Part III & Finale of the2017-18PoseidonChampionship Series

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Cuyahoga Falls YMCAHY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 5.0 - Page 1Hang Ten 2018 - 1/14/2018Team ADYWRC-LEYYN-LEAlliance Y FlyersAshland YMCA Aqua AcesAshtabula YMCA StingraysCounty YMCA - Edinboro, PACuyahoga Falls Riverfront YMCADavid YMCA PhantomsGeauga OttersGreen YMCA Barracudas Swim TeaLake County Central Y PenguinsLake County East End YMCALake County West End YMCALake YMCALouisville Y Blue NauticsMeyers Lake YMCA Manta RaysNorth Canton YMCARidgewood YMCA DolphinsShenango Valley YMCATuscarawas Co Silver StreaksVermilion Family Y TeamWadsworth YMCA WavesYMCA of Wooster Swim Team/RecYoungstown OH YMCAFemaleMaleTotal 550114711051576

POSEIDON CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES FINALEWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:Welcome to the finale of the Poseidon Championship Series. Since this series format is unique wewanted to give you an idea of what to expect and answer some FAQs.SERIES AWARDS:“I swam them all” caps- will be given to any swimmer who swam at least one legal event in each of the3 series meets. (Rocktober Pentathlon, Sleigh Ride Spectacular, and Hang Ten Invitational). These willbe given to coaches at the conclusion of the meet.100 Point Bags- Any swimmer who competed in at least 2 of the series meets, and scored at least 100points will receive a Poseidon Series Bag. These will be given to coaches at the conclusion of the meet.High Point Towel Awards - Any swimmer who competed in at least 2 of the series meets, and scored inthe top 8 overall for his or her age group will receive an embroidered Poseidon Championship Seriestowel. These will be presented in an awards ceremony on the podium at the conclusion of each sessionof the meet. If your swimmer is in the running for one of these towels please don’t leave, or theymight miss out on their special moment on the podium. We will calculate the final standings as quicklyas we can after the last individual event, and present the towels ASAP after the last relay.Team Awards – Any team who had swimmers compete in at least 2 series meets will be eligible for teamawards. The top two teams for both the large and small team divisions will receive awards at theconclusion of the second session, after the towel award ceremonies.FAQS:Where can I find more info about the Series?Go to to find rules, standings, and much more.Do relay points count?Relay points count toward team standings, but not individual standings.Are the series standings updated in real time?No, they will be updated at the conclusion of each session of the meet.Please note that while we are working diligently to try to avoid any mistakes, bugs, or oversights, we can’tguarantee everything will run 100% perfectly. So please be patient with us while we work out any potential issues.If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Series coordinator Becky. [email protected] Ourgoal is to run a series that is fair, fun, and motivational for all swimmers. If there is a mistake on our part we willdo whatever we can to make it right. Thank you for your participation!WE HOPE YOU WILL ALL JOIN US AGAIN NEXT SEASON FOR THE2018-19 POSEIDON CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES!

Cuyahoga Falls YMCAHY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 5.0 - 11:29 PM 1/10/2018 Page 1Hang Ten 2018 - 1/14/2018Meet Program - AM Session#1 Girls 8 & Under 100 Yard Medley RelayPoseidon:1:30.36 2017#3 Girls 10 & Under 200 Yard Medley RelayNorth Canton YMCAR Calvert, E Kath-Cooley, A Helmuth, K MedinaLane TeamRelaySeed TimeHeat 1 of 1 Finals Starts at 09:00 AM12 CFYN-LEB1:46.28Nauman, Rebecca G 8Gerhardt, Eve T 81:33.82Scott, Ava 7Medina, Kenadi 84 YYN-LEKath-Cooley, Ella 8Medina, Ava 61:27.45Gamberale, Gianna L 8Gamberale, Carina R 85 LCWE-OHAPellice, Kalli M 8Berendt, Cadence E 81:33.78Curwen, Adelaide 7Myers, Evelyn 76 CFYN-LECurwen, Sofia 8Ballard, Hazel 71:34.80ADezelic, Ana M 8Wren, Payton J 82:21.33 2016Ellis, Gabriella E 8Shall, Violet R 87A Khan, E Tijanich, S Djuric, C KinzelLane Team#2 Boys 8 & Under 100 Yard Medley RelayHeat 1 of 1 Finals Starts at 09:03 AM1McGuinness, Camden J 6Turnbull, Alexander M 73 LCWE-OHAGasior, Chuck J 6Hampton, Matthew P 81:39.74Federico, Jacob 8Rexrode, Sean 84 RYD-LEABliss, Owen 8Levkulich, Johnny 71:19.29AVan Voorhis, Logan M 8Barran, Nathan J 71:28.44BSimmonds, Graham A 8LaSpina, Paul M 81:47.89Malke, Aiden E 7Hong, Jaime S 85 CFYN-LETurney, Reed T 8Novak, Will P 86 CFYN-LEMcGuinness, Connor M 8Eisentraut, Tyler J 878Ratay, Luca J 8Nivert, William J 82:17.36 2016Ridgewood YMCA DolphinsSeed TimeLane TeamRelaySeed TimeHeat 1 of 1 Finals Starts at 09:15 AM12A2:55.51Matolyak, Maryn R 10Jones, Lillian E 94 LCCY-OHAGonzalez, Sophia E 10Goosby, Piper R 103:14.06Hitchcock, Hayden 9Packard, Jacob 104 RYD-LEAKuhn, Liam 10Ellenwood, JJ 102:33.87Muha, Addison 10Parkinson, Lilly 105 VFYT-LEJohnston, Addison 10Lentz, Leighton 63:28.81Bhavaraju, Shreeyans * 10Trimbitas, Matthew D 95 CFYN-LEAPeruri, Akhil V 10Gibson, Samuel J 92:54.50BDrost, Maddie 9Wilson, Amme 7Carter, Joshua D 9Gordon, Ethan B 106 VFYT-LEAltomare, Daniel J 10Schimpf, Zachary W 92:59.13AWilson, Emma 9Ellis, Erin 103:55.4463 AYAA-LE78Heat 2 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:11 AM1 CFYN-LEALeonard, Julia 10Harbour, Sydney 105 GYB-LEKetler, Natalie M 9Salmon, Katie A 96 AYAA-LEStewart, Reise 9Caldwell, Kayla 97 RYD-LERini, Cole 9Rini, Sean T 773:12.35Carter, Rebecca 9Maruna, Grace C 102:53.96AAvery, Sarah 10Levkulich, Koreen 102:44.27AMcCombs, Paige J 9Satterfield, Sadie E 92:14.64ALochridge, Marie 10Flickinger, Rylee 102:34.26AKurtz, Izzy 10Manofsky, Abra N 102:53.51ALittle, Maddie 9Preece, Emma 92:54.99Flynn, Emerson J 9Sebastian, Brianna M 98APetersen, Luke T 10Susi, Ben 10Kiraly, Lillian J 94 NCY2:53.31Poseidon:A Kulacz, M Cucu, A Cucu, G Griffiths23 CFYN-LEBuckland, Ava 9Poseidon: 1:23.57 2016 Ward, Andy,Ditosto, Timmy,KiblBliss, Summer 10Ward, Andy,Ditosto, Timmy,Kibler, Carter,Lambe, Do3 YYN-LELane TeamRelaySeed TimeCheeks, Ava N 10CRelayCossin, Savannah N 9Casalinova, Kaitlyn R 102 LCWE-OHA82 CFYN-LE#4 Boys 10 & Under 200 Yard Medley RelayRidgewood YMCA DolphinsHeat 1 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:07 AM1Westover, Kaylin A 7Genet, Miley S 83 NCYAAPoseidon:Bender, Riley I 9Muzychak, Annie K 108#5 Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard FreestylePoseidon:Lane Name14.76 2017AgeAnna HelmuthTeamSeed TimeHeat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:19 AM17 AY-OH2 Meola-Lozitsky, Hailey35.533 Wagner, Madeline A 8GO-LE32.614 Jordan, Jocelyn L6SVY-AM30.515 Toth, Catherine P6GO-LE31.316 Snyder, Beatrice L 6GO-LE33.367 Lane, AddisonTUSC43.9648Heat 2 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:20 AM1 Medina, Ava6 NCY2 Avery, Emily825.42LCWE-OH24.413 Branch, Morgan M 6AYF-OH23.134 Wilson, Amme7VFYT-LE22.505 Nauman, Rebecca G 8CFYN-LE23.076 Mickelini, Gabriella 7JRYD-LE24.387 Salmon, Mira7GYB-LE24.938 Veres, Samantha7LCWE-OH25.72Heat 3 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:21 AM1 Mann, Skylar A7 GO-LE22.322 Ballard, Hazel7LCWE-OH21.223 Taylor, Abigail8AYAA-LE20.494 Caudill, Vera7GO-LE19.505 Colvin, Emma7DYP20.236 Clay, Lillian8LKY-LE21.177 Sutton, Rylee M8MLY-OH21.828 Genet, Miley S8CFYN-LE22.33Heat 4 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:22 AM1 Wren, Payton J8 CFYN-LE19.162 Lentz, Leighton6LCCY-OH18.303 Hudak, Leah R8YYN-LE16.594 Barnes, Lila G8GO-LE16.545 Kuhn, Zoe8AYAA-LE16.586 Victor, Madelyn8LCCY-OH16.877 Scott, Ava7NCY18.448 Medina, Kenadi8NCY19.31

Cuyahoga Falls YMCAHY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 5.0 - 11:29 PM 1/10/2018 Page 2Hang Ten 2018 - 1/14/2018Meet Program - AM SessionHeat 2 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:31 AM1 Satterfield, Sadie E 9 YYN-LE#6 Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard FreestylePoseidon:15.25 2017Lane NameAgeJamieson HongTeamSeed TimeHeat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:23 AM12 Gibson, William * 5RYD-LE44.313 Eibel, Thomas M7RYD-LE36.014 Calvert, Evan6NCY33.185 McGuinness, Camden6 J CFYN-LE34.996 Turnbull, Alexander M7CFYN-LE38.177 Widner, BrodyNCY5NT2 Bliss, SummerHeat 3 of 3 Finals Starts at 09:45 AM1 Colvin, Emma7 DYP21.28LCWE-OH2:58.892 Myers, Evelyn7LCWE-OH21.063 Rosenbaum, Anna E10GO-LE2:43.753 Barnes, Lila G8GO-LE18.224 Claugus, KatelynLYBN-OH2:27.71 ZON4 Kuhn, Zoe8AYAA-LE17.555 McNeil, Madison 10TUSC2:38.595 Hudak, Leah R8YYN-LE18.196 Hanek, Lauren SGO-LE2:47.196 Rich, Emma8GYB-LE20.167 Levkulich, Koreen 10LCWE-OH3:08.237 Pellice, Kalli M8YYN-LE21.248 Muha, AddisonLCCY-OH3:16.268 Curwen, Sofia8LCWE-OH21.3210910#8 Boys 10 & Under 200 Yard Freestyle#10 Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard Butterfly8&U Poseidon:3:02.86 2016Sneek, Charlie9-10 Poseido:2:16.69 2016Alexandru Cucu8Heat 2 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:24 AM1 Hampton, Matthew P8 CFYN-LE103:13.582:30.29 9-10 ZONPoseidon:16.23 2017Lane NameAgeJamieson HongTeamSeed TimeHeat 1 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:46 AM131.89Lane Name2 Stinziano, Joseph7AY-OH30.703 Studd, Braden7WAD26.25Heat 1 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:35 AM1 Smith, Talan J8 DYP3 Rini, Sean T7VFYT-LE32.134 Cramer, August8NCY24.072 Mohanraju, Prithviraj9 * RYD-LE3:49.424 Walker, Landon T8SVY-AM29.575 Dixon, Oliver J7CFYN-LE24.093 Turney, Reed T8CFYN-LE3:31.795 Torgersen, Luke8AYF-OH29.956 Federico, Jacob8LCWE-OH29.624 Ballard, Vincent10LCWE-OH3:12.976 Hampton, Matthew P87 Gasior, Chuck J6CFYN-LE31.515 Caudill, Clarke R 10GO-LE3:16.2778 Drost, Elijah5VFYT-LE33.126 Schimpf, Zachary W9CFYN-LE3:33.027 Carter, Joshua DCFYN-LENTHeat 3 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:25 AM1 Veres, Julius8 LCWE-OH21.73Age98LKY-LE21.073 Walker, Landon T8SVY-AM20.834 Rini, Sean T7VFYT-LE19.892 Altomare, Daniel J 105 Torgersen, Luke8AYF-OH20.533 Hall, Stephen6 Drost, Caleb6VFYT-LE20.92LCWE-OHCFYN-LE8 Nivert, William J8Heat 4 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:26 AM1 Simmonds, Graham A8 CFYN-LESeed Time22.053 Clutter, Chase8AY-OH20.73CFYN-LE2:58.564 Conway, Patrick8LCWE-OH19.6610DYP2:46.255 Varanese, Andrew V 8GO-LE20.304 Kuhn, Liam10AYAA-LE2:42.486 Harris-Herndon, Hunter8 WAD21.4821.475 Rogers, Toby9LCCY-OH2:43.157 Eberly, Lincoln8TUSC22.9622.126 Fernandez, Jacob R 10RYD-LE2:52.238 Rexrode, Sean8LCWE-OH26.327 Rexrode, Colin9LCWE-OH3:05.828 Lynch, Brogann10NCY3:06.9018.96LCWE-OH17.52CFYN-LE17.434 Barran, Nathan J7RYD-LE17.08Heat 2 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:39 AM1 Smelser, Jacob10 WADPoseidon:17.50 201717.14Lane Name8LCWE-OH17.497 Merrill, Noah8AYAA-LE17.58Heat 1 of 3 Finals Starts at 09:43 AM18 Parkinson, Garrett7LCCY-OH19.35AgeTeamSeed TimeLane NameAgeTeamSeed Time241.233 Cox, Camilla7SVY-AMNT4 Ballard, Hazel7LCWE-OH31.744 Little, Maddie9AYAA-LENT35.465 Gerhardt, Eve T8CFYN-LENT5 Patton, Kayleigh8LCWE-OH9-10 Poseido:2:17.79 2015Khan, Asma6 Clay, Lillian8LKY-LENT67788Heat 2 of 3 Finals Starts at 09:44 AM1 Avery, Emily8 LCWE-OH2Khan, Asma33.89 9-10 ZONCFYN-LESavannah N CossinHeat 1 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:27 AM1Ana Dezelic32.02 20153 Westover, Kaylin A 73:48.11 2017Seed Time40.44 20179-10 Poseido:Heat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:48 AM128&U Poseidon:2:29.39 9-10 ZON8&U Poseidon:Katie A Salmon6 Rexrode, Sean#7 Girls 10 & Under 200 Yard Freestyle#11 Girls 10 & Under 50 Yard Butterfly#9 Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Butterfly8 WAD5 Harris-Herndon, Hunter1024.623:05.8583 Park, Sofia8Heat 2 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:47 AM1 Drost, Caleb6 VFYT-LEAY-OH7TeamNT83 LaSpina, Paul MAgeCFYN-LE2 Yopp, Connor2 Cutwright, ColtonLane Name2NT82 Pastore, Connor7 Levkulich, Johnny 7Team28.26Heat 2 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:49 AM1 Drost, Maddie9 VFYT-LE1:09.362 Scott, Ava7NCY26.782 Muzychak, Annie K10RYD-LE54.04NCY51.46AY-OH3:18.663 Genet, Miley S8CFYN-LE25.703 Leonard, Julia4 Rudowsky, Emma M10RYD-LE3:16.604 Medina, Kenadi8NCY22.524 Gamberale, Carina R8YYN-LE50.685 Sebastian, Brianna M9RYD-LE3:18.205 Berendt, Cadence E 8YYN-LE22.815 Holliday, Rowan9NCY51.416 Cossin, Savannah N 9CFYN-LE3:19.386 Rosenbaum, Katherine6 A GO-LE26.256 Wilson, Emma9VFYT-LE53.9377 Ellis, Gabriella E8CFYN-LE26.837 Johnston, Addison 10LCCY-OH58.1588 Wren, Payton J8CFYN-LE28.378 Jones, Lillian ECFYN-LE1:18.99109

Cuyahoga Falls YMCAHY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 5.0 - 11:29 PM 1/10/2018 Page 3Hang Ten 2018 - 1/14/2018Meet Program - AM SessionHeat 3 (#11 Girls 10 & Under 50 Yard Butterfly)1 Ellis, Erin10 VFYT-LE45.17Heat 2 of 5 Finals Starts at 09:59 AM6 A GO-LE1 Rosenbaum, Katherine2:06.81Heat 3 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:13 AM1 Petersen, Luke T 10 VFYT-LE9LCCY-OH2:03.362 Brunoni, Chase10CFYN-LE1:59.943 Moore, Sutter39.334 Gonzalez, Sophia E 10CFYN-LE1:55.064 Malke, Aiden EYYN-LE40.185 Shall, Violet RCFYN-LE1:59.555 Ellenwood, JJLYBN-OH42.796 Fishman, Jaime M 9RYD-LE2:01.836 Merrill, Noah7 Sebastian, Brianna M9RYD-LE45.077 Eisentraut, Anna10CFYN-LE2:04.517 Ballard, Vincent8 Casalinova, Kaitlyn10RCFYN-LE49.148 Curwen, Adelaide7LCWE-OH2:10.458 Bliss, Owen2 Swartzwelder, Laina10CGYB-LE43.812 Gorski, Evelyn3 McCombs, Paige J 9YYN-LE42.163 Maruna, Grace C4 Stehura, Kyra E9GO-LE5 Cheeks, Ava N106 Claugus, Leah9Heat 4 of 4 Finals Starts at 09:52 AM1 Crites, Makenna 10 TUSC2 Caldwell, Kayla38.848Heat 3 of 5 Finals Starts at 10:02 AM1 Satterfield, Sadie E 9 at 4 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:15 AM1 Widner, Grady10 NCY1:30.4072 Gibson, Samuel J9RYD-LE1:29.353 Rudowsky, Emma M10RYD-LE1:44.553 Rogers, Toby9LCCY-OH1:27.7034.034 Sebastian, Brianna M9RYD-LE1:42.004 Craig, Ben10AYF-OH1:24.42YYN-LE34.925 Troutman, Baylee8COUNT1:44.495 Susi, Ben10VFYT-LE1:26.89LCWE-OH37.546 Greer, Rachel10LKY-LE1:48.246 Hall, Stephen10DYP1:28.889GYB-LE38.787 Carter, Rebecca9CFYN-LE1:53.557 Rini, Cole9VFYT-LE1:29.769YYN-LE38.868 Dixon, Emma J9CFYN-LE1:54.958 Lewis, Mason9NCY1:35.8938.042 Buckland, Ava3 Larkin, McKenna 10DYP36.244 Hewitt, Briella J9GO-LE5 Mihok, Abigail J106 Minotas, Gianna107 Salmon, Katie A8 Kiraly, Lillian J9Heat 4 of 5 Finals Starts at 10:04 AM1 Avery, Sarah10 LCWE-OH#12 Boys 10 & Under 50 Yard Butterfly8&U Poseidon:42.52 2017Carter F Kibler2 Kurtz, Izzy109-10 Poseido:32.05 2016Alexandru Cucu3 Ham, Annika1034.39 9-10 ZONAgeTeamSeed TimeHeat 1 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:53 AM18RYD-LENT3 McIntyre, Carmine J 9RYD-LENT4 Rexrode, Colin9LCWE-OH5 Eisentraut, Tyler J8CFYN-LE1:04.876 Novak, Will P8CFYN-LENT51.65GYB-LE1:35.76#15 Girls 10 & Under 100 Yard Butterfly1:35.10Event 15 Heat 1 Will Be SwumWith Event 16 Heat 1DYP1:31.934 Dezelic, Ana M8CFYN-LE1:28.685 Bender, Riley I9RYD-LE1:29.54Lane Name6 Boylan, Kayla9NCY1:31.957 Applegate, Jocelyn J10GYB-LE1:35.61Heat 1 of 1 Finals Starts at 10:18 AM18 Madrigal, Stellaluna 9AY-OH1:37.69Heat 5 of 5 Finals Starts at 10:06 AM1 Harbour, Sydney 10 NCY9-10 Poseido:9Sydney M PetersonTeamSeed TimeGO-LENTLCWE-OHAY-OH1:27.794 Park, Sofia2 Lochridge, Marie 10NCY1:23.2453 Claugus, Katelyn10LYBN-OH1:21.38610DYP1:18.65785 Hewitt, Briella J9GO-LE1:19.7286 Manofsky, Abra N 10GYB-LE1:21.897 Minotas, Gianna10LCWE-OH1:23.738 Bliss, Summer10LCWE-OH1:28.2247.77Age3 Levkulich, Koreen 104 Shulik, Nina VHeat 2 of 2 Finals Starts at 09:55 AM1 Baughman, Broc 10 TUSC1:17.10 20172 Hanek, Lauren S72 Malke, Aiden E101:49.35AYAA-LE2 Hong, Jaime S1:48.95AYF-OHLCWE-OH9Lane Name1:54.13810NT#16 Boys 10 & Under 100 Yard ButterflyEvent 16 Heat 1 Will Be Swum7RYD-LE45.513 Craig, Ben10AYF-OH38.064 Peruri, Akhil V10RYD-LE36.485 Lynch, Brogann10NCY37.358&U Poseidon:1:32.07 2017Talen SmithLane Name6 Beard, Evan J10MLY-OH41.799-10 Poseido:1:12.36 2015Alexandru Cucu7 Ellenwood, JJ10AYAA-LE47.09Heat 1 of 1 Finals Starts at 10:20 AM18 Halim, Sabih R9RYD-LE51.289-10 Poseido:1:18.49 9-10 ZONAgeTeamSeed Time1:09.42 2017AgeAlexandru CucuTeamSeed Time23Heat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:08 AM1#13 Girls 10 & Under 100 Yard IMWith Event 15 Heat 1#14 Boys 10 & Under 100 Yard IMLane Name2:12.3848&U Poseidon:1:28.68 2017Ana Dezelic295 Trimbitas, Matthew DRYD-LENT9-10 Poseido:1:14.93 2016Vivian Kiraly3 Varanese, Andrew V 8GO-LENT6 Peresie, Brayden10NCYNT4 Jordan, Josef8SVY-AMNT7 Gordon, Ethan B10CFYN-LENT85 Van Voorhis, Logan MRYD-LENT86 Brantley, Benjamin 8TUSCNT1:17.19 9-10 ZONLane NameAgeTeamSeed TimeHeat 1 of 5 Finals Starts at 09:56 AM12 Jones, Lillian E93 Warnick, Alaina10CFYN-LENTLKY-LENT#17 Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard BackstrokePoseidon:8Heat 2 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:10 AM1 Eisentraut, Tyler J 8 CFYN-LELane Name4 Stevenson, Chenoa 10AY-OH5 Trzybinski, Adella M10RYD-LENT2 Smelser, Jacob106 Caputa, London V 9GO-LENT3 Hicks, Nathaniel10AYAA-LE1:56.507 Bolyard, Aubrey L 9CFYN-LENT4 Ratay, Luca J8CFYN-LE1:52.655 Groetz, Gage8WAD1:56.156 Kwasny, Zachary L 10RYD-LE1:58.167 Mathur, Milin RRYD-LE2:00.9982:15.0279WAD8 McGuinness, Connor8M CFYN-LE2:12.392:00.94NT18.21 2017AgeReise StewartTeamHeat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:22 AM1 Meola-Lozitsky, Hailey7 AY-OH43.17SVY-AM35.463 Snyder, Beatrice L 6GO-LE32.864 Wilson, Amme7VFYT-LE29.915 Patton, Kayleigh8LCWE-OH30.096 Toth, Catherine P6GO-LE34.657 Wagner, Madeline A 8GO-LE36.298 Lane, AddisonTUSC48.762 Jordan, Jocelyn L6Seed Time4

Cuyahoga Falls YMCAHY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 5.0 - 11:29 PM 1/10/2018 Page 4Hang Ten 2018 - 1/14/2018Meet Program - AM SessionHeat 2 (#17 Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Backstroke)1 Salmon, Mira7 GYB-LE28.91Heat 4 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:32 AM1 Bliss, Owen8 LCWE-OH23.83#20 Boys 10 & Under 50 Yard Backstroke2 Mihoci, Josie6SVY-AM27.622 Harris-Herndon, Hunter8 WAD22.428&U Poseidon:41.14 2017Samuel J Gibson3 Ballard, Hazel7LCWE-OH26.963 LaSpina, Paul M21.909-10 Poseido:31.73 2016Alexandru Cucu8CFYN-LE35.99 9-10 ZON4 Nauman, Rebecca G 8CFYN-LE26.554 Cutwright, Colton7LCWE-OH5 Veres, Samantha7LCWE-OH26.795 Merrill, Noah8AYAA-LE21.23Lane Name6 Myers, Hayden7LCCY-OH27.626 Clutter, Chase8AY-OH22.287 Branch, Morgan M 6AYF-OH28.077 Barran, Nathan J7RYD-LE22.44Heat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:41 AM18 Medina, AvaNCY29.048 Parkinson, Garrett7LCCY-OH24.426Heat 3 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:25 AM1 Colvin, Emma7 DYP2 Avery, Emily8LCWE-OH25.43#19 Girls 10 & Under 50 Yard Backstroke623.98AYAA-LE24.27Lane Name6 Curwen, Sofia8LCWE-OH24.717 Sutton, Rylee M8MLY-OH24.97Heat 1 of 5 Finals Starts at 10:33 AM1 Westover, Kaylin A 7 CFYN-LE8 Mann, Skylar A7GO-LE26.34103 Drost, Maddie23.704 Collins, Abigail21.505 Yanchek, Emmalynn10JCFYN-LE797NCY21.194 Victor, Madelyn8LCCY-OH20.827 Nurse, Sanai L5 Kath-Cooley, Ella8NCY21.046 Clay, Lillian8LKY-LE21.357 Meeting, Madison8AYAA-LE22.998 Lentz, Leighton6LCCY-OH23.82#18 Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard BackstrokeAgeVincent R MancusoTeamTeam2 Studd, Kylee3 Scott, AvaLane NameAgeSeed TimeHeat 1 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:28 AM12Seed TimeNT8Heat 2 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:43 AM1 Toth, James IV D 10 GO-LEWAD1:09.392 Clay, Gavin9VFYT-LE1:03.083 Stehura, Kyle S99WAD4 Hicks, Nathaniel58.83GO-LE55.6510AYAA-LE53.791:00.705 Zilonis, Alexzander 7VFYT-LE54.77GO-LE1:06.986 Stone, Carter N10CFYN-LEGO-LENT8SVY-AM87 Jordan, Josef56.291:00.338Heat 2 of 5 Finals Starts at 10:35 AM1 Caputa, London V 9 GO-LE57.62Heat 3 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:45 AM1 Carter, Joshua D9 CFYN-LEAYAA-LE55.292 Turney, Reed T83 Waddell-Jenner, Cali9NCY53.643 Kroto, Cade A4 Carter, RebeccaCFYN-LE53.324 Packard, Jacob5 Gamberale, Gianna L8YYN-LE6 Goosby, Piper R107 Curwen, Adelaide8 Wren, Payton J2 Preece, .1810AYAA-LE45.2953.615 Hitchcock, Hayden 9AYAA-LE45.72CFYN-LE54.186 Brunoni, Chase8AYF-OH50.297LCWE-OH56.527 Baughman, Broc10TUSC51.448CFYN-LE58.988 Ratay, Luca JCFYN-LE52.4199Heat 3 of 5 Finals Starts at 10:37 AM1 Molenaar, Emma M 9 RYD-LE8Heat 4 of 4 Finals Starts at 10:47 AM1 Lynch, Brogann10 NCY3 Widner, Brody5NCY4 Dixon, Oliver J7CFYN-LE40.532 Wilson, Emma9VFYT-LE50.902 Cox, Hunter10SVY-AM39.755 Drost, Elijah5VFYT-LE43.943 Greer, Rachel10LKY-LE47.213 Beard, Evan J10MLY-OH37.7964 Calvert, Rylie9NCY45.934 Peruri, Akhil V10RYD-LE34.35 ZON75 Crites, Makenna10TUSC46.905 Smesko, Caleb M 10GYB-LE37.0286 Littl