2 Laney College Catalog 2020-2021LANEY COLLEGE CATALOG 2020-21Laney College900 Fallon StreetOakland, CA 94607Phone: (510) 834-5740Laney.eduPeralta Community College DistrictBerkeley City CollegeCollege of AlamedaLaney CollegeMerritt CollegeSpecial thanks to Laney student graphic designer, Bonnie Man for the designof the catalog cover and instructor Daniela Nikoleva. Also, thank you to themembers of the Laney Catalog Committee: Pinar Alscher, Larena Baldazo,Rudy Besikof, Kimberly Blackwell, Laura Bollentino, Vicki Ferguson, CaseyFrahm, Tammeil Y. Gilkerson, Shou (Angel) Huang, Joseph Koroma, MildredLewis, Rene Rivas, Heather Sisneros, Iolani Sodhy-Gereben, Janelle Tillotson,and Tina Tobor.Laney College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color,gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ancestry, citizenship,national origin, military or veteran status, disability, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, and immigration status.

Laney College Catalog 2020-2021 3LANEY COLLEGE CATALOG 2020-21TABLE OF CONTENTSLetter from the President .4General Information . 6-8Academic Calendars . 10. 13Services for Students . 13-18Admissions, Registration, and Enrollment Information . 20-25Financial Aid . 31-34Transfer Information. 37-42Academic and District Policies . 52-59Associate Degree Requirements . 60-62. 64-67Courses and Programs . 69-70Course Announcements . 69Noncredit.328-342Other District Policies .343-383.384-388.388-389Index .390-394Campus Map . 395

4 Laney College Catalog 2020-2021LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTI am so happy to welcome you to Laney College,home of the Eagles, and campus community to over16,000 awesome students each year!Although things may look different as a result of aglobal pandemic, at Laney we are proud to continto our students so that they are able to enjoy therigorous and relevant courses that they always have.We have learned to operate safely in these newtimes, and our dedicated faculty and staff have rallied and organized to ensure that we are preparedto support our students as they work to follow theirdreams and be their best selves.DREAM. FLOURISH. SUCCEED.Laney students are special! They come to us withstories of strength, perseverance and determinationand we are honored to have been a partner in helping them enrich their lives. Through our dynamicallydiverse student body, vibrant campus life, and ourdevoted and professional faculty and staff, studentsleave us more equipped to contribute positivelyto their neighborhoods, communities and societyoverall. Whether students come to secure trainingfor a particular career, take courses in preparationto transfer to a four-year university, or learn a newskill, language or talent, Laney is ready to receivethem all and provide pathways for life transformation.We are here hoping to be a part of your story!Be ready to not only be inspired, but also inspireothers as you Dream, Flourish and Succeed at LaneyCollege!In community,Tammeil Y. Gilkerson, Ed.D.President

Laney College Catalog 2020-2021 5ADMINISTRATIONABOUT LANEY COLLEGETammeil Y. Gilkerson, Ed.D.Laney College occupies a beautiful60-acre campus adjacent to the Oakland Museum and Lake Merritt BARTStation. It is a short walk to historicChinatown, scenic Lake Merritt, andthe resurgent downtown Oakland.PresidentRudy Besikof, Ed.D.Vice President of InstructionVicki FergusonVice President of Student Servicesand Title IX CoordinatorDerek Pinto, Ed.D.Vice President of AdministrativeServicesElizabeth MaherDivision Dean, Liberal ArtsPeter CrabtreeDivision Dean, Career and TechnicalEducationMark Fields, Ed.DDivision Dean, Social Sciences,Applied Technology and HumanitiesMildred Lewis, Ed.D.Division Dean, Enrollment ServicesC. Denise RichardsonDivision Dean, Mathematics andSciencesJean Paul SchumacherDivision Dean, Student ServicesDiane Wu ChangAssociate Dean, Educational SuccessLaney was founded in 1953. The college takes its name from Joseph C.Laney (1880-1948), a journalist, businessman, and former president ofBoard of Education. Recognizing itsformer president’s major contributions to the city’s vocational education programs, the Board created theJoseph C. Laney Trade and TechnicalInstitute in 1953. Laney joined thePeralta Community College Districtin 1964.Today, Laney is the largest of thefour Peralta colleges, serving 17,000students per year. Laney offers 63associate degrees in the liberal artsof its graduates go on to four-yearinstitutions including campuses inthe University of California andCalifornia State University systems,local and out-of-state independentinstitutions, and Historically BlackColleges and Universities. In additionto its commitment to academics,Laney continues to make career andtechnical education as well as employment development a critical partprograms and numerous short-termcourses.LANEY COLLEGE’S MISSION, VISION, AND VALUESMISSIONLaney College educates, supports,and inspires students to excel inan inclusive and diverse learning environment rooted in social justice.VISIONDream. Flourish. Succeed.VALUESRespect: We demonstrate a commitment to the value of each individualthrough trust, cooperation, andteamwork. We recognize the worthof each individual and their ideasand treat each other and those weserve fairly, with compassion andwith esteem.Diversity: We are a multiculturaland diverse organization, an enriching blend of people and ideas. Thiscollege is a place for all people, anenvironment devoted to fosteringand embracing the diversity of ourstaff, faculty and student body.Appreciation: We demonstraterecognition in the value of effortsput forth by all of our faculty, staff,administrators, and students. Wewill foster employee growth andperformance levels through personaldevelopment.Competence: We share a commitment to performing our workassignments with excellence andcontinuous improvement. We emphasize doing our best in teachingand learning, student achievement,administrative practices, and delivery of support services.Integrity: We are committed tonurturing campus trust by holdingourselves accountable to the higheststandards of professionalism andethics.Accountability: We are individually and collectively responsible forachieving the highest levels of performance in helping students acquirethe necessary skills and abilities totransfer, and career preparation. Wecontinually evaluate ourselves in aneffort to improve

6 Laney College Catalog 2020-2021tered college.meeting the educational needs ofour community.Innovation: We encourage andsupport creativity, collaborationand risk-taking. We foster andpromote innovation in the design,development, support, delivery, andmanagement of all programs andservices.Institutional Learning Outcomescomprise the knowledge, skills,abilities, and attitudes that studentsare expected to develop as a resultof their overall experiences withany aspect of the college, including courses, programs, and studentservices.CommunicationCollaboration: We work cooperatively in a shared governance environment and value individual ability anddiversity in thinking as essential topromote open communication, activeparticipation, exchange of ideas, andcollaborative decision-making.Students will effectively expressand exchange ideas through variousmodes of communication.Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingStudents will be able to think critically and solve problems by identifying relevant information, evaluatingand implementing effective solutions.NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENTCareer Technical SkillsLaney College does not discriminateon the basis of age, race, religion,color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ancestry, citizenship, national origin,military or veteran status, disability,marital status, pregnancy, medicalcondition, and immigration status.Students will demonstrate technicalskills in with the demands of theirGlobal Awareness, Ethics, and CivicResponsabilityGENERAL INFORMATIONStudents will be prepared to practicecommunity engagement that addresses one or more of the following:environmental responsibility, socialjustice and cultural diversity.INSTITUTIONAL LEARNINGOUTCOMESPersonal & ProfessionalDevelopmentTo stimulate a culture of ongoinginstructional improvement usingassessment to facilitate studentsuccess, assessment practices atLaney College ensure quality educational opportunities that respondto the needs of the local and globalcommunity. Assessment is an ongoingprocess that improves student learning and institutional effectivenessthrough dialogue based on evidence.We value honesty, integrity, curiosity, and the courage to ask deep andinteresting questions about studentlearning, our teaching practices, andour effectiveness as a learner-cen-Students will develop their knowledge, skills and abilities for personaland/or professional growth, health,and wellbeing.the right to add, amend, modify, orwithdraw any of its policies, coursedescriptions, class schedules, orfrom time to time. Please check ourwebsite at for ourcatalog supplement and the mostcurrent, available information.CATALOG RIGHTSStudents completing the requirements for the associate degree,associate degree for transfer, certif-as maintaining enrollment in at leastone semester per academic year,excluding summer session and intersessions (continuing enrollment), inany of the four Peralta Colleges. The“withdrawal” symbol (W) constitutes enrollment. A student’s catalogrights include:1. The regulations in effect at thetime the student entered thecollege, provided the student hasbeen in continuing enrollmentuntil the requirements for theor1. The regulations current at thetime the student re-enters themajor program and remains incontinuing enrollment until therequirements for the degree/ceror1. The regulations current at the-ACCURACY STATEMENTLaney College endeavors to accurately and fairly present its programs, course descriptions, schedules and policies, and to ensurethat all information presented inthis catalog is correct and currentas of the date of its release. LaneyCollege assumes no responsibility foradministrative or publication errors.In addition, Laney College reservesCatalog rights do not apply to CSUStudentsmust follow the CSU GE or IGETCpattern in effect when they peti-approved list at the time they arecompleted.

Laney College Catalog 2020-2021 7ACCREDITATIONLaney College is accredited by theAccrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of theWesternAssociationofSchoolsand Colleges(ACCJC), 10 Commercial Boulevard,Suite 204. Novato, CA 94949, (415)506-0234, an institution accreditingbody, recognized by the Commissionon Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation and the U.S. Departmentof Education (www. RIGHT-TO-KNOWDISCLOSUREIn compliance with the StudentRight-to-Know and Campus SecurityAct of 1990 (Public Law 101-542), itis the policy of the Peralta Community College District to make availableits completion and transfer rates toall current and prospective students.This information can be found on thewebsite at ACTINSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM ANDCERTIFICATESThe Laney College instructional program is designed to provide: generaleducation courses which provide students with knowledge, provides lateafternoon, evening, and Saturdayclasses which permit working members of the community earn an asso-new skills for personal advancementor satisfaction. All classes start atthe time designated in the schedule.A class hour is 50 minutes long, with10 minutes passing time.RESPONSIBILITY FOR MEETINGREQUIREMENTSEach student must assume responsibility for compliance with theregulations set forth in this catalog,for satisfying prerequisites for anycourse the student plans to take,and for selecting the courses whichwill allow the student to attain theireducational objectives. The collegedoes not assume responsibility formisinterpretation by students of policies and procedures as presented inthis catalog. Counselors and advisorsare available and willing to assiststudents in planning their programsand to clarify college policies andprocedures.The Jeanne Clery Disclosure ofCampus Security Policy and CampusCrime Statistics Act or Clery Act,Higher Education Act of 1965, is afederal law that requires all collegesand universities to keep and discloseinformation timely and annuallyabout certain crime on and neartheir respective campuses.For more information about theClery Act, crime statistics, andresources visit .TITLE IX (GENDER EQUITY) ANDPROHIBITION OF UNLAWFULHARASSMENTTitle IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX), CaliforniaEducation Code 212.5, and the U.S. Department of Education’s implementing regulations prohibitsdiscrimination on the basis of sex intion programs and activities.Members of the college community,guests and visitors have the rightto be free from sex stereotypes ineducation, sexual violence, and sexual harassment. All members of thecampus community are expected toconduct themselves in a manner thatdoes not infringe upon the rights ofothers. The college believes in zerotolerance policy for gender-basedmisconduct/harassment. When anallegation is forwarded to the appropriate administrator, and it is foundthat the policy has been violated,serious sanctions will be used toreasonably ensure that such actionsare never repeated.Title IX violation complaint, contact,Vicki Ferguson, Vice President ofStudent Services/Title IX Coordinatorlocated in T-815, at (510) 464-3340.In addition, see AP 3430 Prohibitionof Harassment on page 345. policy athttp://web. ANDHARASSMENT COMPLAINTS ANDINVESTIGATIONSAny person who has suffered harassment, discrimination, or retaliationplaint of harassment, discrimination,or retaliation. A formal complaint iswith the District or the State Chanment, discrimination, or retaliationin violation of the District’s BoardPolicies, Administrative Proceduresor in violation of state or federallaw. An informal complaint is any ofthe following:(1) An unwritten allegation of harass(2) A written allegation of harassment, discrimination, or retaliationthat falls outside the timeline forten complaint alleging harassment,an individual who expressly indicatesformal complaint.For more information see page 346or at

8 Laney College Catalog 2020-2021SEXUAL AND OTHER ASSAULTSON CAMPUSPeralta Police Services shall makeavailable sexual assault awarenessAny sexual assault or physical abuse,including, but not limited to, rape,committed by an employee, student,or member of the public, occurringon District property, in connectionwith all the academic, educational,extracurricular, athletic, and otherprograms of the District, whetherthose programs take place in theDistrict’s facilities or at anotherlocation, or on an off-campus site orfacility maintained by the District, oron grounds or facilities maintainedby a student organization, is a violation of District policies and regulations, and is subject to all applicable punishment, including criminalprocedures and employee or studentdiscipline procedures.For more information see AP 3540,Sexual and Other Assaultson Campus on page 351 or at & ALCOHOL FREEENVIRONMENTThe unlawful possession, use or distribution of any illicit drugs or alcohol by students on college propertyor at college-sponsored activities orevents is prohibited. Violation mayconstitute criminal conduct whichcould result in prosecution understate and/or federal law.It is the policy of the college toimpose appropriate disciplinarysanctions on students for the unlawful possession, use or distribution ofillicit drugs or alcohol.Appropriate disciplinary sanctionsmay include suspension or expulsionfor students or suspension or termi-nation for employees, and may alsoinclude requiring the completion of arehabilitation program. The standards of conduct for students andthe applicable sanctions for violatingthe standards are contained in thePeralta Community College DistrictBoard Policy on Student Rights andResponsibilities and in AP 5500 policyon page 370.means of resolving student grievances. This procedure shall be available to any student who reasonablybelieves an experience or decisionhas adversely affected his or herstatus, rights or privileges as a student. A grievance may be initiatedby a student against an instructor,an administrator, or a member of thebe initiated against another student.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY USEFor more information, see page 353.Laney College has a strict technologypolicy for copyright, network use,abuse of computer privileges, prohibited activities, along with usersrights and responsibilities. The College recognizes the privacy interestsof employees and students and rightsto freedom of speech.For more information, visit STANDARDS OFCONDUCT, DISCIPLINEPROCEDURES, AND DUE PROCESSThe purpose of this procedure isto provide a prompt and equitable means to address violations ofthe Student Standards of Conduct,which ensures to the student orstudents involved the due processrights guaranteed them by state andfederal constitutional protections.This procedure will be used in a fairand equitable manner, and not forpurposes of retaliation.It is not intended to substitute forcriminal or civil proceedings thatmay be initiated by other agencies.For more information see AP 5500,Student Standards of Conduct, Discipline Procedures, and Due Process onpage 358.STUDENT RIGHTS ANDGRIEVANCE PROCEDURESThe purpose of this procedure isto provide a prompt and equitableSMOKINGSmoking is prohibited in all indoorand outdoor Peralta CommunityCollege District’s (“PCCD”) campuslocations and District AdministrativeCenters.For more information see AP 3570Smoking on page 373.WEAPONS ON CAMPUSWeapons and other dangerous objects are prohibited on any Districtcampus or in any facility of theDistrict, unless the person is authorized to possess such a weapon inthe course of their employment, hasbeen authorized by District Personnel, or is a duly appointed peacemance of their duties.For more information see AP 3530Weapons on Campus on page 375.

Laney College Catalog 2020-2021 9VACANTInterim Vice Chancellor, InformationTechnology and ResearchLeigh SataInterim Vice Chancellor, GeneralServicesCarla Walters, Ph.D.Interim Vice Chancellor, Finance andAdministrationPERALTA COMMUNITYCOLLEGE DISTRICT BOARDOF TRUSTEESJulina BonillaPresidentChanelle Whittaker, J.D.Interim Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Employee RelationsABOUT THE PERALTACOMMUNITY COLLEGEDISTRICTMeredith Brown, J.D.MemberNicky González-Yuen, J.D., Ph.D.MemberLinda HandyMemberCindi Napoli-Abella Reiss, Ph.D.MemberKaren Weinstein, school in 1915, the Oaklandthat “the modern school systemshould serve the needs of all thechildren of all the people.” Oakland’s Vocational High School, perof the Peralta Community CollegeDistrict, was the OUSD’s attempt toget modern.Vice PresidentNow in i