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WelcomeWhether your employees are industry veterans or new to the field,we believe in supporting our clients and ensuring their ongoingbusiness success. Our training schools reflect the experience andknowledge gained working nearly 100 years in the oil andgas industry.The courses are taught by the same measurement specialists thatdesign, engineer, and service our equipment. We offer you and youremployees a superior training environment that will assist you withsafe, reliable, and efficient system operation. The training workshopsuse our demonstration equipment and simulators to provide anin-depth, hands-on experience. Our training courses offer studentsvaluable knowledge and practical expertise that allow students toautonomously install, parameterize, maintain, and repair your system.TechnipFMC also offers customized courses either at your place ofbusiness, a TechnipFMC training location, or a location of your choice.We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with youat our training seminars. If you require other training services, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us.– TechnipFMC Training Department2TechnipFMC training schedule 2021

At a glanceContentsAccuLoad Load Rack.Page 4AccuLoad III/Load Rack April 13-16 Erie, Pennsylvania, USAAccuLoad IV/Load Rack May 18-20 Erie, Pennsylvania, USAIntroduction to Load Rack Operation and Maintenance .Page 5June 8-9 Erie, Pennsylvania, USASmith Meter AccuLoad .Page 6AccuLoad III August 10-13 Erie, Pennsylvania, USAAccuLoad IV September 14-17 Erie, Pennsylvania, USALiquid Metering Technologies.Page 7October 19–22 Erie, Pennsylvania, USATechnipFMC training schedule 20213

AccuLoad Load RackDates and locationsAccuLoad II Load Rack Erie, Pennsylvania, USA - April 13-16, 2021AccuLoad IV Load Rack Erie, Pennsylvania, USA - May 18-21, 2021OverviewThis course combines theory, hands-on training and flow demonstrationsthat students can readily use in the field to install, operate, calibrate,maintain and troubleshoot TechnipFMC’s load rack products.Topics covered include General operation Programming function Installation guidelines Smith Meter PD and Prime4 meters Meter service Pulse transmitters Load rack accessories Smith Meter 210 digital control valves Turbine meters for load rack serviceClick here forOrder Form4 TechnipFMC training schedule 2021ScheduleErie, Pennsylvania, USA scheduleTuesday0830 - 1600Wednesday0830 - 1600Thursday0830 - 1600Friday0830 - 1100

Introduction toLoad Rack Operation& MaintenanceDates and locationsErie, Pennsylvania, USA - June 8-9, 2021OverviewThis course combines overview of the electronics and mechanicalequipment typically found in load racks that students can immediatelyuse to identify the components and their role in the field.Topics covered include MicroLoad, AccuLoad III and IVoperation overview MicroMate/AccuMate overview Load Rack measurement equipmentScheduleErie, Pennsylvania, USA scheduleTuesday0830 - 1600Wednesday0830 - 1600Click here forOrder FormTechnipFMC training schedule 20215

Smith Meter AccuLoad Dates and locationsAccuLoad III Erie, Pennsylvania, USA – August 10–13, 2021AccuLoad IV Erie, Pennsylvania, USA – September 14–17, 2021PrerequisitesBasic metering knowledge and familiarity with load rack/batching operations.OverviewThese courses combine theory, hands-on training and live demonstrationswhich will provide an understanding of how AccuLoad electronic loadcontrollers interface into the load rack metering system.Topics covered include General operation Programming function Installation guidelines Service and diagnostics Communication functions Security features Additive injector interface Auto proving for provers Blending methods andprogramming (SEQ, ratioand hybrid) Pulse transmitters AccuMate software applicationClick here forOrder Form6 TechnipFMC training schedule 2021ScheduleErie, Pennsylvania, USA scheduleTuesday0830 - 1600Wednesday0830 - 1600Thursday0830 - 1600Friday0830 - 1100

Liquid MeteringTechnologiesDates and locationsErie, Pennsylvania, USA - October 19-22, 2021OverviewThis course combines theory and hands-on training to teach skillsthat students can immediately use in the field to install, operate,calibrate, maintain and troubleshoot TechnipFMC MeasurementSolutions Metering Products.Topics covered include Smith Meter PD meters Conventional turbine meters Multiple viscosity turbine meters Pipeline accessories PD stack accessories AccuLoad MicroFlow Coriolis meters Ultrasonic meters Proving and proving methodsScheduleErie, Pennsylvania, USA scheduleTuesday0830 - 1600Wednesday0830 - 1600Thursday0830 - 1600Friday0830 - 1100Click here forOrder FormTechnipFMC training schedule 20217

TechnipFMC's policy of practical trainingis an excellent learning opportunity. OurAftermarket Group has found that BestMeasurement Practices experience buildsa solid working knowledge of measurement systems and products for the client,producing on-site personnel who areknowledgeable and comfortable with theoperation and maintenance. The classesdetailed here can also be customized tomeet a client’s particular need by combining classes and focusing on theirinstalled equipment. These unique andindividualized courses can be quotedupon request to companies looking for asession held at their site, a centrallylocated facility to help reduce travelcosts, or at one of our facilities locatedin Germany, Norway and the US.This training is aimed at clients with anexisting installed base and an on-staffteam of operations and maintenancepersonnel. Development of these trainingprograms will result from close interaction with our team to assess the currentskills and competencies of a client’s staffagainst “industry norms” for the particular level of the technician.8 TechnipFMC training schedule 2021

TechnipFMC training schedule 20219

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