ONE RELIABLE DRIVEFor more than 100 years, the Falk namehas earned a reputation for delivering the highestvalue gear drive solutions in the power transmission industry.The Falk Drive One product family of gear drivescarries on this tradition. Its robust yet elegantdesign integrates the proven features andbenefits of past designs with industry-leadinginnovations derived from our experience with heavyindustry’s most demanding applications.The result is a new standard in drive reliability and a drive with the design and feature setsthat make it easy for you to standardize on oneplatform for all your mid-to-large-size driverequirements.Falk Drive One – Universal Series (Sizes 1130 – 1210)Large inspectioncover provideseasy access formaintenanceDipstick withfiltered breatherallows easy lubechecks, helpingextend oil/drivelife. Falk AirMax optional6-sided mountingcapability allowsmounting in anypositionPrecision-groundcarburized highstrength gearingassures longlife and quietoperationJacking boltholes simplifyinstallation andalignment2Internal oildistributionsystem contributesto long bearinglife and coolerrunning drivesTandem lip sealswith greasepurged cavity(Viton highspeed) on all shaftextensions helpprevent leaksEasy-adjusttapered rollerbearings offerlonger life andsimplifiedmaintenance

Falk Drive One – Conveyor Series (Sizes 1220 – 1250)In addition to the quality features found on allFalk Drive One units, our Conveyor Seriesincludes unique features to optimize performanceand reliability for high capacity belt conveyors,and other critical equipment applications.Falk AirMax breather andsealed dipstickprevent water andcontaminantingressRight or lefthand mountingmeans one spareaccommodatesboth configurationsPatented internaloil distributionsystem helpskeep vitalcomponentsproperly lubricatedand ensureslasting performanceSplit housingdesign facilitatesassembly/disassembly andinspectionHousing surfacearea, a proprietaryelevated oildistribution panand reduced oilsump allow mostapplications to becooled with shaftdriven fansAll bearingssized for 60,000L10 life @ a 1.5Service FactorFalk Magnum “No Leak” drainback sealsw/grease-purgedcavity arestandard on allshaft extensionsLarge shaftextensions offersimplifiedinstallation ofshaft couplingsand driveaccessoriesRugged ductileiron housingstands up to highimpact and shockserviceFalk Drive One – High Torque Series (Sizes 1160 – 1210)Standard accessories such astorque arms,shrink discs,backstops andmotor interfacesprovide forpackagedsolutions, fromelectrical sourceto drivenequipmentDesigned for use anywhereslow speed and high torqueis required.A large range ofstandard ratiosfrom 160:1 to710:1 and madeto-order ratios of1000:1 and higher ensure a costcompetitive drivefor all slow speedapplicationstandem lip sealswith grease purgecavity (Viton highspeed) on allshaft extensionsprevent leaksStock componentsreduce lead timeHigher efficiencythan low speed /high torquehydraulic motorssave on energycosts year after yearCompact sizereduces spacerequirements3

ONE COMPLETE SOLUTIONFalk Drive One is designed to be the mostreliable drive available for mid-to-large-sized driverequirements. It’s also designed to set a newstandard for responsiveness to customer needs forcomprehensive, cost-effective power transmissionsolutions. Fewer parts than traditional designs mean evengreater reliability and a highly competitiveinitial cost Parts standardization across sizes meansquicker turn times and up to a 75% reductionin parts inventories Pre-packaged complete drive solutions minimizeinstallation time and costs A wide range of sizes and 6-sided mountingflexibility make this solution easy to standardizeon no matter where heavy industry takes youaround the worldStandardized DrivesMotorized:Standard brackets, motor adapters and motormounts accept NEMA and IEC motor frames.Low Ratio:High thermal and high capacity drives are idealfor pump and paper machine applications.High Ratio:Compound drives with an Falk Ultramite gearmotor primary enables unlimited ratioavailability.Mixer:Parallel and Right Angle vertical drives offerdrywell assembly and positive lubrication of upperbearings.Shaft Mounted Conveyor DrivesAlignment-Free:Eliminates motor and driven equipment alignment.Rugged motor flange accommodates standard TDand IEC flanged motors, with fluid or standardcouplings.Swing Base:Most flexible design; handles widest assortment ofmotor/coupling combinations.Bucket Elevator:Inching drive package designed for low maintnance, long life and safety.V-Belt:Top mounted motor with a v-belt connectiondelivers a compact/cost efficient solution.High Torque Planetary DrivesPlanetary final stage provides a compact, costeffective alternative to hydraulic and conventionallow rpm drives.4

Shaft-MountedConveyorAlignment FreeShaft-MountedConveyorSwing BasePump & PaperLow-RatioPump &PaperLow Ratio/HighThermalHigh-RatioParallel &Right er Right-AngleVerticalShaft-MountedConveyorBucket ElevatorMotorizedMotorAdapterLarge High-TorquePlanetaryParallelLarge 5

ONE QUICK DRIVEIn an increasingly competitive global marketplace,we strive to help you succeed by providing the bestoverall customer experience through our innovativeproducts and services, exceptional people andspeed in everything we do.Quick Ship Falk Drive One design streamlines themanufacturing process Our worldwide5 DAYS OR LESSnetwork ofstrategicallylocatedRexnord BuildCenters assuresrapid availabilityon a global basis Centralized Build Center utilizes state-of-theart flow manufacturing techniques for reducedlead times throughout North America Quick-Ship drives can be shipped in 1– 5 daysQuick SelectOur commitment to speed includes the QuickSelection Guide, which makes it fast and easyto choose the right Falk Drive One model foryour job. Simply look up the application, horsepowerand speed Options enable you to select the turnkeysolution that best fits your requirements,including motors, drives, fans – virtuallyeverything you need is in one complete,convenient package, identified by one partnumber6Quick Repair / Exchange A comprehensiverange of solutionsdesigned to meetyour cost andlead timerequirements Falk Drive OneRepair Kits provideall the bearings, seals, hardware and instructionsto do a partial drive rebuild at your facility Falk Drive One Exchange units are remanufactureddrives at 75% of new cost, backed by a 3-yearwarranty. They are available in the Quick-Ship 15 day lead time for common ratios. Just order anExchange Drive, and return the existing driveafter replacement for a 25% credit

Benefits: Improve performance and operating life Cost savings – up to 65% over obsoleteequipment Better unit and parts availability Easy “drop-in” replacement 3-year “heavy-duty” warrantyThe alternative to: Expensive, obsolete drives Hard-to-get imported components Problem applicationsFalk Drive One – redefining lowest total costthroughout North America and around the world.One Worry-Free SolutionQuick Change Falk Drive One allows you to easilyreplace any type andbrand of large drive Conveniently upgradeany drive to thelowest total costleader At the same time,standardize on asingle drive platformto maximize yoursavings over time Full 3-Year Warranty –standard – on everyFalk Drive One Falk Drive One Worry-FreeOption – eliminates all periodic maintenance for3 full years (based on 16 hours of operation perday). Includes a factory fill with Falk GMax 6000 Synthetic Lubricant, Severe Duty Falk AirMax Breather, LTG Grease Purged Seal, andLTG Coupling LubricationKnow-How & Customer ServicePeople: 24/7 support Field service Problem solving supportInformation: Detailed selection guides Service/parts literature Complete online referencematerialDistributor Added Value Project coordinationInstallation assistanceField supportSpares planningCustomer in-plant knowledge7

World Class Customer ServiceFor more than 100 years, the dedicated people of Rexnordhave delivered excellence in quality and service to ourcustomers around the globe. Rexnord is a trusted name whenit comes to providing skillfully engineered products thatimprove productivity and efficiency for industrial applicationsworldwide. We are committed to exceeding customerexpectations in every area of our business: product design,application engineering, operations, and customer service.Because of our customer focus, we are able to thoroughlyunderstand the needs of your business and have the resourcesavailable to work closely with you to reduce maintenancecosts, eliminate redundant inventories and prevent equipmentdown time.Rexnord represents the most comprehensive portfolio of powertransmission and conveying components in the world with thebrands you know and trust.Rexnord, Drive One, Ultramite, Steelflex, TA Taper and Renew are registered trademarks ofRexnord Industries, LLC. Falk is a trademark of Rexnord. All rights reserved.WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER SERVICEAUSTRALIARexnord Australia Pty. Ltd.Picton, New South WalesPhone: 61-2-4677-3811Fax: 61-2-4677-3812CHINARexnord ChinaShanghai, ChinaPhone: 86-21-62701942Fax: 86-21-62701943LATIN AMERICARexnord International, Inc.Milwaukee, WisconsinPhone: 1-414-643-3000Fax: 1-414-643-3222BRAZILRexnord Correntes Ltda.Sao Leopoldo - RSPhone: 55-51-579-8022Fax: 55-51-579-8029EUROPERexnord NV/SAMechelen, BelgiumPhone: 32-15-.443811Fax: 32-15-443860MEXICORexnord S.A. de C.V.Queretaro, Qro.Phone: 52-442-218.5000Fax: 52-.442-218-1090CANADARexnord Canada Ltd.Scarborough, OntarioPhone: 1-416-297-6868Fax: 1-416-297-6873Rexnord Kette GmbHBetzdorf, GermanyPhone: 49-2741-2840Fax: 49-2741-284-385SINGAPORERexnord International, Inc.Singapore City, SingaporePhone: 65-6338-5622Fax: 65-6338-5422Rexnord Industries, LLC 3001 West Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208-4200 USAPhone: 414-342-3131Fax: 414-937-4359 2007 Rexnord Industries LLCUNITED STATESCustomer ServicePhone: 1-866-REXNORD(1-866-739-6673)E-mail: rexnord(state)@rexnord.comExample: [email protected] COUNTRIES NOT LISTEDRexnord InternationalMilwaukee, WisconsinPhone: 1-414-643-2366Fax: 1-414-643-3222E-mail: [email protected]/2007 Delzer Litho Printed in USA