Requesting a Pre-LEI code from GMEI UtilityUser guideThe Pre-LEI (Pre Legal Entity Identifier) code is a legal identity identifier customer ID used in thefinancial market. International organisations work together on creating a central, permanent LEI codeservice provider (GLEIS). Currently, until the permanent LEI service provider is created, Pre-LEI codesmay be requested from a Pre-LOU (Pre Local Operating Unit) service provider, which fully satisfy therequirements under the reporting obligation. The Pre-LEI codes will be converted once the final LEIsystem is deployed.The completion of the reporting obligation on derivative transactions is conditional on your Companyhaving a Pre-LEI code.UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt applied for its Pre-LEI code from GMEI Utility (earlier CICI Utility).Below is a short summary of the key information about requesting the GMEI Utility LEI code. Thisguide is based on the user manual on the GMEI Utility website.We hereby inform you that the GMEI Utility Guide is, of course, not a recommendation by the Bank toenter into contract with that service provider, nor we wish to rate the GMEI Utility service provider orexpress our preference over other Pre-LOU service providers. Some service providers may use lowerfees or a simpler application process. The only purpose of this Guide is to assist customers in theirrequest for a Pre-LEI that can be used by our customers at their discretion.The up-to-date list of the Pre-LOU service providers already registered by ESMA can be found 20131003 2.pdfService feesRegistration (requesting LEI)Annual renewalData changeUSD200100Free of charges

1. Registration, creating new accountSelect “Create New Account” at the GMEI Utility (previously known as CICI Utility) website( Complete the fields (The fields marked with asterisk are required)Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’Once you click ‘Submit’, you will receive an email from [email protected] toconfirm your email address.If you do not get the confirmation email, please check your Spam filter.

2. Checking for duplicatesPrior to registering an entity, make sure you check whether the specific entity is already listed in thedatabase. Log in Use the Search function to check if the specific entity is already registered in the system.o If the entity is already listed in the database, you need to use its code.o If the data under the entity located in the database are not correct, please contact us [email protected] .3. Registering an entity Select the ‘Register an Entity’ menu.o If you are currently an employee of or a person authorised by the organisation youwish to register, please select the ‘Primary Party Registration Option’ menu.o If you are not related to the specific organisation select 'Assisted Party Registration’.

Complete the form with the legal name, the registered address, the address of theheadquarters, the status and the legal form of the entity. For the registered address, pleaseenter the address in the certificate of incorporation.When applying for a LEI code, you need to enter the address (registered seat) of thecompany, not its site.Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’Click ‘Save and Check for Duplicates’If you wish to enter the LEI code of the parent company, click ‘Add Ultimate Parent’ in thebottom right corner of the form.

4. Potential duplicates The system displays potential duplicates in a list. Please review the entire list. If yourcompany is listed as a registered entity, please do not continue the registration process. For more details, click ‘View Details’ or ‘Compare Records’ at the end of the lines in thelist.4a Potential duplicates – ‘View details’ If you click ‘View Details’, you will see the details of the entity causing a “potential”duplicate and you can compare those with the data of your company you wish to register. If the entity you found is yours, please do not continue the registration process and use theexisting LEI code. Otherwise, please contact [email protected] Potential duplicates – ‘Compare records’This function helps you compare the data of the Entity found in the list and the data of the registrationyou began. The data of the potential duplicate are displayed on the top of the page.The data of the company you wish to register are displayed on the bottom of the page.If the element is duplicated, please click ‘The two records displayed are duplicates’.

Click ‘Return to registration form’ to return to registration.Click ‘Save and Check for Duplicates’ again. You will once again see the data of the entity causing a potential duplicate.Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add to Pending Actions’.

5. Pending actions Your registration is then added to your ‘Pending Actions’ basket (top right hand corner). Here you may continue registering or maintain more entities, or select ‘Proceed toCheckout’ if all actions are complete. You may then process payment.6. Processing a payment The service has a registration fee (USD 200) and an annual renewal fee (USD 100). All requested actions are displayed in your pending actions queue. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to commence payment.6a Processing a payment – billing information Please also fill in the Billing details. These should match what you entered uponregistration. Then select the payment option from the following two:o Credit cards 'Click here for Credit/Debit card payment guide'o Wire transfer 'Click here for Wire transfer payment guide' Note: Wire transfers do not result in an immediate assignment of an LEI code. LEIs areassigned once payment clears, which may take at least 5 days.

6b Processing a payment – wire transfer Please read the ‘Payment Details’ section very carefully. Once ready, click the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box, enter Captcha, and select ‘Hold Orderand Pay via Wire’. You will be presented with your order number, which you must include in the memo fieldof your wire payment.

Your ‘Pending Actions’ page will show all pending orders for which payment has not yetbeen received.Once the transfer is made, please allow at least 5 days for the payment to be recognised bythe service provider.Once payment is recognised, the Validation Team reviews the submitted data, which takesapprox. 72–96 hours.If you experience any issues with payment, please contact us [email protected] Processing a payment – credit card Enter credit card details, and click ‘Complete’. Please do not refresh the page or press the Back button while payment is processing. If payment is not completed, please contact us at [email protected] payment is completed, click ‘Print Invoice’.

Once complete, you will receive an invoice on the screen as well as a confirmation email tothe email address you previously entered.Your registration or renewal request will be sent to the Validation Team to check thesupplied reference data against publicly available, corroborative sources.Please allow 72–96 hours for the Validation Team to complete its checks.If you experience any issues with the payment by card, please contact us [email protected] Finalisation of registration Once payment is complete, your registration will be sent to the Validation Team to checkthe supplied reference data against publicly available, corroborative sources. Oncevalidation checks have been completed, your LEI code is generated. You will then receivean email about the successful assignment of the code. Once this process is complete, the ‘Record State’ will update to reflect the findings by theValidation Team.o Typically the turnaround is 72–96 hours. Upon successful registration, your LEI code will be searchable on the GMEI Utility Portalas a publicly available data.