Volume 37, #3March, 2005President's MessageAs I sit down to write this message I can’t help but think about the comingyear. The time seems to be passing faster every day. I noticed that I havesome daffodils sprouting up. The days are getting longer, the geese areflying north, and spring is only about two weeks away. All of these thingsonly points to one thing, it’s almost time to think about getting Henry’s ladyready for the great coming out. Before we know it, there will be tours,parades, and other outings that we will once again be ushered about by thetrustworthy Model A.We have some upcoming activities and events in the next few months that will help the newdriver as well as all the seasoned Model A’ers. Watch your newsletter for more details of timesand places to help you tackle the yearly task.There was a good turn out for the Bellevue Little Theater a couple of weeks ago. I thinkeveryone that attended had a good time and would enjoy this type of activity later on in theyear again. Watch the newsletter and sign up sheets at the meetings for more activities comingup in the near future.Keep thinking spring and how much fun it will be to be driving your “’A” once again. Will be seeingyou at the meeting on the 12th.LeeThe 2005 Meadowlark Officers and BoardFrom Left to Right: President Lee Hendrix, VP/President-elect Bob McKinney, Secretary KarenNoodell, Treasurer Janet Graves, Board members: Howard Denker, Dave Beckman, HarleyHeckman, Leonard Johnson, and Mike Kauss.

March 910SATURDAY45Blecha’sAnniversaryShizuko Chase’sBirthday67Hooker’sAnniversary1320Esther Miller’sBirthday1415Bill Keitges’BirthdayNorma Johnson’sBirthdayVern Bock’sBirthday1622232117Leonard Johnson’sBirthday2829thBunch’s 50AnniversaryDave Miller’sBirthday3019Bowling Party& Eat-Out*Dot Gertner’sBirthday2526Evelyn Lueder’sBirthday31Treat volunteers for the March meetingare:Norma Mann & Mary McKinneyOther events:May 21 – Florence Parade --starts at PM,lineup time, place, and number notavailable yet.March 12 Lincoln Swap Meet –if you signed up towork, don’t forget to be there!Additional Meadowlark Events:April 16 Spring Trash Pick-up on HWY 36April Fools’ Party – sometime in Aprilafter the April meetingPancake Breakfast/Safety Check – early MayMay 30 (Memorial Day) Ford Show in Old MarketFor Sale:1928 AR Front Fender Left1928-9 Tudor Door Right1930-1 Door Right1930 Rad. Shell1930 Rear Fender Left1931 Running BoardsWant:19” Tire31 Rad Lower Panel or ShellMonte Frost 339-590718Marge Frost’sBirthdayDale Freyer’sBirthday12RegularMeeting7:30PMLee & CarolHendrix’sAnniversaryBob & TrishRand’sAnniversary24BoardMeeting atBeckman’s7PM2711Fred Mann’sBirthdayWILL TRADE: 29 AA Truck for Model A Car orPickup. Mark Tighe, 402-238-2183Ready to break a tradition? Several members have gone to Sortino’sfor pizza after our regular meetings for quite a long time. Last month afew members decided that the Millard Roadhouse would be closer andoffer more variety. They tried it out and found that they received goodfood and fast service. We don’t all have to go to the same place, but wewanted to let everyone know that some are ready to break the tradition.We will talk about it at the meeting.For Sale by club treasurer:Raffle Tickets from the 2005 MARC Membership Meet in St. Louis1st Prize is a multi-day/night riverboat cruise on the Deluxe Delta Queen from St. Louis to Memphis2nd Prize is a completely restored Model A Ford Tool Kit in wood display caseDrawing is April 17th, so the March meeting will be the last chance to buy 1.00 per ticketNote for the geographically challenged: This would be a cruise on the Mississippi River. Memphis is about straightsouth of St. Louis, according to map.htm2

at Mockingbird Lanes4870 So. 96th St.March 19 3:00-5:00PMWe are going to visit the Mockingbird Lanes again – under better circumstances this time. Youmight remember that last time we were there it was because we needed an emergency meetingroom after we were locked out of our usual room at Commercial. This time we are going therefor fun. We have reserved lanes for a good sized group. There will be plenty of room forcheerleaders, too, for those who aren’t really bowlers and want to cheer for (laugh at?) the restof us. Prizes for the highest men’s and ladies’ scores, plus booby prized for the “gutter ballers”.Cost for bowling is 3.00 per line. Shoe rental is 2.75And then . . .Our March eat out will be right after the bowling party at Romeo’s just across 96th street fromthe bowling alley. Even if you won’t be bowling, join us for supper about 5:00PM on March 19.Romeo’s serves Mexican food and pizza.A gift for our club library. We have received the 2000-2002 issues of The Restorer magazinefrom Roger Olsen, who is the President of the Wisconsin Chapter of MAFCA. We haveenjoyed his club’s newsletter, Wheeling the “A,” for several years. Mr. Olsen saw our requestfor past issues in our newsletter and sent them to Mary McKinney, our librarian. We are verythankful for this --------------------The lucky winner of the kittyat the February meeting wasFred Mann.If you have ideas for events and tours orwhere you would like to go for an “eat-out,”please let your tour committee know.You might be the lucky winner this month!Be sure to come to the meeting and put yourquarter in.Call Don Graves 453-7166Or Dave Beckman 388-00083

The event listed as “potential event” listed in last month’s newsletter turned out to be a play atthe Bellevue Little Theatre. Several Meadowlarks enjoyed the play Driving Miss Daisy.Items missed last month: Evelyn Lueders and Harley Heckman were hospitalized with heartproblems. We hope they are both feeling better now.Frank Cooper has also been hospitalized with heart problems. Get well wishes to you, Frank.We heard that Ralph Witte, a corresponding member who lives in Wichita, was hurt in anautomobile accident. Ralph, we are hoping and praying for your full recovery.We learned from the Colorado newsletter that Jeanne Cowan, a former Meadowlark who movedto Wyoming, has died. Jeanne traveled back to see us several times and was a regular attendeeat regional meets. She was a corresponding member for several years, but we lost track of her afew years ago when the newsletters we sent to her started being returned to us.On the good news side: Delmar and Barbara Bunch will be celebrating their 50th weddinganniversary this month. Congratulations to the Bunches!Our club has a web site at It is not always totally up to date, but thenewsletters are posted there each month. If you would like to be on the e-mail list to be notified whenthe newsletter is posted, please send your e-mail address to [email protected] Better yet, if youwould like to save the Club the postage used sending out a paper copy, let us know that you would liketo be on the “e-mail only” list.When you send something to the club (dues, etc.), please send it to our Post Office address:Meadowlark Model A Ford Club, PO Box 6011, Omaha, NE, 68106 -- Be sure to include the clubname in the address. It turns out that the post office doesn’t accept mail for the post office box when itis addressed to an individual.Omissions last monthDue to editor error, Larry and Elaine Blecha were omitted from the list of members who hadmet membership milestones. They have been members of our club for 25 years.Monte and Marge Frost have been members 40 years. This was corrected in some newsletters,but not all.4

Is your spark up to speed?If not, we have a deal for you! Bring your distributor(s) to the March meetingto find out what parts you will need to rebuilt it (them). The actual Tech Talkwill be at Molden’s garage where we will be discussing the functions of thedistributor and rebuilding them. You can rebuild yours stock or use the newstyle modern points and condenser along with the wireless lower plate. Onceyou have your unit rebuilt, you will install it on a Model A (provided), set thetiming, and then start the car with your newly rebuilt unit.If you don’t have a spare housing, one of these members should be able tohelp you out: John Mabry (333-3568), Don Graves (453-7166), or TonyHartenhoff (322-8265). If you are unable to attend the March meeting, butwould like to attend the clinic, please call John Mabry.36353431323330The Distributor Clinic will be at Molden’s Shop in Bellevueon Saturday, March 26, 10:00AM. Lunch will be served (attendees will beasked to contribute to the lunch kitty). Please sign up at the meeting so weknow how many will be 4152213712212a81329451110Original Part 11565DescriptionBase AssemblyBushingOilerFiber Washer ½ (1/32 x 11/16 )Shaft SleeveSleeve Pin 1/8 x 25/32 Plain PinBase ClampClamp Rivet 1/8 x 15/16 Oval Head Split Rivet(Plain Steel, Cadmium, Nickel, or Brass)CondensorCondensor Roundhead Machine Screw 8/32 x ¼ Cad platedCondensor Lock Washer #8 Plain FinishCondensor Roundhead COPPER Plated 10/32 x7/32 ScrewCad for 1928-1929, Copper for 1930-1931Condensor Bus Bar Insulating Fabric WasherLower PlateLower Plate Roundhead Machine Screw 8/32 x ¼ Cad (2)Lower Plate Lock Washer #8 Plain Finish (2)SpringUpper Plate & Insulator AssemblyPoint Breaker Arm AssemblyContact Screw BracketSteel SpacerFiber WasherPigtail#8 Lock Washer8/32 Hex Nut, CadmiumRoundhead Screw 8/32 x 5/16 Zinc plated (2)Flat Washer (pivot side of point block)Lock Washer #8 Plain Finish (2)Fillister Head Screw 6/32 x 7/16 cadmiumLock washer #6 Plain finishShaftCam Shaft Thrust WasherCamCam ScrewCam lock washer 5/16 (1/32 x 35/64)Cam Flat washer 5/16 (1/32 x 35/64)Distributor BodyDistributor RotorDistributor Cap

Prices for Brand New Model A’sBody StylePhaetonDeluxe PhaetonRoadsterDeluxe RoadsterStandard CoupeDeluxe CoupeBusiness CoupeSpecial CoupeSport CoupeTudorDeluxe TudorFordorDeluxe FordorTown SedanCabrioletVictoriaConv. SedanTaxiTown CarStation WagonOriginalPrice1928 395Correctedforinflation2004 4,363OriginalPrice1929 440Correctedforinflation2004 4,861385 4,253 435 4,805 495 5,468 500 5,523 495 500 550 495 5,468 5,523 5,523 5,468 490 510 530 500 5,413 5,634 5,855 5,523 570 6,297 600 6,628 670 645 7,401 7,125 800 1,200 8,837 13,256OriginalPrice1930 440 625 450 520 495 545Correctedforinflation2004 4,977 7,070 5,090 5,882 5,599 6,165 525 495 5,938 5,599 600 640 640 625 580 6,787 7,239 7,239 7,070 6,561 1,200 640 13,574 7,239OriginalPrice1931 435 580 430 475 490 525Correctedforinflation2004 5,406 7,208 5,344 5,903 6,090 6,525 500 490 525 590 630 630 630 580 640 6,214 6,090 6,525 7,332 7,829 7,829 7,829 7,208 7,954 625 7,767The original prices are from who adapted themfrom Henry's Fabulous Model "A" by Floyd Clymer.The corrected for inflation prices were calculated using the inflation calculator at .Although the 2004 prices are more than 10 times the 1928-1931 prices, they don’t seem so bad,do they? Many of us would jump at the chance to buy a brand new, fresh off the line Model Aat those prices.However, when you consider the average annual income in the 1920s and 1930s was between 750 and 1250 (and maybe as low as 275 for farmers), you see that it took most of theaverage person’s annual income to buy a Model A.7

Monthly meetings are now at Faith Westwood Church. See map and directions below.This is the official publication of the Meadowlark Chapter of theModel A Restorers Club (MARC) and the Model A Ford Club ofAmerica (MAFCA).This monthly newsletter is mailed to members,prospective members, and editors of similar publications. Itspurpose is to keep you informed about what has taken place and toremind you of future activities.Members may publish at no cost, ads for items wanted, for sale,or trade. They are also invited to submit technical Model Ainformation and other interesting tidbits. Material should reach theeditor by the last Saturday of the month.MONTLHY MEETINGS: Second Saturday of each month(except January) at 7:30PM at the Faith WestwoodChurch –enter on west side & go down hall to the right.2005 OfficersPresidentLee HendrixVP/ Pres. Elect Bob McKinneySecretaryKaren NoodellTreasurerJanet Graves895-2432332-3993(402) 234-6110453-71662005 Board MembersDave BeckmanHoward DenkerHarley HeckmanLeonard JohnsonMike rship dues for the Meadowlark Club are 24.00 peryear prorated monthly for new members. Membership in oneof the national clubs is required. You may join both nationalclubs if you wish. MAFCA dues are 30.00 per year andMARC dues are 35.00 per year.Prospective Members: Please call MembershipChairman, Don Graves, (402-453-7166) for moreinformation.