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NEXT CLUB MEETINGOctober 9, 2018BUSINESS MEETINGStarts @ 7:00 p.m.Denney’s Restaurant3315 Scottsdale Road; Tempe, AZ2018 CLUB OFFICERSPresidentJohn [email protected] & EventsJohn Mary d [email protected] AppointeesHistorianArmand ipMarvin [email protected] [email protected] AdvisorsArmand erGeorge M [email protected] [email protected] YEAR placement in the newsletter AND a link on the website:AD SIZE – COSTFULL PAGE. 100½ PAGE . 60¼ PAGE. 35BUSINESS CARD: . 25Cover: Bob Kinderlehrer’s Triumph 2000 Photo: George Montgomery2

Prez Sez – October 2018John Nuss, PresidentThe best plans.On the way home from the latest DCTRA trip to the Penske Museum, I stopped in Mesa to visit friends. Afterthe visit, the car wouldn't start. It appeared the starter was the problem. I called Triple A and the driversuggested we just push the car. The car started immediately and ran well all the way home. I ordered areplacement starter – one of the gear reduction type - and then started in on the car. (I've changed starters on theSpitfire several times and usually make more work for me because I didn't read the manual. Amazing, followingthe directions, it came right out.) Caught in the armature spring was a piece of flat metal. Looks like some partof the clutch broke. Plan B, I put the newly assembled head on Kathy’s car, and after some fussing and whining,it was together and running well. Friday, on the way to Pinetop for the Run to the Pines, I drove as far asFlorence Junction and noticed the oil pressure dropping. Added a small amount of oil and started the car;pressure looked good. It began dropping again from about sixty PSI at start-up to less than twenty PSI in amatter of minutes.We didn't drive the car to the Run to the Pines and it looks like we'll be driving the Herald on the Voyage. Canyou imagine Phoenix to Cottonwood at forty-five miles-per-hour? Maybe to VW is a better solution.Triumphs were represented in Pinetop Lakeside by one Spitfire from Tucson. Other British cars at the showwere three or four beautiful Austin Healys, three MGs and a Rolls Royce. Are Cobras really British cars now?There were three and not one claimed to be a Cobra from the early years. The show field had many street rods,scores of Mustangs and Camaros, and one Kaiser Darin. One of the interesting classes was the Rat Rod class.The cars look like someone put all kinds of stuff on a vintage chassis- a Gremlin body on a truck frame, or oldwrenches as bumpers.Maybe on the “off year” of Triumphest the club may visit the show.I'm looking forward to pictures and stories of the 2018 Triumphest.It looks like the season of shows and other events is beginning. It is certainly time to drive our *EDITOR’S DESKGeorge M Montgomery, EditorMy trip to Triumphest got off to a bumpy start. On the way to meet with Ron Gurnee a smallSUV almost ran me off the road. Forty years of driving these little cars have taught me to watch othertraffic. Not just their movements and turn signals (if any) but their eyes and head movements. Theseare additional clues of what another driver may be anticipation to do and not watching for you. Whiledodging the SUV, I missed my turn to meet Ron and had to go 4-6 blocks out of the way. Through a3

chain of errors Ron drove on to the meeting place with Craig Kenyon, John Reynolds and Jim Bauderat a Quick Trip station for breakfast on the west side of Phoenix. I was to meet them there.Just a mile from the QT exit, I had a flat tire. By the time the tire was change, the trunkrepacked, and I got to the QT, the other guys had left. For the rest of the morning, it was a game ofcatch-up all the way to Parker, AZ. I kept missing them at each stop. Ron waited for me at Parker.He’d been having trouble with his car starting; first the battery, then the alternator. I was fine drivingon the spare tire, but Ron was plagued with starting problems until we arrived at the hotel inSacramento. There he found that the regulator in his new alternator was malfunctioning and wasovercharging the new battery. Both had to be replaced.The drive back home started out following Craig, John and Jim on Hwy 50 and Hwy 395though part of the Sierra Mountains. What a beautiful drive! Tall pine and fir trees, rugged, rocky cliffsand sweeping mountain turns that make these cars fun to drive. Once out of the mountains and onthe desert floor again it got hot. I did not have the top on my car completely attached and was drivingin the sun the whole trip. Thus, I let the others go on so I could stop at highway rest stops frequentlyto cool down and avoid heat stroke.We were watching hurricane Rosa as she came up from Mexico and heading for Arizona. Theother guys wanted to get home before the rain got there. I thought the rain would get to AZ earlierthan they anticipated. I took my time and spent the night in Barstow, CA. Jim said they arrived inTempe about 1pm in the middle of the rain. I arrived in Quartzite Valley about 3:30 pm and wasgreeted with a slight mist. As long as I kept moving I would not need the top. I didn’t even have to turnthe wipers on. Across the West Valley and Phoenix was a light sprinkle that would dry up before itstarted again. Though Phoenix traffic got heavy and sometimes creeping or stopping, I arrived at myhouse about 4:45 dry. The rain began again about 30 minutes after I unpacked the car. Someone’slooking out for me.Thanks for your patience in waiting for this newsletter, I wanted to get all photos and articlesabout Triumphest gathered. I knew that you would want to know about it. I am very proud of our ownDeborah Cooke for winning the President’s Choice award with her 1970 Spitfire, Smedley. This is anaward that the collective presidents of all the participating Triumph clubs select apart from thefuncours, concours and any other event. It is selected by the presidents at their presidents meetingbased on their memory, notes and their feeling of the best car in attendance. A big kudu should go toher husband and mechanic for his work in keeping the in such pristine condition. Congratulationsguys!Our next business meeting will be on October 9th. I would like to see you all there, ctober 2018 Membership Report:DCTRA Membership Chair, Marvin MillerMembership Report October 2018Two new Members have joined the Club in September. John Carroll, who lives in Sun Lakes, hasowned TR's in the past, and is currently looking for a white 1970-74 white TR6 w/ OD. John wasannounced at the September meeting and attending was Don Taylor from Phoenix. Don is not newto LBC's but is new to Triumph and has recently acquired a 1965 Spitfire he hopes to restore. Let'sall welcome these two newest Members, and I expect they will have many questions for some of ourmore knowledgeable experts as time goes on.4

With the addition of these 2 new Members the Club Membership total is 105 with 159 Members.An order for 7 Name badges was placed with our vendor. If you have joined the Club in May or laterof this year, your badge has been ordered and I hope to have it available at the October meeting forpickup.See you at the Business Meeting October 9th!Marv [email protected](602) 380-5564Application form on page 21NEXT CLUB MEETINGOctober 9, 2018Dinner & Social Hour Starts @ 6:00 p.m.Business Meeting Starts @ 7:00 p.m.Denney’s Restaurant3315 Scottsdale Road; Tempe, AZ5

MinutesDesert Centre Triumph Register of AmericaSeptember 2018 DCTRA Meeting MinutesThe Sept. 11, 2018 meeting of the DCTRA was called to order @ 7:02 @ Denny's Restaurant inScottsdale AZ by President John Nuss.Members present: Jim Bauder, Pete Bowen, Ron Cole, Phillip Couture, Ron Gurnee who drove hisTR7, John Horton, Betsy Kavash, Chuck Kerzan, Mary White, Bob Mazer, Marv Miller, GeorgeMontgomery, Dave and Denine Mure, John and Kathy Nuss, Mark Peters, Ron Price, John Reynolds,Don Taylor, Marie Thompson.One Guest: Gene GlennMinutes: Last month's minutes were approved as they appeared in The Newsletter.Treasurer's Report: Armand LaCasse announced that he & previous Club Treasurer Kathy Nussmet with Bank of America and finally have the account's bank card.Membership: Marv Miller announced that a new member has joined Online. And he introducedanother new member present at tonight's meeting, Don Taylor. Don owns a '65 Spitfire.Present tonight were 22 members. Current membership is 105 with 159 members.Marv also mentioned that anyone needing a name tag should see him.Events: John Horton announced the Penske’s “Cars and Coffee” Sept. 15 at The Village Inn inScottsdale. He reminded us of upcoming annual Triumphest in Sacramento Sept. 27 - 30.Also the British Vintage Voyage October 6 - 7. The Christmas Lights event is December 22.January's meeting will be held January 6,2019 at The Spoke & Wheel; 8500 N. Central Ave. This isThe Club's Election of Officers Brunch.John Horton opened a discussion regarding this year's Holiday Charity Donation. John is suggestingwe increase last year's donations of 250 each to 3 charities. Further discussion was floored untillater.Technical: John Horton thanking all who helped him with repairs on his TR6.Old Business: NoneNew Business: John Nuss recommended that a committee be formed to consider the proposedchanges to our Christmas Donations. Armand will review to report our financial history of donationsand the viability of increasing these.John Nuss asking for suggestions/volunteers for a place for the Annual Christmas Party. And formembers to give thought to a Slate of Officers for January meeting.6

Ron Gurnee handed out brochures for his recommendation for a car cleaning service.Ron Cole asking for help with his TR6 rebuild upon his upcoming retirement.Motion to adjourn passed at 7:29 pmMinutes Respectively SubmittedMary A. White, endar of EventsDCTRA & British Auto Events 2018:October 6 & 7, 2018 – British Vintage Voyage – Cottonwood, AZOctober 9, 2018 – DCTRA Business Meeting. 7pm (6pm for dinner and social)October 12, 2018 - Jaguar club concours San Marcos hotel in ChandlerOctober 14, 2018 - Jaguar breakfast 6401 W. chandlerNovember 4, 2018 - MG Club Wheels on The Green, MG Club, 9875 N. 85th Avenue; Glendale AZNovember 10, 2018 - Jaguar drive out west 08:30 at the Wigwam hotelNovember 17, 2018 - Bandara Picnic in Wickenburg AZNovember 22, 2018 - Thanksgiving Day Parade @ Fountain Hills?December? – DCTRA Christmas Party?December 22, 2018 – Christmas Light TourJanuary 6, 2019 – Election Brunch; Spoke & Wheel; 8500 N Central Av; PhoenixRegular Occurrence EventsHunts Donuts – 3rd Thursday University and the Loop 101Cruz'n at Phil's -(every Sunday) Phil's Filling Station Fountain Hills, AZCars N Coffee – 1st Saturday of the month, Mayo Blvd & Scottsdale RdCars N Coffee – 2nd Saturday of the month, Alpio’s at TroonCars N Coffee – 3rd Saturday of the month, Penske Auto MuseumPavilions McDonald's - every Saturday night. 101 & Indian Bend.7

Technical CornerBy John HortonBROKEN BOLT PROBLEMWe all have had broken bolts to deal with, I know I have been there. I saw a couple of neatfixes on the web, the source of all knowledge. If the bolt is broken below the surface and there arethreads, you can probably remove it.First you can shock it with a center punch a couple of times, then apply some heat but don’tmelt and aluminum that the bolt is in. Then spray some penetrant and allow it to work. There aredevices called hinge drills that come in common sizes that will center the drill and allow a centeredhole.You can also chuck up a same size bolt in a lathe and drill a hole to allow a drill. You canscrew this into the hole and drill the bolt allowing an easy out to remove the broken ***********************************************A New Triumph Model?Julian Anderson reported that while he was sitting on an airplane awaiting taxiing away fromthe terminal to the runway, he casually looked out his window and watched the ground crew there,preparing the airliner for flight. He was surprised to see one particular piece of equipment."I had no idea that there was a successor to theTR250 until Sky Harbor”. **8

Triumphest 2018Well Triumphest 2018 is now history. If you didn’t get to attend, you missed a fun experience.I did not get attendance count yet. It was at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West, a beautiful venue.Craig Kenyon, John Reynolds, Jim Bauder, Ron Gurnee and I, George Montgomery, caravannedthere and back, albeit, via different routes. Yeah, ask me about it sometime. Deborah Cooke and KenSchmidt and Bo and Laureen Shaw also attended by different route.Friday night’s Hospitality Party was quite unique. I don’t remember an event at Triumphest like thatbefore. It was a costumed party based on the ‘49’er Gold Day Rush Days. There were themed gamesto play and a BBQ dinner that was delicious. And there was a live band.Plant the gold tooth on the minerAssayer’s office for turning winnings for goldThe bandAttendees renewing friendships9

Triumphest 2018 (cont)People in costumeKen Schmidt, Deborah Cooke and Richard WhiteThe Funcours and the Concours car show were held in the parking lot at the rear and on the sides ofthe hotel.10

Triumphest 2018 (cont)11

Triumphest 2018 (cont)Smedley won the Presidents Choice Award for Triumphest **************************************Our Web Master12

Smedley’s StoryArticle & photos Deborah CookeShortly after I learned to drive, I boughtmy first car, a 1963 Spitfire. I wanted somethingthat looked sporty but wasn’t too fast. Be carefulwhat you wish for! I drove that for a few months,while I went to my first summer job. It neededquite a few things, and broke down regularly, butit allowed me to earn enough money topurchase a much newer (1970, oh, it was onlyfour years old) Spitfire. The first Spit was sold,and my British racing green Spitfire became mytransportation to high school and a job. Becauseall cars need a name, I called it pickle, for thecolor, but that name never really stuck. Forreasons I can no longer remember, the car wasdubbed “Smedley.”Since I was never a fan of dark colors, Iknew that a repaint was in the immediate future.In fact, it was my very first tax return check thatpaid for the paintjob. When I took in a two inch sample paint chip,the body shop owner looked at it dubiously andsaid, “lady, are you sure?” I informed him thatwhile it might be an unusual color for a car, itwas my favorite color. When I went to pick it up,all shiny and spiffy, he told me, “you, know, itdoesn’t look as bad as I thought it would!” Notexactly high praise. Three months later, mysister backed into it with her car, and anothertrip to the body shop ensued.I drove it everywhere, including several late night trips between my new home in SantaBarbara and Phoenix. Eventually, I acquired another car as my daily driver, and Smedley wasrelegated to only occasional use. There were times when he didn’t run well, and I learned to do a fewsimple roadside fixes myself.When I met Ken, it was because he worked for the shop where I took the replacement car for repairs.I married my mechanic. It was kismet. In addition to keeping the daily drivers operational, Kenundertook the task of bringing Smedley back to operational status with an engine rebuild. A year ortwo later, I was stopped at a light and the driver behind me didn’t stop. The damage was severeenough to require a whole rear clip. Because the paint would never match, we had the whole carpainted again.We continued to have fun in the Spitfire, but it wasn’t until 1986 or so that we heard aboutDCTRA. We have been members ever since. We attended various events here and there, but onlystarted going further afield after Ken installed an overdrive, sometime around 1997. We’ve onlymissed two Triumphests since then.13

Smedley’s Story (cont)We have had Smedley so long, that he isnow a part of the family. We have even had acouple of birthday parties for him. Friends showup (possibly because alcohol is involved), andthere are sometimes even presents. It’s a hoot.In the last few years, we decided to take Smedley off the road again for a complete redo. Thepaint job was by then about 25 years old and showing its age. But there was no question that it wouldbe repainted in some form of “Smedley green.” The guys at Redbird did a wonderful job, and Kenrebuilt the transmission and engine while it was at the body shop. Lots and lots of pieces werechromed. Ken engineered all sorts of modifications and will happily tell you about them. At length. Ittook ages, but eventually Smedley was back on the road and ready to be enjoyed again. And I do.The car is absolutely glorious, inside and out. All credit for its current state goes to Ken. He hired outthe paint, upholstery, and chrome, but all the rest is his doing.Most people have the good sense not to keep the car they bought at sixteen, but all these years later,Smedley is still in our garage, and looking better than **********************************British Wheels On the GreenDear British Car Owner,British Wheels on the Green 2018 is November 4 at Peoria Centennial Plaza.Although we have many beautiful cars, this is very much a come as you are gathering of British carsmanufactured up to 1990. The plaza opens at 7:30 a.m. with vehicles in place 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.The dead line to register is fast approaching. On-line registration closes October 15. Mail registrationsmust be postmarked by October 12.You will find all the information you need at would be great to see you and your car again!14

November 4, 2018The AZ MG Club 2018 British Wheels on the Green car show is November 4 at thebeautiful Peoria Centennial Plaza, 9875 North 85 Avenue, Peoria, Arizona. We are invitingowners of British cars manufactured up to the year 1990. Judging will be provided by peersas well as a Peoples Choice award.ADVANCE REGISTRATION 30.00 PER VEHICLE:Postmarked no later than October 12Mail registration orRegister and pay by PayPal at www.britishwheels-az.infoOn line registration deadline is October 15 The organizers reserve the right to refuse and limit entry. Vehicles must be present to receive awards. No Exceptions Closed Gate Policy. Show entrants are required to leave their vehicle in place for publicviewing and for the safety of show guests until the conclusion of awards at 1:30 p.m. The number of awards per classification will be determined by ADVANCE REGISTRATION on the October12th deadline.Those who register will receive an acknowledgement