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COMPLETE PROTECTTHE RIDENOTHING BEATSCOMPLETEWhen it comes to the serpentine system, the right repair is thecomplete one. The belt, tensioner and pulley wear together andshould be replaced together. The Gates Complete Serpentine Kitincludes all the parts in one box, plus a lifetime warranty on partsand labor. Nothing beats that for peace of mind.COMPLETE SYSTEM REPAIRS EXTEND YOUR RIDE.2431. ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley2. TIMING SYSTEM Timing Belt Tensioner/Pulley Variable Valve TimingComponents3. COOLING SYSTEM Upper/Lower Radiator Hose Heater Hose Water Pump4. FUEL SYSTEM Fuel Injection Hose Fuel Line/Vacuum Tubing5. AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM15 PolarSeal Hose and CouplingsCOMPLETE REPAIRS PREVENT FUTURE BREAKDOWNS.BE SYSTEM SMART WITH GATES KITS.

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEMSCAR LIGHT TRUCKComplete Serpentine KitsSolution KitsMicro-V BeltsAramid Micro-V BeltsE-Start Micro-V BeltsDual-Sided Micro-V BeltsStretch Fit Micro-V BeltsRPM Micro-V BeltsAutomotive XL V-BeltsDriveAlign Automatic Belt TensionersDriveAlign Idler PulleysDriveAlign Alternator Decoupler Pulleys [ADP]EuroGrip Kits and Flexible CouplersFan Pulley BracketsHEAVY-DUTY FLEETFleetRunner Heavy-Duty Serpentine KitsFleetRunner Heavy-Duty Micro-V BeltsFleetRunner Heavy-Duty V-BeltsGreen Stripe PowerBand V-BeltsGreen Stripe Truck and Bus Series V-BeltsCoolRunner Refrigeration BeltsHi-Power II V-BeltsTri-Power V-BeltsSuper HC V-BeltsFleetRunner Heavy-Duty AutomaticBelt TensionersDriveAlign Heavy-Duty Idler PulleysPOWER SPORT RECREATIONAL BELTSG-Force RedLine CVT BeltsG-Force C12 CVT BeltsG-Force CVT BeltsPOWERLINK Scooter IGH PERFORMANCE BELTSRPM Micro-V BeltsRPM Timing BeltsRPM Timing Component KitsRPM Timing Component Kits with Water Pump21212222INDUSTRIAL BELTSHi-Power II V-Belts2324252627282829LAWN GARDEN BELTSBladeRunner BeltsPoweRated V-BeltsTruflex V-Belts303031COOLING SYSTEMS91010111112121313TIMING SYSTEM COMPONENTSPowerGrip Timing Component Kits (TCK’s)PowerGrip Timing Component Kitswith Water Pump (TCKWP’s)Automotive Timing BeltsPowerGrip Timing Belt Hydraulic TensionersPowerGrip Individual Timing ComponentsVariable Valve Timing SolenoidVariable Valve Timing Solenoid FiltersVariable Valve Timing Spool Valve Filtersand GasketsVariable Valve Timing SprocketsTri-Power V-BeltsSuper HC V-BeltsSuper HC Molded Notch V-BeltsSuper HC and Super HC MoldedNotch PowerBand V-BeltsPredator Premium V-BeltsSuper HC XP Notched Premium V-BeltsSuper HC XP Notched PremiumPowerBand V-BeltsIndustrial Micro-V Belts (J, L and M Series)23COOLANT HOSEModular Coolant HoseMolded Coolant HoseSmall I.D. Molded Coolant HoseVulco-Flex II Coolant HoseGreen Stripe Vulco-Flex Coolant HoseWire-Inserted Green Stripe Coolant HoseGreen Stripe 4-Ply Heavy-Duty Coolant HoseGreen Stripe 2-Ply Straight Coolant HoseVulco Straight Coolant HoseGreen Stripe Vibraflex Coolant HoseFleetRunner Hi-Temp Straight Coolant HoseStraight Silicone Coolant Hose500 F Severe Service SiliconeStraight Coolant HoseMolded 90 and 45 Silicone Coolant Hose90 Molded Heater HoseDual I.D. Straight Heater HoseGreen Stripe Heater HoseSafety Stripe Heater HoseSilicone Heater HoseCharter Heater HoseHeater Hose 50ENGINE COOLING VALVES, MODULES & TANKSEngine Cooling Fan Modules and Relays51Electric Heater Control Valves51Coolant Reservoirs52COOLANT SYSTEM COMPONENTSHose I.D. ReducersPlastic Heater Hose and Fuel Line ConnectorsAluminum Hose ConnectorsCLAMPSPowerGrip SB ClampsGreen Stripe Stainless Steel ClampsSuper Hex/Minex ClampsGreen Stripe Silicone Hose ClampsGreen Stripe Marine ClampsGreen Stripe Constant Tension Clamps525354555657585960Green Stripe Heavy-Duty ConstantTension ClampsGreen Stripe Heavy-Duty T-Bolt andSpring Loaded T-Bolt ClampsStrap Clamps6263THERMOSTATS, COOLANT OUTLETS &SEALS/GASKETSIntegrated Thermostat HousingCoolant OutletsOE Type ThermostatsPremium ThermostatsEconomy ThermostatsGreen Stripe Heavy-Duty ThermostatsGreen Stripe Heavy-Duty Thermostat SealsThermostat Gaskets6364646565666667RADIATOR PRESSURE CAPS & ADAPTERSRadiator & Expansion Tank CapsSafety Release Radiator CapsHeavy-Duty Radiator CapsRadiator Cap & Cooling System Analyzer KitRadiator Cap/Cooling System Tester Adapters6768686869WATER PUMPSAutomotive Water PumpsElectric Water PumpsHeavy-Duty Water Pumps71717261FUEL SYSTEMSHOSE & CONNECTORSBarricade Fuel Injection [MPI] HoseBarricade Carburetion HoseBarricade Marine Fuel Line HoseSafety Stripe Return Fuel Line/PCVEvaporative Emission Control HoseSubmersible Fuel Line HoseFuel Line & Vacuum TubingConnector AssortmentFuel Injection Hose ClampsFUEL CAPSFuel CapsHeavy Duty Saddle Tank Caps737475767778787979LUBRICATION SYSTEMSTransmission Oil Cooler HoseOil Filler Caps8080POWER STEERING SYSTEMSOEM Type Power Steering & Low-PressurePower Steering Return Line AssembliesBulk Power Steering HosePower Steering Return Line End FittingsPower Steering Repair KitsPS188 Power Steering Hose8181828282TABLE OF CONTENTSTABLE OF CONTENTS

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGTABLE OF CONTENTS - CONTINUEDTABLE OF CONTENTSAIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATIONSYSTEMSPolarSeal and PolarSeal II HosePolarSeal and PolarSeal IICouplings and AccessoriesPolarSeal Portable CrimperPolarSeal II Hose Pliers83848485WINDSHIELD WASHER VACUUMSYSTEMSWindshield Washer and Vacuum Tubing Hose(Non-Reinforced)Windshield Washer and Vacuum Tubing Hose(Reinforced)Radiator Overflow Vacuum TubingSilicone Vacuum Tubing (EGR Hose) & DPFEWet Arm Wiper Tubing8687878888AIR INTAKE/TURBOCHARGER EMISSION SYSTEMSAIR INTAKE/DEFROSTERAir Intake HoseDefroster HoseGreen Stripe Heavy-Duty Air Vent HoseAV Series Air Vent HoseAir Vent HoseTURBOCHARGERTurbocharger Tube KitsTurbocharger HoseMolded Turbocharger Hose KitsMolded Turbocharger HoseGreen Stripe Ring-RetainedTurbocharger HoseTurbocharger Reducer HoseTurbocharger Coolant Supply and Return LineTurbocharger Oil Supply and Drain Line89899091929393949495959696EMISSION SYSTEMEmission Control Kits97Emission Control Hose97Emission Control Duct Hose98EGR Cooler Hose98Engine Crankcase Ventilation Pressure Regulators,PCV Valves and Oil Separators99Power Brake Vacuum Hose99SCR Assemblies100Diesel Emissions Fluid [DEF] Tank TransferFill Hose100Diesel Emissions Fluid [DEF] Tank Caps101Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid101SERVICE HOSEAIR HOSESafety Stripe Air HoseCharter Air HoseHybrid Air Hose102102103Bulk Hybrid Air HoseAir Hose FittingAir Hose ReelHeavy-Duty Air Hose ReelAir Hose StopFUEL HOSEFuel Fill HoseFuel Filler Neck HoseGas Pump Hose 24B (Retractable Cable) forService Stations and Marine ApplicationsMarine Fuel Feed and Vent Hose – Type AFuel Master Delivery HoseFuel Master Curb Pump HoseFuel Master Diesel Curb Pump HoseLPG Vapor HoseMULTI-USE / WATER HOSECharter Multi-Use Air/Water HoseMulti-Use HoseSignal Call TubingHybrid Water 13113Nylon Air Brake TubingSureLok CouplingsAir Brake Compression CouplingsAir Brake Couplings for Rubber Hose118119120120AIR BRAKE ASSORTMENTS & KITSSureLok Air Brake AssortmentsAir Brake Compression AssortmentsRubber Air Brake Hose Assembly AssortmentsBrake Repair Kits121121122122AIR BRAKE HOSEAB Series Air Brake HoseGreen Stripe Heavy-Duty Air Brake HoseGreen Stripe Vacuum Brake Hose123124124BRAKE LINE ABRASION SHIELDSPolySleeve High-Density PolyethyleneHose WrapPlastic Protective Coil Sleeve125125HYDRAULICSExhaust Wire-Reinforced (Hardwall) Hose114Marine Master Plus Wet Exhaust 100SD Hose 115Marine Master Wet Exhaust 100D Hose115Hydraulic Hose ProductsCrimpers, Pumps and EquipmentHose CuttersHose Guards & Sleeve ProtectorsCouplings Adapters126163169173177FLEET ACCESSORIESMERCHANDISERS SALES AIDS182PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TOOLS196EXHAUST SYSTEMSSplash GuardsStatic Straps116116BRAKING SYSTEMSAIR BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLIES & COUPLINGSRubber Air Brake Hose Assemblies117CAUTIONUse Gates products only on applications specified in Gates product literature. Install and maintain productsaccording to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended procedures and with recommended tools. Failure tofollow these instructions could result in injury or property damage. Gates Corporation disclaims all liabilitydue to failure to follow these instructions.WARNING!Do not use Gates belts, pulleys or sprockets on any aircraft propeller or rotor drive systems or in-flightaccessory drives. Gates products are not designed or intended for aircraft use.LIMITED WARRANTY FOR THE LIFE OF THE MERCHANDISEGoods are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the life of the Goods(or the published recommended replacement interval specified by Gates). Gates will replace or repair, atits option, any Goods proved defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period. This is thesole remedy for breach of warranty. Color fade and color difference is not warranted. This warranty is voidif the defect is caused by improper installation, use or maintenance of the Goods, or used for racing orcompetition. Goods are not warranted to comply with laws that may apply to use of the Goods not stated inrelated materials, e.g., use in manned or unmanned aviation or life support applications.ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OFMERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. FAILURE TO REPLACETIMING BELTS OR OTHER GATES PRODUCTS AS SPECIFIED MAY RESULT IN CATASTROPHIC ENGINE OR EQUIPMENTDAMAGE. FOR WHICH GATES DISCLAIMS ALL RESPONSIBILITY, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW.

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEMACCESSORY BELTDRIVE SYSTEMCAR LIGHT TRUCKCOMPLETE SERPENTINE KITSPRODUCT TYPE: 8576Complete Serpentine Kits make it easy to restore the entire accessory belt drivesystem. Eliminate customer comebacks by fixing the vehicle the first time by servicingthe entire serpentine drive. Neglecting to replace the tensioner and pulley(s) at thesame time you replace the belt can ultimately shorten the life of the belt as well asother front-end accessory components. Each kit contains an OE-equivalent belt,tensioner, idler pulley and necessary hardware with installation instructions and techtips for easy, accurate installation for virtually every vehicle on the road today. Designed for convenience, easy parts sourcing and reduced customercomebacks. Includes serpentine belt with premium EPDM construction, tensioner,applicable idler pulleys and applicable tensioner hardware. Meets or exceeds OE standards in form, function and fit.NOTE: Kit contents vary depending on specific needs of vehicle kit application.SOLUTION KITSPRODUCT TYPE: 7912Gates – The world’s most experienced designer of accessory belt drive systems andmanufacturer of premium quality parts – created precision engineered Solution Kits tomake it easy to service front-end accessory drives. From belt jump off to chronic beltnoise, we offer a line of specially-engineered solutions to enhance Original Equipmentdrive designs so customer vehicles are better than when they left the showroom. AtGates, we understand what you need to make your customers happy.GATES.COM Designed to solve OEM design issues or problematic drives. Broad vehicle coverage. Includes multi-ribbed belt with premium EPDM construction, relatedtensioners and idlers. See Gates On-line Application Catalog for specific vehicle solutions.ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM1

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGCAR LIGHT TRUCK - CONTINUEDACCESSORY BELTDRIVE SYSTEMMICRO-V BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8552Import or domestic, car or truck, every vehicle can depend on the superior quality ofGates precision-fit Micro-V belts. With advanced technology that matches the OEsize, construction and materials, Gates Micro-V ensures optimal vehicle performance. Special belt construction eliminates belt noise, reduces tension loss andsolves problem drive applications. EPDM rubber constructions resist cracking on the rib surface. Meets or exceeds all specifications from the Original EquipmentManufacturer.ARAMID MICRO-V BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8626Gates, the leader in automotive serpentine belt drive systems, collaborates with OEmanufacturers globally to continually evolve the performance and durability of beltdrives. Certain vehicle engine applications require specific belt constructions, suchas aramid tensile cord, to provide long belt life and eliminate noise and vibration thatare inherent on these drives. Utilizing this same technology for the Aftermarket, Gatesoffers an aramid cord belt for these specified vehicles. This construction matches theOEM to assure a quiet and smooth functioning belt, with the same performance anddurability as the OEM part.2ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM Essential for specifically-identified demanding accessory belt drives. Exact OEM aramid cord construction replacement. Extends belt life and other accessory drive components on applicationsrequiring replacement of an aramid cord belt. Reduces noise, vibration and harshness.GATES.COM

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGCAR LIGHT TRUCK - CONTINUEDACCESSORY BELTDRIVE SYSTEME-START MICRO-V BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8551Gates E-Start Micro-V Belts serve as a core component of belt-driven startergenerator stop-start belt drives, promoting increased fuel efficiency, smaller andvirtually silent operation. Provides high performance, delivering more than 600,000 starts. Reduced noise output, vibration and harshness (NVH). Advanced construction utilizing specially formulated aramid tensilecords and adhesion layer for maximum performance in belt-driven startergenerator stop-start drives. High load and flex capacity.DUAL-SIDED MICRO-V BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8550Gates Dual-Sided Micro-V Belts replace original equipment belts on serpentine drivesthat require a higher degree of efficiency when transmitting power. These belts aredesigned for small diameter pulleys, used with or without automatic tensioners.GATES.COM Micro-V belt ribs on both sides of the belt. Specially designed to resist wear and cracking due to overall reducedthickness in construction. Custom setup for specialized Gates Solution Kits for serpentine drives thatcause problems from the OEM. Broad, application-specific coverage.ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM3

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGCAR LIGHT TRUCK - CONTINUEDACCESSORY BELTDRIVE SYSTEMSTRETCH FIT MICRO-V BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8556Gates Stretch Fit Micro-V Belts, with exclusive self-tensioning technology, fit like aglove and perform properly on unique stretch fit drive systems. Gates continues to addcoverage to this growing market segment. Specially formulated adhesive literally locks onto the cord, allowing thecord to elongate and stretch, but never lose tension. Gates engineered tensile cord has the needed combination of strength andflexibility using advanced polyamide tensile cord. Patented highly engineered EPDM belt ribs are extremely resistant tocontamination, wear and pilling.NOTE: Stretch Fit belts are single-use only and must be replaced if removed.RPM MICRO-V BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8552The only belt in the industry specifically designed for high-output and forced inductionengines. Specially engineered to deliver maximum boost and performance, these beltsfeature the most advanced technology.4ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM Belt design results in lower heat, noise, vibration, and belt slip for increaseddurability, improved power transmission and unsurpassed boost. Two layers of adhesion gum for maximum strength and durability. High-modulus, high strength aramid or polyester cord.GATES.COM

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGAUTOMOTIVE XL V-BELTSPRODUCT TYPE: 8531, 8701Gates Automotive XL V-Belt is a durable, long-lasting replacement V-belt designed forthe most demanding engine drives. Due to thermal forces in the vehicle engine, thisvariable notched belt tightens on the drive as it heats up to prevent slippage, improvebelt performance and reduce noise. Fiber-loaded rubber stock adds flexibility along the length of the belt andprovides greater lateral stability in the pulley. Form-ground to ensure precise top width and sidewall dimensional controlfor proper fit to the pulley. Thermally-active tensile cords for maintenance-free performance whenproperly installed and tensioned. Resists oil, heat, ozone, weather and aging for improved belt life. Meets or exceeds SAE J636C specifications.DRIVEALIGN AUTOMATIC BELT TENSIONERSPRODUCT TYPE: 7808Gates is a global leader in Original Equipment system design and brings the sameOE-quality, durability, fit and performance to our premium DriveAlign AutomaticBelt Tensioners. We ensure every tensioner is manufactured to rigid tolerances andspecifications that guarantee OE fit, form and function.GATES.COM Comprehensive line includes parts to fit cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks,domestic and import (European and Asian). Manufactured using the same or improved technology and qualitymaterials as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, assuring afactory match. Patented labyrinth seal protects internal components to meet or exceed OElife expectancy requirements. Patented vibration-damping system absorbs extreme vibration to improvetensioner, as well as belt and accessory, life. Torsional round spring design provides reliability as well as consistenttension.ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM5ACCESSORY BELTDRIVE SYSTEMCAR LIGHT TRUCK - CONTINUED

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGCAR LIGHT TRUCK - CONTINUEDACCESSORY BELTDRIVE SYSTEMDRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEYSPRODUCT TYPE: 7803DriveAlign Idler Pulleys provide OE-quality fit to passenger cars and light trucks,performing as a locked center tensioning pulley, an automatic belt tensioner pulley oran idler pulley. Steel and thermoplastic construction designed to tight manufacturingtolerances for high durability and quality performance. Built to last with a superior resistance to dirt, salt, chemicals and otherunder-hood contaminants. OE-quality fit for virtually every domestic or import vehicle on the roadtoday. Bearings meet or exceed OE standards with application-specific speed andload requirements, to withstand high under hood temperatures. Premium bearings eliminate bearing noise. Mounting hardware included for some popular applications. Reliable operation under severe conditions.DRIVEALIGN ALTERNATOR DECOUPLER PULLEYS (ADP)PRODUCT TYPE: 7789Gates DriveAlign Alternator Decoupler Pulleys allow the alternator to “free-wheel”or “overrun” every time the engine decelerates and provide vibration isolation withinthe accessory belt drive system, resulting in smoother engine performance, efficiencyand increased belt and component life. The line consists of overrunning alternatordecoupler pulleys and one-way clutches (not interchangeable).6ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM Exact OE replacement. Chosen by OEMs to reduce noise, vibration and harshness and improve fueleconomy. Patented design unmatched by any other supplier.GATES.COM

MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOGACCESSORY DRIVE HARDWARE KITPART NUMBER: 91051Keep your Accessory Drive Hardware Kit stocked so you’ll always have the necessaryhardware to finish a job. Kit contains assortment of bolts, dust shields, bearing insertsand, for GM vehicles, aluminum elbows. Detailed descriptions and schematics of each item included inside casecover. OE quality components at a discounted price. Covers over 60 million vehicles currently in operation. Perfect for the shop that needs hardware to finish the job.PART NO.GATES.COMSIZEDESCRIPTIONQTY. IN KIT191051Hardware KitTackle Box91051-01M10 x 15 x 35HBolt5910