Client Relationship SummaryEffective March 22, 2021Access supplemental materials by clicking on the links below or visiting and Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (Merrill or we) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) as both a broker-dealer and an investment adviser, and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation ( Managed Account Advisors LLC (MAA), our subsidiary, is alsoan SEC-registered investment advisor.You can access free and simple tools to research firms and financial professionals at, which provides educationalmaterials about broker-dealers, investment advisers and investing. Brokerage and investment advisory services and fees differand it is important for you to understand these differences. This Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS) provides a summary ofthe types of services we provide and how you pay.At Merrill, we offer both brokerage and investment advisory services. You choose how you want to work with us:Work with your dedicated MerrillAdvisor (Advisor) and team in abrokerage account relationship fora per trade charge and/or enroll inan investment advisory program toaccess managed investment portfolios,discretionary management andfiduciary services for an annual assetbased fee.Obtain the advice of Merrill FinancialSolutions Advisors (FSAs) and otherrepresentatives in a brokerageaccount relationship for a per tradecharge and/or enroll in an investmentadvisory program to receive selectedmanaged portfolios and relatedfiduciary services for an annual assetbased fee.Utilize the Merrill Edge Self-Directed(MESD) investing platform to executeand manage your own trades in abrokerage account for a per tradecharge and/or enroll in an investmentadvisory program to access certain selfguided managed portfolios and relatedfiduciary services for an annual assetbased fee.This Form CRS and the Summary of Programs and Services provides an overview of our primary programs.What investment services and advice can you provide me?BROKERAGE SERVICESIn a brokerage account (Account), you pay commissions andother sales fees on a per transaction basis. We may recommendinvestments to you, but you make the final decision to buy, sell orhold them.From time to time, we may voluntarily review the holdings in yourAccount; however, for purposes of Regulation Best Interest, wedo not provide an ongoing monitoring service or monitor yourAccount and Regulation Best Interest does not require us to do so.The Cash Management Account (CMA) is our primary brokerageAccount for retail clients. Our brokerage services provide you: Investment recommendations and responses to your tradeinstructions and other requests. Access to investments, research, financial tools, investmentguidance and market education. Trade execution for purchases and sales of securities andcustody of Account assets. Margin lending (borrowing against the securities in yourAccount). Access to various account types. Access to our Cash Sweep Program where uninvested cashin your Account is “swept” into bank deposit accountsaffiliated with us or into money market mutual funds. Cash management services including direct deposit, checkwriting, debit cards, electronic funds transfer.You can obtain certain brokerage services in a brokerageAccount serviced by FSAs and other of our registeredemployees via a call center or in a bank or wealth managementcenter (Merrill Advisory Center (MAC)). Certain of our FSAsand registered employees may only offer certain types ofinvestment products. You can obtain brokerage services on aself-directed basis through MESD.Our Best Interest Disclosure Statement provides material factsabout a brokerage Account, including material limitations weplace on our offerings.Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (also referred to as “MLPF&S” or “Merrill”) makes available certain investment products sponsored, managed, distributed, or provided by companies that areaffiliates of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”). MLPF&S is a registered broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, Member SIPC and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp. Merrill Lynch Life AgencyInc. (“MLLA”) is a licensed insurance agency and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp. Banking products are provided by Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp.Investment products offered through MLPF&S, and insurance and annuity products offered through MLLA:Are Not FDIC InsuredAre Not Bank GuaranteedMay Lose ValueAre Not DepositsAre Not Insured By Any FederalGovernment AgencyAre Not a Condition toAny Banking Service or Activity2100515 cra 0321 first proof.indd 1Page 12/22/21 1:23 PM

INVESTMENT ADVISORY SERVICESMerrill offers a variety of investment advisory programs(IA Programs). Each IA Program is described in an IA Programbrochure available at you enroll in one of our IA Programs, we act as yourinvestment adviser in providing you the services described inthat IA Program's client agreement and brochure. You pay anasset-based fee and not on a per trade basis. These servicesinclude advice and guidance, brokerage and custody servicesand access to the Cash Sweep Program.In certain IA Programs, you can choose to make investmentdecisions yourself and/or to grant us or a third party theauthority to make investment and trading decisions for youraccount on your behalf (discretion). This discretion is triggeredwhen you grant it to us and remains in effect until you revokeit. We provide ongoing monitoring for an account enrolled inan IA Program as described in its brochure.MAA provides discretionary services in certain IA Programs.It invests assets by implementing investment strategies ofthird-party managers and/or of Merrill that has been selectedfor your IA Program account, processes contributions andwithdrawals and provides other services.Our IA Programs for retail investors are:Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program (IAP). IAP providesyou with investment advice and guidance from an Advisor youselect and access to a wide range of investment strategies andproducts. IAP makes available third-party and Merrill managedinvestment strategies as well as individual funds, equities andfixed income securities. For an IAP account, you may delegateinvestment and trading discretion to your Advisor or to themanager (us or a third-party manager) of an investmentstrategy you select or retain investment discretion.Strategic Portfolio Advisor Service (SPA). SPA provides you withinvestment advice from an Advisor you select and the ability toaccess investment strategies offered by third-party managersunder a separate contract.Managed Account Service (MAS). MAS provides you with theability to select under a separate contract certain investmentstrategies of third-party managers not offered in our otherIA Programs. As to this selection, we and your Advisor do notprovide advice or recommendations.Merrill Guided Investing with Advisor (MGI with Advisor). ThisIA Program offers you the ability to invest in certain investmentstrategies managed by Merrill with advice and guidanceof a Merrill representative and through an online, guidedinteractive website.Merrill Edge Advisory Account (MEAA). MEAA is a program thatoffers you the ability to invest with advice and guidance of aMAC-based FSA in certain investment strategies managed byMerrill.Merrill Guided Investing (MGI). MGI provides you with theability to invest in a set of investment strategies managed byMerrill through an online, self-guided interactive website.Institutional Investment Consulting (IIC). IIC is a programthat provides specified investment portfolio services to theinvestment portfolios of IIC-eligible clients.All of these IA Programs have differing service andrelationship approaches and requirements. Certain of thesame managed investment strategies are available in severalof our IA Programs. You should evaluate which IA Programis right for you considering your investment profile; yourpreferences on working with an Advisor you select, workingwith a MAC-based FSA or working on a self-guided basis; thenature of the IA Program services; the types of IA Programservices you want; the investment solutions available; andthe IA Program fees. The IA Program brochures providematerial facts about the program, including fees and conflictsof interest.FOR BOTH BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENT ADVISORYWe offer a wide variety of investment products. Theseproducts are available to you for investment based on factorssuch as account limitations, client and Advisor/FSA eligibilityand our product approval process.The investment options available to brokerage and IAProgram-enrolled accounts include products sponsored ormanaged by product providers unrelated to us. There are alimited number of products in which we or our affiliates havean interest. For certain products, we require that the productprovider or sponsor enter into distribution agreementswith us and, in certain cases, agree to make payments to usfor compensation purposes, revenue sharing and for subaccounting services. These material limitations are furtherdescribed in the Best Interest Disclosure Statement.Merrill utilizes its own broker-dealer capabilities and thoseof Bank of America Securities, Inc. (BofAS) and affiliates toprovide you with certain investment products and services,including trade execution, access to research and cashmanagement services.For a CMA Account, there is a minimum funding of 20,000in cash and/or securities (with a 2,000 minimum for asubaccount). This does not apply to an MESD account or anaccount enrolled in MGI, MGIA or MEAA. Certain investmentproducts and IA Programs are subject to minimum investmentamounts detailed in offering materials and IA Programbrochures. Not all account type options provide the servicesdescribed in this Form CRS.Page 22100515 cra 0321 first proof.indd 22/22/21 1:23 PM

Questions you can ask us about our services: Given myfinancial situation, should I choose an investment advisoryservice? Should I choose a brokerage service or both typesof services? Why or why not? How will you chooseinvestments to recommend? What is your relevantexperience, including your licenses, education and otherqualifications and what do they mean?What fees will I pay?FEES IN A BROKERAGE ACCOUNTYou will pay a fee for each transaction in a brokerage account(for example, commissions, markups, markdowns or salescharges). This can be a direct payment from you or, for certaininvestment products, the product sponsor or the managerwill pay the fees and costs to us based on the value of yourinvestment.Brokerage transaction fees vary from product to product.An overview of brokerage fees and other Account chargesis included in the Best Interest Disclosure Statement and inthe materials listed on page 4 of this CRS. An overview of theMESD brokerage fees and charges is available at The trade confirmation you receive will providethe amount of the fees charged for the transaction. Theoffering materials available for certain types of investmentproducts provide information about the fees and costs ofthose products.The more trades that you make in your brokerage account, themore we and/or your Advisor get paid, giving us a financialincentive to encourage transactions in your account.FEES IN AN IA PROGRAM-ENROLLED ACCOUNTYou pay us an IA Program fee that covers investment advisoryservices, trade execution and custody at Merrill. The IAProgram fee is based on the value of the assets in youraccount at the annualized fee rates listed below:IAP: A customized rate agreed with your Advisor (max 2.00%)and a strategy manager fee (if applicable) for Advisor-basedadvice and guidance, access to a wide range of investmentsolutions and managed strategies and IAP fiduciary services.SPA: A customized rate agreed with your Advisor (max 1.50%)and a SPA manager fee for SPA fiduciary services.MAS: A customized rate agreed with your Advisor (max 1.80%)and a MAS manager fee for certain agreed MAS services.MGI with Advisor and MEAA: A fee rate of 0.85% for FSAbased advice and guidance on the set of managed strategiesavailable through the program and related fiduciary services.MGI: A fee rate of 0.45% for access on a self-guided basis to alimited list of managed strategies.IIC: A negotiated rate (max 0.45%) for IIC services.Depending on the IA Program, the fee is paid monthly orquarterly. The relevant IA Program brochure will provide moredetail about the applicable fee and the transactional costs youmay incur.The more assets there are in your IA Program-enrolledaccount, the more you will pay in fees, giving us a financialincentive to encourage you to increase the assets in youraccount.ADDITIONAL FEE INFORMATIONWe (or your Advisor or an FSA) may discount or waive certaintransaction fees and charges based on your circumstances,any discount or waiver requirements and/or any reward andrebate program rules.Certain brokerage and IA Program services, as well asinvestment products, may only be provided by Advisors andFSAs who meet certain qualifications and training requirements.Certain products have built-in fees and expenses described intheir offering materials that the product manager or sponsorcharges for services, portions of which may be paid to us.You will pay fees and costs whether you make or losemoney on your investments. Fees and costs will reduceany amount of money you make on your investments overtime. Please make sure you understand what fees and costsyou’re paying.What are your legal obligations to me when providingrecommendations as my broker-dealer or when actingas my investment adviser? How else does your firmmake money and what conflicts of interest do youhave?STANDARD OF CONDUCT AND CONFLICTS OF INTERESTWhen we provide you with a recommendation as yourbroker-dealer or act as your investment adviser, we have toact in your best interest and not put our interest ahead ofyours. At the same time, the ways we and our affiliates makemoney create some conflicts with your interests. You shouldunderstand and ask us about these conflicts because theycan affect the recommendations and investment advice weprovide you. Here are some examples to help you understandwhat this means:Affiliate benefits. Our affiliates receive compensationand/or economic benefits in connection with certain of theservices provided and certain investment products that werecommend or make available to you.Third-party payments for services. We receive compensationfrom certain product sponsors for sub-accounting andshareholder services we provide them. We also haveagreements with certain product sponsors to pay us marketingsupport and other revenue sharing payments under certaincircumstances. Product sponsors may share in the costs ofhosting certain educational meetings for clients and ouremployees, including Advisors and FSAs.Principal trading. Some of your securities transactionswill be executed with our affiliate BofAS. It receives dealercompensation for its services. BofAS also receives underwritingcompensation from issuers for providing underwriting servicesfor offerings of securities and for the sale of these securities toinstitutional and retail clients, including you.Page 32100515 cra 0321 first proof.indd 32/22/21 1:23 PM

Please review our Best Interest Disclosure Statementand/or our IA Program brochures at you can ask us about fees and conflicts: Help me understand how these fees and costs mightaffect my investments. If I give you 10,000 to invest,how much will go to fees and costs, and how much will beinvested for me? How might your conflicts of interestaffect me and how will you address them?How do your financial professionals make money?BROKERAGE COMPENSATIONYour Advisor is primarily compensated based on thecommissions and other types of transaction fees and servicecharges related to transactions in your Account. The levelof compensation is based on what we charge you for tradeexecution or what we receive from product sponsors for thesale of their products.FSAs and certain Advisors and other registered employeesproviding brokerage services are compensated through asalary and certain bonus payments for asset gathering.Advisors and FSAs may also share in fees charged for servicesprovided to you by us and companies related to us as your Account. For IA Programs, the conflict arises based onthe compensation we make due to your enrollment in a feebased program and the fee that you agree to.Do you or your financial professionals have legal ordisciplinary history?Yes. Please visit for a free and simple tool tosearch us and our financial professionals.Additional InformationFor the latest copy of this disclosure, go to Youmay also call your Advisor or call us at 800.637.7455 and it willbe provided free of charge.For a copy of Best Interest Disclosure Statement, go or obtain a paper copy froman Advisor or an FSA free of charge. We will provide you withadditional transaction information through other documentssuch as trade confirmations, prospectuses, offering materialsand account statements.Certain client agreement forms and the materials listed beloware also available at and Summary of Programs and Services Best Interest Disclosure Statement IA Program BrochuresINVESTMENT ADVISORY COMPENSATION List of Account TypesIn general, Advisors who are qualified to offer IAP, SPA andMAS to eligible clients receive as compensation a portionof the particular IA Program fee, subject to certain policyrequirements. Certain Advisors may only offer and provideservices for certain IAP strategy types. FSAs and certain typesof Advisors receive a salary and incentive compensation. Merrill Explanation of FeesOTHER COMPENSATION INFORMATION Merrill Edge Schedule of Miscellaneous Account andService FeesWe determine Advisor and FSA compensation and eligibilityrules for the offering of brokerage services, IA Program servicesand certain investment products. This determination is basedon the experience of the person, the time and complexityrequired to meet a client’s needs, the products sold and productsales commissions, and other factors such as client and assetacquisition and the revenue we earn.Advisors and FSAs may receive bonus compensation basedon their asset gathering efforts during the year. Advisors whojoin Merrill from other firms are eligible to receive additionalpayments based on the revenues generated from accountsthey manage at particular points in time.Certain products have higher transaction fees and servicecharges than other products. An Advisor will receive morecompensation for selling certain products over other products. Merrill Edge Explanation of Fees Merrill Schedule of Miscellaneous Account andService Fees Sweep Program Guide Mutual Fund Investing Offshore Mutual Fund InvestingQuestions you can ask us: As a financial professional,do you have any disciplinary history? For what type ofconduct? Who is my primary contact person? Is he orshe a representative of an investment adviser or a brokerdealer? Who can I talk to if I have concerns about howthis person is treating me?The nature of compensation payments that Advisors receivepresents a conflict of interest. For brokerage services, theconflict arises based on the type and frequency of transactions 2021 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved. 472482PM MAP3052995 Effective March 22, 2021Page 42100515 cra 0321 first proof.indd 42/22/21 1:23 PM

Client Relationship AgreementTis Client Relationship Agreement (“Agreement”), as wellas the underlying agreements for our various productsand services, details t