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History of Heat TherapyThe history of raising bodytemperature for therapeuticpurposes can be traced back twentythree hundred years ago.Hippocrates(BC 460)

History of Heat TherapyRufus of Ephesus, four hundredand fifty years afterwards, said:physician as to be able to producefever, it would not be necessary to

Quantum TherapeuticsState-of-the-Art Technology for the New MillenniumIn 1997, Calvin and Jeanna Kim took fullownership of the Richway Korea, and RichWayInternational was born. From there they launcheda network marketing company to promote jadeBioMat sales internationally.In 2001, RichWay introduced a single andqueen-sized Amethyst BioMat to the marketplace.Thestate-of-the-art light technologyreverses degenerative disease cycles and speedscellular renewal.RichWay International is devoted to excellenceand receives worldwide recognition throughout thecompanies continuous growth.

Award from United Nationsand the Pope Benedict XVI

PWall Street Journal andPresident Bush in The White House

Dr.patient: June 2006, Mrs. H.J., hadtumors 10mm in left & 12mm in right breast

Dr.patient: July 2008, Mrs. H.J.,left and right breast tumors disappeared.

Dr.Patient: Mrs. M.Y (34 yr. old) LungCancer disappeared within 2 weeks.

Images show poor circulation before, and after 14days of BioMat usage the circulation increase for 72year old male.

Female, Breast Cancer before andafter using BioMat 3 months20099200912

Six year old girl had been in a Coma,images after using BioMat 4 months.

May 2009: 54 year old female blood imagesbefore and after using BioMat 30 minutes.

Heart Scan by Dr. George GrantBefore using the BioMat (Heart is weak)

Heart Scan by Dr. George GrantAfter 3 minutes on BioMat (Heart beat very strong)

US FDA Medical Device 510K Approved

US FDA Medical Device Certificate

Insurance company pays for BioMat

Insurance company pays for BioMat

Insurance company pays for BioMat

Insurance company pays for BioMat

Kaiser Permanent pays for BioMat

Animals LOVE the BioMat, too!

RichWay International, Inc.Philosophy & Intention:"We believe that people must behealed from their wounds, renewed inspirit, recovered from illness,enlightened from ignorance, andsaved from pain.No one should be left behind.Our beauty does not lie in ourappearance, but in the passion of ourshowing and giving care."RichWay, the name you can trust.