PRODUCT BRIEF: UNICENTER AUTOMATION POINTUnicenter Automation PointUNICENTER AUTOMATION POINT AUTOMATES THE MANAGEMENT OF A WIDE VARIETY OFPLATFORMS — INCLUDING MAINFRAME AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS — BY MONITORINGMESSAGES FROM THEM, BASING AUTOMATION DECISIONS AGAINST POLICIES AND INITIATINGFOLLOW-UP THROUGH COMPREHENSIVE NOTIFICATION AND ESCALATION FEATURES.OverviewIn today’s increasinglycomplex enterprisecomputing environment, ITprofessionals are chargedwith meeting broader servicelevel objectives whilemanaging costs.Unicenter Automation Pointgenerates automatedresponses based on eventcorrelation and on notificationand escalation policies. Thesoftware operates securelyacross Web connections, canrestart mainframes andprovides remote access formanaging secondary andtertiary failover sites.BenefitsUnicenter Automation Pointautomates labor-intensivemanagement tasks so you canredirect human resources tovalue-generating work.You can achieve higher levelsof autonomic computing,improve your ability to complywith service levelcommitments and meet bestpractices objectivesassociated with disasterrecovery and businesscontinuity objectives.CA AdvantageUnicenter Automation Pointintegrates with other CA andthird-party products toprovide comprehensive,end-to-end management ofdiverse IT environments.Unicenter Automation Point isa key pillar of CA’s EnterpriseIT Management (EITM)initiative, which provides apowerful solution for unifyingand simplifying your entire ITenvironment.

Unicenter Automation Point Consolidates and AutomatesCross-Platform ManagementThe sun never sets on many businesses in our global economy, and mainframes and othercritical systems must be highly available to support 24 x 7 operations. Managing today’scomplex IT environment effectively and efficiently is a major challenge made even moredifficult by the growing scarcity of mainframe professionals.When individual systems are managed separately, you can get buried in a lot of nonnormalized information and false alarms. To get to the bottom of a given set of circumstances,you must filter through all this noise to find and correlate the few meaningful events. What youneed is a way to initiate automated actions on the mainframe, resolve problems in distributedenvironments, notify and escalate problems that require human intervention and open helpdesk issues in Unicenter Service Desk to track problems to resolution.Unicenter Automation Point is a workstation-based outboard automation solution you can useto centrally monitor and manage mainframe and distributed systems. The softwaresupplements and enhances host-based automation by consolidating alert messages frommultiple systems into a single display, and pinpoints the source and cause of problems.Unicenter Automation Point handles most problem instances with automated responses,initiating remedial actions or commanding another automation tool closer to the problem to doso. Applying policies for escalation and notification, the software automatically informs keypersonnel when human intervention is required.Key CapabilitiesUnicenter Automation Point is an integral part of the CA Dynamic & Virtual SystemsManagement (CA DVSM) solution. Using Unicenter Automation Point and CA DVSM, you canmanage and optimize resources across diverse computing environments to ensure theavailability of vital business applications.OUTBOARD AUTOMATION Based on a Windows workstation, Unicenter Automation Pointprovides outboard automation that supplements and enhances host-based automation ofmainframe and distributed systems. Unicenter Automation Point complements the inboardautomation of Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation, creating acomprehensive end-to-end automation solution.CONSOLE CONSOLIDATION AND EVENT CORRELATION Unicenter Automation Pointprovides cross-platform management by consolidating alert messages into a single display.AUTOMATIC PROBLEM RESOLUTION Problems are automatically analyzed to determinetheir source — e.g., mainframe or distributed system, network, database, subsystem ormiddleware.2 PRODUCT BRIEF: UNICENTER AUTOMATION POINT

POLICY-BASED NOTIFICATION AND ESCALATION You can define automation policy forparticular problem paths and automate notification without the need to define it by writingREXX, an automation programming language. Sophisticated notification strategies includepaging, email notification, text-to-speech or voice notification, escalation and recording andforwarding of messages. Policies can be customized based on time, day or day of the week, and— when Unicenter Service Desk is part of your solution — help desk trouble tickets can begenerated for problems requiring human intervention.SECURE REMOTE ACCESS AND MANAGEMENT You can use a remote client to view andcontrol one or more sessions running on the Unicenter Automation Point workstation. Youaccess the workstation server over any TCP/IP connection at any location, in true consoleemulation mode.CUSTOMIZED SCRIPTING Events that require simple actions are handled with rules, and youcan use REXX scripting when a complex set of if-then logic is required to initiate an automatedresponse or corrective action.IPL AND REBOOT Unicenter Automation Point can display and automate the startup processlocally or remotely for mainframe and distributed systems.DISASTER RECOVERY Through integration with Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS, you can definepolicies for failover to remote data centers, bring down or restart resources in the correct order,significantly reduce the time it takes to IPL remote systems, perform Hardware ManagementConsole (HMC) management remotely and monitor and manage external events.AUTONOMIC COMPUTING Unicenter Automation Point automates the resolution of knownproblems so you can manage your environment proactively. Upon receiving messages fromUnicenter Agents and system management products, the software initiates appropriateactions.What’s New in r11.1EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS You can now send email notifications through any mail server thathas SMTP enabled. This includes the ability to add attachments to the email notifications byfollowing the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) standard.TN3270 This new connection type establishes automated TN3270 terminal connectionswithout requiring any third-party software. This TN3270 functionality also supports extendedterminal attributes.ENHANCED NOTIFICATION MANAGER The tables for the Notification Manager componenthave been added to the Management Database (MDB). The Notification Manager now usesthe MS SQL version of the MDB and the Unicenter Automation Point database transactionlayer — also introduced in this release — for communications with the management datarepository.PRODUCT BRIEF: UNICENTER AUTOMATION POINT 3

FIGURE AUNICENTER AUTOMATION POINT NOTIFICATION MANAGERDefine Notification and EscalationPolicy Using a Web InterfaceUnicenter Automation Point Helps You Ensure High AvailabilityBy using Unicenter Automation Point to automate cross-platform management and define andenforce data center policies across the enterprise, you can resolve most problems withouthuman intervention. This increases the efficiency of IT operations, and you can redirect staffresources toward value-generating activities.With secure remote access over wired or wireless links, your staff members can work fromalmost anywhere, and do not have to be in close proximity to your enterprise systems or HMCsubnet. The secure remote access features and the ability to automate the IPL and rebootprocesses combine to assist you with disaster recovery and ensure business continuityprocesses.Unicenter Automation Point can enhance your existing management solutions significantly,helping you to manage risk, manage costs, improve service, align IT processes with businessneeds and move you a step closer to realizing a fully functioning autonomic computingenvironment.4 PRODUCT BRIEF: UNICENTER AUTOMATION POINT

PRODUCTFUNCTIONMODULESBENEFITSUnicenterAutomation PointConsolidates andcorrelates events frommainframe anddistributed systemsfor cross-platformmanagement Consoleconsolidation Remote operations Alerts and escalation Automatic restart Enhancedautomation Secure remoteaccess Improve serviceavailability Disaster recoverybest practicesCA AdvantageUnicenter Automation Point integrates with other Unicenter and third-party systemsmanagement products to provide comprehensive, end-to-end automation of diverse ITenvironments. Unicenter Systems Management solutions ensure system availability, maximizethe efficiency and minimize the cost of IT operations, and view and manage all systemresources as policy-driven business processes.Unicenter Automation Point is an integral part of the CA Dynamic & Virtual SystemsManagement solution, and an important part of CA’s overall approach to transforming ITmanagement. CA unifies and simplifies IT management across the enterprise for greaterbusiness results.CA Technology Services and our partners can help you assess your current IT situation,define your goals and implement solutions to gain measurable results. To keep your CAsolutions operating at peak performance, CA support delivers unparalleled technical andcustomer support worldwide, and we offer training and certification through CA Education.PRODUCT BRIEF: UNICENTER AUTOMATION POINT 5

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