Microscope ManiaStation 1Directions:(1) Look at the pictures and guess what they are.(2) Write your guesses in your notebook.Station 11)2)3).HINT:They are all common objects that might be found in your home or a classroom.

Microscope ManiaStation 2Directions:(1) You need:- 1 slide- eyedropper,- beaker of water- ruler- magnifying glass.Water(2) Put 1 drop of water in the middle of the slide and hold over the letter “e” in the box.e(3) Move the slide up and down until you get the letter in focus.until(4) Measure the distance between the slide and table.(5) Place another drop of water in the middle of the slide and hold over the letter “e”again. Repeat steps 3 &4(6) Measure again with 4 drops of water

(6) In your book, describe how the view of the “e” changes as you add more drops ofwater?(7) Use the magnifying glass to look at the letter “e”.e(8) Move the magnifying glass up and down until you get the letter in focus.untile(9) Measure the distance between the magnifying glass and table.(10) How does the view of the “e” with the magnifying glass compare to the slide?

Microscope ManiaStation 3Directions:(1) Put microscope on low power(2) Select a slide and set it on the STAGE(3) Make sure the slide is centered over the light.(4) Turn the large COARSE adjustment knob to get your slide in view.Use the small FINE adjustment knob to make clear.(5) To increase magnification, turn the NOSEPIECE to the next largest LENS.Use the FINE adjustmentknob to sharpen the image.

(6) To view your slide under the highest power, turn the nosepiece to so the LARGESTlens (longest) is over your slide.WARNING: Do NOT use the COARSE adjustment knob with the HIGHEST power lens!It may crack or break the slide.(7) Draw one slide at all 3 powers of magnification in your notebook.Station 3Name of slideLow PowerMedium PowerHigh PowerXXX(8) Answer the questions in your notebook.1) Which lens magnifies the most (short, medium or long)?2) Why can’t you use the coarse adjustment knob with high power?(9) Clean up

Microscope ManiaStation 4Directions:Activity 4A - Vocabulary Challenge(1) Match the words to their definitions correctly as fast as possible.(2) Put all words face up on the tableBaseStage(3) Hold definitions in your hand(4) Time how long it takes you to match all the words and definitionsBaseHolds microscope(5) Check your answers & try againActivity 4B – Parts & Pieces(6) Place the labels on the correct location on the microscope.(7) Time how fast can you match the parts correctlyBase(8) Rate your efforts on these two activities in your notebook and record your timeRatings: Great OK PoorStation 4ActivityVocabulary ChallengeParts & PiecesRatingBest Time

Microscope ManiaStation 5Directions:(1) Go to Click Kid Zone(3) Click Cells & MicroscopesHere are the games you will beusing.(4) Click What in the World? – Mystery Photos(5) Try a few challenges. (Click more to see all challenges)(6) Try Quia – Microscope Mania Game Word search(7) Go to Click Period 1 Intro to Biology Microscope Crossword(9) Try the puzzle(10)Rate your efforts on these two activities in your notebook.Station 5ActivityWhat in the world?Word search or CrosswordRating