Stevenson High School Instrumental Music DepartmentHeather Wickman, Director of Bands and [email protected] AUDITIONSStevenson High School Marching BandAudition Date:Thursday, May 24, 2018, 4pStevenson High School (band room)Audition Prep Sessions: Friday, April 27 (4-5:30p) @ Holmes MSFriday, May 4, 11, 18 (4-5:30p) @ Stevenson HSCommitment:Summer Drumline Camp at SHS (TENTATIVE DATES) Monday, June 25 (3-6p) Tuesday, June 26 (3-6p) Wednesday, June 27 (3-6p) Tuesday, July 17 (3-6p) Friday, July 20 (9a-3p) Tuesday, July 31 (9a-3p) Wednesday, August 1 (9a-3p) Friday, August 3 (9a-3p) Drumline sectionals: dates TBD by section leaderRegular Marching Band Season Pre-Camp at Stevenson: August 15-17, 20 Band Camp at Covenant Hills: August 21-25 Practices: August 28 and 29 Rehearsals throughout the season Games and performancesInstrumentation:For the 2018-2019 season, we will march:0-3 Tenors2-4 Snares4-5 Bass Drums0-4 Cymbals0 Glockenspiel/Sideline PercussionAny student that plays percussion as his/her primary instrument and is registered in a bandclass is guaranteed a spot on battery or mallets. If percussion is not your primary instrument,you may be asked to play your wind instrument in marching band if there are not enoughspots available on drumline. Students not registered for a band class will only be considered ifa drumline spot needs to be filled.All returning students are expected to audition, even if not changing instruments. No student isguaranteed their first choice instrument.

What to prepare for auditions:Tryouts will begin in a large group where we will run various check patterns and warm-ups.You must bring your own practice pad, snare stand, and drumsticks!After the large group portion, you will audition one at a time and be asked to play:1. Rudiments: long roll (double stroke), paradiddles, paradiddle-diddle, drags, and flamtaps.2. Prepared Studies Snare exercise with the metronome set to 116 (while marking time).Mallet study (measures 1-8 MUST be performed by ALL auditioning. If you haveany desire to play sideline percussion, you must perform the entire mallet exercise)3. Sight reading4. Optional solo to showcase your talents.Individuals auditioning for SIDELINE PERCUSSION (mallets and auxillary instruments) needto prepare the 4/4 study with a metronome set to 96, the mallet exercise, and sight read.All instruments: Play your audition in matched gripIf you are a non-percussionist (i.e. oboe/bassoon) trying out for cymbals or bass drum: Youdo not need to prepare #1 above.

In addition to the prepared piece, all drumline students must prepare the following:Hugga-Digga-Burr with variations:Please prepare the above exercise: As written Using singles instead of doubles (R L R L RLRL RLRL) Using buzzes instead of doubles (use single stroke sticking)Flams: Flam Flam taps Flam AccentsDiddles:Paradiddle pyramid:Notice this cycles through paradiddles, double paradiddles, and triple paradiddles. Take eachrudiment at a time and then put them all together.Grids:

Triplet grid 16th note gridPlease prepare to play both grid exercises with not only accents but also flams.Looking for some extra things to check out? Try these!Rudiment lessons and nts/Marching Bass Drum technique and uU9ssiAeRo1IV8dw(Or just search “Bass Drum Group” on YouTube)Peruse YouTube for drumlines and drumcorps (Blue Devils and Bluecoats are great) andget inspired!!!