Graduate Degree Programsat Florida International University

A V I B R A N T U N I V E R S I T Y F O R T H E G L O B A L W O R K P L AC EEarnEningi your graduated t degreedFl id InternationalI ttil UniversityU iit (FIU) means joiningj i i a communityit off scholars whoseEarningatt Floridacuttinng-edge research pushes the frontiers of knowledge. It means working with faculty members whose innovativecutting-edgescholaarship places FIU among the top ranks of America’s leading research universities.scholarship ! ammong the nation’s best.ranked among " # " A MULTIDISCIPLINM ULTID ISCIPLIN ARY APPROACH T O RESEARCHRE S EARCHFIU offers a wealthh of opportunities for discovering new knowledge through the use of our outstanding research resources and facilities.In our colleges, schools,schoools, multidisciplinary research centers, and laboratories, FIU professors and graduate students come together toexplore ethical challenchallengesnges in business, create plans for betters schools and urban centers, discover new applications for nanotechnology, # exceedingSupported by awards excceeding as much as 100 million for research projects, FIU faculty look to identify students whose ideas and insightswill contribute to the university’suniverrsity’s proactive research mission, ensuring that FIU remains a model of progress that continues to utilize its researchfor social and economic impactimppact in communities throughout the city, across the nation, and around the world.A WORLDSW ORLDS AHEAD COMMUNITCO MM UNIT Y OF SCHOLSCH OL ARSARSWith a community of over 8,000 graduategstudents joining us from all over the US and more than 120 countries across the globe, an academicnetwork of world-renowned faculty and research scholars, and the city of Miami, a major international hub, your graduate career at FIU will provideyou with an opportunity to experiencexperiencece an open, entrepreneurial, innovative, and inclusive academic environment that fosters leading-edge researchwith a global impact.Numbering more than 125,000, FIU graduatesgradduates include many of Miami’s elite entrepreneurs, executives, Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, hotel and cruiseline managers, social workers, urban planners,plannners, artists, engineers, politicians, scientists, and public school teachers. The value that your FIU graduatedegree brings to your academic and professionalprofesssional career can be seen in the great work that our graduates do every day, serving their communities here and FIU C A M P U SES, R ESO U RCES, A N D FACI LI T I ESFIU RESRESEARCHEARCH FACFACILITIESILITIE S AND RESOURCESRE SOURC E SFrom our computing facilities to our engineering campus toour world-class laboratories, FIU offers outstanding resourcesfor research. The libraries at Modesto A. Maidique and BiscayneBay Campuses house more than one million volumes, along with # # # # curriculum materials, and government documents. Students haveaccess to approximately 10,000 journals and a wide range of onlineresources. Connected to all libraries in the State University Systemof Florida, the library also offers access to holdings at major librariesthroughout the country.

MODES T O A . MAIDIQUE C AMPUSThe larger of FIU’s two main campuses, the 342-acre Modesto A. MaidiqueCampus (MMC) is home to most of the university’s college and schooldivisions. This main campus is home to the eight-story Steven GreenLibrary, the Wertheim Performing Arts Center, the Frost Art Museum, theInternational Hurricane Research Center, and the university’s athleticfacilities, such as the FIU Stadium and the U.S. Century Bank Arena.% " # " "health center, an enhanced engineering building, an expandedstudent center, the College of Law, and the College of Medicine.B I S C AY N E B AY C A M P UUSSBISituated on 200 acres next to scenic Biscayne Bay inNorth Miami and encompassing a natural mangrovepreserve, the Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC) isa beautiful setting for university life. Campushighlights include an impressive library, an & # ' # 'center,ratet conferenceft andd theth new SchoolS h lof Environment, Arts and Society with astate-of-the-art marine sciences facility.C AMPUAMPUSS HOUSINGH OU SINGGraduate students may livein university housing at boththe Modesto A. MaidiqueCampus and theBiscayne Bay Campus.Apartment-styleaccommodationsare available. Forinformation abouthousing, pleasecall (305) 3484190 at MMCand (305)919-5587 atthe BBC.F IUI U S TUT U D E N T SES E R V I CECESIn keeping with its mission to ensure student academic and professional success, the " * / # 6 # 7 # 9 : # ; / / / # # ; Programs and Services, the Center for Leadership and Service, and many more.

COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTU RE AND THE AR T SThe College of Architecturerchitecture The Arts is comprised of the School of Architecture, thee School ofArt and Art History,ry, the School of Music, the Department of Theatre, and the CommunicationCommuCoCom unicationcation ArtsoccupiesDepartment. Withh programsp rams that focus on art, design,des , and performance,formance, the CollegeColleCoocccupies adistinct position inn thehe diverse urban setting of South Florida by combining careercare preparationpreepaaration with the J J The College’s faculty,culty,ty, staff, students, and alumni add dimensions of experience to thee traditionaltrraditionalconcepts of the disciplines,ciplines, and theythe participatearticiarticipatee in interdisciplinaryinterdisciplinar collaborationollaboration to encourageenncourageourage creativityand itsand the exchangege of knowledge.wledge.g The Collegeg is devoted to the value of the humhuman mind acreative spirit.CER TIFITIFICC ATE PROGRAMSPROG RAM S³³³³KNOW?The CollegeCollege continuesc ntinuesues to extend the traditional boundaries of education to meet the contemporarycochallenges of a globalbal economy that produces a remarkably rich environment for study.studystuDiscoverDiscooverer moremor at:t Cruise Ship andnd SuperSup Yacht Interior DesignHistory and Thheoryory of ArchitectureATheoryLandscape ArcchitectureArchitectureMuseum StudiesDIDConnecting withw h the wide range of programs and resources within the university and theth broadercommunity,Botaniccommunity studentsstudentsdentsnts collaborate with world-class institutions such as the Fairchild TropicalTTropGarden, thethe Wolfsonian-FIUW lfsonian-FIUonian-FIU Museum, the Patricia and PhillipPhill Frost Art Museum, and theth Universitàdegli Studi di GenovaGeenoova in Italy.³ Master of Architecturee³ Master of Arts in Architecturee³ Master of Interior Architecture³ Master of Arts in Interior ArchitectureArchhiteccture³ Master of Landscape ArchitecArchitecturecture³ Master of Arts in Landscape ArchitectureArcchitectureArtss³ Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts(Compositionn,³ Master of Music (Composition,Conducting, Jazz Performancce, MusicPerformance,Technology and Performance)³ Master of Science in Music EducationFIU’s College of Architecture The Arts houses one of the largest private collections of classical piano music.

COLLEGE OF AR T S AND SCIENCESGraduate students in the Collegee of Arts & ScienceSciences pursue knowledge throughhroug research, scholarship,degreesacrosscreative work, and publication. The College of Arts & Sciencesciences offersoffer 42 graduategg # Q # # widened considerably into other regionsns of the world,world including Africa and Asia. Faculty research isespeciallyandThe Departmentof Psychology has oneesy strong on issuesues of immigrationimnd ethnic relations.repof the bestest programsro ms in legalegal psychology.p cholopsychogy.The creative writing program at FIU is ranked amongamon thehe top ten programsprogr s in thet nation. OtherOthe specialsppecialDiaspora studies,strengths of the humanities includeude history, religion and culture, African andd AfricanAfrstudidies, / 7 % * X a culturally diverse city that serves as the GatewayGatew to thehe AmericasAmas andan a hub of the greatergreate Caribbean.ean.In the naturalthe biomedicalsciences, Caribbean Basintural sciences,es, faculty researchrese ch strengthsstrths includeinbiomedgeology,and tropical biology.g environmentalenvirntal science, forensicfor sic science,sce, medium-energym-energy physicsph/ ' ' ' ' ' # # outdoorsthe AtlanticOcean, Biscayne Bay and theoutd s they have thee living laboratorieslabories ofo the Everglades,EverglaAtCaribbean Sea at their doorstep.pAmong the social sciences, many faculty members focus on international studies. Latin American andCaribbean studies have historically been a strength,streng and more recently the College’s expertise hassCER TIFITIFICC ATE PROGRAMSPROGRAM S³ African and African DiasporaStudies³ Asian Globalization³ Asian Studies³ Biodiversity Conservation andManagement³ CognitivegNeuroscience³ Community Development³ Consensus Building³ Environmental Studies³ European Studies³ Geographic InformationSystems³ Homeland Security andEmergency Management³ ³ Iberian StudiesDiscover more at: ³ International andd ComparaComparativeAdministrationPublic Administrtrationion³ Latin American CaribbeanCaribbeStudies³ Marriage and Familyly TherTherapy³ Middle East andnd Central AsianStudies³ National Securityty Issues³ Public Administrationtion³ Public Management³ ³ Sustainable Communities³ Studies³ Water,r Environment, andDevelopment³ Women’s Studies³ African and African Diaspora Studies(MA))³ Asian StuStudiess (MA)³ BiologyBiolog (M(MS)MS)³ Chemistryistry andd Biochemistry (MS)( S)³ Creative Writingng (MFA)(M³ CriminCriminalnal JuJusticeustice (MS)((MMS))³ Economics (M(MA)MA)³ English ((MA)³ Environmental Studies (MS)³ Forensic Science (MS)³ Geosciences (MS)³ Global Governance (MA)³ Global and Sociocultural Studies (MA)DOCT ORAL DEGREESDE GREE S³ History (MA)³ ³ LaLatin Americanerican and CaCaribbeanCaribbeaanStudiesStududies (MA)(M³ LiberLiberalral Studies (MA)³ LinguLinguisticsuisticstics (M(MA)³ MathMathematicalhemmaticaal SciencSciencesnces (MS)((M)³ PhyPhysicshysics (MS)(M³ PoPolitical Sciencecience (MA)³ Public Administration (MPA)³ Psychology (MS)³ ³ Spanish (MA)³ Statistics (MS)³³³³³³³³³³³³³Biology (Ph.D.)Chemistry (Ph.D.)Biochemistry (Ph.D.)Global and Sociocultural Studies (Ph.D.)Economics (Ph.D.)Geosciences (Ph.D.)Historyy (Ph.D.)() Physics (Ph.D.)Political Science (Ph.D.)Public Affairs (Ph.D.)Psychology (Ph.D.)Spanish (Ph.D.)

CHAPMAN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSIf you are preparingng for a leadership position in business or to become a successful entrepreneurtrepreneur intoday’s rapidly-changing,hanging,nging, technology-driven global business environment, there is no betterbetterer place tofacultymove ahead thann att the ChapmanCman Graduate School of Business. With expertert researchresearresfacculty with acommitment to teaching,eaching,ching, and an impressive physical infrastructure that includes thet latestlatestt technology andbusinessmulti-media classrooms,srooms,oms, the Chapman Graduate School of Business is the leadinleading bbussineess school inSouth Florida.accreditedBusiness Weekk hasas rated Chapman amongamthe topt 15 percentcent of all internationallyinternational acca crediteddited businessbSchools ofschools in the Associationsociationn to Advance Collegiatego Business,B, and U.S. NewsNNewws & WorldWo ReportpCER TIFITIFICC ATE PROGRAMSPROGRAM S³ Healthcare ManagemManagementanagemenntDIDKNOW? ³ Accounting (MAcc))ion (MBA—(M³ Business AdministrationExecutive, Healthcare,Healthccaree, Professional,Corporate)³ Finance (MS)³ Businnesss (MIB)()³ International Business ! ³ ³ Management InformInformationmation Systems (MS)³ Taxation (MS)³ Health Informatics and ManagementSystems (MS)ranked the SchoolSc ool of Business among the top 25 in the U.S. for international business. CoursesCare availavail # X We are proudprooudd of ourur recognition as one of the leading international business schools in theth world and arecommitted to continuouslyskillsontinuouslynuously enhancing the leadership, entrepreneurial outlook, and technologicaltectechndemandedd byy topop employers. Our distinguished faculty and our intimate connections withwit leading globalcorporationscorporationns allowalloa ow us to deliver on this promise.DiscoverDiscooverer more at:t DOCT ORAL DEDEGREESGREE S³ Businesssiness Administration (Ph.D.)Chapman Graduate School is ranked #1 for most diverse school (2012) according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

COLLEGE OF EDUC ATIONThe College of Education empowerswers students, faculty,facult and staff to embracee the shared experiences ofa diverse, international, and professionalessional learning community.counity. The CollegeCooffers 23 graduategdegreeg * " " Y 9 * 7 7 # # and the Department of Leadershiphip and Professional Studies.dies.initialThe College is accredited by the National Council forfo Accreditationcreditation of TeacherTe her Education,Etion, and itsit inittial Z 9 6 6 addition to its commitment to academicemic learning,learning the collegeollege engages in numerousumero educationalucation andleadershipp initiatives in the community.yHailing from prestigious universities across the country,couthe faculty of the College of Education pursuesuesvaried and extensive research. Areaseas of interest includeinclu early-childhood through K-12 education,CER TIFITIFICC ATE PROGRAMSPROGRAM S³ Educational Leadership³ TESOL (Teaching English toSpeakers of Other Languages)DIDKNOW?international and urban education, adultult andan highergher education,ecounselor education, and recreation andsportsp management.anagementCollegeColleg highlights include ranking asa onene of onlyy eighteigh institutionstitutions in the nation recognized by theInternationalAssociation forInternaationalonal ReadingRfo itss excellenceexc nce in teachinghing reading in elementary education.Additionally,K-6, ESOL-infusedhas been awarded aally, thet college’sege’s Elementary EducationEduca-infused programpr % 9 : % %of theprogramsby the Councilt Mentalental and Schoolool CounselingCounselprogrCil for theth Accreditation of Counseling andRelated Educational Programs.gDiscover more at: ³ Adult Educationducation and HuHuman " # ³ Art Educationucation (MS, MAT)³ Counselorelor Education (MS)(³ Curriculumm and InstructioInstruction (MS)(M³ Early Childhood Education ((MS)³ Educaationalal Leadersshipp (MS)(MS))EducationalLeadership³ Foreignn Language EducaEducation³ Foreign Language EduEducation:TESOL (MS) SPECIALIS T DEGREDEGREESES³ Higherr EducationEduAdministrationnistration (MS)(M³ nal/InterculturalEduducationation (MS)MS)Education³ PhyPhysicalcal Education (MS)(M³ ! ³ ### # ManagementMagement (MS(MS)³SSpecialal Education (MS(MS)³ Urban Education (MS)³ Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.S.)(Edd.S.)³ Educational Leadership (Ed.S.(Ed.S.).)³ SchSchoolchool Psychologyychology (Ed.S.)(Ed.SAlexandre Lopes, a special education doctoral student at FIU, was Florida’s 2013 Teacher of the Year.DOCTT ORAL DEGREESDOCDE GREE S³ ! Development (Ed.D.)³ Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D., Ph.D.)³ Educational Administration and Supervision(Ed.D.)³ Exceptional Student Education (Ed.D.)³ Higherg()Education (Ed.D.)

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTINGEngineers and informationformation technologists lead the list of professionals who are mostmos inn demand.] Z # our graduatesBeckmanCoulter,academic recruiters.ers.s. Majoror companiescomies that employ ouraduates include BeckmaBeckC ulter, BostonCou # # / # 9 9 # # # { # # # ## studentsGrumman, Ford, Lucent,ucent, Hewlett Packard and United Technologies. FIU offers studenstusntss the opportunitythe globalto excel in a culturallyurallyally diverse environment and become better prepared to enterente thgloobal marketupon graduation.The College’sg distinguishedstinguishedged facultyy is recognizedginternationallyy for excellence in teteaching,hing,g, sserviceserrvice and " # to national and international organizations.professional societies, andd provide consulting servicessorganizzations.CER TIFITIFICC ATE PROGRAMSPROGRAM S³³³³KNOW?Research isis supporteds pportedorted by Centers of Excellence, where faculty and students work withw cutting-edgetechnologyy fundedfuundeddedd by major federal agencies as well as local, national and internationalinternationa corporations.internatioExamples ofo researchr earchrch include: intelligent transportation systems, sick building syndrome,syndrsyndrom structuralintegrity andnetworkannd survivabilitys rvivabilityvability of residential and manufactured properties in hurricanes, enterpriseenente # ' DiscoverDiscooveer more at: ³ Biomedical EngineeriEngineeringgineering (MS)³ Civil Engineerinng (MS)MS)Engineering³ Computer Enginneeering (MS)EngineeringConstruction EngineeEngineeringngineerinng and ManagementElectrical Poweer Engineering and ManagementPowerInformation Tecchnnology in Civil EngineeringTechnologyMechanical EngEngineeringgineeringDIDCollege facultyfacult members have expertise in a variety of areas such as protein engineering,engineerin biomaterials,materials processprocpcessss modeling, electro-optic materials, nano-magnetics, and nano-structurednano-structnano-strumaterials. DOCT ORAL DEGREESDE GREE S³³³³³³³³³CompuComputerScienceSciencee (MS)ConstrConruction ManagementM agement (MS)ManConstructionElecctrical EngineeringEnginneerering (MS)ElectricalEngineeringEnggineeering ManagementMananagemement (MS)EnvironmentalEnvvironmental EnginEngineeringgineereering (MS)InformationInfoormmation Technologyogy (MS)(MMatterial Science and EngineeringEngngineg neeringg (MS)()MaterialMecchaanical Engineering cations and NetwNetworkingtwo