CD Title & SKUCD101-1: “MakingYour First Circle Work,1.0”NCD101-2: “DevelopingCustomers 1.0”NCD102: “FAQ’s”NSpeaker/RatingMain IdeaKristin DussaultDitto on the 1st is thefoundation of your volumeNicole Ryder &PanelTips for creating customervolumeDave Dussault& Todd RyderProspects: make aninformed decisionTracey &Kimberly EatonThe price and the prizecorrelate perfectlyJohn & JennieBelle CroweThough we cannot choosewhat time in history welive, we must choose howwe live during our place intimeNCD104-A: “Embracethe Code”CD104-B: “Embracethe Code” John & JennieBelle CroweFollow principles and thecode, not a man CD105: “EmeraldSuccess Story”PNCD106: “EmeraldSuccess Story”PNCD107: “ProfessionalCredibility”PJordan &Janelle KellerWinners succeed by takingmentorship over adviceand pushing themselvestowards excellenceN Bruce & JamieBushAn impacting businessfounded on freedom,family, hope and rewardGreg Stergar &PanelThis business should be aviable option for anyprofessional looking for moretime or moneySupporting PointsDitto is a great tool to save time, budget, andduplicate volumeDitto builds momentumOverviews of top Ditto products & exclusivesRibbon, Nutrilite, Artistry, Ditto, XS, & ChristmastipsFAQ’s addressed: Pyramid, Internet negative, Amway affiliation,Shipping costs, Tool/URA income CD103: “Play Injured”P Kids look forward so don’t use them as an excuseLeaders are built daily, not in a dayIt’s not about the bells & whistles, it’s about thedream, your passion & laying it on the field dailyDelayed gratification is worth itA-game vs. B-game, 2% vs. 98%Finish what you startYour dream is a commitment, a sell-out awayWhen God closes a door, he opens anotherYour dream is out there waiting for you, just startwith baby stepsSmall things can either keep you from yourdreams or be the catalyst to help you obtain themThere are 8 seeds in an apple, but how manyapples in one seed? Be a seed.If you know why you’ll figure out howMake habits of doing what you don’t want to doand what you are afraid ofThe secret is workLeadership is a responsibility, be humbleYou may have one chance to prove your manhoodThe code is the code is the codeNever leave a comrade, but some may leave youKeller story (wrestling coach & Englishteacher/parole office)Anyone can be number one in this businessbecause your only opposition is youDoubt your doubts and just go do itGet off the emotional roller-coaster with aconsistent work-ethicFeel the fear, dig deep and do it anyway andyou’ll be a strong self-imageBush story (Real estate investment co. owner)The internet is just beginningThe impact of this business on familyPerseverance develops character, which is moreimportant than financial successThis business is the best because of what it offerseveryoneUnlimited potential is one of the best aspects ofthis businessNo matter how busy you are, you can build thisbusiness because of time duplication

CD108: “ExecutiveDiamond Attitude”Dean KosagePNJohn SestinaNCD110: “LeadershipPrinciples” CD109: “WhyQuixtar?”PThis business provides anopportunity for anyone toenjoy the new kind offreedom & wealth Rex RenfrowWhy this is the bestbusiness for every manThe beatitudes of a servantleader CD111: “DiamondRally” (Severn)Dave & JanSevernPN NCD112: “DoubleDiamond Attitude”PAn example of what willhappen to you if you havethe same perseveranceBradWolgamottGet free by being aprosumer and takeadvantage of the ecommerce trends CD113A & B: “TripleDiamond Attitude”Greg DuncanWe are at the tipping pointof the greatest revolutionin the history of business and this opportunity allows you to take advantage of it The problems facing generations X & Y, mainlythat the system isn’t workingYoung people are torn between what they arebeing told to do and what they are sold by mediaThe new kind of freedom is time and wealthReferring traffic or owning it creates new freedomYoung people want to participate, not justobserve, so corporations are now using pay-forperformance endorsing-getting paid for creatingvolume & developing leadersConnect, empower, pullProfiling: learn to connect with the differentphases of life by being COREBuild a bridge to meet people at their dreamsYou have to have some postureHandling common urban mythsJust because you don’t like the packaging doesn’tmean your answer isn’t in the boxWhatever income you earn is all there is soincrease income or reduce expensesThe factors squeezing income circlesCommon business problemsLeaders have a greater responsibilityFollow principles not a manHumility, servant hood, stability, and integrity areat the core of proper leadershipSevern story (C.P.A.)Write down your goals & make them big becauseyou’ll have them if you do the workMake a decision first and then problem solveYou can’t keep the right people outLet excited people be radical and make mistakesWhen God closes one door he opens another solook up when things aren’t going your waySomething good happens every night you STPThoughts desire words action habits character destinyInvest time to get timeProsumerism explainedIt’s can be the dream or the nightmareYou can accomplish anything with the right modelat the right timeDon’t look to anyone – solve your own problemsBe honest – what other options do you have?You need the right vehicle to follow and patternand duplicate yourself in order to make it today(ex: the two income trap)When you step out expect criticismRich people don’t steal pie, they make bakeriesThe opposite of success isn’t failure, it’s quitSatan gets a lot of credit from lazy ChristiansGreat people always focus & are “out of balance”Cell phones, computers & the internet has

N CD114A & B:“Founders TripleDiamond Attitude”Brad DuncanDean KoageHarness the trends andovercome your challengesto be an impact player on a level playing fieldNCD115: “KosageRally”NCD116: “PrivateFranchising in a HighTech, High-TouchWorld”PP Greg DuncanNCD117: “Powerwave:Reaching CriticalMass”Bill HawkinsNSuccess requires dedication& commitment Jobs are a catch-22 because in order to providefor the ones we love, we have to leave themMcDonald’s storyFranchises allow duplication and provide benefitfor serving and helping other people, but takehigh investmentPrivate Franchising allows you to get paid whatyou’re worthThe internet is nearing critical massThe shift to e-commerce will be the greatesteconomic shift in the history of the worldAnyone in position to take advantage will becomewealthyThis private franchising model allows for controlof time and moneyGet wealthy so you can help othersMoney is like airFocus & be differentWhat’s your life purpose?You need constant heatDecide not to quit and then to winGet fanaticalGet back up when you’redown The mission’s not done until it’s doneDie hard, ‘til sundownPlay when you’re hurtHigh-tech & high-touchprivate franchising willallow you to live the wayyou really want to liveTake advantage of thegreatest economic shift inthe history of the world CD118: “SpringLeadership 2007”CD119-1: “212Degrees”NCD119-2: “CowboyUp”N You can do anything youwant in life if you have theright association and theright vehiclechanged business foreverMass marketing has evolved to personal touchEdibles vs. ordinary consumablesPersonal websitesThe natural evolution is to affiliate marketing &ProsumerismThe internet is the great equalizerEmployees vs. entrepreneursUse your success to empower your kidsWhy spend money only on the bad kids?Diamonds make a greater impact than a presidentJobs don’t workOne of our greatest fears is changeYou can change if you want to, but you have toget honestWomen want security, to know they’re lovedHow you treat your wife & provide makes herLearn to say “no”Success step one is to get honest with yourselfA job’s ceiling strips your dreamListen to & compare yourself with the bestUnderstand money first so you can get timeTime will make you happyThis business provides a way to earn respectIt all comes down to the dreamKosage story / divorceDistribution and social networking trends up toearly 2000’sDon’t confuse self-perpetuating subscriber baseswith a multi-levelGreg DuncanYou can have an incrediblelifestyle if you just focusTodd & NicoleRyderGreg & LynnStergar

CD119-3: “Dig Deep”Jordan &Janelle KellerReach down inside yourselfand find the winnerNCD120: “West CoastFounders DoubleDiamonds”John & JennieBelle CroweThe cowards never started,the weak died along theway, only the strongsurviveDavid & KristinDussaultIf we can do this, you cando this if you get fanaticaland sow the seedsCD121: “Dussault:New Diamonds”PNCD123: “SuccessStories”Jack & MageeSpencerPassionately grow, change,think and network to makeit from point A to point BDavid Dussault& PanelExcuse-removing examples Crowe story (Engineer / E.R. worker)Good grades good school good jobThe purpose of the system & COREGoodies people causeWhat will give you solace when the tide is out?Examples of people who didn’t give inThe round tableWe’re in a war looking for warriorsCharacter finishesLook for fightersThe secret is to trust in GodThis is a generational businessDussault story (teacher & coach/office mgr)3 stages: fighting the system, afraid, fanaticalThere’s a price to pay so you might as well pay itas fast as you canForce change upon yourself and you can becomewhoever you want to becomeWeak people make excuses for their own shortcomingsDevelop a maximum, whatever-it-takes mentalityDraw the line in the sandYou don’t have to be the fastest grower, just findthe people who want to grow fastLife’s lessons from BradyYou never have a “last game” hereDon’t wait for permissionThink for a changeAll wealth is built by networksThe mentorship approach increases retention30 layers of depth will yield 12-16 layers ofsystem-going core IBOs, 12-15 layers will yield 5-730-35 memberships & 40-50 people to events willalways yield silver w/in 90 days, if not alreadySlow-growers are just as exciting as fast-growersDon’t be a hater and don’t let your dream bestolen by the hatersShame on us if we don’t take utilize the freeenterprise system our military fights to protectThe law of attraction & the power of yourthoughts & wordsYour words are like seeds-what will they grow?Eat, drink and become wealthyThe Rhodiola 110 blister pack contactDave’s outfit at his first seminarDon’t try to be the alpha & omega let theassociation be the magic CD124: “HarvestTime”NDon’t limit yourselfYou can do anything for 60 secondsThe work isn’t fun, but winning isPrivate victory precedes public victoryNarrow your focusIt’s harder to accept defeat when you work hardGrow up, that’s what winners doYou need it most when you don’t feel like itBring it NCD122: “FoundersDiamond Talk” David & KristinDussaultUtilize the power of yourmind and the law ofsowing and reaping to helpyou win

CD125-A: “Face YourGiant,” Disc 1Gary NewellNCD125-B: “Face YourGiant,” Disc 2Gary NewellNCD126-A: “HandlingObjections”Dan & SandyYuenNA lesson in giant killin’:you were created todominate the giant whostands between you andyour dreamA lesson in giant killin’:you were created todominate the giant whostands between you andyour dreamIdentify the attitude of theprospect, be prepared toanswer & don’t worryabout sponsoring everypersonCD126-B: “HandlingObjections”Dean KosageConnect before you pullBrad & LeslieWolgamottThe dream will motivateyou to create, apply andmaintain focusNCD127: “How to StayFocused on Goals”N Sowing & reaping works only in this process: seedtime, progression time, harvest time The common denominator is the dreamWhen the dream’s big enough the facts don’tcountHow you view yourself determines your believe,which determines much of your outcome in lifeYour attitude more than your aptitude willdetermine your altitude in lifeGuard against good vs. most excellent decisionsMost people have just one big giantThe system and your work ethic are the greatequalizersA giant lets you know you’re close to your dreamIf God gave you the appetite there must be ameal somewhereTake baby steps to overcomeYour “think” is your “is”Double your failure rate to winSow seed with violent faithObjection is not rejection so don’t take offenseNo time is usually a smoke screen so ask, “Asidefrom that, is there any other reason you’reholding back?”Excuses are just a bad habitNo time, “not for me,” negative online, negativepeople, pyramid, Amway vs. Quixtar, sales, pricesChoose to upgrade your association, not loseGive direct answers to direct questionsFocus & prioritize – consistency wins3 powersLearn to laugh at yourself, not beat yourself upThe Puff Daddy BusThe truth never changes and it usually hurtsAvoid distractions-they kill daily habitsFocus tips for ladiesThe system levels the playing field and createsstrong leadersThere are no discipline or focus problems, onlydream and motivation problemsPassion creates focusIf you go diamond vs. if you don’tIf it’s not the dream it’s the nightmareBe intentional about doing whatever you need todo to stay excited and focusedYour life is planned, you have to play it, you mightas well win itDo you want 1,000 people duplicating everythingyou do?When your belief is high you talk to everyone andwon’t be bulliedYou either are an endorser or you’re not. How’syour personal use?The best way to support the open is to grow itDo you lead from the front in sponsoring and CD128: “100%Edifyible”Dave DussaultDo the extra little things asif 1,000 people werewatching to make bank

numbers to phone team?Are your education habits duplicatable?Do you provide your own hand-outs and samples?Those who do the most are the least willing togive inLearn to get passionate about promotion becausepeople will believe like you believeAre you upline & crossline relationships proper?Are you setting the example with dress?Barber story (Xerox sales rep)Build this business & get money out of the way soyou can focus on the most important thingsTake advantage of the mentorship so you canbecome the best you that you can becomeLife’s little truthsSet the right example, you’ll be duplicatedEverything you need to know about DITTOEndorsers only use what they get paid to use Success always comes with a priceThe team multiplies your timeThe team multiplies your value to others Preparation, dress, location, ice-breakers, thetransition, answering questions Stay focused on your dreams during challengesWill you pass or fail life’s tests?How will you bounce? Like a watermelon or like asuperball? Keller retirement storyIt’s not about the time you put in, it’s about whatyou put in the time CD129: “No Excuses”NCD130: “FoundersDiamond SuccessStory”Scott & JudyBarberDave & KristinDussaultSecure, lasting residualincome and volume startswith making your firstcircle workRon & RobynErwinTeamwork makes thedream workGlenn Young &PanelThe mindset for buildingyour list from C-listNCD131-1: “DiamondTalk”NCD131-2: “ContactingPanel”CD132-1 “BounceBack”NCD132-2: “What aDifference 4 YearsMakes”Scott & JudyBarberJordan &Janelle KellerNCD133: “New CroweCenturion Club”CD134: “FAQs 2.0”PNCD135-1: “It’s NotMeant to Be Easy”CD135-2: “Are YouAfter Recognition orResults?”CD136: “MovingForward, Now What?Don’t make excuses, justmake things happenAll winners go throughchallenges. Suck it up,bounce back, and move onbecause that’s whatwinners doFour years will pass in aninstant and your life canchange dramatically or staythe same Dave Dussault& PanelDon’t forget how youstartedJordan Keller,Todd Ryder andSteve RidleyThis team is here to answeryour questions & help youdo your due diligenceTodd & NicoleRyderAll great accomplishmentstake hard work & timeGreg & LynnStergarJack & MageeSpencerYou’ll get the recognitionwhen you earn the resultsDiamond, the beginningFields, Kalnins, Leisters, Jacobs, Crowe, Tierollers,Rollins, Ackleys How they saw it, initial reactions, changes inmoney, personal circles, negative people, tipsFAQ’s addressed:1. Pyramid/Illegal2. Shipping costs3. Too busy/Time4. Quixtar/Amway Global transition5. Online Negative You only need a few “Yes’s” so don’t worry aboutthe “No’s” How you deal with failure separates you It’s about the team first, you secondPay the full priceYou can’t feed your ego & your family at the sametimeIt’s worth the work to get the resultsFocus on your dream and keep building it no

and endCD137: “MentorshipApproach & Pulses”David DussaultFundamentals win ballgamesJohn & JennieBelle CroweIt takes courage to makethe small changes neededto separate yourself fromthe masses & finish strongCD138: “Courage” CD139-1: “RibbonPanel – DevelopingCustomers”Janelle Keller &PanelNCD139-2: “MakingYour First CircleWork”NKristin Dussault& EmeraldPanelRibbon is an easy, uniqueand fun way to grow yourpersonal circleExpand your personal useto grow your businessCD140: “DiscoverWho You Are”CD141-1: “The Powerof the Mind”NCD142: “DiamondMentality”Ribbon is great for B2B or B2CRibbon is an easy way to add profit to yourbusiness in your personal circle Ditto phasesExplanations of less-known home care productsPromote the mainstream products first, butfamiliarize yourself with everything It’s not a product business, it’s a people businessabout helping people be the best that they can beThe rewards are worthy of the work, with theintangibles being the most rewardingPeople attack with the negative that bugs themThe hardest part is finding out who you areThe business solves a lot more than money issuesDon’t let your life slip through your fingers byliving in the past or the future. Live every day ofyour life by living in the presentThe best way to get love is to give loveSometimes you need a little A.D.D. (Anotherdynamic dude)When you full believe you become a peoplemagnetFollow your GPS (goal, plan, work on self)A.D.D. – Another dynamic dudeWhen you truly believe you become a peoplemagnetHave a goal, a plan, and work on yourselfYou need to be crystal clear on what you wantYou get what you want with a teamTrust your upline like the Karate KidMaster promotion by making heroes of the teamGood communicators & promoters have thebiggest businessesNot whatever I can, whatever it takesWhat’s holding you back iswhat you think of yourself Vic & DebbieGolatNCD141-2: “Have NoDoubt” John & BobbieSestinaLew & NancySchrummMattGrotewoldAction does away withdoubtTake action, follow yourGPS & be willing to changeSuccess is a way ofthinking, a thought processmatter whatLife is not a rehearsal, get off the benchBuild your structure properly so you’ll alwaysqualify for bonuses4 standardsVoice recordersSold qualified platinum pulsesEnjoy your journey of self-discoveryPlay injured & play scaredIt wasn’t meant to be easyCourage is going on when you no longer have thestrengthThis business builds a brotherhoodWhen you sponsor someone you forfeit your rightto whine or quitWithout fear, there’s no courage.Courage’s opposite is conformityKeep the price relative

N CD143-1: “Dress &Posture For Success”NCD143-2: “WhatQuadrant Are YouIn?”Kellers &StergarsHow to look and actprofessionally Jack SpencerKnow your audienceNCD144: “David & thePrincess”Doug WeadNDon’t let anybody stealyour dream CD145: “DiamondSuccess Story”Matt & AlanaGrotewoldPNCD146: “NewDiamond SuccessStory”PThe diamond lifestyle willbe there for you if youbuild a teamGreg & JacquieFrancisIt’s worth focused effort togo diamondJack & MageeSpencerFreedom vs. slaveryJack SpencerWe do business the like thebig mainstream companiesJoe & MaryBethMarkiewiczWinners are drawn toother winners by theirpassion and desire to befreeNCD147-1: “DiamondFED Talk”CD147-2: “BusinessOwnership”CD148: “The Hum”NCD149: “EliminatingDistractions”Greg & JacquieFrancisSuccessful people alwaysavoid distractions and getfocused to reach their Ditto helps build momentum by allowing you tobuild it offensivelyHard work x Smart work re