GreekAllusionsinEverydayLifeDike the Greek Goddess of Justice, sits atthe front of the Shelby County CourtHouse in Memphis, TN to remind judgesto be fair, and criminals that they shouldget what they deserve.

Midas Tire CompanyRemember the Greek myth about King Midas? He was the greedy man who wishedthat every thing he touched turned to gold? Well, the Midas Tire company alludes thatif they work on your car, it will be fixed most excellently- as good as gold.

Trident GumThe Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon, is known for carrying aroundhis three pointed trident. The American Chicle companydeveloped the first sugar free gum that had three enzymes in itthat supposedly fought off cavities. So, they alluded back to thetrident because it had three points and it was used for battle.

Orion Movie CompanyBack in 1978, a group of five confused executivesformed a movie company called Orion because theythought this constellation contained five stars. Onestar for each executive. Oops! Orion really hasseven stars.This is an allusion because Orion is a hunter inGreek Mythology.

The Evil EyeIn modern culture, the evil eye stillexists. The evil dates back toClassical Greece.People believed that if someonegave you the evil eye you werecursed.Above, are pendants you can buy today thatprotect you from the evil eye.To the right, a person has an evil eye tattooon their palm.

PrometheusIf you have been to NYC, then you haveprobably seen the Prometheus statue.In Greek Mythology he is credited for giving fire to humans, thus changingmankind forever. Zeus didn’t like it one bit. So, he tied Prometheus to a rock andlet an eagle eat out his liver.

Insurance CompanyAn Aegis was the shield carried by Zuesor Athena to protect them from dangerin Greek Mythology.Insurance companies protect their clientsfrom disaster. So, this company chose toname themselves for the Aegis becausethey cover damages when they occur.

Ajax CleanerAjax was one tough soldier inGreek Mythology. Thegrandson of Zues, he neverneeded any help from theGods when he was in battle.Ajax the cleanser is supposedly“stronger than dirt”. So, itmakes sense that the Proctorand Gamble Company wouldname this product after atough Greek fighter. Dirtdoesn’t stand a chance now!

Apollo TheaterThe Apollo Theater in NYC was named for theGreek God of Music- Apollo. Many “godlike” artistshave performed here. They include music greatssuch as Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye, Bill Cosby, Aretha Franklin, JohnLennon, and many more.

MERCURY CAR COMPANYThe Mercury car companywas named for the Greekmessenger God back in 1938when the it started.Because Mercury never failed atdelivering his messages, if you bought aMercury automobile you were sure toarrive quickly and safely.

MARS CANDY BARMars was the Greek God of war. TheMars Bar battles against hunger.Surprisingly, this is not a true allusion.The candy bar got it name from thecompany owner Forrest Mars, not theGreek God.

SATURN CAR COMPANYSaturn, also known as Cronus in Greek Mythology, was King of theUniverse. GM must have thought, like Saturn, they would be kings ofthe car industry.I only hope they don’t go out of business because Saturn wasoverthrown by his own son, Zeus to become King of the Cosmos.

OLYMPUS CAMERAThe Olympus Camera Company got their name from Mt. Olympus the home of the GreekGods. They chose this name because the original owners were Japanese and theircompany was named for the mountain where their gods lived- Mt. Takachiho. They likedthe idea that their name would “reflect its strong aspiration to create high-quality,world-famous products.” Powerful Gods Powerful Cameras.

Mt. OlympusWater and Theme ParkIf you take a vacation to the Wisconsin Dells, chances are, you will go to theMt. Olympus Water and Theme Park. The entire park alludes to GreekMythology. The left picture shows an angry God of the Sea, Poseidon,creating monster waves for visitors. The Trojan Horse and Greek Columnsgreet visitors at the main entrance.

PHOENIX, ARIZONAThe largest capital city in the USA, Phoenix, Arizona, got its name fromLord Darrell Duppa. He suggested this name because before the city wascreated, ancient Native American ruins were found there. So, like themythical bird, the Phoenix, who is reborn from the ashes, so would thecity of Phoenix be reborn from the ruins.

The Order of thePhoenixEven J.K. Rowling turned to Greek allusions to create Faux, a Phoenix who savesHarry and his friends on more than one occasion. Also, Rowling names thegroup of rebels who are fighting the villain, Voldemort, the Order of thePhoenix. This is because like the mythical bird, they reforming their group todestroy Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

ATLAS VAN LINESAtlas, a Titan, was punished by Zeus. He made Atlas hold the heavens separate from theearth. The Atlas Van Lines Company hopes you think they are as strong as Atlas.If he can carry around the heavens, they can carry all of your stuff to where ever.

NIKE ATHLETIC COMPANYGenius Allusion!Nike was the GreekGoddess of Victory. If youwear Nike you, too, canbe victorious.

VENUS RAZORSAh, Venus.The Greek goddess of beauty and love. If youuse the Venus razor you most certainly willlove your silky, smooth legs. The allusion is thatyou, too, can be a goddess if you only shavewith this mythical razor.Ahhhh!

Venus Pop songVenusby BananaramaGoddess on the mountain topBurning like a silver flameThe summit of beauty and loveAnd Venus was her nameShe's got itYeah, baby, she's got itI'm your Venus, I'm your fireWhat’s your desire?Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fireWhat’s your desire?Her weapons were her crystal eyesMaking every man a manBlack as the dark night she wasGot what no-one else hadWa!

CUPID THE MATCHMAKEREven Fergie alludes to Cupid in her songClumsy. She sings,“Boy the first time I saw your eyes,You looked right through me,But I knew that you knewThat Cupid hit me.”

Cupid Strikes AgainThere is everyone’s favorite line dancecalled the Cupid Shuffle. We all LOVE toget out there move “to the left, to theleft ”.

FTD FLORIST LOGOWho doesn’t love flowers? Andwho better to deliver them thanHermes the messenger God ofGreek Mythology?With his winged feet, he is sure to getyour floral delivery to the love of yourlife in the knick of time.

White Station SpartansIn Ancient Greek history the Spartanwarriors were some of the fiercest.Many sports teams today callthemselves SPARTANS to allude tothese earlier warriors. Like them,they battle fiercely to win games intheir respective sports.