. Thenumber of SRC channel licenses must match the number of NICE Uptivity seatlicenses for the implementation. These licenses must be obtained from Mitel or aMitel-authorized reseller.This integration is supported for: Mitel 3300 ICP MCD v4.0 – 5.0 Mitel SRC/MBG v2.2 – 7.18Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations

Mitel SRC Integration OverviewNICE Uptivity RequirementsHardwareNICE Uptivity hardware requirements vary depending on system configurations.Appropriate hardware is identified during the system implementation process.Software NICE Uptivityv 5.6 or laterAdditional third-party software is required for this integration: CACE WinPcap version 4.1.x available from Uptivity or WinPcap websiteLicensing One (1) Voice seat license per named agent or One (1) Voice concurrent session license for each simultaneous call that will berecorded One (1) Mitel MiTAI Server Edition license Additional licensing may be required if the system includes optional features (forexample, Uptivity Screen Recording)Customer Configuration OverviewThe following table provides a high-level overview of the customer configurationsteps in Mitel SRC integrations. Links are provided for tasks that are covered in thisguide.Customer Configuration Steps for Mitel SRC Integrations123Complete all necessary physical and IP connections between the recording server(s)and the LAN.Configure the Mitel 3300 ICP and SRC as outlined in Mitel documentation, includingsupport for high availability and/or load balancing if applicable.Approve NICE Uptivity Enrollment.Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations9

Customer Integration TasksCustomer Integration TasksApprove NICE Uptivity EnrollmentTo avoid delays in your installation, this procedure should be performedconcurrently with the Enroll NICE Uptivity with Mitel SRC on the NICE Uptivityserver. For details, ask your NICE Uptivity installation team.NICE Uptivity must be enrolled (that is, registered) as Call Recording Equipment(CRE) with the Mitel SRC server to record calls. This task is performed by the NICEUptivity installation team, but the enrollment must be approved by someone withadministrative privileges on your Mitel system.1. Log into the Mitel Standard Linux server manager with an appropriatelypermissioned account and, under Security, click Certificate Management.2. Confirm with your NICE Uptivity installation team that CN value matches theCRE CN value shown on the NICE Uptivity server.10Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations

Customer Integration Tasks3. Click Approve.If your NICE Uptivity implementation includes multiple recording cores, you willneed to perform this procedure more than once. Your NICE Uptivity installationteam will let you know how many certificates must be approved. Each successfulapproval will be confirmed with a message such as that shown in the followingimage:Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations11

Customer Administration TasksCustomer Administration TasksDuring ongoing use of the system, your Uptivity administrator may need toconfigure new channels or reconfigure existing channels. At those times, thisintegration requires changes to the Voice Boards page.The number of voice board channels corresponds to the number of channelsconfigured on the physical Ai-Logix card. Adding channels may require purchaseand installation of server hardware and Uptivity licensing. Contact Support foradditional information.The number of Mitel SRC channel licenses must match the number of UptivityWFO seat licenses for the implementation. If you add recording channels, confirmthat you have sufficient SRC channel licenses to support the new channels.For more information on voice board tasks, search online help for keyword voiceboards.Channel Configuration Settings for Voice BoardsThis section provides a reference to channel settings that must be configured forthe Ai-Logix LD integration. You should refer to this section whenever you add newchannels to your Uptivity system.Any other voice board changes should only be done under direct supervision fromUptivity Support. Done incorrectly, voice board modifications can have seriousnegative impact to your system. In addition, altering the hardware configuration ofyour system may void your warranty.12Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations

Customer Administration TasksThe following table shows the settings that apply when configuring channels forMitel SRC integrations.SettingDefinitionValueConcurrentUsed in deployments where physical devices and channelsAssignhave a one-to-one correspondence, or to allocate specificchannels to specific types of recording. For details, searchonline help for keyword channel icatedRecordIf Assignment Type is Anything, leave this field blank. IfAssign ValueAssignment Type is set to a Dedicated Record option,enter the value for the corresponding device. This value iscase sensitive.NameLeave this field blank; recordings are sent by the SRC andany phone may be recorded on any channel.CTI Monitors OverviewIn some integrations, NICE Uptivity requires a list of devices to monitor (CTIMonitors). Any phone or device that should be monitored must be configured in thislist. You can also establish Prefix and Postfix settings for all monitors, which canbe used to distinguish extensions by areas or groups.With Mitel SRC, the NICE Uptivity CTI Core service monitors the phone devices tobe recorded. When you add or reconfigure a channel, you must configure a CTImonitor for each of these values. In multiple Core/multiple SRC environments,every CTI monitor change must be made on every core.For more information on configuring CTI monitors, search online help for keywordcti monitor.Customer Guide to Mitel SRC Integrations13

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