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Why Illusions Vinyl Fence?Because Your Home Deserves the Very Best!You’ve done everything inyour power to make yourhome fit your unique style.Why would you settle for less fromyour fence?You wouldn’t. That’s why IllusionsVinyl Fence is the perfect fit foryour next fence installation. It’sgot everything you need all rolledup into a simple and affordablepackage.Part of the Eastern Fence Family, our company is based on Long Island, NY, and we have beenmanufacturing and distributing fence and railing products for almost 50 years. Nobody butnobody has more vinyl color and woodgrain than Illusions.Designed with the sole purpose of allowing your creativity to flow, Illusions Vinyl Fence, GrandIllusions Color Spectrum, and Grand Illusions Vinyl Woodbond Series of vinyl fence products arethe next step in the evolution of a product. Never before has fencing been done with such a hugedegree of choices.With 36 principal colors, 5 completely authentic woodgrains, and the ability to match a color ofyour choosing, you now have the perfect solution for your deck and railing. Both Grand IllusionsColor Spectrum and Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond have a beautiful low gloss finish as well.To find out more information, check out the website: www.illusionsfence.comwww.illusionsfence.com2

Why Illusions Vinyl Fence?Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA) CertifiedAs a Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA) certified company, Illusions Vinyl Fence is routinelytested and regulated to maintain the most stringent guidelines of quality and consistency in thefence industry. This is extremely important to you, the consumer, because VMA certified productsmust be made from 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl which is a structurally superior and longer lastingproduct than vinyl made from recycled plastics.ASTM F964-13 CompliantASTM F964-13 is considered the most recognized testing specification for vinyl.The purpose of this specification is to establish a recognized standard of quality for exterior vinylprofiles for use in assembling agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing.QuickShipTM InStock NO-WAIT ProgramGot an important party coming up and need a fence quick?Many styles of Illusions Vinyl Fence and their matching 4' and 5' wide gates are in stock andavailable for immediate shipment. Ask your fence installer for information on all current options.Ready to SpecifyIllusions Vinyl Fence styles are available on to help you immediately specifyfor commercial and residential installations. Spec sheets, CAD files, PDFs, and more are ready tohelp you get your Illusions Fence installed today!Made in the U.S.A.Manufactured by Eastern Wholesale Fence of Medford, NY, Illusions Vinyl Fence has been ahousehold name in the fence industry for almost 30 years and is proudly manufactured in theUnited States of America.WarrantyThe best looking products in the industry give you a great warranty as well!Classic Illusions Fence is protected by a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, and GrandIllusions Color Spectrum and Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond products are protected by a twentyyear pro-rated warranty. For details and warranty related questions, please visit the Illusionsfence website at

PRIVACYV300PRIVACYV3215DSPRIVACY WITHSMALL DIAGONALLATTICEPrivacy Panels feature a “V”-Jointed tongue and groove board and come with awide variety of decorative tops. Privacy fence panels include a metal reinforcementchannel in the bottom rail to help create a stronger and longer lasting fence. Wepride ourselves on offering a Privacy Panel for every taste. They are also offered incolor and woodgrain. Lattice comes in color and woodgrain.V3701PRIVACY WITHFRAMEDPICKET TOPV3215DV3215SQPRIVACY WITHDIAGONAL LATTICEPRIVACY WITHSQUARE LATTICEV3215OEPRIVACY WITH OLDENGLISH LATTICEV3700PRIVACY WITHSTRAIGHTPICKET TOPV3706PRIVACY WITHSTEPPEDPICKET TOPV3707PRIVACY WITHSCALLOPEDPICKET TOPCOLONIALCLASSIC BEIGE AND


SEMI-PRIVACY!N5E00WH-KDV(Photo5Page 2)HORIZONTAL SEMI-PRIVACYWITH 3" BOARDSV215DSMALL DIAGONAL LATTICEVSQLOLD ENGLISH LATTICEV215SSQUARE LATTICEThe Illusions Vinyl Fence Semi-Privacy line has one of the largest selections offeredand is specially designed for basic privacy without a “closed in” feeling. Thisextensive selection offers standard semi-privacy styles with space between theboards to allow air to flow through as well as the well known Board-on-Board styleswith overlapping boards that provide both privacy and airflow.V5006V5215DSEMI-PRIVACY WITH 6” BOARDSSEMI-PRIVACY WITH 6” BOARDSAND DIAGONAL LATTICEV210V210DBOARD ON BOARD6BOARD ON BOARD WITHDIAGONAL LATTICEAlso popular in the Semi-Privacy series is “Old English Lattice.” It’s designed to looklike a vinyl version of the common fence style used for growing vines, gardens, andhedgerows. Semi-Privacy fence panels include a metal reinforcement channel inthe bottom rail to help create a stronger and longer lasting fence. Available in colorsand woodgrains.V500ASEMI-PRIVACY WITH ALTERNATING6” AND 1-1/2” BOARDSV500SEMI-PRIVACY WITH 3” BOARDSV2700BOARD ON BOARD WITHSTRAIGHT PICKET TOPV2701BOARD ON BOARD WITHFRAMED PICKET

CLASSIC VICTORIAN PICKETOne of the most popular fence styles in the USA isthe Illusions Vinyl Fence Classic Victorian Picket.Using 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” pickets, it is a maintenancefree look alike of the old red cedar fence. All of thepanels are carefully designed with the classic look inmind and are available in colors and woodgrains.V7001-1/2” X 1-1/2” STRAIGHT TOP PICKETV7061-1/2” X 1-1/2”STEPPED TOP PICKETV7071-1/2” X 1-1/2” SCALLOPED PICKETV7011-1/2” X 1-1/2”FRAMED TOP PICKETwww.illusionsfence.comV7081-1/2” X 1-1/2”ARCHED TOP PICKETV7021-1/2” X 1-1/2”STAGGERED TOP PICKETV703S1-1/2” X 1-1/2”STAGGERED SCALLOPEDPICKETV7031-1/2” X 1-1/2”STAGGERED PICKETV7051-1/2” X 1-1/2”FRAMED STAGGEREDPICKET7

CONTEMPORARY PICKETV350-TR7/8” X 3” PICKETS WITHDOG-EAR PICKET CAPSV353-TR7/8” X 3” ARCHED PICKETSW/ DOG-EAR PICKET CAPSV402-TR7/8” X 3” SCALLOPEDPICKETS W/ POINTEDPICKET CAPSIllusions Contemporary Picket Fence offers what is known asthe “good neighbor” approach to fencing. It is a fence thatfeatures both sides of the panels being exactly the same. Thepickets are assembled THROUGH the rails instead of simplybeing attached to them. Available in colors and woodgrains.V401-TR7/8” X 3” PICKETS W/POINTED PICKET CAPSV401R-TRV406-TR7/8” X 3” STEPPEDPICKETS W/ POINTEDPICKET CAPS7/8” X 3” PICKETS WITHPOINTED PICKET CAPS(REDUCED SPACING)V401N-TRV401NR-TRV402NR-TR7/8” X 1-1/2” PICKETS W/POINTED PICKET CAPS7/8” X 1-1/2” PICKETS W/POINTED PICKET CAPS(REDUCED SPACING)7/8” X 1-1/2” SCALLOPEDW/ POINTED PICKET CAPS(REDUCED SPACING)ORNAMENTAL PICKETV01001” X 1” ORNAMENTAL PICKET FENCEWITH STAGGERED PICKET TOPSV01011” X 1” ORNAMENTAL PICKET FENCEWITH STRAIGHT PICKET TOPV0202CLASSIC BEIGE AND WHITEIllusions Ornamental 1” x 1” Picket is a vinyl alternative to the wrought ironfence. It enables you to maintain the look of wrought iron without themaintenance. Available in colors and woodgrains.1” X 1” ORNAMENTAL PICKET FENCEWITH STAGGERED FRAMED PICKET TOP1” X 1” FRAMED TOP ORNAMENTALPICKET FENCEPICKETTOPSTYLESARROWHEAD8V0200BOY SCOUTwww.illusionsfence.comGOTHIC

POST & RAILCLASSIC BEIGE2-RAIL3-RAIL4-RAILCROSSBUCK2-RAIL DIAMOND3-RAIL DIAMONDIllusions Post & Rail fence is available with three different styled rails for theTwo-Rail, Three-Rail, Four-Rail or Crossbuck fence. Whatever setting you may have,Illusions has the look you want and the strength you need. You can also get yourIllusions Post & Rail styles in Grand Illusions colors and woodgrains.RAILINGVRTRADITIONAL - 2” X 3.5” TOP-RAILCLASSIC CLAYIllusions offers a complete line of vinyl railings. All Illusions VinylRailing System railing panels contain a metal channel in thetop-rail. Some styles are also offered in Grand Illusions colors andwoodgrains. Illusions Vinyl Railings also offers an optional metalchannel for the bottom rail for extra protection.See page 27 for more information on Illusions Vinyl Railings.www.illusionsfence.comVRTTRADITIONAL - T-RAIL TOP-RAILVRFTTRADITIONAL - FLAT T-RAIL TOP-RAILVRCCOLONIAL - 2” X 3.5” TOP-RAILVRTCCOLONIAL - T-RAIL TOP-RAILVRFTCCOLONIAL - FLAT T-RAIL TOP-RAIL9

CURVES & TRANSITIONSSimple to Order Matching Accessories for Your Illusions Vinyl FenceEnhance the look and feel of your Illusions Vinyl Fence with these readily available curved and bent rails.Perfect for unique fence styles, transition sections, or for rounded corners of your property.All rails are available in all colors and woodgrains.WATERFALL "A" SLOPE RAILAvailable in ALL fence stylesRADIUS "E" RAILWATERFALL "H" RAILOnly available in picket fence stylesAvailable in all full privacy andSemi-privacy fence stylesWATERFALL "B" SWEEP RAILAvailable in ALL fence stylesCROWNED "F" RAILSWEEP "I" RAILAvailable in all full privacy andSemi-privacy fence stylesAvailable in all full privacy andSemi-privacy fence stylesSCALLOPED "C" RAILAvailable in ALL fence styles10SWEEP "D" RAILSCALLOPED "G" RAILS-CURVED STYLED "J" RAILAvailable in ALL fence stylesAvailable in all full privacy andSemi-privacy fence stylesAvailable in all full privacy andSemi-privacy fence

CURVES & TRANSITIONSSimple to Order Matching Accessories for Your Illusions Vinyl FenceTransition sections are used when you need to change the height of a fence run.Perfect for backyard to front yard height adjustments, ending sections, corner accents, and more!All rails are available in all colors and woodgrains.SW-A (Sweep Pickets / Angled Rail)SW-S (Sweep Pickets / Straight Rail)Available in all picket fence stylesAvailable in all picket fence stylesTRANSITION “J” RAILSTAP-A (Tapered Pickets / Angled Rail)TAP-S (Tapered Pickets / Straight Rail)Available in all picket fence stylesAvailable in all picket fence stylesSCAL-A (Scalloped Pickets / Angled Rail)SCAL-S (Scalloped Pickets / Straight Rail)Available in all picket fence stylesAvailable in all picket fence stylesIllusions Classic V3215DS section witha transition s-curved “J” Rail top andmid-rails. Shown in Classic Gray andWhite.“D”- RAILTAPER (Straight Taper)SL-S (Sloped Pickets / Straight Rail)Available in all privacy and Semi-privacy stylesAvailable in all picket fence styleswww.illusionsfence.comVBD300 Illusions Classic V300 sectionwith a curved “D” Rail style transitiontop rail. Shown in Classic White.11

MATCHING WELDED GATESPRIVACYSEMI-PRIVACY(Matching Assembled Gates AvailableAsk Your Fence Installer for More Information)BOARD-ON-BOARDCLASSIC WG5706VWG2708VWG215DVWG707VWG3707VWG370812 WG708Standard 3' & 4' Width Walk Gates (VWG), and 5' & 6' Width Drive Gates (VDG) (Custom Sizes and Styles Available)

MATCHING WELDED GATESStandard 3' & 4' Width Walk Gates (VWG), and 5' & 6' Width Drive Gates (VDG) (Custom Sizes and Styles Available)CONTEMPORARY 0202VWG0200VWG351-TRACCENT GATESORNAMENTAL PICKETVWG401-TRVWG350-TR(Matching Assembled Gates AvailableAsk Your Fence Installer for More 8VBG10VBG11VWGOV52POST AND RVWG401N-TRV2RWGV3RWGV4RWGVDRG-42VDRG-43VWGCBDRIVE or extended openings,simply order two gates to fill.(Up to 12' wide openings).ASSEMBLEDGATES FOR SELECTSTYLES(Shown: Two 5' Wide VDG300-56)VBG1213

ARBORS & PERGOLASIllusions Arbors & Pergolas are an important option tohelp add flair to your fence installation by taking it froma good looking fence install to a great looking fence install in one simple step. Use with a gate or as a funornament for your landscaping.AVAILABLEINCOLORSANDWOODGRAITOO! NSVARBGVinyl Arbor(Lattice styles interchangeable)(Shown with Square Lattice)VPEROEPergola(Shown with Old English Lattice)14VPER2PVPER4P2 Post Pergola4 Post Pergola with

ARBORS & PERGOLASV3707-6 6’ high privacy fence with scalloped Classic Victorian Picket top and matchingVWG3707-46 walk gate and VPEROE pergola with Old English Lattice. All shown in Classic Clay and Classic White.VPER2PVARBG (Diagonal Lattice)www.illusionsfence.comVARBG (Small Diagonal Lattice)VPER4P15

PERGOLA KITSTOP VIEWPicket Count (H)Rafter Count (G)C1.502.002.00EDFRONT6.006.00FRONT VIEW104.418.00SIDE VIEW8.00BAMeasurementABCDEFGHKit es8' x 8'70"70"114.2"114.2"12"13.95"778' x 12'70"118.75"114.2"162.2"12.75"13.95"10710' x 10'94.5"94.5"138.2"138.2"13.5"15.171"8810' x 12'94.5"118.75"138.2"162.2"12.75"15.171"10812' x

PERGOLA KITSAVAILABLEINALL COLORSANDWOODGRAINS!Item #DescriptionVPK888' x 8' Vinyl Pergola Kit (Inground)VPK101010' x 10' Vinyl Pergola Kit (Inground)VPK121212' x 12' Vinyl Pergola Kit (Inground)VPK812VPK1012VPKM88VPKM1010SurfacesMount Kit emsll itinclude a ry fornecessa XCEPTnEfabricatio nersefastPerfect for any setting, IllusionsPergola Kits can be installedboth inground or surface mount.8' x 12' Vinyl Pergola Kit (Inground)10' x 12' Vinyl Pergola Kit (Inground)8' x 8' Vinyl Pergola Kit with Post Inserts (Surface Mount)10' x 10' Vinyl Pergola Kit with Post Inserts (Surface Mount)VPKM121212' x 12' Vinyl Pergola Kit with Post Inserts (Surface Mount)VPKM8128' x 12' Vinyl Pergola Kit with Post Inserts (Surface Mount)VPKM101210' x 12' Vinyl Pergola Kit with Post Inserts (Surface om 17

LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTINGLow Voltage Fence, Railing, & Deck Lighting SolutionsIllusions Vinyl Fence Low Voltage Lighting Caps and Hardware are made tocombine safety and quality with aesthetics. Lighting is one way thatcustomers can add a unique touch to their deck, fence, or railing.Illusions lighting products are constructed with only high grade,commercial components.Illusions Low Voltage Lighting was created to provide contractorsand homeowners LED lighting solutions that are easy to install,reliable, and affordable.These attractive lighting components will increase the enjoyment ofany outdoor living space while also adding ambiance and safety. Simple and Easy to InstallNo wires to cut - plug together wiring harnessSingle power supply for all lightsNo need for an electrician or electrical permitsWeather resistant connectors and lightsLong-lasting LED’sHousings are durable and UV stableLow voltage DC power supplyDusk to dawn light sensorAvailable with remote dimmer switch0.80 Watts0.80 WattsVHPCL44W4” Halo LV Light - WhiteVNPCL55W5” Neptune Halo LV Post Cap - White0.80 WattsAlso available in 4"VNPCL44W0.80 WattsVDPCL44W4” Downward LV Post Cap - WhiteVCPCL44W4” Combo LV Post Cap Light0.40 Watts0.80 WattsVLDOMEWLV Dome Side Light - Scalloped Lens18 www.illusionsfence.com0.40 WattsVLSTWLV Side/Stair Light (Comes with 2 Covers)VLSIDEWOrnamental LV Side LightNOTE: Items on this page are not to scale. Vinyl fence and railing lights available in white only.

POST CAPSNEW!V55FOEXTERNALFLATV55NENEW ENGLANDV55FGFRENCHGOTHICV55PPALACE V55FDFEDERATIONPicket FPOINTED CAP7/8" x 3"DOG EAR CAP7/8" x 3"DOG EAR CAP7/8" x 6"POINTED CAP7/8" x 1-1/2"PYRAMID CAP1-1/2" x 1-1/2"FRENCH GOTHIC1" x 1"ARROWHEAD1" x 1"BOY SCOUT1" x 1"HARDWAREHingesAll Illusions Gate Hardware is custom designed to our specifications and manufactured using only the highest quality materialsheld to the same rigorous standards we use for all of our products. Many of our products are available in black, white, andbronze. Use a Vinyl Gate Stopper (VGS or VGSH) on all gates and two sets of Drop Rods (DRAS) on double drive gates.CPH55CORNER PLATE HINGE(Black or White)(Sold in pairs)CPH55SSPRING LOADED CORNERPLATE HINGE(Black, White, or Bronze)(Sold in pairs)THSLTRUE-CLOSESPRING HINGE(Black Only)(Sold in pairs)THAHD-BKADJUSTABLE TRUE-CLOSESPRING HINGE(Black or White)(Sold in pairs)IESHX-TRA STRONG HINGE(Black or White)(Sold in pairs)LatchesMLDD-BKMAGNETIC GATE LATCHES(Black or White)MLS-BKSMALL MAGNETIC GATELATCHES(Black or White)HLSSSTAINLESS STEELHATCHET LATCH(Black, White, or Bronze)VGSHGATE STOP/HANDLE COMBO(Black or White)VHDLGATE HANDLE(Black, White, or Bronze)V21SSSTAINLESS STEEL GRAVITYLATCH W/PLATE(Black, White, or Bronze)V21LLGRAVITY LATCHKEYED 2-SIDES(Black or White)Misc.DRAS OR DRAS4824" OR 48" DROP ROD(Black or White)(Bronze Also for 24")NOTE: Items on this page are not to scale.VGSPVC GATE STOP(Black or White)CSB-12SSSTAINLESS STEEL SPRING CLOSER(Black or White)www.illusionsfence.com19

COLOR e.comClassic SeriesLooking for somethingsimple and timeless?Check out your 4 Illusions"Classic" color options.White, Beige, Gray, and Clay.CLASSIC WHITECLASSIC BEIGECLASSIC GRAYCLASSIC CLAY (NEW!)ALL COLORS SHOWN ARE APPROXIMATE.SEE PHYSICAL SAMPLE FOR ACTUAL COLOR.V300-6CL6' Height Tongue and Groovepanels with 7/8” x 6” boards,1-1/2” x 5-1/2” top andbottom horizontal rails, a metalreinforcement channel in thebottom rail, and 7/8” x 1”U-Channel edgings to add aunique and attractive aesthetic.Shown in the color Classic Clay(NEW FOR 2018).

NEWRCOLOsicsalCClayAll Classic Series Colors Are Available in V300-6For other styles and colors that are in stock all the time, just look for thelogo.www.illusionsfence.com21

COLOR OPTIONS22 www.illusionsfence.comColor Vinyl Fence!All Illusions Fence Styles are available in ALL colors!Grand Illusions Color SpectrumTM is the next evolution of a product. Choose from32 different low gloss colors of vinyl fence. You can even let your creativity flow bymix 'n' matching your colors to create incredible fence installations.BlackBrownHunter GreenSlate GrayGrand Illusions Color SpectrumFOCUS COLORSHandpicked to match the most requested home accents and backyard blending options, theFocus Colors are some of the most popular color options in the Illusions Vinyl Fence product line.(These colors are not available through the QuickShipTM program. Ask your local dealer for delivery times.)ALL COLORS SHOWN ARE APPROXIMATE. SEE PHYSICAL SAMPLE FOR ACTUAL COLOR. 32 Principal Color Choices Low Gloss Matte Finish Available in All Styles Mix ‘n’ MatchTM Your Colors Sky2BlueTM Color ProtectionV300-6 6' high T&G vinyl privacy fence in Black

YESTHI !S rnWhite CedarodDriftwoodALL COLOR SWATCHES SHOWN ARE APPROXIMATE. SEE PHYSICAL SAMPLE FOR ACTUAL COLOR.(ALL GRAND ILLUSIONS COLORS AND WOODGRAINS AVAILABLE IN ASSEMBLED PANELS ONLY)V300-6 6' Height shown in Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond Eastern White Cedar with French Gothic (V55FG) post capswww.illusionsfence.com23

Endless Color Possibilities.All of these beautiful low gloss Grand Illusions Color Spectrum colors are created to match commonhome accent colors. You can Mix 'n' MatchTM them with any other Illusions colors as well. (These colorsare not available through the QuickShipTM program. Ask your local dealer for delivery times.)ALL STYLES AVAILABLE IN ALL COLORS.Colors shown are approximate. See physical sample for actual color.Patio WhiteTanSeacoast GrayEa