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CA Technologies Product ReferencesThis document references the following CA Technologies products: CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition, (CA WA CA 7 Edition), formerly CAWorkload Automation SE and CA 7 Workload Automation CA 1 Tape Management (CA 1) CA Datacom/AD CA Integrated Agent Services (CA IAS) CA JCLCheck Workload Automation (CA JCLCheck ) CA Librarian CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation (CA OPS/MVS EMA) CA Panvalet for z/OS CA Roscoe CA Service Desk CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (CA WA RestartOption), formerly CA 11 Restart and Tracking

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Documentation ChangesThe following documentation updates have been made since the last release of thisdocumentation: /ASSIGN Command (see page 57)—Changes to the existing topic. /DISPLAY Command (see page 74)—Changes to the Examples. /OPERIDS Command (see page 124)—Changes to the Examples. LAGENT Command (see page 312)—Changes to the Examples. LJOB Command (see page 370)—Changes to the Examples. PRSQA Command (see page 567)—Changes to the existing topic. PRSQD Command (see page 568)—Changes to the existing topic.

ContentsChapter 1: Introduction21Syntax Diagrams . 21Masking . 22Commands . 24Long Online Commands . 24Example . 25Long Job Names . 26Short Name Generation . 27Long Job Name Rules . 27General System Commands . 28General Inquiry Facility . 29Job Flow Control . 32Workstation Network Control . 34Forecasting . 36Forecast Facility. 36Forecasting from the Database . 45Forecasting from Queues . 47Forecasting Job Flow Structures . 49Forecasting Resources . 50Forecasting Tape Requirements . 51CPU Job Worksheets . 53Chapter 2: Commands55/AFM Command . 55/AGENT Command . 55Format 1 . 55Format 2 . 56/ASSIGN Command. 57Format 1 . 57Format 2 . 57Format 3 . 58Usage Notes . 59Examples . 59/AUTO Command . 59Usage Notes . 60Examples . 60Contents 7

/BRO Command . 61Examples . 62/CHANGE Command . 62Usage Notes . 63Example . 63/CHGOPT Command . 64Usage Notes . 67Example . 67/CLOSE Command . 67Examples . 68/COID Commmand . 69Examples . 69/CONT Command . 70Usage Notes . 70Examples . 71/COPY Command . 71Usage Notes . 71Examples . 72/DELAGNT Command . 72Example . 73/DISPLAY Command . 74Examples . 81/DMP1 Command . 100/DRCLASS Command . 100Examples . 101/DRMODE Command. 101Usage Notes . 103Examples . 103/DUMP Command . 103Usage Notes . 103/EADMIN Command . 104/ECHO Command . 105Usage Notes . 105Examples . 106/EMAIL Command . 106/FETCH Command . 107Usage Notes . 107/GVAR Command . 108/IAS Command . 110/JCL Command . 112/LOG Command . 115Usage Notes . 1158 Command Reference Guide

Examples . 115/LOGOFF Command . 116/LOGON Command. 116Usage Notes . 117Example . 118/MSG Command . 118Usage Notes . 119Examples . 119/MVS Command . 120Example . 120Special Considerations . 120/NXTMSG Command . 121/OPEN Command . 121Format 1 . 122Format 2 . 122Examples . 123/OPERID Command . 123Example .