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Committed to keeping the Earth green.Samsung’s innovative thinking isn’t restricted simply to advancements in performance. We also apply ourthinking to the challenge of keeping our world green. The result has been technology and programs thatsignificantly reduce technology’s impact on our world.FPOEnviroSync: This Samsung producttrade-in program offers businessesan environmentally friendly wayto dispose of obsolete and oldperipherals.Samsung Recycling Direct :Samsung’s global product recyclingprogram has enabled consumersto recycle more than two millionpounds of e-waste in the U.S. alone.Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: By 2010,Samsung will have reduced greenhousegas emissions from its operations by45 percent from 2001 levels.SM45%Fewer EmissionsPlanet-Friendly Technology: Alongwith products that consume lessenergy, Samsung also strivesfor innovative ways to reducehazardous materials in products toreduce manufacturing waste andaid recyclability. Even product sizeis addressed, to reduce shippingrequirements and energy use.Samsung’s S.T.A.R. Program: TheSamsung Takeback and RecyclingProgram is a free toner recyclingservice, and is a joint effort betweenSamsung and FedEx. Every returnedempty cartridge is safely andresponsibly recycled; they are neverincinerated or sent to landfills.Why MultiXpress?Samsung’s latest Legal Color Copier MFP, the MultiXpress CLX-8540ND,has raised the industrial standard to a greater height. It outperformsother Digital MFPs, it includes many advanced features, and of course,it delivers Samsung’s proven reliability.The MultiXpress CLX-8540ND is the fastest Legal Color Copier MFP onthe market today. Its state-of-the-art design, high-quality color output,and innovative features, outshine other Digital MFPs in its class!The embedded administrative and accounting solutions make theMultiXpress CLX-8540ND the best choice for today’s agilebusiness printing environment!

Why Samsung?Why should you trust your company to Samsung? Samsung is a world-renowned global company that regularlywins awards for reliability, design and innovative technology. We create a wide range of technologies and products,and are experts in digital media convergence across applications, devices and networks. In the printing industry,Samsung is the fastest-growing company, topping competitor sales for many models in its class.Samsung has earned its reputation with award-winning excellence in performance and design innovation, andby providing businesses with leading network and security solutions. Samsung products are well known fortheir reliability and deliver a high monthly duty cycle, maximizing uptime and keeping business productivity high.Samsung printers are also designed for high toner yield, producing more high-quality, fade-resistant and longlasting prints per cartridge.SALES REVENUE BY DIVISION(AT THE END OF 2007)Digital Media (Includes Printer/MFP)Telecommunication Networks25%Digital Appliance / Others23%SemiconductorLCD15%16%21%About Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digitalconvergence technologies with 2008 consolidated sales of 96 billion. Employing approximately 164,600 peoplein 179 offices across 61 countries, the company consists of two business units: Digital Media & Communications,and Device Solutions. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leadingproducer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones, TFT-LCDs, printers and MFPs. For more information, pleasevisit

Increase productivity with Xpress speeds.The CLX-8540ND. One of the fastest color Digital MFPs in the marketplace today.The Samsung MultiXpress CLX-8540ND is the cost-effective way to bring versatile color printing/copying to anyoffice. Its speed, range of productivity-enhancing features and low total cost of ownership mean efficient printingwithout compromising quality. Combined with Samsung durability, the MultiXpress CLX-8540ND is designed tobe one of the most economical and productive color laser MFPs not only on the market, but also in your office.Outstanding performance for the mostdemanding environments.Fastest in Its ClassPrinting 40 pages a minute makes the MultiXpress CLX-8540NDone of the world’s fastest color Digital MFPs. With a scanningperformance of 33 ipm, the MultiXpress CLX-8540ND offers a fastand efficient solution.Color technology that will make everybusiness more professional.Improved color technology delivers color adjustments and uniformityfor versatile and high quality document output.Samsung Easy Color ManagerEasy Color Manager allows you to easily adjustcolor balance, brightness, contrast and saturationof any image viewed on your monitor. It canbe especially useful if you have specific colorpreferences, or if your company has its own brand requirements. You can get an image from anywhereon your screen. You can extend or reduce the size ofthe preview window. You can adjust the color tone of theimage you grabbed. You can save your toner or paper byselecting the precise area to print.Auto Color DetectionHeavy-Duty System ComponentsWith an 800MHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and a generous 160GB harddrive, the MultiXpress CLX-8540ND makes print and scan jobs easyto process, store and handle. The added features and processingpower mean it’s suitable for the most demanding office environments.The MultiXpress CLX-8540ND provides userswith an Auto option. Users no longer have torely on manually differentiating between monoand color prints. Users can skip the timeconsuming process of separating mono and colordocuments, while saving money by avoiding thecost of unnecessary color prints.Network-Ready, and Ready to Scan Print and Fax (Optional)You can print, scan and even fax (optional) through your IT networkin minutes, without slowing you down. And with one highly capabledevice taking care of the needs of even large workgroups anddepartments, the only thing you’ll notice is productivity increasing.Samsung’s Real-Time Calibration TechnologyReal-Time Calibration Technology ensuresdocuments are printed to a consistently highcolor quality. When printing especially importantdocuments, users can still choose to manuallydefine the color quality of their documents.Consistent Color PrintingThe MultiXpress CLX-8540ND handles thedemands of premium-quality 9,600 dpi with ease.The Easy Color Manager and enhanced CTDsensor ensures color output is always clear, sharpand professional.

Technology you can rely on.Maintain efficiency with Xpress reliability.Samsung’s MultiXpress CLX-8540ND ensures a reliable and efficient print environment for your office. Itoffers all the functionality that businesses expect – color printing, digital copying, scanning and faxing – whileincreasing productivity with its reliable performance, high quality output and simple maintenance.Economical and compact for your versatile business environment.Power SaverLess SpaceThe economical Power Saver mode consumes80% less power than Ready mode. To save evenmore energy, you can set a timer to automaticallyactivate Power Saver mode. In regular use, theMultiXpress CLX-8540ND uses 20% less energythan an average Digital MFP, making it much moreeconomical and cost-effective.Office space is also a big issue. In general,an A3 digital MFP occupies more officespace. Typically, the footprint of a mono A3capable device is much larger than that ofa letter device. MultiXpress CLX-8540ND’seconomical design occupies up to 75%less space in your office than general A3Digital MFPs, so you have more roomaround you.Easy to manage and maintain.Easy to ManagePaper HandlingSamsung’s exclusive 7" color LCD touch screen and 3-dimensionalUI design is simple and intuitive. The screen provides easy troubleshooting capabilities, resulting in minimum downtime.Adding optional paper trays can allow storage of up to 2,720 sheetsof paper at a time, so you don’t have to refill as often. And the 2-binfinisher and 4-bin mailbox support 1000-sheet output, making itmuch more efficient in a challenging office environment.Modular SystemThe modular design makes consumables and accessoryreplacement effortless. For example, finisher accessories can beadded by simply inserting them into the main device.Customizable User Interface (HWCI)You can customize the LCD panel with your corporate logo, ITSupport number and service/support details.Smooth Network IntegrationAdvanced support for a wide range of network protocols makesthe MultiXpress CLX-8540ND simple to integrate into your ITinfrastructure (IPv6, 1GB N/W supported).Slide-InEasy to UpgradeSlide-InFax Module Memory & Option Kit FinisherEasy-to -InstallDrumTonerCartridgeMinimized Misfeeds and Paper JamsRemote ManagementUsing Samsung’s SyncThru Admin 5 online administrationapplication, your machine can be easily managed and controlled inaccordance with existing IT infrastructure polices.The MultiXpress CLX-8540ND uses a center-loading method with aretard roller. If more than one sheet of paper is ever picked up, theretard roller rotates in the opposite direction, placing the extra paperback in its tray. This minimizes not only misfeeds, but also paper jams.

The professional solution center.Complete control with Xpress customization.Professional color copies provide an effective advantage for your business. Customizable controls for yourhigh-speed color printing and copying can increase productivity and maintain economic operating costs.The most powerful solution center.Scan to AnywhereSyncThru Web ServiceScan to E-mailThe MultiXpress CLX8540ND scans directly toemail, FTP, SMB or theclient. It’s a direct way toconnect and distributedocuments efficiently.SMTP Server POP3 Server User PC with E-mail ClientSyncThru Web Service is easily and remotely accessible through aweb browser and provides administrators with the ability to changenetwork and individual printer settings, upgrade firmware and viewnetwork printer/MFP status.Scan to NetworkScan to NetworkUser PC with Netscan ManagerScan to FTPScan to FTPFTP ServerScan to SMBScan to SMBSMB ServerDocument BoxThe MultiXpress CLX-8540ND includes a 160GB hard drive, giving itthe capability of a Document Box function. Scanned information canbe stored and managed. Data can then be printed, faxed, emailedor uploaded onto an FTP/SMB server directly from the printer.Standard AccountingStandard Accounting allows the administrator to manage printusage for individual users. This function provides greater securityand can help with restricting consumable usage by easy ID/PWbased locking.Remote ConfigurationUse Popular WebModification Enabledand MonitoringBrowser withoutby Authorized Userof Network Printer Installing Extra Software (Password Protection)Scan to USBPrint OutConfiguration Sheetof Network PrinterFirmware Upgradeof Printer andNetwork CardCounThru 2 Pro/EnterpriseCounThru is a server solution for Samsung Managed Print Servicesthat offers visibility of networked devices for remote monitoring andmanagement. It can also be used as a tool for accurate usage andbilling information. CounThru supports a wide variety of networkprinters and MFPs, so you can use this single tool to track them all.Reseller’sCounThru 2 ProCounThru 2 ProLocal AgentSyncThru Admin 5CounThru 2 ProLocal AgentSyncThru Admin 5 service allows IT managers to easily manageand monitor all digital print devices on the network. Modifyingsettings can provide you time- and cost-savings.SCX-6345NFleet Managementfor Multiple NetworkPrintersDevice DiscoveryE-mail NotificationModify Admin SettingsReport GenerationSupportedby Plug-InSCX-5530FNCustomer ACLP-660NCustomer BEnhanced security to protect your valuable data.The new MultiXpress CLX-8540ND helps protect valuable customer data, giving you peace of mind that your information is secure.Security benefits include:Enhanced Network Security Features:Enhanced Data Security Features:Advanced Management Features: IPV6 IPSEC SNMPv3 HTTPs SMTPs LDAPs Kerberos 802.1x Data Encryption Hard Disk Wiping Confidential Print Machine Lockout Secure User Authentication Operational Panel Lock Web Administration System Audit(Monitors all users’ print/copy/scan/fax logs) Port Management and Control IP Address Filtering MAC Address Filtering

ConfigurationsMain Unit (520 sheets MP 100 sheets) Options1 Finisher1 Finisher1 FinisherHCF2 SCF Max.Tall Stand(High Capacity Feeder)2,100 sheets(Single Cassette Feeder)520 Sheets x 3 Short StandUsers enjoy significantly improved usability in the officeenvironment. The 4-bin mailbox and 2-bin finisher allows forsimple and efficient sorting and collating.4-Bin Mailbox (MBT-40S)Output capacity: 400 sheets2-Bin Finisher (SCX-FIN20S)Ouput capacity: 600 sheets Mailbox mode – Allows multiple users to print to one machine,while separating prints into individual or group designated bins. Job Separating mode – Allows users to classify print jobs. Printoutsare then sent out to separate bins in sequence of job order. Sorter/Collator mode – Printouts are stacked in sets to match thesequence of originals in each bin. Stacking – When a bin gets full, printouts continue to be stackedin the next bin. This feature allows a greater quantity of printing.

SpecificationsSpecificationsMultiXpress CLX-8540NDPrintSpeed (Mono)*Simplex: Up to 40 ppm in Letter / Duplex: Up to 35 ppm in LetterSpeed (Color)*Simplex: Up to 40 ppm in Letter / Duplex: Up to 35 ppm in LetterResolutionUp to 9,600 x 600 dpi effective outputFirst Print Out TimeLess than 14 seconds (from ready)EmulationPCL5ce, PCL6, PostScript3, PDF Direct V1.4Duplex PrintStandardCopySpeed (Mono)**Up to 40 cpm in LetterSpeed (Color)**Up to 40 cpm in LetterResolutionUp to 1,200 x 1,200 dpiFirst Copy Out TimeLess than 13 seconds (from ready)Zoom Rate25% 400% (Platen), 25% 200% (DADF Copy)Multiple Copy1 999Duplex CopyUsing Platen (1:1 sided, 1:2 sided) Using DADF (1:1 sided, 1:2 sided short, 1:2 sided long, 2:1 sided, 2:1 sided; rotate side 2, 2:2 sidedCopy Features2-up and 4-up, ID Card copy (platen only), Poster copy (platen copy), Clone copy (platen only), Booklet copy, Covers, Transparencies, Book copy (platen only), Interrupt copy, Erase Edge (hole puncherase, border erase small original erase)ScanCompatibilityN/W TWAIN standard, WIA standardMethodColor CCDMResolution600 x 600 dpi (Optical) / 4,800 x 4,800 dpi (Enhanced)Scan ToHDD, Email, FTP, SMB, Client, USB Memory (Direct Scan)FAX (Optional)CompatibilityITU-T G3, Super G3Modem Speed33.6 KbpsResolutionMono: Up to 300 X 300 dpi, Color: Up to 200 X 200 dpiMemoryHDD Store, 500 jobsAuto Dial1-touch Dial: 40 locations, Speed Dial: 200 locationsFax FeatureColor Fax, On Hook Dial, Pause, Auto Redial, Last Number Redial, PC FaxPaper HandlingInput CapacityStandard: 520-sheet cassette Tray, 100-sheet MP tray, Max: 2,720 sheetsOutput Capacity500-sheet Face DownMedia Sizes3.85" x 5.83" 8.5" x 14" Banner Size Printing: 8.5" x 47.2"Media TypePlain Paper, Thick Paper, Thin Paper, Bond Paper, Color Paper, CardStock, Labels, Transparency, Envelope, Preprinted, Letterhead, Recycled Paper, Cotton, ArchiveADF Capacity100-sheetADF Document SizeWidth: 5.7" 8.5", Length: 5.7" 14.0", for Single Page Scan: 5.7" 15.7" and for Multi pages scan Bank Check Scan: 2.7" x 6.0"GeneralLCD800 x 480 7" WVGA Color Touch ScreenMemory / Storage1GB (Max. 2GB) / 160GB HDDOS Compatibility[Windows]- 2000/XP (32/64bit)/2003 (32/64bit)/Vista (32/64bit)- Windows Terminal Services [Linux]- RedHat 8.0 9.0- Fedora Core 1 4- Madrake 9.2 10.1 - SuSE 8.2 9.2 [Mac]- Mac OS X10.3 10.5, [Others]- Citrix Presentation ServerInterfaceHi-Speed USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100/1000 base TX, USB host 2.0 (Scan to USB, USB print)Noise LevelPrinting: 54dB / Copying: 57dB / Standby: 43dBDuty Cycle, monthly100,000 sheets/monthDimension (H x W x D)32.1" x 23.9" x 22.6"Weight157.6 lbs.ConsumablesYield***Black Toner Cartridge (20,000 standard pages) (CLX-K8540A)Cyan Toner Cartridge (15,000 standard pages) (CLX-C8540A)Magenta Toner Cartridge (15,000 standard pages) (CLX-M8540A)Yellow Toner Cartridge (15,000 standard pages) (CLX-Y8540A)Black Image Drum (30,000 pages) (CLX-R8540K)Cyan Image Drum (30,000 pages) (CLX-R8540C)Magenta Image Drum (30,000 pages) (CLX-R8540M)Yellow Image Drum (30,000 pages) (CLX-R8540Y)Waste Toner Container (48,000 pages) (CLX-W8380A)OptionsOptionsFDI Kit (SCX-KIT20F)1GB Memory (CLX-MEM400)Fax Kit (SCX-FAX210)Optional 520-Sheet Cassette Tray (SCX-S6555A)High Capacity 2,100-Sheet Feeder (SCX-HCF100)1-Bin Finisher (SCX—FIN11S)2-Bin Finisher(SCX-FIN20S)4-Bin Mailbox (SCX-MBT40S)Staple Cartridge Refill (SCX-STP000)Short Stand (SCX-DSK10S)Tall Stand with Storage Cabinet (SCX-DSK10T)100,000 Yield Maintenance Kit A (CLX-V8380A)Green ManagementGreen ManagementEnergy Star Compliant, S.T.A.R. Program (Samsung Toner Recycle Program)*Print speed will be affected by Operating system used, computing performance, application software, connecting method, media type, media size and job complexity. **Copy Speed is based on Single Document Multiple Copy.***Declared continuous cartridge yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798. Specifications are subject to change without notification.Color XpressionExpress yourself in color. 2009 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung is a registered mark of Samsung Electronics Corp., Ltd. Specifications and designsare subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. All brand, product, service names andlogos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers and companies. Simulated screen images. Printedin USA on 50% recycled (25% post-consumer waste) paper using soy inks. PNT-CLX8540NDPBRO-Oct09T25%SCS-COC-001005