In this issue:Medical News Physician News Publishing Physicians Physician News MCCN Dates to Know New PhysiciansA Message from Candace Metcalf, D.O.,Chief of Medical Staff:Greetings and Happy Autumn everyone,When I began my tenure as Chief of Staff, I mentioned that the best part of the job was meetingmany of my colleagues with whom I had never crossed paths before. That is still true.When I talk to many of you, I hear a clear and consistent message. We are frustrated with theseemingly poor communication with fellow Caregivers, especially Physicians. We wish we had a better way to knowwhen consultants had seen our Patients. We want to know consultant’s recommendations, even though they haven’thad time to compose a formal consult. We wish we knew what a primary care Physician expected to happen when theysend their Patients to the ED. Nurses want to update us on our Patients’ condition but don’t realize we are no longer oncall and they don’t know who to call instead.Communication is at the root of many challenges in healthcare. We all know that errors can happen whencommunication breaks down, but we rarely see ourselves as part of the problem. We tend to see “The System” as atfault.We know that many Physicians use text messaging on their smartphones, so we know that this is a popular tool forcommunication, but such texting is not secure, does not include a directory of available staff, and does not provide adirect connection to a Patient’s chart.The Sparrow IT team is working to provide us with a way to communicate that doesn’t require extra devices, additionalnumbers, passwords, or costs, and at the same time is user friendly and HIPAA compliant. The more we simplify ourlives, the better. I don’t know about you, but carrying a pager (or two), an Ascom phone, and my personal phone is a bitmuch.That system already exists in Epic through the Haiku mobile app for smartphones (iOS and Android), as well as the CantoiPad app, and is called SECURE CHAT. Secure Chat allows users to send and receive secure text messages in real timefrom a mobile device (and soon from the EMR on a laptop or desktop computer), improving communications withoutbeing interrupted by a phone call. Messages related to a specific Patient include a link to the Patient’s EMR chart. Thesender doesn’t need to know your cell phone number, rather, they will rely on the Staff Directory. YOU control whatnumbers are in the Staff Directory. Secure Chat can identify the Patient’s care team and recognize who is assigned to thePatient. Physicians can indicate when they are unavailable so they don’t receive messages when they are not on duty.Secure Chat messages can also be sent to a group (e.g., resident team, attending colleagues). Images can also becaptured (using your phone) and securely sent without any images being saved on your phone.I realize that change is difficult and not everyone will be a fan of this system. However, most Physicians who use SecureChat have found it to be a helpful and convenient tool for communication with their colleagues. Secure Chat on mobiledevices is integrated with Haiku (phone) and Canto (iPad). To ensure security, use of Secure Chat on your personaldevice does require the installation of MobileIron, a free app that will protect the privacy and security of our Patientsshould your device be lost or stolen. You already have MobileIron if you, like more than 100 of your colleagues, are using

Haiku or Canto. I have used MobileIron for years now to simplify my email and access Epic on my phone and it has reallymade life easier for me. I hear many similar stories from colleagues.The success of our efforts to improve secure provider communication with Secure Chat will be directly proportional tothe number of us who sign up to use it on our phones. I highly encourage you to join me in signing up for Secure Chatwhen it is rolled out later this year.Attached is a pdf overview of Secure Chat. There is also a 1 minute video that you can access here if you are signed onthrough the Sparrow Network: POSS032 iSparrow It's Possible. Secure Chat.mp4Watch for more information soon. Please consider adding MobileIron to your device. This will also allow you to accessEpic on your mobile device (iOS or Android). Remember, you will need Epic Haiku for your mobile phone, and Epic Cantoif you have a tablet (iPad) device. Our Help desk staff would be happy to assist you with installation of these apps. Pleasecall them at 517.364.4357.Physician in FocusWe would like to provide a forum for Physicians whom you feel deserve to be highlighted. Maybe it is a colleague whohas an interesting hobby, volunteers or helps our community in some way, or perhaps has initiated a new process orprocedure here at Sparrow that has helped improve the Patient experience or Physician work-flow. Please send yoursubmissions to myself or to [email protected] with the subject line: Medical Staff Newsletter.Medical NewsSparrow announces new Sparrow Medical Group Urology practice to respond to local demandSparrow is pleased to announce the addition of a new specialty practice, Sparrow Medical Group Urology, responding toincreasing demand in the mid-Michigan region.The practice, scheduled to open in Suite 655 of the Sparrow Professional Building on Dec. 3, is led by Jamie M. Bartley,D.O., FACOS; Richard C. Bennett, M.D.; and Richard C. Sarle, M.D., M.S. Referrals can be accepted now by fax at517.364.5654.The development of the practice has been a high priority for Sparrow as demand for urologic care is increasing. Currentand forecasted need, now and for the next 20 years, will rapidly outpace the existing capacity of urologic providers inthe region.With nearly 30 years of combined experience, Drs. Bartley, Bennett, and Sarle are fellowship trained in theirsubspecialties of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, male infertility, microsurgery, andrology, anderectile dysfunction, and robotic and laparoscopic urologic oncology, respectively.In addition, they have combined to perform thousands of robotic and other minimally invasive surgeries and providebroad care in general urology issues. All of these skills will create a uniquely comprehensive urology practice at Sparrow.SMG Urology will also serve as a teaching and research hub, connecting to our Urology Residency program and themulti-disciplinary team-based research and treatment program offered through the Sparrow Herbert-Herman CancerCenter.Sparrow Medical Group creates new Orthopedics & Sports Medicine practiceJulie Dodds, M.D., an established orthopedic surgeon in mid-Michigan, has joined SMG Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.Dr. Dodds brings with her Amy Worthing, PA-C, ATC and a dedicated support team. Jarred Holt, D.O. has also joinedSMG Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Holt comes to Sparrow from the Tria Orthopedic Center in Minneapolis, Minn.,where he recently completed his Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship.Dr. Dodds, Dr. Holt, and Ms. Worthing are located in the Sparrow Health Science Pavilion, Suite 212.

In addition, Matthew Dubiel, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon fellowship-trained in shoulder and elbow reconstruction hasjoined SMG Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Dubiel’s office is co-located with East Lansing Orthopedic Association at3394 E. Jolly Road, Suite A, in Lansing.The new SMG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine practice reflects our ongoing efforts to work with our communityphysician partners to transform healthcare and deliver clinical best practices.Updates for Michigan Prescribing Law ChangesSince the last Sparrow Medical Staff Newsletter, updated resources have been released. For more information aboutthe new State of Michigan laws specific to the dispensing of both opioids and other controlled substances please clickthrough the following links:MHA FAQLARA/DHHS FAQPublishing PhysiciansEmphysematous Osteomyelitis.Mujer MT; Rai MP; Hassanein M; Mitra S.BMJ Case Reports. 2018, 2018 Jul 15.Request from the Sparrow Health Sciences LibraryLemierre's syndrome and 2016 American College of Physician guidelines for pharyngitis: no to empiric coverage forbacterial pharyngitis. While no role for routine Fusobacterium PCR, keep suspicion for this pathogen.Lundin MS; Bastakoti S; Havlichek D; Laird-Fick H.BMJ Case Reports. 2018, 2018 Jul 19.Request from the Sparrow Health Sciences LibraryLung Cancer: Preventable Disease.Srkalovic G.Acta Medica Academica. 47(1):39-49, 2018 May.Catastrophic failure of a dual mobility bearing in a revision total hip arthroplasty.Brazier BG; Wren ER; Blackmer MJ; Marino DV; Cochran JM.Arthroplasty Today. 4(3):275-278, 2018 Sep.His Bundle Pacing: A 100-Year Journey.Thakur RK; Natale A.Cardiac electrophysiology clinics. 10(3):xiii-xiv, 2018 Sep.The learning curve associated with the implantation of the Nanostim leadless pacemaker.Tjong FVY; Beurskens NEG; Neuzil P; Defaye P; Delnoy PP; Ip J; Guerrero; JJG; Rashtian M; Banker R; Reddy V; Exner D;Sperzel J; Knops RE; Leadless II IDE and; Observational Study Investigators.Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology. 53(2):239-247, 2018 Aug 13.Multivariable Artificial Pancreas for Various Exercise Types and Intensities.Turksoy K; Hajizadeh I; Hobbs N; Kilkus J; Littlejohn E; Samadi S; Feng J; Sevil M; Lazaro C; Ritthaler J; Hibner B; Devine N;Quinn L; Cinar A.

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. 2018 Sep 06.Request from the Sparrow Health Sciences LibraryPropensity matched comparison of in-hospital outcomes of TAVR vs. SAVR in patients with previous history of CABG:Insights from the Nationwide inpatient sample.Nalluri N; Atti V; Patel NJ; Kumar V; Arora S; Nalluri S; Nelluri BK; Maniatis GA; Kandov R; Kliger C.Catheterization & Cardiovascular Interventions. 2018 Aug 05.Traumatic Retropharyngeal Hematoma in a Patient Taking Clopidogrel.Betten DP; Jaquint JL.Case Reports in Emergency Medicine Print. 2018:6147473, 2018.Trophoblast Glycoprotein (TPGB/5T4) in Human Placenta: Expression, Regulation, and Presence in ExtracellularMicrovesicles and Exosomes.Alam SMK; Jasti S; Kshirsagar SK; Tannetta DS; Dragovic RA; Redman CW; Sargent IL; Hodes HC; Nauser TL; Fortes T; FillerAM; Behan K; Martin DR; Fields TA; Petroff BK; Petroff MG.Reproductive Sciences. 25(2):185-197, 2018 02.Request from the Sparrow Health Sciences LibraryWondering why you see your colleagues’ citations, but not seeing your publications listed?It may be that you are not including Sparrow Health System as an affiliated institution when you submit yourmanuscripts. Since 2014, the National Library of Medicine PubMed database allows for multiple institutional affiliations.The opportunity exists for you to include those multiple affiliations and provide recognition for the support that SparrowHealth System provides. Include Sparrow Health System as an affiliated institution when Sparrow is your primaryemployment, your data is derived from EPIC, your case studies or research is derived from Sparrow Patient interactions,you have used Sparrow resources/services, or when funding originates from Sparrow. The literature indicates a “strong,positive causal effect of research funding on knowledge production.” * Your publications will inspire others!Michael Simmons, Medical Librarian, Sparrow Health System*(PloS One. 2015; 10(9)e0138176)Full-text of the articles are available through title links above (please note: a connection to the Sparrow Network may be required to access the fulltext), or by request from the Sparrow Medical Library. You may also reach them via [email protected] or 364.5660 (option 1). If youhave been recently published and do not see your article listed, please contact Michael Simmons at [email protected] or 364.5656.Physician NewsTwo Sparrow Physicians are Honored with Prestigious National AwardSparrow congratulates John Baker, M.D., of Sparrow BehavioralHealth, and Rebecca Wolfe, M.D., of Sparrow Medical GroupNorth for receiving prestigious national Top Performer awardsfrom Professional Research Consultants Inc.As Top Performers, Drs. Baker and Wolfe scored at or above the100th percentile compared to PRC’s national database ofPhysicians for 2017. The designation is based on the percentage ofPatients who rate the provider as “Excellent” for a questionrelating to overall quality of doctor care. PRC is the preeminent

national market research firm in healthcare, focusing on Patient feedback and trends.Each and every day, Sparrow relies on our Physicians’ commitment and tireless dedication to caring for our Patients. Weappreciate their efforts to provide quality, compassionate care to everyone who walks through our doors.Congratulations, Dr. Baker and Dr. Wolfe!Did you get married? Have a baby? Plan to retire? Have we lost a current or former colleague? Please send yoursubmissions to [email protected] with the subject line: Medical Staff Newsletter.Local Doctor Dedicated to Helping Syrian RefugeesEast Lansing, Mich (WLNS) - The Syrian American MedicalSociety, known as SAMS, is doing amazing things forSyrian refugees overseas in Jordan.SAMS hosts four medical missions every year to theZaatari Refugee Camp, one of the largest in the world,helping men, women and children with all sorts ofmedical issues.As you can imagine, it takes a lot of planning to organizeone of these missions, which includes dozens of doctorsfrom countries all over the world.As is turns out, a mid-Michigan doctor, Hend Azhary, M.D., organizes one every summer and Chivon Kloepfer sat downwith her for this week's "Tell Me Something Good."Watch the video.Mayo Clinic Care NetworkAs a Sparrow Doctor, how can I access Mayo Clinic Network resources for my Patient’s care? eConsults. Doctors can connect electronically with Mayo Clinic specialists and subspecialists to ask questionsabout a Patient's care. To begin an eConsult, go to the eConsult ambulatory order in EPIC or page the eConsultCoordinator at 517.360.8232.Consults for Inpatients. NEW! A Physician to Physician conversation regarding a Patient’s care and treatmentrecommendations is available to you. Page eConsult Coordinator at 517.360.8232. This consult service forinpatients is a pilot program, and is very unique to Sparrow, and we are very interested in feedback around itsutility. Please discuss your satisfaction with the consult with the eConsult Coordinator at 517.360.8232.AskMayoExpert. This point-of-care tool gives providers access to Mayo-vetted information, including diseasemanagement protocols, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials. The informationis available on desktop computers or mobile devices 24/7 ( These materials aredesigned to show you and your Patient what care pathway the particular problem would receive at Mayo.For any questions please page Sparrow eConsult Coordinator at 517.360.8232.For the practicing Sparrow Physician, there are also a number of educational resources, as well as access tomultidisciplinary consultations such as tumor boards for various conditions that you may be treating. For a completereview of these resources, please access the Mayo Clinic Network Link on

Dates to KnowMedical Staff MeetingsWednesday, Dec. 5, 20185:30 p.m. hors d’oeuvres 6 p.m. dinner 6:30 p.m. meetingUniversity Club of MSU, Heritage Room2019 Medical Staff MeetingsWednesday, May 8, 2019Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019Welcome New PhysiciansNew Medical StaffTammam Abdul-Aziz, M.D., AnesthesiaAnas Alsara, M.D., Internal Medicine/HospitalistTahir Alkhairy, M.D., RadiologyAnthony Avellino, M.D., Surgery/NeurosurgeryLauren Azevedo, D.O., PediatricsLaura Bohatch, D.O., Internal Medicine/HospitalistEric Bracken, M.D., NeurologyAfrin Burney, M.D., Family MedicineVanessa Cardenas-Soto, M.D., PediatricsGurveen Chahal, M.D., Internal MedicineKathryn Das, D.O., Internal MedicineEvan Davis, M.D., Emergency MedicineAaron Dora-Laskey, M.D., Emergency MedicineMatthew Dubiel, M.D., Surgery/Orthopedic Surgery,Mohamed Farhat, M.D., PediatricsAlicia Filler, D.O., Obstetrics & GynecologyClaudia Finkelstein, M.D., Internal MedicineDanielle Gainor, M.D., Otolaryngology (ENT)Chelsea Gonzalez, D.O., Family MedicineBrian Grondahl, D.O., Internal MedicineKevin Hayes, D.O., Family MedicineJarred Holt, D.O., Surgery/Orthopedic SurgeryAdam Hull, D.O., PMR/MSUAmrita Jaswa, D.O., Internal MedicineDorian Jones, D.O., Internal Medicine/GISheeba Joseph, M.D., Surgery/Orthopedic SurgeryBrian Kamer, D.O., Internal MedicineSamantha Kennedy, D.O., PsychiatryJahanzeb Khan, M.D., Internal MedicineArya Khatiwoda, D.O., Surgery/UrologyGarrett Koon, D.O., PediatricsDaniel Lucas, M.D., Radiology

Ajay Malik, M.D., AnesthesiaMichael Masnyj, D.O., Internal Medicine/PulmonaryJennifer McCaskill, M.D., Family MedicineRobert Meehan, M.D., Surgery/Orthopedic SurgeryDaniel Mesko, D.O., Surgery/Orthopedic SurgeryAmir Mian, M.D., AnesthesiaNithin Natwa, M.D., Family MedicineJoseph Nettleman, M.D., Family MedicineEzio Novelli, DDS, M.D., Surgery/Oral SurgeryMatthew Rauschenberger, D.O., Emergency MedicineAbigail Richeson, D.O., Family MedicineRachel Rosenbaum, D.O., NeurologyJustin Rutt, D.O., Family MedicineCarrie Sandborn, D.O., Family MedicineRandy Sendow, M.D., Family MedicineChristine Sims, D.O., PediatricsKim Smith, M.D., Emergency MedicineDana Stewart, D.O., Internal Medicine/GIYaohong Tan, M.D., PathologyAndrew Taylor, D.O., Emergency MedicineKabelo Thusang, M.D., PediatricsDouglas Wolford, D.O., AnesthesiaSamantha Yamil, D.O., PediatricsRachel Zarling, M.D., Emergency MedicineSparrow New Physicians Network on FacebookThe Sparrow New Physicians Network (SNPN), a group for new Physicians (and their spouses) at Sparrow Health Systemto facilitate communication, professional networking, share experiences, and coordinate fun events, has a group pageon Facebook. This group is intended for Physicians who have been on the Sparrow Medical staff for less than five yearsor who have completed training within the past 10 years. Founded in 2016, SNPN is organized by the Sparrow GuidingCoalition of Physicians and is generously supported by the Sparrow Foundation.Past editions of the Sparrow Med Staff NewslettersThis edition of the Sparrow Medical Staff Newsletter and past editions are available online through the Intranet here(when you are on the Sparrow Network), or on our website here.Back to top

Secure ChatC6398BSecure Chat allows users to send secure text messages to colleagues in real time from a mobile deviceor desktop computer, enhancing the quality and speed of communication and reducing phone callinterruptions. Secure Chat facilitates quick communication and collaboration between all users, notjust physicians and nurses, like case managers, bed planners, and unit secretaries. Users at the samelocation or between locations within your organization can use Secure Chat.Familiar Look and Feel7A331-00Secure Chat works just like regular texting. Users arenotified when they receive a message, they can see whenpeople are typing, and they can receive read receipts.Because it’s all within Epic, chatting integrates seamlesslyinto Epic workflows.4B80Benefits and FeaturesPatient-centered Chats67-1B8F-46EOne of the biggest advantages of Secure Chat is that userscan attach the patient’s chart to the message. This ensuresthat the recipient knows which patient the sender istalking about, and it provides them a direct link to thepatient’s chart. With one tap, they can view results, placeorders, document on the chart, and chat with colleagues,all within the same system that they use every day.Epic-based Communication9E1EB6Secure Chat doesn’t rely on phone numbers, emailaddresses, or third-party vendors to route messages. TheStaff Directory is based on Epic users at your organizationand is a jumping-off point for chatting, emailing, or callinga colleague. It also knows the patient’s treatment team, sowhen a patient has an issue, users can quickly identify