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Welcome to Bugsy MaloneSet in 1920’s New York, Dandy Dan’s and Fat Sam’s Gangs battle itout for control of the East Side. Enter Bugsy Malone a smooth CitySlicker, popular with the ladies and keen to put an end to the rivalry - at a price!From over 200 young people who attended the auditions back inJanuary a cast of 80 enthusiastic and talented young people wereselected. They have been hard at work rehearsing their songs anddance routines for another stunning theatrical experience. Onceagain we are delighted to offer you a spectacular set, over 400 costumes and a 14 piece Jazz Band.Sit back and relax and let us transport you back to that prohibitionera with it’s gangsters and molls but you will be delighted to knowthat the bar will be open!Graham WilkinsonDirectorThe 1976 musical film Bugsy Malone was very loosely based on events in Chicago, Illinois in the Prohibition era, specifically, the exploits of gangsters like Al Capone. The tongue-in-cheek movie starred children as the gangsters andtheir molls.The plot concerned the manufacture of a brand of killer custard, which is used first in pies then later in splurge guns tokill people and centres around an ongoing gang battle between Fat Sam, named because of his physique, and rivalgangster, Dandy Dan. The conflict is set in 1920's America gripped by Prohibition. Bugsy Malone, the main character,begins the film as a bystander but later becomes involved with Fat Sam. Bugsy's love interest in the film is BlouseyBrown, a shy but ambitious girl desperate to be a film star in Hollywood. However, Bugsy is easily distracted and isseen by Blousey flirting with Tallulah, the main attraction at Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy.During the film the characters are seemingly killed whenever they are 'splurged' (shot with a splurge gun or hit with acustard pie in the face). However, after the final shootout where everyone gets splurged, no one dies but instead everyone starts singing the final song.Written and directed by Alan Parker and produced by David Puttnam, the film starred Jodie Foster and Scott Baio asthe title character. The music and lyrics are by singer-songwriter Paul Williams. All the songs on the soundtrack wereactually performed by adults, including Williams himself, in his unmistakable high-pitched voice, and lip-synched by thecast. The film is scheduled for theatrical re-release in the UK on 8th December 2006.Since the film's release, Bugsy Malone has been adapted into a stage show. The song "Ordinary Fool" has been performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme. In 2003, Bugsy Malone was voted #19 on a list of the 100 greatest musicals, as chosen by viewers of Channel 4 in the UK, placing it higher than The Phantom Of The Opera, Cats, and TheKing and I. Channel 4 adapted the list to a TV special format, on which Scott Baio appeared. A 2003 documentarycalled Bugsy Malone: After They Were Famous attempted to trace the current whereabouts of the movie cast, many ofwhom had not pursued further acting careers. It was aired in December 2004 on ITV in the UK.An Amateur Production by Arrangement with Warner Chappel Music Ltd.Words & Music by Paul Williams

Bugsy MaloneAdam PergandeBlousey BrownLara ComberHi! I’m Ad and I love performing and music.Having just finished 2 years studying acting atcollege, I’m now taking a gap year while auditioning for drama school. This is my 3rd showwith Spotlight but I’ve been performing since Iwas 10, previously with HYT and the WhizzKids Academy. I’m also obsessed with mykeyboards and spend most weekends giggingwith my band On the Ceiling and teachingkeyboards. Hope you enjoy the show.This is my second show with Spotlight. I waslucky enough to perform in “A WhitechapelTale” in January, which was amazing. At themoment I’m in Upper Sixth and I hope to go toDrama School after a gap year. I’ve alwaysbeen captivated by performing and have takenpart in local productions since the age of 6. Ihave loved practising for Bugsy; the rehearsalsare the highlight of my week. I hope you allenjoy watching it as much as I’ve enjoyedrehearsing it.Fat SamBen NoadTallulahGemma HodgsonHello! Firstly I hope you enjoy tonight's superbperformance, but for now a little about me:Obviously I enjoy acting, something I havedone since I was 10, but in my spare time I play5 string bass, keyboards and sing vocals forvarious different bands. I’m currently enjoyinglife in Hinchingbrooke 6th form.I’m 15 and Drama and performing has been ahuge part of my life and it’s something I want tocontinue for the rest of my life! I’ve alwaysenjoyed getting up on stage and showing people what I can do. I love to sing, I love todance, but acting is my passion. This is myfirst production with Spotlight and I hope youenjoy the show.SmolskyHenry MartinO’DrearyTom HardingHello civilians! I’ve now played an angel and amurderer, but this time I’m back upholding thelaw! Well trying to anyway! I’m 17, love actingand want to do it as a career (fingers crossed).Everyone has worked so hard, so I hope youenjoy the show!!Well where do I start! I love every single sport(even pooh sticks) and as well as that my lifeinvolves loads and loads of acting. I’ve beenperforming since I was 11. I played Fat Sam inBugsy at Brampton Junior School and then wasin a number of plays as a member of Huntingdon Youth Theatre.Dandy DanPablo De ArribaFizzyFelicity JenkinsonHola! I like to consider myself an “internationalactor” hailing from the city of Ponterada, Spainand so contribute to the ethnic diversity of thegroup. This is my first production with Spotlightand I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am verygrateful for the rare chance and all I can say isthat if you’re fine—then I’m Dandy!! Ole.Hello people! Well this is my first major role ina musical. You may recognise me as a dancing prostitute from “A Whitechapel Tale”. Ahhh,those were the days!! Nowadays I’m a cleanerwho is a wannabe dancer— will I make it?Watch and see .Cagey JoeJacob AttwoollLeroyKeiran LawrenceI'm in Year 11 at Hinchingbrooke - jugglingstudies with anything slightly musical insideand out of school hours. I love performing artsand have enjoyed doing past Spotlight productions. I love making music with my band andmy ambition is to either perform or produce. Soremember my name ] enjoy the show, theinterval and the journey home.Hi there. I’m 17 and this is my first SpotlightProduction, I have been interested and involved in performing arts for as long as I canremember and I hope I will continue to do so inthe future. Hope you enjoy the show.

AngeloOliver WaldockMillieEmily BrockRitzyMichael Jean-MaraineDoodleFelicity BurtonShouldersAmy NelsonKnucklesMarc BrockBronx CharlieJo RobertsSnake EyesJames BellYonkersAbigail Righini-BrandShakedown LouisCraig HiltonPenny LeeNicola EgdellLaughing GirlHannah BrownAdrienne JoyHannah LeverettRuth KirbyFelicity ForshawHannah Redman-KingTallis MorrisTara MorrisSophie FlackTabitha ForshawLucy MitchellLouellaHolly FleetOscar De VeltAlex FryerLena MarrelliHarriet DunsmoreSeymour ScoopSimon ColmerLooney BergonziToby MorrisWaitressKaty RichardsonBabyfaceSeb Burton

BanglesEmily BuckMary-Jane Jean-MaraineLorettaLaura HarrisAnna-Louise MalcolmEve WisniewskiJess GowansRoxy RobinsonBarber/VentriloquistJoe BosworthMatt ElwoodDottyRoxy HullTillyJess RhodesChloe BrownVelmaEmily MooreCharlotte PergandeMegan TappRosalyn CrosthwaiteKate WilliamsPlate Spinner/ChorusDummy/Pop Becker/PickettCatherine GabriolekOliver ScottGreat Marbini/GuardRachel WhitehouseTom CarradicePenny ReynoldsHat check/Double-BassistClaire Righini-BrandEnglish ChorusDancer/ChorusDancer/ChorusKatharine WaldockRachel SeekingsHeather PatersonStephanie CoulstonEllen ThorntonCharlotte TolleyOpera Singer/ChorusShady/ChorusPlate Spinner/ChorusAshleigh HardingMiriam KirbySophie TaitChorusVicky ColmerChorusOscar’s PA/ChorusCorrine PatmoreSarah DunsmoreFlash FrankieTom Hodgson

Simon PergandeConductorNick WaldockBassRamsey NashefPianoOlly BurtonGuitarBob SimpsonDrumsDianne MuirSaxophoneJames DavidsonTrumpetKaty CuthbertSaxophoneAlan CrosthwaiteTromboneDjinh HectorClarinetChristine HeskethFluteNatalie MurrayClarinetDavid RussellBassoonJessica SmithFlute

ACT 1SceneMusical NumbersOvertureA Street in New York .Bugsy MaloneThe CastPop Becker's BookstoreFat Sam’s Grand Slam .Fat Sam’s Grand SlamThe CastFat Sam’s OfficeKelly’s DinerDandy Dan’s ConservatoryFat Sam’s Grand Slam .TomorrowBijoux Theatre .Yes Sir That’s My BabyA Street in New York .Bad GuysFizzy & SingersLena MarrelliFat Sam’s GangFat Sam’s OfficeHung Fu Shin LaundryFat Sam’s Grand Slam .I’m Feeling FineBlouseyEast Chester/Five WaysFat Sam’s Grand Slam .Bugsy Malone RepriseBlousey

ACT 2SceneFat Sam’s Grand Slam.Musical NumbersMy Name is TallulahTallulahKelly’s DinerA Street in New YorkFat Sam’s Grand SlamAn Alley WaySluggers Gym .So You Wanna be a BoxerCagey JoeFat Sam’s OfficeA Street in New YorkFat Sam’s Grand Slam .Ordinary FoolBlouseyDock 17The Mission .Down and OutBugsy & CastDock 17Dandy Dan’s ConservatoryFat Sam’s Grand Slam .Fat Sam’s Grand Slam RepriseThe CastYou Give a Little LoveThe Cast

Spotlight is a non-profit organisation, committed to working with young people to produce outstanding musical theatre in the Huntingdon area.Our key aims are to: Encourage and nurture singing, dancing and actingtalent, amongst 14 –25 year olds Perform the much-loved “crowd pullers” and showcase brand newmusicals by local writers Show our audiences that a “West End theatre experience”,can be had locally here in Huntingdon!Graham and Sarah WilkinsonSarah and I have both been involved in theatre for the past 25 years and whilst I predominantly ‘trod the boards’ Sarah, asa qualified dance teacher, specialised in ballroom, modern and theatrical dance, teaching in a number of local schools. Inthe 13 years we have been married, we have combined our talents, working with a number of theatrical groups and directing many shows including Bugsy Malone, Some like it Hot, Calamity Jane, Godspell and Return to the Forbidden Planet.In September 2004 we decided to form our own Performing Arts Group, Spotlight Productions, and were delighted with thesuccess of our first major musical “Grease”. Since then the group has gone from strength to strength and we premiered abrand new musical “A Whitechapel Tale” to sell out audiences earlier this year.Having both now ‘retired’ we look forward to offering the young people of Huntingdon even more opportunities within thePerforming Arts sphere and are currently working on our next production “Disco Inferno” and the launch of a summerschool in 2007.Simon Pergande — Musical DirectorI have always had a love for all things musical, playing trumpet in bands and orchestras when young and eventually movingacross to piano and keyboards. I taught piano for many years before finally taking up song writing with Mike LewisIn 2005 we completed our first major full length musical, A Whitechapel Tale, which we were very proud to see performed bythe Spotlight Cast in January this year. In addition to my Spotlight duties, I also play keyboards for 10th Avenue, a localshow band and am the feature keyboard player for international country singer Jacky Barnett. Being part of Spotlight is tremendous fun and continues to be incredibly rewarding.Elena Carpenter — Directors Assistant & Stage ManagerI have been Grahams assistant for a number of years now – which involves keeping the master script and stage directionsup to date, acting as prompt in rehearsals and generally making sure the cast remember their exits and entrances, oh andpainting the sets – challenging sometimes as I also work full-time - but it’s a job I really enjoy. At rehearsals I am neverwithout my trusty pencils!This time I am adding to my role as Grahams assistant to include managing the stage for this production, which will be interesting, to say the least. It will be my job to manage the back stage crew, the props, moving the set, and making sure thecast are where they are supposed to be, at the right time, although I have every faith they will do this themselves. I normally have a calm and placid manner as Directors Assistant – but this may well change when I morph into Stage Manager!The cast and crew are fantastic people to work with and they have all worked extremely hard so enjoy the show.Kelly Fawkes— Assistant ChoreographerI began dancing at the age of 3 and since have not been able to shake my passion for dancing. I’ve performed in variousstage productions, including Variety Performances at top London stages including Her Majesty's Theatre and the LondonPalladium, Charity Shows at Wembley and more recently at The Mermaid Theatre, with Pineapple Studios.On leaving school, I worked for Weststar Holidays as a resident entertainer. I held the position of lead vocalist and dancerand performed in at least 10 shows a week. It was both physically and mentally demanding, but thoroughly enjoyable as Iwas doing a job I loved and this is where my skills come in to play with Spotlight Productions, I'm Sarah's right hand woman and I help choreograph the dance routines and make sure that the dancers perform to their highest ability. When I'mnot helping out at Spotlight I'm running my own Dancewear Supplies Shop in St Neots, - 'Kelly Marie's'. I have now beenopen a year and am loving being a business woman and fulfilling another of my ambitions in life. So what does the futurehold for me? Well my next venture is to qualify as a dance watch this space!

Stage ManagerElena CarpenterFront of HouseJanette BurtonSebastian BudinCharmain FlackEileen HarrisHannah FlackMollie FlackAssistant StageManagerNicola ValderezSoundRoger WaldockSarah WilkinsonSet design &BuildGraham WilkinsonSimon PergandeMick BrightwellPhilip TyteHairStudents from Peterborough Regional CollegeBack stage crewMick BrightwellPhilip TyteBruno SmithWardrobeFreda WilkinsonAlison WhitehouseCarolyn HodgsonBeth AbrahamCharlotte WhitehouseCatherine JamesMake-up TeamKelly FawkesAmy NelsonLaura HarrisMary-Jane Jean-MaraineFelicity JenkinsonEmily MooreHannah AbbottAdrienne JoyHannah BrownChloe BrownFelicity ForshawSpotlight Costume/Set HireWe have a huge number of costumes and evening/prom dressesavailable for hire, at very reasonable rates and can be viewed atour barn in Hilton by appointment. We can also post them anywhere within the UK. Many are from our past productions ofGrease (1950's), A Whitechapel Tale (Victorian) and from thisproduction of Bugsy Malone (1920's). However, we also have manyother costumes that would work for plays and shows set in the1960's and 1970's. We also have a good selection of pantomimecostumes and fancy dress. So whether it's for a theatrical production, a special party/prom, or for Fancy Dress, please contactus for more information, or visit our website:E Mail: [email protected]: 01480 433414 or 01480

Like many non-profit making organisations, budgets are a constant issue for us. Putting ona show like this one is a very expensive affair. So we are always looking for sponsors andorganisations who will assist us by providing goods, services or just plain hard cash!!!Without the help of the following organisations and people, this show would not have beenpossible, and so the cast, crew, and everyone on the Spotlight team would like to say aGreatBigThankYouToAllOfThem!!!!Huntingdon Town Council for their continued Financial Support*The Heart Foundation at Stamford*Jewsons*S.i.m.a.d.s*Members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society*Bees Knees Carriage Company*The Scarecrow Patch Ostrich Farm*BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Trustline*Lloyds TSB

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Kelly Marie’sQuality Dancewear SuppliesKelly Marie’sspecialise in the supply ofdancewear,dance shoes & accessoriestop quality brandedfor all forms of dance!We provide an excellent range ofexceptional quality dancewear, shoes & accessories,superior customer service and all at highly competitive prices!62a Berkley Street, Eynesbury, St Neots, Cambs PE19 2NDTel: 01480