CA Workload Automation AEUser GuideRelease 11.3.6

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CA Technologies Product ReferencesThis document references the following CA Technologies products: CA Automation Suite for Data Centers (formerly named CA Spectrum AutomationManager) CA ControlMinder (formerly named CA eTrust Access Control) CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM) CA IT Client Manager CA Job Management Option CA Jobtrac Job Management (CA Jobtrac) CA Network and Systems Management (CA NSM) CA Process Automation CA Scheduler Job Management (CA Scheduler) CA Service Desk CA Systems Performance for Infrastructure Managers (formerly named CASystemEDGE) CA Universal Job Management Agent (CA UJMA) CA Workload Automation AE (formerly named Unicenter AutoSys JobManagement (Unicenter AutoSys JM)) CA Workload Automation AE Connect Option CA Workload Automation Agent for Application Services (CA WA Agent forApplication Services) CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases (CA WA Agent for Databases) CA Workload Automation Agent for i5/OS (CA WA Agent for i5/OS) CA Workload Automation Agent for Linux (CA WA Agent for Linux) CA Workload Automation Agent for Micro Focus (CA WA Agent for Micro Focus) CA Workload Automation Agent for Oracle E-Business Suite (CA WA Agent forOracle E-Business Suite) CA Workload Automation Agent for PeopleSoft (CA WA Agent for PeopleSoft) CA Workload Automation Agent for Remote Execution (CA WA Agent for RemoteExecution) CA Workload Automation Agent for SAP (CA WA Agent for SAP) CA Workload Automation Agent for UNIX (CA WA Agent for UNIX) CA Workload Automation Agent for Web Services (CA WA Agent for Web Services)

CA Workload Automation Agent for Windows (CA WA Agent for Windows) CA Workload Automation Agent for z/OS (CA WA Agent for z/OS) CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition (formerly named CA Workload AutomationSE) CA Workload Automation ESP Edition (formerly named CA Workload AutomationEE) CA Workload Control Center (CA WCC)Contact CA TechnologiesContact CA SupportFor your convenience, CA Technologies provides one site where you can access theinformation that you need for your Home Office, Small Business, and Enterprise CATechnologies products. At, you can access the followingresources: Online and telephone contact information for technical assistance and customerservices Information about user communities and forums Product and documentation downloads CA Support policies and guidelines Other helpful resources appropriate for your productProviding Feedback About Product DocumentationIf you have comments or questions about CA Technologies product documentation, youcan send a message to [email protected] provide feedback about CA Technologies product documentation, complete ourshort customer survey which is available on the CA Support website at

ContentsChapter 1: Introduction17Intended Audience . 17Automated Job Control . 18Agents and Agent Plug-ins . 18agentparm.txt File . 19Legacy Agent Replaced by CA Workload Automation Agent . 19Jobs. 20Events . 20Alarms . 20Utilities . 21Commands . 21Issue a Command on UNIX . 23Issue a Command on Windows . 24Security. 25Chapter 2: Working with JIL27The jil Command and JIL (Job Information Language) . 27JIL Subcommands . 28JIL Syntax Rules. 30Issue JIL in Interactive Mode on UNIX . 33Issue JIL in Interactive Mode on Windows . 33Issue JIL Using a Script on UNIX . 35Issue JIL Using a Script on Windows . 36Example JIL Script . 37Chapter 3: Working with Machines39Machines . 39Real Machines . 39Virtual Machines . 40Real Machine Pools . 40The localhost Definition . 41How the localhost Value is Resolved . 41Define a Machine . 42Examples: Defining Real Machines . 46Examples: Defining Virtual Machines. 47Examples: Defining Real Machine Pools . 50Contents 5

Delete a Real Machine . 50Delete a Virtual Machine. 51Delete a Real Machine Pool . 52Delete a Real Machine from a Virtual Machine or Real Machine Pool . 52Specifying Machine Load (max load). 52Specifying Job Load (job load) . 53Specifying Queuing Priority (priority) . 54Specifying Relative Processing Power (factor) . 55Machine Status. 56Take a Machine Offline Manually . 56Put a Machine Online Manually . 57How Status Changes Automatically . 57How Status Affects Jobs on Virtual Machines . 59Load Balancing . 60Load Balancing Using Virtual Resource Dependencies . 63Load Balancing Using Virtual and Real Resource Dependencies. 65Load Balancing Using Real Resource Pools . 68Forcing a Job to Start. 69Queuing Jobs . 71How CA Workload Automation AE Queues Jobs. 72Using a Virtual Machine as a Subset of a Real Machine . 74Using a Virtual Machine to Combine Subsets of Real Machines. 75User-Defined Load Balancing . 76Chapter 4: Working with Jobs79Jobs. 79Job Types . 81Common Job Attributes . 82Job States . 83Defining Jobs . 88Insert a Job Definition . 88Update a Job Definition. 89Defining Jobs to Run on a Cluster . 91Delete a Job . 92Running a Job After Using JIL . 93Specify the Job Owner . 93Global Variables . 95Alerts . 98Starting Conditions . 100Date and Time Dependencies . 102Job Dependencies Based on Job Status . 1036 User Guide

Managing Job Status . 105Job Dependencies Based on Exit Codes . 106Job Dependencies Based on Global Variables. 108Starting Conditions and Boxes . 110Controlling Jobs in PEND MACH Status . 111Controlling the Starting of Jobs in PEND MACH Status . 112Controlling the Status of Jobs Scheduled on an Offline Machine . 115Job Run Numbers and Names . 116How Time Dependencies Are Set . 116Dependent Jobs . 118Look-Back Conditions . 120Specifying One-Time Job Overrides. 121How Job Overrides Are Set. 123Date and Time Attributes and Time Changes. 123Daylight Time Changes . 124Standard Time Changes . 126Job Profiles . 127Environment Variables . 127How the Environment for a Job is Sourced . 129Create a Job Profile . 129Assign a Job Profile to a Job .