UltiPro for Canadian Employees —Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital ManagementWith UltiPro, you can manage every aspect of HR, payroll, and talentmanagement—from recruitment through retirement—in one, end-to-endcloud/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.Award-winning UltiPro offers unified features for recruitment, payroll, benefits, compensationmanagement, performance management and reviews, succession planning, career development,time and attendance/workforce scheduling, plus a role-based Web portal that provides instantaccess to information and strategic tools to perform business activities. And, it’s global. UltiProdelivers one system of record to consolidate, manage, and analyze worldwide workforce information.Data is available across all areas of human capital management—by department, division, country,and more—in an instant for fast reporting and analysis. Put simply, UltiPro helps unleash greaterbusiness potential and strategic capabilities for HR. This translates into better service for your mostimportant asset—your talented employees.Business/Employee PortalThe UltiPro portal keeps everyone in your organisation connected and empowers your workforce tooperate at peak efficiency. A seamless, single user experience, the portal provides your staff withthe most important information relevant to their roles within the business—from employees readingcompany policies, checking personal and pay information, and downloading commonly requestedforms to managers completing tasks from their inbox, reviewing resumes, and monitoring importantmetrics with dashboards. The UltiPro portal: Helps improve communications and increaseemployee satisfaction by sharing important newsand business objectives with your entireworkforce Increases productivity by providing manager andHR/payroll access to critical information and thetools needed to manage staff and performroutine business activities more efficiently Eliminates day-to-day inquiries to HR andpayroll by allowing employees to access theirown pay, benefits, and HR details Helps your organisation stay on top of keymetrics and business trends with on-demand,real-time access to commonly requested reportsand analytics across any component of HCM Delivers a positive user experience with its “HCM My Way” portal design that allowsemployees to select personal preferences that are “sticky”—recalling individual settingseach time the user logs in—including preferred language and the order and placement ofcontentHuman ResourcesUltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related information including employment history, performance,job and salary information, career development, and more for all employees in one worldwidesystem of record. Plus, UltiPro makes it easy to record key information for government complianceand reporting whether you are governed by the Canada Labour Code and/or provincial/territorialemployment standards legislation. UltiPro also ensures compliance with federal and provincialprivacy legislation for protecting sensitive personal information and data, such as employee socialinsurance numbers.1UltiPro — Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital Management for Global Businesses

Global Workforce InsightUltiPro Global Workforce Insight gives organisations one system of record to unify their worldwideworkforce. Track employees’ personal, job, salary, benefits, and other HR information for multiplecountries, make employee contact information visible to the multi-national workforce, and viewcompensation information globally.UltiPro Global Workforce Insight also provides complete visibility into your global employees’benefits and compensation information for quick analysis and decision making. Quickly and easilyaccess vital reports and analytics—either by individual country or the entire company as a whole.Workforce Analytics and ReportingUltiPro’s unified reporting and business intelligence tools help you gain complete visibility and insightinto your workforce by letting you pull data across all areas of your human capital managementsolution, including HR, payroll, benefits, tax, recruitment, performance and more, to capture keymetrics in an instant.Roles-based access to reporting, query, and analysis tools aswell as real-time alerts and dashboards help everyone on yourteam, from line managers to executives, stay on top of businessneeds—instead of just reacting to them. With UltiPro, you can: Analyze workforce metrics such as turnover trendsand benefits costs Access commonly requested reports on headcount,recruitment activity, average salary, general ledgerreporting, and more Use dashboards to view critical information right onyour desktop Proactively send alerts, for example, on issues likeupcoming performance reviews or overtime amounts File signature-ready forms to comply with Canadianlegislative requirementsPayroll Administration and Tax ManagementThe most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market, UltiPro does it all, handling hundreds ofpayroll-related computations and complex calculations such as Canada/Quebec Pension Plan(C/QPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI) premiums, Quebec Parental Insurance Plan(QPIP) premiums, federal and provincial/territorial income taxes, union dues, registered pensionplan contributions, Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), and garnishments—with no needfor manual calculations or expensive and time consuming programming.With UltiPro, your centralized payroll department, remote offices, or multiple divisions can beinvolved in whole or in part to process payroll from start to finish in a few easy steps, including:2 Automatically retrieving time and attendance data for payroll processing Generating an instant off-cycle cheque (eliminating the time-consumingmanual cheque process) Voiding/cancelling a payment (cheque or deposit)Calculating pay (including a full gross-to-net calculation)Generating direct deposit files for Canadian banks, pay cheques, anddirect deposit advice (DDA) statementsTracking the progress of the payroll onlineUltiPro — Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital Management for Global Businesses

For fast and efficient processing, UltiPro delivers a Payroll Gateway—one-click access to all of yourpayroll data. From a central location, you can view your payroll calendar and pay dates, select a paygroup for payroll processing, check payroll setup, review processing status and payroll results, andaccess reports. Plus, you can simplify the payroll process, configuring your own payroll models bybundling a series of payroll steps into one.UltiPro delivers all federal and provincial/territorial income tax and health care levy updates such asOntario’s Employer Health Tax automatically as part of the core solution. UltiPro’s comprehensivetax management system helps you handle tax compliance and computations including workers’compensation, taxable wage accumulation and reporting, and withholding requirements. Plus,UltiPro generates the year-end annual information returns required by the Canada Revenue Agencyand Ministère du Revenu du Québec.Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment, and Life EventsYou can tailor UltiPro to match all of the group insurance plans—including extended health, dental,vision, life, disability, and other benefits that your organisation offers, set up and administer benefitsplans, and allow employees to check benefits options and coverage online. UltiPro eliminates theneed for duplicate rules, duplicate data entry, and reconciliation reporting because it stores detailsfor deductions and benefits plans in one common table. This includes rules for coverage, premiumand employer match computations, and eligibility and participation determination.UltiPro Open Enrollment significantly reduces the time and expense associated with administeringemployee benefits with paper enrollment. By automating the open enrollment process online, UltiProminimizes paperwork for HR and benefits professionals, plus helps you cut costs and go “green” byeliminating the need to print and distribute tedious forms. Employees review benefits options andmake elections from anywhere via the UltiPro portal. Benefits administrators enjoy easy setup ofopen enrollment sessions, including the flexibility to customize content and messages foremployees. Administration tools allow HR or benefits managers to monitor session progress at anytime. Because UltiPro is a unified solution, employee benefits elections and ensuing deductions areprocessed in one system—no reconciliation is necessary. With UltiPro, you gain a smooth andefficient open enrollment process that delivers substantial time and cost savings.UltiPro Life Events simplifies making life-event benefits changes by allowing employees to updatetheir own benefits and personal information online. The intuitive solution guides employees throughall the steps of making life-event changes, such as getting married, having a baby, or moving—withno paperwork or calls to HR.RecruitmentUltiPro Recruitment accelerates the recruiting process andmakes it easier than ever by streamlining and automating all ofthe activities associated with finding and acquiring top talent.The solution boosts productivity and reduces the length of therecruitment cycle by enabling managers, recruiters, and HRstaff to track and manage tasks such as posting open jobs,reviewing resumes, screening candidates, schedulinginterviews, conducting background checks and more right fromthe UltiPro portal—saving significant time and minimizingoverall recruitment and hiring costs.With UltiPro Recruitment, you attract and hire the mostqualified candidates and put yourself in a proactive position toalign recruiting and staffing activities with your organisation’soverall goals and talent plan.3UltiPro — Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital Management for Global Businesses

Performance ManagementUltiPro Performance Management lets you assess performanceand gather feedback on an ongoing basis—instead of once ayear—to get the best results out of your employees. The solutionhelps you understand employee competencies, identify andreduce gaps, and plan for future workforce needs. You can createa pay-for-performance environment that rewards your topperformers. You can also establish competency-based employeedevelopment goals, assess performance against measurableobjectives and review progress at any time, identify highperforming employees for key positions, and collect multicontributor feedback for a full picture of an employee’sperformance. The result is better talent retention and betterbusiness results for your organisation.Succession ManagementWith UltiPro Succession Management, you can create anexecutable strategy for professional growth and careeradvancement within your organisation. The solution provides youwith the ability to effectively engage with your employees to define their career paths and ensurethey develop the skills, knowledge, and other talent factors necessary for personal growth andcontribution to your company's success. By uncovering talent gaps, identifying high-performingindividuals, understanding retention risks and assisting employees in obtaining their “readiness” tostep into key roles, you reduce your risk of business disruption.Career DevelopmentUltiPro Career Development arms you with the tools needed to chart employee professional growthand effectively manage development opportunities to assist employees in obtaining the skills,knowledge, and qualifications required for subsequent roles. By bringing development opportunitiesto employee and manager desktops, UltiPro empowers your people to take more responsibility andcontrol over their own career aspirations, plus provides managers with the information they need tomake smart decisions about staff development needs.Compensation ManagementUltiPro helps you retain quality employees because it enables you to better manage compensationand keep increases and incentives in line with employee performance. UltiPro CompensationManagement helps you regulate merit increases to stay on budget, and tracks and reports on globalcompensation. You can report on current and planned compensation to ensure that plans are in linewith business objectives. UltiPro Compensation Management:4 Streamlines salary planning and the budgeting process Supports variable pay plans to help you tie employee compensation tojob performance Lets you apply salary and wage differentials based on geographicalareas associated with particular work locations Enables you to analyze compensation data as it relates to factors suchas job title and performance and variable pay plans Allows you to track and report on global compensationProvides fast and easy access to detailed job and compensation dataDelivers a merit matrix to help regulate merit increases to ensure thatyour actual salary plan is in line with the overall budgetUltiPro — Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital Management for Global Businesses

Salary Planning and BudgetingUltiPro Salary Planning and Budgeting facilitatessalary increase administration by delivering the toolsand information managers need to make effectivedecisions regarding future compensation forindividuals and/or an entire team. Highly configurable,UltiPro Salary Planning and Budgeting makes it easyfor you to tie your company’s salary-increase processand business rules into the solution.Working online, managers can rapidly review salarybudgets and guidelines, and determine the best way toallocate pay increases to their employees within theirapproved budget. Once managers decide on theallocations, they can submit pay increases forprocessing with the click of a button—no manualcalculations or spreadsheets required.Time, Attendance, and SchedulingHaving the right time solution to manage people effectively is important for long-term success. Tohelp customers meet their individual timekeeping requirements, UltiPro offers several solutions forcapturing time and attendance information and making the data readily available for payrollprocessing. UltiPro’s unified time solutions automate time and labour management processes,helping you to increase workforce productivity, reduce payroll errors, and control labour costs. Fromcomplex time and labour management, leave management capabilities, and workforce schedulingoptions to basic time entry via the UltiPro portal, UltiPro delivers a time and attendance solution tomeet your needs.UltiPro iPhone AppThe ability to conduct “anytime, anywhere” business is simply a must-have for many companiestoday. To help you keep pace, UltiPro has extended manager and employee portal access to theApple iPhone. A free download for customers from the iTunes Store, UltiPro’s iPhone applicationdelivers important workforce information to managers and employees in an instant, for example,making it easy to speed processes for or keep in contact with employees regardless of location ortime of day. From their iPhone, managers have immediate access to their UltiPro “Inbox” to approveor deny daily workforce transactions such as salary increases, job changes, and vacation or paidtime-off requests. Employees can use their iPhone to search your company directory, making findingcontact information for colleagues a snap from anywhere.Position ManagementUltiPro Position Management helps you manage your resource budget, measure trends, and betterforecast the future. Manage by full-time equivalents and dollars, and readily evaluate budgetedversus actual numbers. You always know where you stand with fund allocations, available openpositions, and staffing requirements. Because HR and payroll are unified, reporting on positioninformation for budgeted and actual does not require multiple spreadsheets.System Integration and Data ExchangeUltimate’s “open approach” SaaS model offers convenient and secure integration/data exchangetools, such as Web Service APIs and enterprise integration tools, to facilitate HCM data sharing andhelp you easily connect to third-party systems and service providers.5UltiPro — Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital Management for Global Businesses

Unique System Administration FeaturesUltiPro system administration is a snap because it’s designed for the nontechnical user—noprogramming experience required. System administration includes:6 Configuration options that increase usability and allow you to customize the lookand content of the UltiPro portal. Brand the portal, establishing your owncompany’s image, by inserting your company logo and defining the colors of yoursolution. Create unlimited content, including company communications, forms,documents, links to Web sites and other products, and more, and tailor thatcontent by individual, role, department, company, etc. Individual users canpersonalize the UltiPro portal by selecting preferences for language (English,French, or Spanish), date format, and placement and order of home-page content. Role-based security that protects the privacy of your workforce data by definingsystem access based on an individual’s role within the organisation. Employeessee only information that is appropriate to their role (or multiple roles). Built-in conditional workflow that is flexible, easy-to-use, and designed to makebusiness process changes more efficient. You select the level of approvalsrequired (unlimited) for each type of change and designate the approvers—by individual or role. Business processes and approval path(s) are determined atruntime depending on the conditions specified in the data submitted. Flexible business rules that can be updated by authorized HR/payroll staff andsystem administrators right from the UltiPro portal, including rules such as yourcompany’s jobs, organisation levels, deduction/benefits plans, loan types, leaveplans, and more. A content management tool to quickly and easily create portal content—includingtext, links to Web sites and email addresses, files, images, and more. A built-ineditor allows content to be formatted easily and automatically translated into HTMLfor portal display.UltiPro — Unified, End-to-End, Human Capital Management for Global Businesses