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Hi there! If you’re reading this, that meansyou’ve applied for theAppodeal Accelerator ProgramEach quarter, we are accepting a limited number of apps intothis program.To help us decide which apps to accept into the program,we put together this handy guide on running a soft launchUA campaign that we are asking promising applicants tofollow and complete.That way we can gather the metrics consistently and evaluatefairly each app for acceptance into this program. Ultimately,the main metrics we look at will be your app’s new users’retention rates.UA soft launch integration2

Integration stepsHere are the four major steps you must complete:1.Integrate Appodeal’s SDK2.Integrate Facebook’s SDK3.Prepare creatives for soft launch4.Configure & launch UA campaignsUA soft launch integration3

Evaluating the ResultsAfter you’ve completed the four steps and submit the softlaunch complete form, we will begin to observe andevaluate your app’s metrics. It could take 30 days toacquire the necessary retention rates and other relevantmetrics.To qualify for the Supernova Level of the AcceleratorProgram, we are looking for:Casual gaming apps with: Retention Rate: Day 1 more than 30% Retention Rate: Day 3 more or equal to 20% Or Day 30 is about 8%Average Session Length generally more than 10min.Or Hyper-casual gaming apps with: Retention Rate: Day 1 more or equal to 50%Best of luck!The Appodeal TeamUA soft launch integration4

1. Integrate Appodeal’s SDKOnce Appodeal is integrated and starts serving ads, we canthen start collecting the relevant ad revenue performancemetrics and your app’s retention rate as a part of theevaluation process.If your app gets accepted into the Accelerator Program, Appodeal’s admonetization platform is also what our team will use to mediate adsfrom 70 ad demand sources and generate ad revenue for your app.Integrating Appodeal’s SDK should take less than an hour.Follow the integration documentation instructions:iOS SDK SDK SDK sure to implement the SDK with these ad types: Rewarded videoBannerInterstitial* (Static and Video)* Please note that Interstitials shouldn’t be displayed more than once per minute per user as it cannegatively affect your retention rate metrics.UA soft launch integration5

Link your Admob account to Appodeal:Appodeal yields optimal results when used with Admob.You can use our Admob sync application to link them conveniently.The application will allow Appodeal to access your Admob reports overAPI, create new ad units on Admob and submit them to Appodeal.Please see this page for more information.If you don't have an Admob account, please sign up on admob.comUA soft launch integration6

2. Integrate Facebook’s SDKIntegrating Facebook’s SDK will make it possible for you torun soft launch UA campaigns through Facebook and seeanalytics related to your app.1.Create a Facebook account and set upFacebook for monetization.Be sure that you set up Facebook Ads placements. Facebook Adsdelivers high monetization performance on Facebook users, whichwill allow you to increase your app’s ARPU significantly.2.Integrate Facebook AnalyticsiOS3. Android UnityIntegrate Facebook App Events.Please note that you just need to set up Automatically LoggedEvents.iOS Android UnityUA soft launch integration7

4.Create a Facebook ad accountBefore you start, be sure to add a payment method for your adcampaigns.Then add an ad account in the Business Manager:1.Go to Business Settings2.Click on “Accounts” and click on “Ad Accounts”3.Click “ Add”4.Choose the option “Create a new ad account”5.Add:6. Ad account name (Any) Your Time zone Currency (Usually USD) Your Payment method On the next page, choose your business accountFollow the prompts to select people and access levelsUA soft launch integration8

Create an ad account for each platform (Android and iOS).After you create your ad account, please go to the previously createdapp on Facebook, and choose Add Assets.Find your previously created ad account, select it and then press “Add”.UA soft launch integration9

3. Prepare creatives for soft launchHaving strong creatives for your soft launch ads is essential forgenerating higher install rates. We recommend preparing 2 types ofvideo creatives featuring the gameplay without misleading elements(i.e. no clicks baits), following the requirements below.Instagram/Facebook feedVideo:Image: H.264 compression png/jpg fixed frame rate 1080x1350 stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps no more than 20% text 1080x1350 recommended length 15-30s video thumbnails should contain no morethan 20% textThe placement button (Learn more/ Install now) is located at the bottom of the banner. It will be logicalto use a CTA (call-to-action) that points to the button.UA soft launch integration10

Instagram/Facebook storiesVideo:Image: H.264 compression png/jpg fixed frame rate 1080x1080 stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps no more than 20% text 1080x1920 recommended length 15-30sThis placement adds 2 elements to the banner: the logo and application name at the top and theswipe button at the bottom. Don’t place text/important elements at the top (150px).Show users that they should tap/swipe up the button (180px) at the bottom.UA soft launch integration11

Finding creative ideasIf you need creatives ideas for your ads, you can explore the FB Library.To use the FB Library, first click on “All Ads”. Then enter an app’s nameof your game category to find ads for this app:You can sort creatives “by Impressions: High to Low” to see the mostpopular creatives:UA soft launch integration12

Where to find creative assetsEnvato Elements Stock video, video templates Music, sound effects Graphic templates, illustrations Presentation templates Photos FontsMembers get unlimited downloadsUA soft launch integration13

4. Configure & Launch the UA campaignsNow that you have your creatives ready, it is time to softlaunch your UA campaign on Facebook! Be sure to followeach step here carefully, especially the audience targeting, sothat we can evaluate the metrics with data that’s consistent.What we are looking for is 300 new paid installs.Create ads with Guided Creation in Ads ManagerTo create an ad using Guided Creation in Ads Manager, go to AdsManager and select “Create” to get started.If you see the “Quick Creation” workflow, you can switch to Guided Creation byselecting “Switch to Guided Creation” at the top of the creation flow. You willhave to create a complete campaign and ad set before you can publish an adusing Guided Creation.UA soft launch integration14

Create a campaignFirst you will have to create a campaign and define your campaign'soverall objective at this level.1.Go to Ads Manager. Select “Create” to get started.2.Choose the “App Installs” objective from the list.3.Enter a descriptive name in the Campaign Name text box.UA soft launch integration15

4.Set a Lifetime Budget, the amount you're willing to spend over theentire run-time of your campaign. For the Campaign Bid Strategy,select “Lowest cost”.We recommend to set up the sum of 100 for this launch. Though keep in mindthat the sum is very dependent on the CPI (cost per install) for your app.Facebook will automatically deliver ads to get you installs with the lowest CPI.For us to be able to evaluate your metrics, you would need at least 300 newpaid installs.If you complete all four of the major steps from this softlaunch guide within three weeks of receiving this instruction,Appodeal will reimburse you for the soft launch expenses ofup to 100!UA soft launch integration16

Create an Ad SetOnce you have created your campaign, you can move on to creating yourad set. You'll define the targeting, budget, schedule, bidding andplacement at the ad set level.1.Enter a descriptive ad set name in the Ad Set Name text box.2.Choose the previously created app from the drop down list.3.Define your audience as below: Choose Location: Worldwide Age: 18 - 65 Gender: All genders Detailed Targeting Expansion: ON Select “Save This Audience”, for future use.Facebook willautomatically serve adsto locations that will getyou the lowest CPI.UA soft launch integration17

4.Select your ad placements. This is to select where your ads willappear, across Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network. Select Automatic Placements, this lets Facebook to show your adswhere they're likely to perform best.5.6.Scroll to “Optimization for Ad Delivery” Optimization for Ad Delivery — App Installs Set up Schedule: Duration — 3-4 daysPress ContinueUA soft launch integration18

Create an AdOnce you've created your campaign and at least one ad set you canmove on to create your ad. This is where you'll select your ad's creativeand add text.1.Select your Facebook page. All ads are required to have anassociated Facebook Page.If you don’t have an associated Facebook page, then choose “CreateFacebook Page” on this page. Enter a Page Name and choose “AppPage” category.UA soft launch integration19

2.Select an ad format — Single Image or Video.3.Choose Media Add Video and upload your video creative:UA soft launch integration20

4.Add the text you'd like your ad to display:#1 Arcade Game in the USAYour Game App#1 Arcade Game in the USANot sure where to begin with writing Facebook ad copy? Start herefor 14 tips to write Facebook ads that convert.UA soft launch integration21

5.Preview your ad and select Confirm. To see how your ad will appear across placements, select theplacement icons alongside your ad preview. Learn how to customize your ad creative for different placements. The first time you publish an ad, you'll be asked to enter yourpayment information.Good job! Your campaign is now live (pending review from Facebook).There is no need to review and publish. Facebook will publish yourad upon approval.UA soft launch integration22

To have enough data for analysis, it’s sufficient to have about 300installs for this campaign. So to stop this campaign automatically afteryou receive the 300 installs, you can create a rule in ads managers.Go to Rules and create a New Rule:UA soft launch integration23

Evaluating the ResultsTo see the results of your launched campaign, you can use:1)Facebook Ads Manager2)Appodeal’s DataCore toolIn Facebook Ads Manager you can monitor the standard statistics ofyour launched campaign:UA soft launch integration24

Here you need to pay attention to:Results: App InstallsWe expect that with the specified campaign duration, you willreceive at least 300 installs. If you see that your campaign generatesimpressions, but has a low amount of installs (less than 70 daily), thatmeans you probably need to rework the creatives.Cost per Result (per Install)Good results for the launched campaign for hypercasual apps isgenerally 0.20.Good results for the launched campaign for casual apps is generally 1-2.To evaluate the CPI, it’s generally enough once you have about 2,000impressions. If you see your CPI is high, that might mean you wouldneed to continue testing for better variants of ad creatives.The Facebook app analytics also contains a lot of useful informationabout your app metrics.During the soft launch stage, you need to find creatives that will give you a low CPI.Therefore, if the creatives showed high CPI and low CTR, you need to test other concepts. Aquick and easy approach is to experiment with different creative concepts of apps similarto yours (refer to page 12 for more info).UA soft launch integration25

Log in to Appodeal’s DataCore tool (using your Appodeal credentials)and see the overall statistics for your app. After you log in, you can seesome graphs are empty here, but don’t worry; it happens if you don’thave an attribution service connected to Datacore. However, you canstill analyze some important app metrics:Retention Rate:UA soft launch integration26

Average Session Length:UA soft launch integration27

The qualifyingmetricsAfter you’ve completed the four steps and submit the soft launchcomplete form, we will begin to observe and evaluate your app’s metrics.It could take 30 days to acquire the necessary retention rates and otherrelevant metrics.To qualify for the Supernova Level of the Accelerator Program, we arelooking for:Casual gaming apps with: Retention Rate: Day 1 more than 30% Retention Rate: Day 3 more or equal to 20% Or Day 30 is about 8%Average Session Length generally more than 10 minutesOr Hyper-casual gaming apps with: Retention Rate: Day 1 more or equal to 50%UA soft launch integration28

Feel free to reach usif you need any help—AnytimeAppodeal TeamAppodeal com