Jaedon Avey, Ph.D.CURRICULUM VITAEJaedon Paul Avey, ATIONMay 2014Ph.D. Clinical-Community Psychology, with Rural Indigenous EmphasisUniversity of Alaska (APA Accredited) Dissertation: Discharge planning from urban psychiatricfacilities to rural communities using telehealth.Aug 2009M.S. Clinical PsychologyUniversity of Alaska, AnchorageAug 2005B.S. PsychologyUniversity of Alaska FairbanksUniversity of Nebraska Kearney, National Student Exchange 2003-2004CURRENT PAID PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS2017 Senior Researcher, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AKNOTABLE PROFESSIONAL INVOLVEMENT2019 Reviewer, Health Promotion Practice2016 Reviewer, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment2015 Reviewer, American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research2010 Reviewer, Journal of Rural Mental Health2013 - 2016 Webmaster, Alaska Psychological Association, Anchorage AK2012 - 2016 Moderator of AKPA-MH Listserv, Alaska Psychological Association, Anchorage, AK2009 - 2016 Member-at-Large, Alaska Psychological Association, Anchorage AKPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCESenior Researcher, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AKMay 2017 – Lead a behavioral health research team consisting of master’s level researchers and administrative support. Work with leaders, administrators, and clinical staff to identify research opportunities and priorities. Design studies, write grants, and secure project funding as principle investigator or co-investigator. Review study concepts, protocols, abstracts, and manuscripts as part of the research review process. All duties of Researcher II, as needed.Research projects include:Urban Native Elders: Risk and Protective Factors for Alzheimer's and Related Dementia;Engaging Stakeholders to Implement Predictive Algorithms for Suicide in an Alaska Native HealthSystem;Provider and Patient Factors Associated with Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease;Exploring Alaska Native Perceptions of Clinical Research Methodologies;An Acceptability and Feasibility Pilot of an Adapted Relationship Awareness Intervention forCommitted AN/AI Couples;Integrated Health Records Mapped to Social Determinants of Health;Diet and the CPT1A Arctic Variant: Impact on the Health of Alaska Native Children; andCultural Innovations for Recovery in Community-based Learning Environments;Identification of Sociodemographic, Clinical, and Genetic Factors that Aid Alaska Native andAmerican Indian (AI/AN) People to Successfully Quit Smoking Tobacco; andCharacterization of Polymorphic Gene Variation Known to Affect Nicotine and Nicotine CessationTreatment Metabolism.2/4/2020Page 1/10

Jaedon Avey, Ph.D.Researcher II, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AKNov 2013 – May 2017 Responsible for operationalizing, conducting, and disseminating behavioral health research in support ofprinciple investigators within a multidisciplinary research team in a tribal health organization. Develop IRB and Tribal approval study protocols. Direct and coordinate clinical research including recruitment, screening, assessment, and brief intervention. Conduct qualitative and quantitative data analysis for internal and external dissemination. Lead manuscript preparation and co-author oral and poster presentations for professional audiences.Research projects include:Perceptions of Pharmacogenetic Testing to guide Tobacco CessationCaring Texts: A Strength-based, Suicide Prevention Trial in 4 Native Communities;Contingency Management for Alcohol Misuse with AN People;Health Service Characteristics of Alaska Native People Who Attempt Suicide;Replication of Health Service Characteristics of Alaska Native People Who Attempt Suicide;Pilot Screening and Brief Referral for Trauma in Primary Care;Technology-based Health Services for AI/AN People with Trauma;Understandings, Preferences, and Needs that Influence Depression Treatment Decisions inAI/AN Individuals; andBehavioral Health Consultant, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AKFeb 2015 – May 2016On-Site Post-Doc Supervisor: Denise A. Dillard, Ph.D. Completed psychological assessments for other Behavioral Health Consultants and Integrated ProviderTeams operating in primary care related to traumatic brain injury, dementia, pain, and personality. Provided consultation regarding testing referrals as well as interpretation of psychological assessments bycommunity providers. Received weekly individual supervision by licensed psychologist.Independent Consultant, Brian Saylor PhD and Associates, Anchorage, AK2009 - 2013 Provided program evaluation consultation for Akeela regarding JCAHO accreditation and the State ofAlaska’s Outcomes Identification & Systems Performance Project. Conducted principle and secondary data analysis for a youth drinking and adult binge drinking preventionproject through RurAl CAP and Kawaerak for the Norton Sound Region. Drafted initial Telebehavioral Health portion of Behavioral Health Aid Manual used by Alaska NativeTribal Health Consortium.Lead Mental Health Clinician, Akeela Stepping Stones, Anchorage, AKAug. 2012 - Jan. 2013 Provided group and individual psychotherapy services to women with co-occurring disorders in aresidential substance abuse treatment setting as part of a community mental health organization. Contributed to the establishment of children's mental health services within Akeela's Anchorageprograms. Provided case consultation and clinical supervision to an outpatient mental health clinician. Coordinated and received clinical supervision by a licensed psychiatrist (Deborah Gideon, M.D.). Continued providing program evaluation consultation for leadership regarding client outcomes.Trainer, Alaska Rural Behavioral Health Training Academy Anchorage, AKSept. 2011 - June 2012 Co-taught seasonal trainings on maintaining alliance within clinical supervision to professional2/4/2020Page 2/10

Jaedon Avey, Ph.D. participants statewide through video teleconferencing.Incorporated participant feedback to improve each course iteration.Psychology Intern, Norton Sound Health Corporation, Nome, AKAlaska Psychology Internship Consortium (APPIC Member)July 2010 - June 2011On-Site Internship Supervisor: Ray Droby, Ph.D.; Internship Director: John DeRuyter, Psy.D. Delivered psychological services including mental health and substance abuse treatment to individualsand families in a rural context. Conducted diverse psychological evaluations with a wide range of ages. Provided itinerant monthlypsychological services to a regional village, often addressing substance abuse and trauma. Worked in an interdisciplinary chronic pain team to provide services to patients. Received weekly training and individual supervision by licensed psychologists. Completed 2-week inpatient and forensic rotation at Alaska Psychiatric Institute.Graduate Teaching Assistant, Psychology Department, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AKAug 2008 - May 2010 Assisted professor in course preparation, delivering lectures, and teaching a statistics lab. Independently instructed upper division courses to undergraduates. Developed all lectures, activities, essays, and exams.Clinical Practicum Student, Psychological Services Center, Psychological Assessment Practicum, University ofAlaska, Anchorage AKJan 2009 - May 2009, Aug 2009 – Dec. 2009Practicum Supervisor: Patrick Dulin, Ph.D. Responsible for providing comprehensive psychological assessment services to a diverse communitysample of adults. Conducted diagnostic interviews, administered normed tests, formed diagnostic impression andconceptualization for personality and intellectual assessments. Tailored treatment plan recommendations to referral question and source. Received weekly individual and group supervision.Community Practicum Student, Alaska Psychiatric Institute, Anchorage, AKJan 2009 - Sept 2009On site Supervisor: Robin Hobbs, LCSW; Practicum Supervisor: Mark E. Johnson, Ph.D. Designed group comparison and time-interval data analysis plans. Drafted policies and procedures to meet Joint Commission standards for Telebehavioral Health Services. Created presentations to public and professional audiences. Developed and taught graduate level social work course in telehealth.Clinical Practicum Student, Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Anchorage AKAug 2008 - Feb 2009On Site Supervisor: Carey Edney, Ph.D.; Practicum Supervisor, Mark E. Johnson, Ph.D. Provided group therapy to adults with serious and persistent mental illness under clinical supervision. Facilitated innovative consumer-led group therapy. Worked as part of an interdisciplinary treatment team.Clinical Practicum Student, Veterans Affairs Clinic, Anchorage, AKJan 2008 - July 2008On-Site Supervisor: Marie Bateman, Ph.D.; Practicum Supervisor: Mark E. Johnson, Ph.D. Administered neuropsychological screenings and computer-based self-report assessments. Provided individual, group, and couples therapy under clinical supervision.2/4/2020Page 3/10

Jaedon Avey, Ph.D. Worked as part of an interdisciplinary behavioral health treatment team.Maintained treatment notes through a computerized patient record system.Research Assistant, Behavioral Health Research and Services, Anchorage, AKSept 2006 - June 2008 Adapted and developed online suicide curriculum training materials. Created the initial sex offender Containment Model database. Assisted the data manager in creating advanced online surveys. Received training for and assisted in qualitative data analysis. Conducted quantitative data analysis andinterviews.Clinical Practicum Student, Psychological Services Center, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AKAug 2007 - Apr 2008On-Site Practicum Supervisor: Vivian Gonzalez, Ph.D.; Suzanne Womack Strisik, Ph.D. Responsible for maintaining a small caseload of culturally diverse individual therapy clients. Conducted initial screenings, intakes, diagnostic formulations, and treatment plans. Administered computer-based and self-report assessments. Provided individual therapy under clinical supervision.Youth Counselor III, Family Centered Services of Alaska, Fairbanks, AKJune 2005 - July 2006 Responsible for day-to-day care, activity, and transportation of youth in community setting. Administered social behavioral treatments as specified in individual service plans. Maintained daily reports through case notes and Medicaid documentation. Supervised and monitoredclient's activity, computer and media use.OTHER WORK EXPERIENCEAug 2005 - May 2006Director Pro Tempore and Assistant, UAF Recycling, Fairbanks, AKSept 2003 - June 2004Fabricator, Task Lighting, Kearney, NEJuly 2002 - June 2003Commission Salesperson, Sears Electronics, Fairbanks, AKSept 2001 - May 2002Staff Writer, UAF Sun Star, Fairbanks, AKJune 1999 - Aug 2001Fiction Staff, Titlewave Used Books, Anchorage AKPUBLICATIONSAvey, J. P., Moore, L., Beach, B., Hiratsuka, V. Y., Dirks, L. G., Dillard, D. A., & Novins, D. (2019). Pilot of ascreening, brief intervention and referral to treatment process for symptoms of trauma among primarycare patients. Family Practice. doi:10.1093/fampra/cmz090. [Epub ahead of print]Claw, K.G., Beans J.A., Lee, S.B., Avey, J.P., Stapleton, P.A., Scherer S.E., El-Boraie, A., Tyndale R.F.,Nickerson, D.A., Dillard, D.A., Thummel K.E., & Robinson, R.F. (2019). Pharmacogenomics of nicotinemetabolism: novel CYP2A6 and CYP2B6 genetic variation patterns in Alaska Native and AmericanIndian populations. Nicotine Tobacco Research. doi: 10.1093/ntr/ntz105.[Epub ahead of print];Robinson, R.F., Avey, J.P., Smith, J.S., Dirks L.G., Manson, S.M., Veenstra, David, Merrick M., Tetpon S.,Prickette G.C., Donna Galbreath, D., Dillard, D.A., & Stacey, D. (2018). An iPad Application forManaging Depression in an Alaska Native Population: A Randomized Cluster Pilot Trial. Manuscriptsubmitted for publication.Avey J.P., Dirks L.G., Dillard D. A., Manson, S. M., Merrick M., Smith J.S., Prickette G.C., Tetpon S., DonnaGalbreath, D., Triplett B., Robinson R.F. (2018). Depression Management Interests among Alaska Nativeand American Indian Adults in Primary Care. Journal of Affective Disorders, 239, 214-219. doi:10.1016/j.jad.2018.05.075. [Epub ahead of print]2/4/2020Page 4/10

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Jaedon Avey, Ph.D.Visits among Alaska Native and American Indian Adults. Oral presentation at the 2017 Alaska NativeHealth Research Conference. October 17, 2017, Anchorage, AK.Jansen, K., Herron J., Dirks, L.G., Avey, J.P., Shaw, J.L., McDonell, M. (2017, October). A RandomizedControlled Trial of Contingency Management for Alcohol Misuse with Alaska Native and AmericanIndian People. Oral presentation at the 2017 Alaska Native Health Research Conference. October 17,2017, Anchorage, AK.Dillar