Missouri State ArchivesFinding Aid 5.20OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATECOMMISSIONSPARDONS, 1836Abstract: Pardons (1836-2018), restorations of citizenship, and commutations forMissouri convicts.Extent: 66 cubic ft. (165 legal-size Hollinger boxes)Physical Description: PaperLocation: MSA StacksADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATIONAlternative Formats: Microfilm (S95-S123) of the Pardon Papers, 1837-1909, was madebefore additions, interfiles, and merging of the series. Most of the unmicrofilmed materialwill be found from 1854-1876 (pardon certificates and presidential pardons from anunprocessed box) and 1892-1909 (formerly restorations of citizenship). Also, strayrecords found in the Senior Reference Archivist’s office from 1836-1920 in Box 164 andinterfiles (bulk 1860) from 2 Hollinger boxes found in the stacks, a portion of which arein Box 164.Access Restrictions: Applications or petitions listing the social security numbers of livingpeople are confidential and must be provided to patrons in an alternative format. At thediscretion of the Senior Reference Archivist, some records from the Board of Probationand Parole may be restricted per RSMo 549.500.Publication Restrictions: Copyright is in the public domain.Preferred Citation: [Name], [Date]; Pardons, 1836- ; Commissions; Office of Secretaryof State, Record Group 5; Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City.Acquisition Information: Agency transfer.

PARDONSProcessing Information: Processing done by various staff members and completed byMary Kay Coker on October 30, 2007. Combined the series Pardon Papers andRestorations of Citizenship because the latter, especially in later years, contained a largeproportion of pardons. The two series were split at 1910 but a later addition overlappedfrom 1892 to 1909 and these records were left in their respective boxes but listedchronologically in the finding aid. Commissions now uses the series title Pardons for allpardons, restorations of citizenship, and commutations. Added or interfiled oneunprocessed Hollinger box of pardons dated 1854-1876. Another dated 1836-1920 onJune 4, 2010. On August 9, 2010, added two Hollinger boxes of mostly 1860 pardonpapers found in the stacks.Accession 2009-0025 processed on July 29, 2009; 2012-0055 on June 8, 2012; 20150055 on October 20, 2015; 2018-0013 on February 6, 2018; 2018-0132 on June 7, 2018.HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL NOTESThe Missouri Constitution states: “The governor shall have power to grant reprieves,commutations and pardons, after conviction, for all offenses except treason and cases ofimpeachment, upon such conditions and with such restrictions and limitations as he maydeem proper, subject to provisions of law as to the manner of applying for pardons”(Article IV, Section 7). The Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo 217.800) require that allapplications for pardons, commutations, and reprieves be referred to the Board ofProbation and Parole for investigation; the board then submits a report and non-bindingrecommendation to the governor. Early pardons, however, were handled entirely withinthe governor’s office. Approved files are sent to the Office of the Secretary of State for acertificate to be issued. After 1993, the board no longer sent supporting documentationand only the certificate was filed.Although the distinction is sometimes blurred, there are basically three types of pardons:commutations of sentence, restorations of citizenship, and pardons. Commutations ofsentence, which reduce the original sentence whether it was from hanging to life orreduced the number of years imprisoned, was its own series from 1847 to 1985; fromthereon out, commutations are found intermingled with the pardons. Restorations ofcitizenship primarily impact suffrage but the right to vote is now automatic after theconvict is released from prison and is no longer on probation or parole (RSMo 115.133).A pardon itself is normally considered an expungement of the original conviction and inmost cases is awarded for good behavior after the prisoner has been released, but in a fewcases it has been awarded for proven or perceived innocence of the original charge. Forinstance, Johnny Lee Wilson was pardoned by Governor Mel Carnahan in what his staffdetermined to be a false confession made by a man with diminished mental capacity.Pardons were granted for crimes ranging from speeding to capital murder. Those pardonsgranted for minor infractions are often so that the applicant may seek employment inprofessions such as police or the military that bar convictions. For instance, a rash ofpardon requests in the late 1960s were for traffic violations so the applicant could becomeMissouri State ArchivesPage 2 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONSa highway patrolman. Another reason for seeking a pardon, such as the case of AntoninoMormino in 1972, was to avoid deportation. In one unusual case in 1968, a pardon wasgranted to a deceased man, Harry Jack Hoefeler, Jr., to lessen the grief of his parents andremove the stain on the family honor.The number of pardons issued by governors for all states, including Missouri, plunged inthe latter part of the 20th century, in part after it became a hot political issue in the 1988presidential election after a furloughed prisoner from Massachusetts went on a murderousrampage. What once was a routine action of the executive branch as a check and balanceon the judicial system is now considered a rare occurrence.ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTIVE INFORMATIONRelated MaterialA related series called Record of Pardons Issued consists of eight volumes dated 18731936 that have been microfilmed (S50-S53). Also, there is one volume of boundApplications for Pardons dated 1893-1898 and a one-volume Register of Restoration ofCitizenship dated 1911-1971. Commutations of Sentence can be found from 1847-1985(bulk from 1891) as its own series.Missouri State ArchivesPage 3 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONSPARDONS, 1836-2018Arrangement: Chronologically by date filedScope and ContentEach pardon file usually includes an application giving details of the offense and personalinformation about the applicant. Petitions and correspondence evaluate the applicant’scharacter and health and may describe mitigating factors in the case. Trial transcripts andaffidavits and depositions concerning the advisability of clemency may be included. Filesmay also contain reports and recommendations from the warden, the Prison Board, or theBoard of Probation and Parole.For certain pardons in 1980 and from 1993, the file includes only the certificate withoutany supporting documentation. Gaps in the series are found between 1876 and 1891,between 1852 and 1857, and for the year 1964. A few stray pardons from these years arefound in a later addition (Box 164). In the mid-19th century, there are some presidentialpardons for prisoners housed in the Missouri penitentiary. Some commutations and atleast one extradition can also be found in these papers.Container 7812349Date22 Aug 183630 Jan 18374 Feb 183728 Aug 18376 Oct 183730 Oct 183730 Oct 18379 Dec 183718 Dec 183725 Dec 183715 Dec 183722 Jan 183827 Feb 18381641110568 Mar 183817 Jul 183830 Nov 1838Missouri State ArchivesContentsJonathan HELTONRobert KILGOREHarrison JONESWilliam WALKER (Man of Color)John JACKSON (Indian)George ANDERSONAlexander BELLAlfred HAWKINSWilson EIDSONBenjamin P. MAJORHyram S. WELLSWillis ARMANJames RUSSELLJohn GARRETTGeorge MANNINGJeremiah (Jerrie/Jesse) MASSIEJames BROWNWilliam CAYTONPage 4 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS11111178910111227 Jan 183815 Feb 18384 May 183820 Apr 183812 Nov 183827 Feb 1838111641111116411131411151617181912202126 Apr 183819 Feb 183812 Mar 18392 Apr 183810 Jul 183910 Jul 183917 Aug 183915 Oct 183927 Nov 183916 Feb 18396 Feb 183911111111222324252627282911 Nov 183923 Sep 183923 Sep 183912 Jun 184015 May 18405 Nov 184027 Mar 184028 Apr 1840Missouri State ArchivesFrancis M. DILLONHenry HORSTEdwin HUNTINGEdgar KEYSJames LAYMANGeorge MANNINGJohn GARETYJames RUSSELLHenry WESTJames NAPSpencer NORTONNathaniel HARLOWHiram S. WELLSWilliam O. BLANTONRichard FOSTERWilliam HILDEBRANDSamuel HYMANFrederick EINGELHARTMAT, a slave of Thomas LatimerWilliam PARKERHubbard DENNYWilliam MITCHELLElijah POWELLJohn C. REEVESAllen WATSONJohn BETHMAN/BATEMANWilliam GRIZZLEMichael KELLY(not stated) LOVEJames Q.McFARLANDSamuel J. M.DAVISFredrick L.COLBYStephen FISHERPage 5 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS13014 Sep 184013122 Jul 3940414243444546471215311 Sep 184015 Sep 184015 Sep 184010 Dec 184125 May 184122 Nov 18415 Feb 184129 Nov 184126 Nov 18411 Dec 184225 Jul 184211 Jun 184226 Aug 184223 Dec 18425 Dec 184221 Dec 184231 Mar 18429 Sep 184212 Jan 184314 Feb 18435 May 184316 Oct 184322453 Aug 184313 Nov 1843267 Oct 1843Missouri State ArchivesThomas C. NELSONJohn BROWNW. S. FARRELLPeter RYANGeorge ALLENJames UPSHURBasil APPLEBYEdward RICHARDSJulius HAMUELCharles BARGEH. ROBERTSWilliam ROUSEAlfred HAWKINSEdwin HUNTINGWilliam H. BERRYNorifelt or Norivelt HARTRebecca HAWKINSRobert MATLOCKJohn POWERSJames RUBEYJohn BRASHEARSJohn DUNNAnn Aurelia EDDYJohn A.FINLEYAlfred GIVENSAmos GRIFFITHJohn MOUNCEMatthew SMITHNathan H. WAREAmos BRYDMichael CONNELLEYEdwin HUNTINGStephen DOTTERARGeorge HARRISONWilliam FAUGHTCharles FORRESTCharles A. BROWNJames FUGATEPage 6 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS22222222789101112131417 Nov 184319 Jun 18438 Jun 184327 Feb 184324 Feb 18438 Nov 184327 Jul 18435 Oct 184322151614 Jan 1843ca. Mar 18432176 Jan 1843164222222222161819202122232425268 Dec 184321 Jan 18447 Dec 184412 Dec 184413 Sep 18449 Jul 184419 Apr 18444 Jul 184420 Jan 184411 Oct 1844Missouri State ArchivesRedmond HARTLEYAlfred HAWKINSJames LAYTONJohn W. McABEE(not stated) McLEANJohn MORRISThomas NIXONJames PHILANJohannus DORRJ. ROWLEYReport of the Commissioners to Examinethe Convicts in the Penitentiary(newspaper print lists 130 convicts;contains name of prisoner, where born,where sent from, number of years sent for,age of prisoner, occupation, for what sent,names of persons injured, when sent,when time expires, remarks)Recommendation by Gordon & Burch –Pardon recommendation for:Edwin HUNTINGJames SCOTTWilkinson STEVENSWilliam WILLIAMSWilkerson STEPHENSJohn P. CAMPBELLMartha CASTOAnn DRUMPLEJames GILESFielding GLASCOCKWilliam H. HALLSamuel HAYDENCardwell NUNNJames M. ROGERSPage 7 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS22713 Aug 4243444530 Aug 184530 Aug 184530 Aug 18459 Aug 184520 Sep 184520 Sep 184520 Sep 184530 Aug 184516 Apr 184530 Aug 184525 Sep 184514 Aug 184519 Jul 184530 Aug 184520 Sep 184520 Dec 184517 Dec 184520 Sep 184522224647484924 Aug 18457 Jun 184530 Aug 184525 Apr 18452222505152536 Jan 184513 Mar 184520 Sep 184518 Aug 1845Missouri State ArchivesPardon recommendation by Inspectors ofPenitentiary:Martin MATHEWSJohn N. LUCASJohn PRICERaymond B. NICHOLASBattaile PETTISThomas FINNHenry BAKERLoomis BIGELOWHenry BRYANTJohn O. CALLAHANJames P. CRAWFORDH. DIXONJohn H. FAGANThomas FINNAndrew FULLERWilliam GALLAGHERJohn HAMILTONWilliam HICKAM Jr.William H. HULLJames LOYJohn LUCASBridget McSHANEJohn NEFFRomain Battiste NICHOLAS (see alsofolder 27)Samuel Levy NORMANJames O’NEALBattaile PETTISFelix PHELPSHolman PHELPSThomas OWENSWilliam HARMANJohn PRICENicholas RICEWilliam RITTERJames ROGERSPage 8 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS2222222354555657585960112 Feb 184520 Sep 184520 Sep 184512 Jun 184526 Jun 184516 Apr 184511 Jun 184526 Jan 92023 Jan 18469 Oct 184628 Feb 184625 Nov 184628 Mar 184623 Nov 18469 Oct 18469 Sep 184625 Sep 184616 Dec 18469 Oct 184631 Sep 18462 Jul 18462 Apr 184624 Sep 184627 Sep 18465 Dec 18469 Sep 184626 Aug 184632129 Jan/24 Jun184633333222324252625 Mar 18466 Apr 18478 Dec 184717 Nov 18473 Sep 1847Missouri State ArchivesCharles SCHREIBERWilliam SHOOKMANGustavus R. SIMMONSJames TAYLORHoward WESTEdward WILLIAMSGeorge HENDERSONRobert ANDERSONWilliam BOLIJohn BONNEFORDaniel DONVIANAsher DUNLAPThomas HALEJohn HORTONThomas JACKSONJohn JONESSamuel JONESG. C. KELLERRobert KELLYRichard KIRBYSamuel KNOTTJohn LOGANJohn McCLINTOCKNELLY, a slaveMoses PINCKSTONEdward SMITHJohn STANLEYFranklin TAYLORJames SMITHGeorge THOMPSONJames BURRAlanson WORKSJoseph WILSONWilliam ANDERSONJoseph ARMSTRONGJames CHANDLERHenry CLIFFPage 9 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

4118 Aug 184717 May 184725 Aug 18472 Nov 18474 Aug 184727 Jan 184725 Aug 184727 Aug 184719 Nov 18471 Nov 18473 Aug 18473 Jun 18477 Aug 184721 Nov 184731 Jul 184733334243444513 Aug 184711 Feb 184725 Oct 184716 Jun 18473333333344647484950515253121 Jun 184715 Aug 18475 Aug 184722 Jul 18473 Dec 184728 Oct 184719 Apr 184726 Jan 184730 Mar 1848442331 Mar 184811 Apr 1848Missouri State ArchivesJames DONOHONicholas Jackson FARRENSWilliam FERGUSONGeorge W. GREENGeorge HENDERSONJames HIGGINSJames H. HOPKINSVincent J. HUDSONBenjamin HUGHESWilliam HUNTERWilliam JOHNSONJames KEETERJohn KETCHUMAlfred LONGRecommended for pardon:Vincent J. HUDSONJack KETCHUMWilson McELROYCharles McDONALDStephen JOHNSONWilson McELROYThomas MALLONJohnson D. MAYThomas PIERCEJohn HOOKERStephen POTTERCharles RIDENSHenry SMITHJosiah SPURGEONJohn Jacob STREKLEJohn B. TISDALESolomon WAGGONERWashington WHITLEYGranville PERRYN/PERRIN aliasJ. G. BELLThomas S. BENNETTJohn W. BRICKEYPage 10 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

30 Dec 184812 Aug 184812 Jun 18481 Dec 18484 Apr 184819 Sep 18484 Sep 184823 Feb 184829 Feb 184824 Jul 184815 Feb 184829 May 18487 Jul 18487 Apr 184830 Dec 18484 Aug 184811 Apr 184817 Feb 184812 Aug 18484 Nov 184819 Jan 184820 May 184811 Oct 18494 Jan 184927 Apr 184929 Dec 184918 Dec 18499 Apr 184918 Dec 184918 Jan 18491 Jan 184928 Feb 18492 Mar 184944373822 Dec 184923 May 1849Missouri State ArchivesJames BUTLERC. L. CARTERGeorge COOKMitchell DYERJames FITZSIMMONSThornton H. GIBSONGeorge GLINESJames GRAFFJohn HALLGeorge R. LANGSTONSamuel J. McCOMASJohn W. MOOREJames O’BRIENJohn E. OSTRANDERJames PHELANJames A. RISLEYJohn C. RITCHEJames ROBINSONWilliam Walker ROBINSONHorace ROCKWELLMichael SANAGANIsaac W. SUMMERThomas C. ALLISONBILL (a slave)John S. BRICKYThaddeus CARTERWilliam CARTERLevi P. COXJames CRAVENSWilliam FISHERRichard FORSYTHChristian GOETHEMary GREENMary HURLEYGeorge HANLEYSaul HUGHESPage 11 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS4439408 Aug 184910 Sep 2 Nov 184915 Jan 184930 Dec 18491 Mar 18496 Dec 184918 Jan 18497 Jan 184911 Apr 184930 Aug 184921 Dec 184929 Sep 184910 Mar 184919 Feb 184918 Mar 185015 Apr 185019 Apr 18505555555555555555456789101112131415161718198 Jun 18508 Jul 18508 Jul 18506 Jan 185114 Jan 185116 Jan 185116 Jan 185121 Jan 185127 Jan 18511 Feb 18513 Feb 185117 Feb 185117 Feb 185125 Feb 185127 Feb 185127 Feb 1851Missouri State ArchivesJohn C. JONESCharles KLEEBERGWilliam WAMHOFFAlphonso LONGJames LOVEOliver P. MAGEEWilliam P. MATTOXMitchell MAUPINMeredith MILLERThomas MILLERGeorge NEARNESJames O’NEILPhilip RAMBANTWilliam ROWLANDMoses RUSSELLJohn SLAVENA. T. WARDJames MULQUEENYHenry MONROE alias MORRIS aliasJOHNSTONGeorge P. SMITHPeter DELVINWilliam ROBINSONAustin B. CASEHugh ROONEYJohn McGEEJames WAGESS. J. McCOMASAndrew LESSLYMichael SCHALLERGeorge alias William HALLCatherine SCHOVENBERGJames VARLEYJohn CUMMINSSimeon BRUNKPat HAILEPage 12 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS55555552021222324252627 Feb 18513 Mar 18514 Mar 185115 Mar 185122 Mar 185125 Mar 185125 Mar 18515555555272829303132337 Apr 185111 Apr 185111 Apr 185122 Apr 185123 Apr 18512 May 18516 Jun 185155555343536373813 Jun 185116 Jul 185117 Jul 185116 Jul 185122 Aug 185155555555555566639404142434445464748495012325 Aug 185123 Sep 185123 Sep 18512 Oct 185130 Oct 185118 Oct 185119 Nov 185119 Nov 185119 Nov 185129 Nov 18516 Dec 185112 Dec 18514 Mar 185224 Jan 185325 Jan 1853Missouri State ArchivesThomas MARTINOliver MOOREJames O’NEALPeter FITZGERALDGeorge MORRISFrancis DICKSON (a Mexican)John HAMILTONThomas FOSTERCharles KIMMONSJoseph LOPEZ alias ANTONIAMichael MOOREAmbrose BARKERJohn PEARCEDennis HIGGINSBenjamin SAVAGEPhilip HARRISThomas LIBSLEYJoseph PEPPERSWilliam S. FRESHOURReuben SHOCKLEYIsaac DAVISWilliam H. DAVISSamuel SAGEJohn KELLYGeorge STEVENSONH. G. BARNARDGeorge GARDNERGeorge ARMITAGEJohn H. DAVISGeorge HAMLINThomas HARTJames DYERPeter LEONARDAlvin BOWENGeorge KNAPPMarian CLEMENS(not stated) GARRETTPage 13 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS66666456784 Feb 185312 Feb 185325 Feb 185321 Mar 185329 Mar 1853666666666666666910111213141516171819202122239 Apr 185311 Apr 185320 Apr 185323 Apr 18539 May 185313 May 185324 May 185324 May 185330 May 185310 Jun 185317 Jun 185317 Jun 185317 Jun 185318 Jun 185325 Jun 18536662425269 Jul 185314 Jul 185328 Jul 185366666666627282930313233343529 Jul 18532 Aug 18536 Aug 185315 Aug 185325 Aug 18533 Sep 18531 Oct 18533 Oct 185331 Oct 1853Missouri State ArchivesHenry FRENCHJohn S. GORDONFrancis LAQUIREJohn K. BESTW. B. ROYCEWilliam McFADDENHardin BLEDSOEPatrick Sheridan ROYCRAFTW. J. B. ELLIOTThomas MOFFETTAdam MOYERSJames BUSCHJ. G. HUNTERP. BROWNDEVILLEMelford H. PARMERWilliam CORDERAlfred JACKSONJohn BRANDON (free man of color)Phillip HARRIS (free man of color)Joseph McKEEJames HILLAbraham EYLERCharles STEELEJames ROBBINSJohnathan B. RICHMONDGeorge P. NEARNSPhilip FLOEICHJacob FLOEICHThomas GLENNJames McGUIRERichard STEELEAndrew SMITHJohn FITZGERALDWilliam WRIGHTWilliam CULBERTSONAquila J. WRIGHTWilliam TROWBRIDGEPage 14 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

PARDONS63618 Nov 185366666666637383940414243444527 Dec 18533 Jan 185427 Jan 18549 Feb 185424 Feb 185410 Mar 185411 Mar 185415 Mar 185423 Mar 4567891011121324 Mar 185424 Apr 185410 May 185411 May 185411 May 185426 May 185429 May 18548 Jun 185413 Jun 185414 Jun 185416 Jun 185422 Jun 185424 Jun 185431 Jun 18548 Jul 185422 Jul 185422 Jul 18547 Aug 185412 Aug 185418541 Sep 185471422 Sep 1854Missouri State Archives1854John SMITHJacob YADELLMarshall G. DAVENPORTJohn BROWN alias James NELSONJohn ANDERSON (a slave)James DUNNGeorge STEWARTG. W. LYTTLEStephen DUTCHYBenjamin GREENVILLEJames H. CLAYPOOLAaron BELLG. R. MARTINLawrence O’BRIANHenry MATTHEWSJames DOVENJacob MONGERF. VOGLERGeorge WESTFALLG. H. SHAFERFredrick RENNZELMANPatrick KELLEYRobert WILSONWilliam JONESJohn P. MATHEWSDaniel VEITCHJames SHANNONMichael FITZPATRICKHenry MILLERWilliam M. LAMPHENAndrew McLANEGustin (Justin) THISSANJohn BARKWELLFolder EmptyNoel GREEN, William GREEN, andThomas STEWARTStephen McDERMOTPage 15 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

2926 Sep 185427 Sep 185420 Oct 185422 Oct 185422 Nov 18542 Dec 18547 Dec 18548 Dec 185413 Dec 185416 Dec 1854185425 Jan 185526 Jan 185526 Jan 185521 Feb 34445461224 Feb 18553 Mar 18559 Mar 18559 Mar 18559 Mar 185522 Mar 185514 May 185525 May 185525 May 1855Jun 18557 Jul 18557 Jul 18557 Jul 185523 Jul 185524 Jul 185526 Jul 185528 Jul 185528 Jul 185530 Jul 1855Missouri State ArchivesJames CAMPBELLJohn McCAINJohn COLLINSBenjamin F. SHOOTSIsaac FORSTERL. REGLEYJames COSBYElijah MITCHELLGeorge KAHLMEYERJohn GERPELMANWilliam HASSEJohn COLEMANRaish O. SWINKMichael WHELANJohn LOVEJOYHenry BERNARDGeorge WILSONWilliam ROBINSONThomas SCOTTMichael LOGANNathaniel MIRRHiram STANLYAdam MEIDNERDavis JONESJohn BROWNM. TOMBSWilliam RICHARDSONMichael FLINNGeorge ROEEtheldred J. HAYSBernard CRINNIGANFrancis GRAHAMBenjamin TAYLORDaniel IGO/IGOUJ. C. SULLENSDaniel CULLENPage 16 of 336Finding Aid 5.20

19204 Aug 18555 Aug 18557 Aug 185510 Aug 185515 Aug 18551 Sep 185527 Sep 185528 Sep 18553 Oct 18555 Oct 185510 Oct 185525 Oct 185525 Oct 185525 Oct 185529 Oct 185513 Nov 185513 Nov 185521 Nov 3624 Nov 1