DENVER ONE WATER PLANO n e Wa t e r A d v i s o r y G r o u p ( O WA G ) – M e e t i n g # 1Filename.ppt/1ONE COMMUNITYONE FUTUREONE WATERAUGUST 27, 2020

// Meeting PurposePART 1: INFORMWhat isOne Water?PART 2: DISCUSSFilename.ppt/2PlanningProcessOpportunities& ChallengesPART 3: ROADMAP2

Filename.ppt/3// Meeting PurposeIt’s All One Water3

// Meeting Purpose: One Community, One Future, One WaterGlobalState /NationalCity /RegionalFilename.ppt/4You /Neighborhood4

// Meeting AgendaPART 2PART 11. Welcome and Introductions[15 min.]Meeting purpose & agenda Introductions Core Planning Team OWAG charter 2. One Water Basics[15 min.]Historic approach to watermanagement One Water benefits Example projects 1. Breakout Discussion: One WaterOpportunities & Challenges[30 min.]Relationships with water Maximizing benefits Potential projects PART 31. Next Steps[5 min.]Schedule and framework Community engagement Closing remarks 2. Report Out:[15 min.]Integrated planning priorities,opportunities and challenges Unanswered questions 3. Denver One Water Plan[10 min.]Vision, goals and strategies Process and OWAG roleFilename.ppt/5 5

PART 1Filename.ppt/6Welcome and Introductions

// Welcome and Introductions: Core Planning Team City and County of Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure Community Planning and Development Parks and Recreation Mile High Flood District The Greenway Foundation/The Water Connection Denver WaterFilename.ppt/7 Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Colorado Water Conservation Board7

// Welcome and IntroductionsFilename.ppt/8Getting to knoweach other.Name?Organization?Favorite water activity?8

// One Water Advisory Group: CharterAs an OWAG member I will.Filename.ppt/9 Serve as a strategic advisorRepresent my organizationCommit to the processBring ideas and share informationCollaborate and focus on task at hand9

Filename.ppt/10One Water Plan Basics

Filename.ppt/11// Historic/Siloed Approach to Water ormwaterRecycledWaterWastewaterCWCB/USACEDenver WaterMHFDDenver WaterMWRDCCD –CPD/DOTI/DPRCCD – DOTICCD – DOTICCD – DPRCCD – DOTIEnvironmental: The Greenway Foundation / The Water Connection11

Filename.ppt/12// What is One Water? It’s All One Water12

Filename.ppt/13// What is One Water?13

// One Water tion“An integrated planning and implementationapproach to managing finite water resources forlong-term resilience and reliability, meeting bothcommunity and ecosystem needs”14

// Why we Need a One Water Plan Projected State Water Plan shortfall Increasing population growth Unpredictable future supplies Climate change risks Lack of uniform and enforceableFilename.ppt/15water and land use policies15


Filename.ppt/17One Water Examples:What makes a good One Water project?

Filename.ppt/18// Example Projects: Working with the Land18

Filename.ppt/19Existing Watershed19

Filename.ppt/20Traditional Watershed Development20

Filename.ppt/21Proposed Watershed Development21


Filename.ppt/23// A New Approach to Projects: City and County of Denver23

Filename.ppt/24Denver One Water Plan:Vision, Goals & Process

Filename.ppt/25// Denver One Water Vision25

// Vision StatementFilename.ppt/26The Denver One Water Plan provides a framework forimplementing holistic and resilient water management andland use strategies through collaboration and strongpolicies that promote healthy watersheds in an equitable,economically, and environmentally beneficial manner.26

// Denver One Water: Goals1. Institutional Collaboration2. Multi-Benefit Projects3. Resiliency1. Institutional Collaboration4. Watershed Management2. Multi-Benefit Projects5. Stormwater3. Climate Resiliency6. Water Conservation4. Integrated Water Management7. Water Recycling8. Community Engagement5. Community SupportFilename.ppt/279. Financial Strategies27

// Goals Into StrategiesVisionGoalsFilename.ppt/28Strategies28

// Denver One Water: Role of the OWAGCorePlanningTeamOne unityEngagement2929

// Phased Plan DevelopmentUpdated August SIONEXPLOREPhaseSHAREProject Coordination& Workshops101Vision/GoalsOWAG 1OWAG 2DEVELOPJoint MeetingInter-Utility1. Kickoff & Discovery2. Data Collection and GapsTasks3. Watershed Evaluation4. Performance Goals / MonitoringFilename.ppt/305. Implementation StrategiesCPT or OWAG Key TouchpointCommunity Meeting6. One Water Plan7. Engagement30

Filename.ppt/31// Denver One Water: Plan Implementation31

// Denver One Water: Plan ImplementationFilename.ppt/32Denver One Water Plan32

PART 2Filename.ppt/33Breakout Group Discussion

// Breakout Discussion – Key Questions Relationship with water: How does your organization interact withwater? Who is your go-to water agency? Maximizing benefits: What do you see as the most important benefits ofDenver’s One Water Plan? Land Use? Environmental? Drinking Water? Stormwater/Flood? Wastewater? Potential projects: What types of projects present the greatest OneFilename.ppt/34Water opportunities/challenges? Where do you see low hanging fruit?Where does water fall in the hierarchy of planning/project priorities?34

// Breakout Reporting – Themes & Takeaways What were the key takeaways? What were the recurring themes?Filename.ppt/35 Gap Analysis: What are the unanswered questions?35

PART 3Filename.ppt/36Next Steps

// Project Schedule OverviewTaskJulRevised August 2020AugSep13. Watershed EvaluationOctIdentify & screen OWPOsScreen to5 OWPOsDEVELOPNov2List ofOWPOs4. Performance Goals andMonitoring Procedures6. Stakeholder EngagementMap processesOWPOdescription sheetsEXPLORE5Performance goals &metricsMonitoringplanOWAG Meeting #1 (8/27/2020)1.Input on OWPOs2.Ideas on Performance Metrics3.Input on Implementation GapsFilename.ppt/377. One Water Plan1VirtualCommunityMeetingJanFeb18/25/2020Basin areas/potential OWPO list29/22/2020Screening/selection 5 OWPOs310/27/2020Comments on draft OWPO descrip.410/14/2020Performance goals & metrics511/11/2020* Monitoring & reporting plan69/9/2020Project review process & gaps711/24/2020* Resolving implementation gaps81/13/2021OW collaboration framework / OWL91/26/2021OW Plan annotated outline10 2/23/2021Comments on draft OWP report* May be rescheduled to avoid holidays7Plan for resolving gaps8Collab. Framework& OWL guidanceMemo32OWAG Meeting #21.Feedback on resolving gaps2.Input on survey questions3.Feedback on Performance Metrics4.Ideas for MonitoringJointMeetingCommunitySurvey9Draft8. PM & MeetingsMarTentative Schedule: Project Meetings4Implementation gapsEstablishOWAGDec365. Implementation StrategiesAdvisory Group Meeting (#)Community Input TouchpointCPT Project / Biweekly Mtg (#)SHARE10Public DraftFinal

// Next Steps Broad-based stakeholder & community engagement Questions? Closing remarksFilename.ppt/38ONE COMMUNITYONE FUTUREONE WATER38