Volume 37, #8August, 2005President's MessageWhile I'm setting here thinking about what to write for this month, itcrossed my mind that in only a few short months it will time once again topack up and store the "A's " away for the winter. However, we still have alittle summer left to enjoy driving our ''A's". After this past month, I'mready for some cool weather. It's not real pleasant to be driving when theoutside temperature is nearing the 100 degree mark. My air conditioningjust doesn't seem to function very well.Be sure and watch the newsletter for upcoming events for the remainder of the year. We havesome events still in the planning stage, and others already scheduled. Hope that we see a lot ofmembers get out and enjoy the remaining summer days.See ya at the meeting.LeeOur By-laws Review Committee has been busy looking over the by-laws and is ready to present some of the revisionsthey believe need to be made at the August meeting. If you are interested in how the club operates, be sure to be there.Although we have business to take care of, lots of fun and interesting things happen at our regular meetings. One thingwe do each meeting is make sure all of our members wear their name badges. This is to help new members (and those ofus with poor memories) to learn and remember each others’ names. What happens if you don’t wear your name tag? Youhave to blow the horn, say your name, and put a quarter in the cup. Sometimes we increase our treasury by as much as 1.00.We also have treats, of course, with 2 volunteers bringing goodies each month (except December when we all bringholiday goodies). This is one way you can serve the club in a not too too taxing way. Since we have to clean up afterourselves, we ask that the treats are not the kind that make a mess on the floor. Leonard likes to vacuum, but not thatwell! The volunteers for August treats are Norma Johnson and Gary Rohrberg. Thanks to those who bring the treats.One of our projects for service to the community is that we bring non-perishable food to give to the food banks in Omahaand Council Bluffs. This is optional, but we have given lots of food so far.We have another optional fun activity that was designed to encourage consistent attendance at the meetings. Those whowant to put a quarter in the “Kitty” each time. Near the end of the meeting, someone’s name is drawn. IF that personattended the previous meeting and is at this meeting, he or she gets the Kitty –usually around 10 worth of quarters.Names drawn last month included Esther Miller and Terry Williams but neither were present. The winner was Dave Miller!Many Meadowlarks go out for a bite after the meeting. We don’t always mention this, but any member is welcome to joinus. Right now we seem to have 2 groups going – one to the Millard Road House and one to Sortino’s Pizza.Our By-laws Review Committee has been busy looking over the by-laws and is ready to present some of the revisionsthey believe need to be made at the August meeting. If you are interested in how the club operates, be sure to be there.1

August 101112Barbara Bunch’sBirthdayCleo Wells’Birthday789Brenda & StanDunn’sAnniversaryLeonard & GloriaJohnson’sAnniversary1415Irma Graves’BirthdayLori Rima’sBirthday2116Judy Beckman’sBirthday22Joyce Sacha’sBirthday28613RegularMeeting7:30PMJan Hartenhoff’sBirthday17Maryann & TerryHanson’sAnniversary2324Paul & 19Eat-out atRound theBend*Karan McManis’BirthdayLavonne Olsen’sBirthday2520Commemorative AirForce Event*2627Week-endTour*293031Carol Hendrix’sBirthday* more information in this newsletterBoardmeeting atHendrix’s6PMBeyond August -- More upcoming eventsSeptember 5 – Septemberfest Parade -- call Lee Hendrix for the latest info – 895-2432September 10 – King Korn Festival in Plattsmouth -- tentative club tourSeptember 17 or 18 Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City – tentative club tourSeptember 25 – Club Picnic at the Narrows in Council BluffsOctober 22 – Fall Highway Pickup –tentative dateFall tour – one Sunday in October – waiting for other dates to plan around – any ideas for tour?Important Notice – change of date: **September 25 – Club Picnic**The date for the picnic was previously published as September 18. It has been changed toSeptember 25. It is still at “The Narrows” –a great park by the Missouri River just north of CouncilBluffs. More details next month, but keep this date open. You don’t want to miss the picnic!2

Let’s attend theCommemorative Air ForceGreat Plains wingOpen houseSaturday, August 2010AM – 4PMThey will have some WWII Aircraft andMilitary Vehicles on display and have invitedus to put on a car show.http://www.greatplainswing.orgThey are providingFree Burgers, Hot Dogs & DrinksAt the Council Bluffs Airport16803 McCandless RoadWe need to tell them how many cars/peoplewe will have so sign up at the meeting or callDon or Janet Graves (453-7166) if you planto attend or need directions.(no, you don’t need to stay the whole time)DON’T MISS the August Eat-OUT at theRound the Bend Steakhouse & SaloonAugust 18 – 7 PMGreat food and funIt’s a little far away for some of us, but it’s worth the drive. Lots of good food from a Pork FritterSandwich for 3.25 to Broasted Chicken dinner for 7.10 to T-Bone Steak for 15.95. See the wholemenu at address is 30801 East Park Hwy. Ashland, NE, but it is really between Ashland and South Bend.That is 2 Miles South on Nebraska 66 from I-80 exit 426 (Mahoney State Park & The SAC Museum Exit).If you are drivin’ the ‘A’ and want to avoid I-80, take HWY 50 south to a little south of Louisville, turnright (West) by Platte River State Park and proceed through South Bend to Round the Bend.As usual, we want to know how many we will have, so PLEASE sign up or call LeeHendrix at 895-2432.3

Our trip on the River City StarIt was a hot day, but we enjoyed our trip down (and back up) the Missouri on the River City StarRiverboat. Most of us sat in the shade of the middle deck and soaked up the sites. We were able tofollow the Rules of the River that included “no brawling and no throwing people overboard!”Afterwards, we ate burgers and other goodies at The Hollywood Diner. We found out that the Dinerreally likes to have car clubs visit. Instead of charging us an extra 18 to 20% for serving a group, theytook 20% off our tab! If you belong to another car club, be sure to pass on the hospitality info!Howard Denker and Ed Jankowski shared their Model As with residents of Pacific Springs Villagebefore they and Mary and Millie joined us at The Diner. Rodney Lorence was at Pacific SpringsVillage also but he must have gotten lost because he didn’t make it to Diner. Thanks to thesemembers for representing us there.Other events in the past month Mike and Sharon Kauss hosted the club for lunch after the Gretna Parade. Many thanks to them for afine lunch.Art Push, who is president of the Camp Creek Association, hosted the Camp Creek Thresher’s Showthat many of our members attended.Sunshine Reports Leonard Johnson was hospitalized for gall bladder surgery and appendectomy,after which he developed pneumonia and a staph infection. We hope he is doingbetter this month. Bob McKinney also suffered from pneumonia and had to be “rescued” at the Gretnaparade. He seemed to be back to his old rascally self at the July meeting. On our publication date (August 6), we received word that Dick Sacha washospitalized for tests. We hope all goes well for him and those docs get him back to ship shape in ahurry.On a happier note: Dick and Mary Knapp’s daughter, Cheryl, visited from Australia with her family during the month of Juneand most of July. They all visited Yellowstone and other points west.Mark Wulff, the grandson of Don & Janet Graves and great-grandson of Don & Irma Graves, attendedthe Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia in July along with 45,000 other scouts.El & Dot Gertner had a visit from a son and his family who live in Sweden.Fred & Norma Mann visited with Fred’s brother in Laramie, toured North & South Dakota, and went toMinnesota to visit Terry & Maryann Hanson. Sounds like they know how to beat the heat.4

August 26 - 28Tentative Agenda:Leave West Omaha on Friday evening about 6PM to drive to Grand Island.(those who can’t leave Friday can join the group in Grand Island on Saturday morning)Saturday 9AM to 5PM or until we have seen everything – Visit the Stuhr Museum ( just four minutes north ofInterstate 80, Exit #312, at the intersection of US Highways 281 & 34) Fees: Adults 8.00, Seniors, 7.00, Youth ages 7-12 6.00, Age 6 & under Free.Saturday evening – do the town in Grand Island – or just sit in the hot tub and cool it (is that an oxymoron?)Sunday morning – Go Tanking on the CedarRiver near Ericson Nebraska.What is Tanking? It’s a float trip. Theoutfitter we plan to use has plastic horse tankswith picnic tables in them. It’s like raftingwithout having to man the oars or do anywork. Each tank holds 4 to 6 peopledepending on their size and the condition ofthe river. Most of us can probably plan on 4per tank. It costs 40 per tank so about 10per person. It would be a 2 hour float trip.See more at afternoon – a pleasant drive back home.Wanna join us? We really need to know. We have to make reservations (and a deposit) for the tanking ASAP.So, sign up at the meeting or call Don and Janet Graves (453-7166) by August 15.Ford ProductionJanuary. . . . .February. . . . .March . . . . . .April . . . . . .May . . . . . . .June. . . . . . .July. . . . . . .August. . . . . .September . . . .October . . . . .November. . . . .December. . . . .Total . . . . . .– 1928. 7,000. 14,000. 27,000. 38,000. 51,000. 58,000. 72,000.100,000. 91,000.121,000.122,000.110,000.811,000From the Automobile Trade Journal and Motor Age,February, 1929 --811,000 Model A’s! Wouldn’t it befun to know where all those Fords are today?Will Trade - Oil Pressure Gaugeor Temperature Gauge StrapPart #: A6602 RS 30-31For Part #: A6602 OS 29-30John Mabry 402-333-35685

[ ] BIEBER ON YOUR BALLOT FOR MAFCA BOARDWe have received a request from Arlyn Bieber to vote for him for theMAFCA Board of Directors. Arlyn has many great qualifications forthis position, but the most important one for us is that he was once aMeadowlark!Arlyn and his wife, Nayola, joined the Meadowlarks in 1966 and werevery active club members until Phillips Oil moved them away toBartlesville in 1970. Arlyn was Vice-President of the Meadowlarks in1968 and President in 1969. Nayola was Secretary in 1967.One of Arlyn’s campaign messages is that he is “enthusiastic.” One of our favorite stories aboutthe Biebers backs that up. The first time we met the Biebers was when they joined us for a tourto Harrison County Museum in Missouri Valley. Arlyn was in the process of restoring aroadster and did not have the top on it yet. That didn’t prevent him from driving it on the tour.The enthusiasm part comes with the fact that it was pouring down rain that day.Of course, we were all younger and a bit crazier inthose days, as you can see from our 1968 photo ofArlyn. It does sound like Arlyn’s enthusiasm andwillingess to serve Model A clubs has survivedthe years, though. As he has moved around thecountry, Arlyn has served as an officer in 9 ModelA clubs and is currently serving as President ofthe San Diego club.That experience with clubs all over the country isa wonderful background for serving as a Directorin the national organization. Arlyn is also a veryaccomplished Model A restorer and has wonseveral prizes at the national level. His mostrecent restoration was on the cover of the JulyAugust issue of The Restorer.So, we plan to vote for Arlyn and we hope you will consider it also. If you are a MAFCAmember, you should be receiving a ballot soon. Don’t throw it away this time!If you would like to read more about Arlyn and see photos of the Biebers and their Model Asvisit the San Diego Model A Club site at . We will bring a printout of these pages to the meeting for those of you without internet access.Don & Janet Graves7

Monthly meetings are now at Faith Westwood Church. See map and directions below.This is the official publication of the Meadowlark Chapter of theModel A Restorers Club (MARC) and the Model A Ford Club ofAmerica (MAFCA).This monthly newsletter is mailed to members,prospective members, and editors of similar publications. Itspurpose is to keep you informed about what has taken place and toremind you of future activities.Members may publish at no cost, ads for items wanted, for sale,or trade. They are also invited to submit technical Model Ainformation and other interesting tidbits. Material should reach theeditor by the last Saturday of the month.MONTLHY MEETINGS: Second Saturday of each month(except January) at 7:30PM at the Faith WestwoodChurch –enter on west side & go down hall to the right.2005 OfficersPresidentLee HendrixVP/ Pres. Elect Bob McKinneySecretaryKaren NoodellTreasurerJanet Graves895-2432332-3993(402) 234-6110453-71662005 Board MembersDave BeckmanHoward DenkerHarley HeckmanLeonard JohnsonMike rship dues for the Meadowlark Club are 24.00 peryear prorated monthly for new members. Membership in oneof the national clubs is required. You may join both nationalclubs if you wish. MAFCA dues are 30.00 per year andMARC dues are 35.00 per year.Prospective Members: Please call MembershipChairman, Don Graves, (402-453-7166) for moreinformation.