CHAPTER SPEAKER SERIESIAEE Chapter Liaison‐ Lisa BuchananChapter Relations and Content Development Manager 1 (972) 687‐9231The Chapter Speaker Series is a portfolio of pre‐qualified and pre‐negotiated professional speakersintended to enhance local chapter programming. In order to support our chapters, IAEE has prepared a listof speakers who have agreed to present to IAEE’s chapters at a pre‐negotiated rate.If you have suggestions of speakers or topics for addition to the series, please contact Jennifer Rivera [email protected] or 1 (972) 687‐9231.Important Information for Chapter Leaders:1.Honorarium for each speaker is 500 per presentation.2.Chapters can use their Jim Lynn Chapter Education Fund grants for this program.3.Each speaker will need normal and customary travel expenses. Expenses include one night ofhotel accommodations, taxi, airport parking and coach airfare (not to exceed 500) or mileageand parking, if driving.4.Program length is 45 minutes maximum.5.IAEE asks that each chapter use no more than three speakers from the list per year.6.Speakers have agreed not to solicit chapter leadership directly.Booking a Chapter Speaker Series Speaker:1.As soon as possible, contact the speaker directly. Many speakers are booked six ‐ 12 months inadvance.2.Email Membership at [email protected] with the name of the speaker and presentationyou have selected.3.Mention your IAEE chapter’s name and the program name – Chapter Speaker Series.4.IAEE recommends the chapter sign a speaker contract detailing all arrangements. Click here for asample speaker contract. Some speakers have a standard contract they use.5.Begin marketing the program right away. If appropriate, swap mailing lists with another chapteror association to broaden your audience.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Richard Aaron, MFA, CSEP,CMPPresident, BizBash MediaAddress: 8 West 38th ST, NYC, NY 10018Email: [email protected]: (646) 839‐6833Website: BizBash.comPresentation Description(s):IDEAFEST, Breakthrough Ideas for Meetings and Events 2014Do you seek fresh direction each year to add new excitement for your Association meetings and event attendees?Plan to attend this not to be missed session to discover ideas that will influence your event design for 2014 thatwowed attendees at Expo Expo in Houston. Join Richard Aaron, President of BizBash NYC, as he delivers keen insightsinto the latest forces in that will be shaping creative strategies in 2014. Richard will also spice up this session with thelatest BizBash discoveries in social media design, production, and education structure to help you create the mostmemorable event experiences. Discover the top thought leadership concepts in this session that separates the fadsand trends you need to know to keep up with change around you on brain food, activations, experiences, 3D videomapping, social media decor, entertainment trends and oh so much more.A/V Requirements:wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBio and Introduction:Currently President of BizBash Media the nation’s leading Event Resource and Industry bible, he operates thecompanies Special Events, Expos, Conferences, and Meetings as well as Industry relations with over 12 associations.Acknowledged for 15 years of service the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies He has served onseveral Industry Organization International Boards for ISES, NACE, and MPI to name a few. He was named MPIInternational Planner of the Year and enlisted in NY MPI Hall of Fame. He has served as Chair numerous IndustryFoundations and most recently the Green Meeting Sustainable Foundation.Richard is an Assistant Professor of Event Management The Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, andSports Management Professor Aaron’s courses include undergraduate Event Design and Production and a graduateclass on Events and Tourism Development. Professor Aaron’s research interests include all aspects of sustainability,event marketing and event business Strategy for Tourism and tradeshow.In fall 2013, he recently co‐edited an update to the CIC (Convention Industry Council) certification manual used formeeting planner certification. He updated the current guidelines regarding sustainable practices, technology andevent production. It will be published in the 2014 edition of the CIC Convention Industry Council CertificationManuel.An Event strategist by profession, Professor Aaron is an expert in the media on issues covering meetings and eventsissues. He is a sought after Industry speaker rated as one the top 3 speakers by MPI in their Platinum Speaker seriesheld across the Americas and keynote at the IAEE show in Houston to unanimous raves. He has appeared on FoxNews, USA Today; The New York Times; the Los Angeles.Updated March 2014

Speaker:MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP,CMM, CHEPresident, Bobrow Associates, Inc.Address: 6939 Sunrise Blvd., Ste. 119, Citrus Heights, CA 95610Email: [email protected]: (916)‐722‐8168 Mobile (916)761‐3638Twitter: @mbobrowFacebook: n Description(s):MVP‐ a New Paradigm for Trade ShowsOrganizers of exhibitions need to attract more multigenerational people and thus, need a new meeting valueproposition.A/V Requirements:Lectern or Tabletop Podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBio and Introduction:MaryAnne Bobrow is President of Bobrow Associates, Inc., an association and meetings management company. Herfirm manages not‐for‐profit associations, as well as producing meetings, trade shows, and events for not‐for‐profitand for profit sectors.MaryAnne has 20 years of experience in association and meetings management. She is an active member of andvolunteers for multiple industry associations, and is both a facilitator and frequent speaker on business andmeetings‐related topics. She is the Immediate Past Chair of the Convention Industry Council’s Standards Committeeand is a member of its bandwidth and connectivity workgroup and team leader of its hotel piracy workgroup.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Cathy Breden, CAE, CMPExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, IAEE and Executive Director, Center for Exhibition IndustryResearch (CEIR)Address: 12700 Park Central Drive, Dallas, TX 75251Email: [email protected]: (972) 687‐9201Website: www.ceir.orgTwitter: @cbredenPresentation Description(s):CEIR Presentation on the State of the Exhibition IndustryHow is the exhibition industry faring? How does the economy impact events? How can your company respond to,survive and thrive in these volatile times? Hear firsthand CEIR Index results tracking current and projectedperformance of exhibitions. Learn other insights expected to impact participation in exhibitions in the near term.A/V Requirements:Lectern or tabletop podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBio and Introduction:Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP, is chief operating officer of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).She began her association management career in 1984 and has served as a member of several boards of directors, askey staff contact, chief staff executive, volunteer leader and consultant. Breden earned the Certified MeetingProfessional (CMP) designation in 1990, and earned the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation in 1995.Breden attributes her success in association management to: providing clear goals to staff and empowering staff tomake appropriate decisions in achieving goals; providing outstanding customer service; and listening to andresponding to members’ needs.During her time at IAEE, Breden has served as senior vice president, vice president of membership and chapterrelations and as executive director of IAEE Services, Inc. She helped lead the association through a transformativeperiod, repositioning itself from an individual‐member professional association to a trade association representinghundreds of organizations in the exhibitions and events industry. She currently is responsible for the day‐to‐dayoperations of the organization, including overseeing marketing and communications, membership, education,conventions and events, and administration.Additionally, Breden serves as executive director of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), whose primarypurpose is to promote the growth, awareness and value of exhibitions and other face‐to‐face marketing events byproducing and delivering research‐based knowledge tools.Breden is an active member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and the Society for HumanResource Management (SHRM). She served as the 2010 chair of the Convention Industry Council’s (CIC) CertifiedMeeting Professional board of directors. Breden was recognized by DFWAE in 2005 with their Excellence Award andshe wrote the Marketing, Promotion, Publicity chapter of The Convention Industry Council Manual, 7th Edition, AWorking Guide for Effective Meetings & Conventions. She and her husband, Lou, reside in Dallas and have twochildren, Andy and Nick.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Colin BunnVice President, Product Marketing, onPeakAddress: 350 N. Clark Ave. Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60654Email: [email protected]: (312) 527‐7348Website: www.onPeak.comTwitter: @colinbunnPresentation Description(s):Integration Nightmares and “Big Data” Decision‐MakingEvents are a giant web of data producers and consumers: booth sales, registration systems, housing, busingcompany, etc. We are all adding to and pulling from this web looking for insights that inform our decision‐making.Sadly, after a lot of time and analysis, the results are often ambiguous or hard to act upon. Frequently, we learnthat we know next to nothing about the dynamic parts of our business.In this presentation you will learn how to make complex data integration projects simple and how to identify datapoints worth collecting.A/V Requirements:Lectern or tabletop podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBio and Introduction:Colin is fascinated by user‐centered, data‐driven technologies that make products worth owning and an internetworth exploring. He comes to onPeak from TD Ameritrade where he was a product manager for mobile tradingapplications. Prior to TD Ameritrade, Colin was a user‐experience designer/developer and eventually creativedirector for thinkorswim, a trading software company later acquired by TD Ameritrade. From icon and interfacedesign to AJAX and analytics, he has a deep understanding of the web and how to make technology reach theirhighest potential.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Randi BussePresident, Workforce Development GroupAddress: 1800 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747Email: [email protected]: (631)‐598‐5598Website: workdevgroup.comTwitter: @RandiBusseFacebook: Description(s):Your Customers Are Talking About You: How To Make Sure The Stories They Tell Have Happy EndingsThanks to social media, you no longer own your brand‐ your customers do. With the click of a mouse or the tap of afinger, your customer can tell the world about their experience, and strangers will use that information to makedecisions about whether to buy from you. Learn what you need to know about customer service in the post‐internetworld, including: Just what are your customers saying about you? Is social media scaring away your customers? How do you change the stories your customers are telling?What Customers Want: It’s Not What You Think!What do customers want? Here’s a hint: It’s not (just) price, quality, timing, taste or color ‐or any of those attributesof your product or service. It’s the experience you deliver. Learn how to: Identify what your customers want and expect Build a relationship Walk in your customers’ shoes Personalize your customer's experience Deliver the Wow! FactorHow To Book The Business in 5 Easy StepsIs your business struggling? Are you finding it hard to stand out from your competitors? Are you frustrated by priceshoppers? Worried that you aren’t closing enough business? Learn how to: Differentiate your business from the competition Build trust and rapport quickly Ask the right questions Make powerful recommendations Overcome objections Turn your customers into Raving FansCreating a Culture of Ownership In Your CompanyAre you worried about what your employees are doing and saying to customers when youâ re away? Itâ spossible to get your employees to think and act like owners of the business without giving them stock. Learn how to: Ensure your employees know what great service looks like. Help employees connect the dots between their behaviors and the success of the business Deliver the customer experience you expectA/V Requirements:Lectern or Tabletop Podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people)Bio and Introduction:Randi addresses employees’ attitude and mindset before developing their knowledge and skills in order to obtainlasting behavior changes. Her customer service programs draw rave reviews from her customers, because theircustomers are raving about them. This sought‐after speaker has the ability to make audiences listen, nod, laugh andconnect the dots between their own experiences as customers and the service their employees deliver to theircustomers. Randi has spoken at IAEE Expo Expo to rave reviews!Updated March 2014

Speaker:Lawrence CoburnChief Executive Officer, DoubleDutchAddress: 2601 Mission Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94110Email: [email protected]: (415) 235‐5609 (mobile)Website: www.doubledutch.meTwitter: @lawrencecoburnPresentation Description(s):Data Driven EventsThe introduction of powerful mobile applications to the event environment offers an unprecedented opportunity forevent organizers to better understand the behaviors, interests and needs of attendees. This session will look at howevent organizers can leverage this data to maximize ROI for themselves, attendees and exhibitors.A/V Requirements:Lectern or tabletop podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBio and Introduction:Lawrence Coburn is the founder and CEO of DoubleDutch, a company that is pushing the boundaries in mobile eventtechnology and real time analytics. DoubleDutch has raised more than 7M in venture funding from top investorssuch as FLOODGATE, and its roster of clients includes Lowe's, Wells Fargo, Cisco, UBM and more.In his spare time, Lawrence is a guest editor for The Next Web, a mentor for UC Berkeley Computer Sciencestudents, a mentor at IO Ventures (a San Francisco based incubator), a mentor at Accelerprise, and a member ofthe Enterprise 2.0 vendor board. A three‐time entrepreneur, Lawrence also founded RateItAll, a top‐tenconsumer review property. Prior to his Internet career, Lawrence worked for Nortel Networks in a variety of rolesthroughout Latin America. He lives in San Francisco. Follow him @lawrencecoburn.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Sharyn CollinsonVice President & Managing Director, Fixation MarketingAddress: 4340 East‐West High Way Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814Email: [email protected]: (240) 207‐2009Website: www.fixation.comTwitter: @fixationmktgFacebook: Description(s):Tactics to Maximize Your Event Marketing BudgetMarketing teams across all industries are faced with the challenge of achieving more with less.How do you promote an event and increase attendance with keeping a close watch on the budget?Fixation Marketing will share with you tried‐and‐true tactics that will help you maximize marketing dollars and yourbrand.A/V Requirements:Lectern or tabletop podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBio and Introduction:Sharyn Collinson joined Fixation in 2003 after 11 years at Food Marketing Institute (FMI). Sharyn was a Fixation clientfor many years when she worked as director of sales, service and marketing for FMI’s three supermarket exhibitions.All that “client‐side” experience goes a long way in making sure Fixation sees things from the client’s point of view.As vice president and managing director, Fixation depends on Sharyn’s fiery enthusiasm, her “Aha!” problem‐solvingskills and her unflagging sales and motivational talents. She knows first‐hand what great marketing collateral can doto generate revenues. Sharyn has spoken at IAEE and PCMA events, is a member of IAEE Future Trends Task Forceand is a member of ASAE.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Sharyn G. CollinsonManaging Director, Fixation Marketing Inc.Address: 4340 East‐West Highway, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814Email: [email protected]: (240) 207‐2009Website: www.fixation.comFacebook: er:Megan CampbellAccount Services Director, Fixation Marketing Inc.Address: 4340 East‐West Highway, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814Phone: (240) 207‐2083Website: www.fixation.comFacebook: ntation Description(s):“Data Is a Four‐Letter Word”Database management is one of the hardest — and one of the most critical — components of any marketingproject. Attend this session and engage in a discussion on how data relates to show goals and budgets and how todevelop and maintain control of a campaign’s most important asset — the data!A/V Requirements:Lectern or tabletop podium (for notes), wireless microphone (if 30 people), PowerPoint will be usedBios and Introductions:Sharyn Collinson joined Fixation in 2003 after 11 years at Food Marketing Institute (FMI). Sharyn was a Fixation clientfor many years when she worked as director of sales, service and marketing for FMI’s three supermarket exhibitions.All that “client‐side” experience goes a long way in making sure we see things from the client’s point of view. Asmanaging director, Fixation depends on Sharyn’s fiery enthusiasm, her “Aha!” problem‐solving skills and herunflagging sales and motivational talents. She knows first‐hand what great marketing collateral can do to generaterevenues.Megan Campbell joined Fixation in 2004. Although Jersey‐born (and proud of it), she’s been bred professionally inWashington marketing communications agencies. Megan brings almost 20 years of agency experience and a rock‐solid work ethic to the account team. A chronic student and astute strategist, she loves to roll up her sleeves and digin to projects with energy, humor, determination and thoroughness. Must have something to do with that sabbaticalshe took to become a mother and earn a master’s degree in liberal studies (think literature) from her alma mater,Georgetown University.Updated March 2014

Speaker:Warwick DaviesPrincipal, The Event Mechanic!Address: 11 Wyman Road, Lexington, MA 02420Email: [email protected]: (781) 354‐0119Mobile: (781) 354‐0119Website: www.theeventmechanic.comTwitter: @eventmechanicPresentation Description(s):Building Targeted Marketing Performance Programs Through Target PersonasEvent organizers often have a limited understanding of their audiences, with insights rarely more than a fewdemographic questions collected through the registration process. Holes in this information compromise anevent’s ability to focus on its key target audiences necessary to grow and keep an event viable. Plus, without thisinformation, launching a compelling and ultimately successful marketing campaign is nearly impossible. Thispresentation will help event marketers design and execute a plan using its six‐phase intuitive approach identifyingand gaining a deeper understanding of their key current and future attendee target audiences. This richerknowledge enables organizers to tailor show offerings and marketing programs that resonate with key audiencesas well as identify ways to establish a deeper rapport to improve retention.Solving The Three Biggest Event Orga