"Decide what you want.Decide what you are preparedto give up to get it.Set your mind on it.Get on with the work."H.L. HuntCopyright 1995, 2002 LifeSuccess Productions, LLCAll rights reserved.The use of any part of this publication reproduced, transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,recording, photocopying, or otherwise, or stored in a retrieval system, without the prior consent of the publisher is aninfringement of copyright law.LifeSuccess Productions, LLCPhoenix, AZ800-871-9715 Phone480-661-1014 Faxwww.bobproctor.comPage 2

T HE WINNER'S IMAGE“When the dream is big enough,the facts don't matter.”Sam KalenuikThe facts have never stood in the way of the WINNER .The WINNER is the dreamer who understands how to turntheir dreams into reality and, in so doing, they create abetter, more beautiful world for everyone.The facts may be real, they could represent strong opposition. nevertheless, the facts don't matter to the winner, that personwho holds in their heart a splendid image of their dream.Throughout the ages the WINNERS have referred to a placewithin each of us called the higher self, that place where an imageof perfection exists that is continually attempting to expressitself.This higher self persistently sends stimulating and upbeatmessages to our consciousness, messages that are meant toprotect our integrity and wholeness as creative beings. Messagescoming from the heart always have a complete disregard for thefacts or surrounding circumstances in our lives.Unfortunately, ninety-nine out of every one hundred peoplemisread the signals they are constantly receiving. Rather thanviewing these images with their inner eye of understanding, andseeing them as truly unique pictures that are packed with power,possibility and promise, these images are considered idle wishes,ridiculous fantasies, or daydreams."Don't give me the facts, give me the truth.The facts are always changing."Patricia ShambrookPage 3

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“Everything can be taken from a person but one thing:the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitudein any given set of circumstances .to choose one's own way.”Victor FranklMan's Search For MeaningThe masses of people who struggle day in and day out permittheir mind to be dominated by the facts . the lack . thelimitations . the poverty that is reflected in their presentRESULTS. They know why they can't win, it's obvious to them,and they can prove it. The facts win again and again.If this is a description of your way of life, release it, let itgo. Begin doing what this program suggests . yourcompensation will be worth the effort.Clearly understand that regardless of your present situationin life, wanting to win, to be successful, to dream of living inluxury, is not foolish or ridiculous. It is as natural as the nightfollowing the day.You were meant to have and enjoy every good that life canoffer. You are God's greatest creation.If your life is not a magnificent adventure it is becauseerrors, either yours or those made by the authority figures inyour life, have been made. The errors, consisting of ideas orconcepts about your potential as a person, have been lodged inyour sub-conscious mind. Collectively, these ideas cause youto form an image of yourself in your mind. Most likely it is thismental programming that is restricting your success.When correctly employed, this W I N N E R ' S I M A G Epersonal development system, with its various components andspecially designed exercises, will help you to correct those errorsand assist you in experiencing a change in lifestyle you have, upto now, only dreamed of.Page 5

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Self-ImageYour entire life evolves around images. Just as every companyhas a corporate image, every individual also has their own SelfImage.Science and psychology have isolated the one prime causefor success or failure in life. It is the hidden self-imagethat you have of yourself. It controls your mind, just assurely as your mind controls your heartbeat. To remake yourhidden self-image for success and fulfillment is to remake yourentire life.Your success in any undertaking will never be greaterthan the image you have of yourself. Your self-image is yourown conception of the sort of person you are. It determines whatyou believe you are able to accomplish.Your self-image was very likely unconsciously formed frompast experiences: your successes and failures, your humiliationsand triumphs. This image or opinion you have of yourself willdetermine how you interpret other people's reactions to you andsignificantly affect your success.No person and no circumstance on earth can prevent youfrom improving your self-image. The degree to which youimprove the image of yourself will be in exact proportion to theamount of truth that you can honestly accept and the amount ofpositive change you put into engineering your new self-image A WINNER'S IMAGE.(This model of the mindand body was originated bythe late Dr. Thurman Fleetof San Antonio, Texas, in1934 [circa]. Dr. Fleet wasthe founder of -IMAGEBODYYOUR ACTIONSCONTROL YOURPage 7RESULTS

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A Common ErrorYou may know people who are continually struggling toimprove. The salesperson whose sales are low and whois always struggling to raise their sales—without success.They may be a student whose marks are always at the 'C' level oreven drop when pushed to study harder. Many of these peopleare always broke; they never look overly happy; they areconstantly in debt. Why? Why can't they improve? Let's analyzethis situation and discover their common error.1. These people are trying desperatelyto change their END RESULT.2. The RESULTS in their lives will be determinedby their ACTIONS.3. And their ACTIONS are continually being motivatedby their self-image.They have not yet come to understand that their RESULTSare a direct reflection of their Self-Image.They are clutched by an unseen enemy because there is nounderstanding of self-image, which is the actual cause of theirresults.Their error is a common one: they are identifying with theirpresent results because it is in harmony with their present selfimage. They do not have A WINNER'S IMAGE."Mind is the Master power that molds and makes,And Man is Mind, and evermore he takesThe tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills,Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills;He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass;Environment is but his looking-glass."James AllenAs A Man ThinkethPage 9

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Cybernetics“Of what use to make heroic vows of amendmentif the same old lawbreaker is to keep them?”Ralph Waldo EmersonNEW YORKHAWAIISELF-IMAGETake ResponsibilityYou must take total, personal responsibility for the resultsyou are getting. The cause of your present results is the selfimage that is resident in your sub-conscious mind. This programdoes not cover how your present self-image was formed, our onlyfocus is how to improve the self-image. We have explained indetail how and why you hold your present self-image in anotherprogram titled You Were Born Rich.You can change your resultsby improving your self-image.Starting right now, you must forget the past and takeresponsibility for the present . begin immediately to plant abeautiful new self-image—A WINNER'S IMAGE—in your subconscious mind. Just follow the instruction in this program andyour results will improve immediately and forever as long asyou operate with A WINNER'S IMAGE.Page 11

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The Beginning OfYOURWINNER'SIMAGEPage 13

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The Learning ProcessBy Leland Val Van De WallWRITING CAUSES THINKING.THINKING CREATES AN IMAGE.IMAGES CONTROL FEELINGS.FEELINGS CAUSE ACTIONS.ACTIONS CREATE RESULTS.CommitmentYou could be in the habit of skipping over the detailed partof a project, assuming the details are not overly important. Manytimes they may not be very important. However that is certainlynot the case in this program, the details are vitally important .Taking the time to complete each exercise will solidly plant AWINNER'S IMAGE in the treasury of your sub-conscious mind,and your life will never be the same again.Make a written, signed commitment to use your exercisebook, your CDs and video cassette as instructed every dayfor ninety days.This my binding commitment to:SignaturePage 15

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Begin The Winning Process“There is only one corner of the universeyou can be certain of improvingand this is your own self.”Aldous HuxleyEverything has a beginning. If you drive, you had to learnhow to drive, if you type, you had to learn how .thesame is true for living successfully. When you learn howto do something, you begin by learning the basics and thendiligently work with those basics until you have them mastered.Although you may be impatient in the beginning because of yourdesire for improved results, understand that the time you investto master the basics will pay great dividends in the long run.Mastering the basics of building A WINNER'S IMAGE isthe same as laying a strong foundation upon which you build askyscraper.The BasicsThe basics begin with an understanding that all of the resultsyou are or have been experiencing in your life have a very definitecause.A WINNER'SIMAGETHE RESULTSYOU CHOOSEWINNING ACTIONSA highly successful person hasA WINNER’S IMAGErooted in every molecule of their being.Page 17

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Basics OfBuilding Your Winner’sImage1. FANTASY2. THEORY3. FACTThere are two phases that must be completed in the processof building a new self-image, A WINNER'S IMAGE, that willcause you to:Think like a Winner!Feel like a Winner!Act like a Winner!Be a Winner!You must personally put each of these phases through twotests. If each phase does not pass the test, you could very easilysell yourself short and not properly complete each phase.Imagine being very hungry and going to a banquet, tasting thehors d'oeuvres but then leaving before the main course is served.Page 19

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Phase One:The FantasyEverything that has ever been accomplished by anyone wasat first, and for a time a fantasy. The fax, the phone andair travel were FANTASIES long before they becamereality. Thomas Edison FANTASIZED, Alexander Graham BellFANTASIZED, the Wright Brothers FANTASIZED. We couldgo on and on.Your first step calls for you to do the same as they did andchoose your FANTASY. Pick a highly successful person whomyou admire and emulate. You should pick someone you knowor have read about who lives the way you dream of living. Usethem as a model to help you mentally build your FANTASY.Name six people who are doing what you would like to door who are living as you would like to live:, choose various aspects of their lives that appealto you and mentally put yourself in their position.As you do this, be aware that you can see, with your innereye, a beautiful vision . with yourself in it.FANTASIES are created in your conscious mind throughthe use of your imagination. It is very important that your FANTASYor image be complete. Use as much detail as possible. You could feelthat this is a foolish, waste of time . do it anyway.Page 21

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Here are a few questions you could ask yourself about thesewinners you have named. The answers to these questions willhelp you build your FANTASY:How do they dress?What do they study?How do they manage their time?Who do they associate with?How do they meet and greet people?How do you and others view them?What income bracket are they in?What is their personal life like?What is their home like?What kind of automobile do they drive?Are they a service-oriented person?Are they recognized in their industry?(Make up questionsthat apply to your FANTASY.)My FantasyPaint, with words, the vision you see. Make a detailed, writtendescription of your FANTASY.This is my FANTASY:Page 23

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Testing Your FantasyIf you are not well read in the area of mind dynamics or thecreative process, these various exercises could appear to beridiculous. Nevertheless, they do work and they will workfor you. You are building A WINNER'S IMAGE that willenable you to live the life you have been dreaming about.To turn your FANTASY into a THEORY requires a shift inyour attitude. You must begin giving serious conscious thoughtto your FANTASY. This is not a game . it is your life youare working with.AM I ABLE?Are you ABLE to live your life in the manner yourFANTASY suggests? Put an X in one of these boxes.YESNOThis is the point in life where every winner first separatedthemselves from the masses.The FACTS or CIRCUMSTANCES clearly indicated theycould not win. However, they ignored the facts and turned all oftheir conscious attention to their FANTASY. The FANTASYbecame real in their mind . it turned into a THEORY. The visionwas so stimulating they would only think of how they could livetheir dream. There was no room in their mind for thoughts ofwhy they couldn't, and they became willing to do whatever wasrequired to turn their THEORY into a new set of FACTS in theirlife.You are able, definitely able. There is no one alive whocan even guess with any accuracy at the magnitude of yourpotential. You are a spiritual being. For you, all things arepossible.The next question is truly the only question you need askyourself about attaining A WINNER'S IMAGE.Page 25

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Am I Willing?This is the only question of any real importance that requiresan answer.To turn your FANTASY into a THEORY, are you willingto:Make sizable investments in yourself?Go where you have to go?Do what you have to do?Change what you have to change?Let go of what has to go?Move where you have to move?Study what must be studied?Take direction when it is required?Continue in the face of failures?Commit yourself 100% to living the wayyou choose to live?Possibly even receive ridicule, humiliationand rejection as part of the price to win?If your answer is . YES . a resounding YES - I AMWILLING, you are already on your way to being a WINNER.The material changes must, by natural law, follow.You are going to be tested many times every day. Becominga WINNER in life is not easy . it is simple . but it is definitelynot easy. It requires rigorous honesty and an abundance ofcourage.The moment you answered the questionabout your “Willingness,”your FANTASY became a THEORY.You are now ready to turn your THEORY into a whole newset of positive FACTS in your life.Page 27

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Phase Two:Directives ForTurning YourTheoryIntoFACTPage 29

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Create Your Winner’s Image .From Theory To FactYOUR WINNER'SIMAGEYOURCONSCIOUSMIND BUILTOLDSELF-IMAGESUB-CONSCIOUS MIND ISSTILL BEING CONTROLLEDBY YOUR OLD SELF-IMAGELet's quickly review what you have done. You have created,in detail, a FANTASY composite of your new self-image.Next, you affirmed that you are capable of living your lifein the manner that your FANTASY suggests. And you haveconfirmed your willingness to work at transforming yourFANTASY into your new self-image.Your objective now is to deeply plant and root the vision ofYOUR WINNER'S IMAGE in your sub-conscious mind, andkeep nourishing it through positive input until your newWINNER'S IMAGE wrestles control of your life away fromyour old self-image.This WINNER'S IMAGE system has a daily program toassist you in achieving YOUR WINNER'S IMAGE.“Doing at once what needs to be donewill ensure the possibility of success.”Leland Val Van De WallPage 31

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Daily 5-Point Program for MaterializingThe Winner’s Image1. RelaxAllocate 20 minutes three times everyday: MORNING . NOON . EVENING. let yourself totally RELAX. Clear your mind and visualize yourself livingyour dream.2. ChangeCompletely review how you have been living and decide what changes must bemade to become the person you have visualized yourself being in your new image.Then change them.3. WatchPlay your video tape of A WINNER'S IMAGE at least once every day for 90days, being aware of how much more you retain the message every time youwatch it.4. ListenPlace the three CDs from A WINNER'S IMAGE in your car. Clear your car ofall other CDs. Play these CDs constantly every time you are in your car for thenext 90 days.5. CommunicateMake a list of 15 Winners you respect and would like to socialize with. Phoneone of them every day to say hello and ask if there is any way you can help them.You will be speaking to every one of them twice a month.“You only HAVE TO do something until you WANT TO .then you don't HAVE TO anymore.”Leland Val Van De WallPage 33

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ADetailed Description of Yourself asaWinnerThis written description of yourself must be in the presenttense. Everything begins on a mental level before itmanifests in physical results. As you make this writtendescription, you are impregnating YOUR WINNER'S IMAGEinto cells in your brain.Rewrite this image weekly. You will find it will keepimproving each time you rewrite it.I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL NOW THAT I AM:Page 35

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“Tension tires . relaxation renews.”1. RelaxAllocate 20 minutes three times everyday: MORNING .NOON . EVENING . let yourself totally RELAX. Clearyour mind and visualize yourself living your dream.This exercise is vitally important.Real WINNERS are highly results-oriented, and alwayshave a number of projects going at the same time. Theyaccomplish more in a week than most people wouldaccomplish in a month or possibly a year. They carry out theirduties in a calm, confident, relaxed manner.Relaxing is not something WINNERS try to do, it is theway they are. Their sub-conscious mind is programmed to keepthem in a relaxed state. Creative energy flows freely throughthe mind and body that is relaxed. Dynamic, creative, resultsoriented ideas are built with creative energy.When you have let yourself move into a totally relaxedstate . mentally throw the electrical switch in your brain thatpermits THE WINNER'S IMAGE to move onto the screen ofyour mind. This is the image you chose to create and that youdescribed on page 35. See yourself winning in every way .make it real—in the present tense. When that WINNER'SIMAGE dominates your mind, you are that person. The moreoften you practise this exercise, the more it will take root.Eventually it will dominate your mind all of the time. You arethen the WINNER —INTELLECTUALLY—SPIRITUALLY &PHYSICALLY.Habits are formed by repeatedly getting emotionallyinvolved with specific ideas.For you to successfully form the habitof living a relaxed creative lifeyou must properly complete this exercise.Page 37

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“You cannot get new results with old habits.Change is essential for growth.”2. ChangeCompletely review how you have been living and decide whatchanges must be made to become the person you havevisualized yourself being in your new image. Then changethem.This is the one point that will require more effort than allof the others combined. Clearly understand, however,that