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The risk of contaminationInfection control is a top concern in GI units.The European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses andAssociates states that water bottles can be a source of endoscopecontamination.1Possible contaminants that may linger in reusable accessories include virusesfungal sporesbacteriaAdditional References - Industry StatementsEuropean Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses andAssociates (ESGENA)In addition to the endoscopes themselves, water bottles can be a source of endoscope contamination.This can be caused by inadequate cleaning of water bottles, lack of sterilization or use of tap waterinstead of sterile water. Therefore, water bottles and connecting tubes must be cleaned and sterilizedon a daily basis. The water bottles should be filled with sterile water and changed after each endoscopysession. Additionally, testing of water bottles should be included in regular quality control.1American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE)Episodes of transmission of infection to patients can be traced, in most cases, to procedural errors incleaning and disinfection of the endoscope or its accessories. Bacteria or viruses have been transmittedby: contaminated water bottles and irrigating solutions 2Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology(APIC) The water bottle and connecting tubes are difficult to clean and disinfect and are often colonized withPseudomonas species and may serve as important reservoirs of cross-infection.3123ESGE-ESGENA guideline: Cleaning and disinfection in gastrointestinal endoscopy. Volume 40, No. 939-957. Update 2008. www.esge.comAmerican Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Transmission of infection by gastrointestinal endoscopy. Volume 54, No. 6, 2001Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). APIC guideline for infection prevention and control in flexible endoscopy (2000).

irrigation solutionsDisposable solutions.To address cross-contamination concerns and support patient safety,US Endoscopy has developed two lines of disposable irrigationaccessories – the AquaShield water bottle system and the Torrent irrigation system.Both systems.Offer an alternative option to manual reprocessingHelp to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patientsProvide a 24-hour use option - use one for the day thenthrow it awayInclude a 24-hour red sticker, which identifies date andtime of setup

patientAquaShield water bottle systemFrom water bottle systems to irrigation tubinprotect your patients from cross-contaminatThe AquaShield water bottle system is a system including a water bottle cap, tubingand connector, and 24-hour red stickeravailable with or without a CO2 connectoravailable with a CO2 connector in two irrigationline lengths (10cm and 152cm)a disposable solution for Olympus, Pentax andFujinon endoscope users Allows clinicians to use eitherCO2 or room air insufflationduring procedures Includes hydrophilic filter toprotect insufflator from fluidinvasion (CO2 systems only)

safetyTorrent irrigation systemng, US Endoscopy offers a solution to proactivelytion.Torrent irrigation system features 24-hour use irrigationtubing and a single-use scopeconnector with a one-way luerlocke valveis compatible with Olympus,ERBE, and MEDIVATORS electricirrigation pumpsirrigation systemReduce the risk of crosscontamination with a US Endoscopysingle-use connector which includesa one-way luer-lock valveTorrent scopeconnector forPENTAX scopesTorrent scopeconnector forOlympus scopes

immediate irrigationUS Endoscopy also provides other tools to help improve your irrigationcapabilities throughout the procedure.BioShield irrigatorThe BioShield irrigator allows flushing of blood and otherdebris out of the way throughoutthe procedure*offers immediate, direct irrigationat any time - even with a devicein placeAdd a whole new level of efficiency to your endoscopyprocedures with the BioShield irrigator*in order to achieve moderate irrigation pressure and minimize leakage, there must be sufficient space within thebiopsy channel for fluid to pass when there is a device in place.

product informationpart numberdescriptionunits/boxAquaShield water bottle systemBX00711540water bottle cap systemOlympus 140/240, 160/260, 180/280, 190/290 series endoscopes25BX00711541water bottle cap system - CO2 (10cm line)Olympus 140/240, 160/260, 180/280, 190/290 series endoscopes25BX00711542water bottle cap systemOlympus 140/240, 160/260, 180/280, 190/290 series endoscopes25BX00711543water bottle cap system - CO2 (10cm line)Olympus 140/240, 160/260, 180/280, 190/290 endoscopes25BX00711549water bottle cap system - CO2 (152cm line)Olympus 140/240, 160/260, 180/280, 190/290 endoscopes25NEW!BX00711550water bottle cap systemPentax endoscopes25NEW!BX00711551water bottle cap system - CO2 (152cm line)Pentax endoscopes25NEW!BX00711553water bottle cap system - CO2 (152cm line)Fujinon endoscopes25Torrent irrigation systemBX00711560Irrigation tubing (305cm)Olympus pumps25BX00711561Irrigation tubing (305cm)ERBE, MEDIVATORS, Olympus pumps25BX00711562Irrigation tubing (365cm)Olympus pumps25BX00711563Irrigation tubing (365cm)ERBE, MEDIVATORS, Olympus pumps25BX00711570scope connectorOlympus 140/240, 160/260, 180/280, 190/290 endoscopes100BX00711571scope connectorPENTAX 70/80/90 series only endoscopes100BioShield irrigatorBX00711131Irrigation adaptor (15 gauge)50BX00711133Irrigator (30.5cm) Olympus/Fujinon endoscopes50BX00711134Irrigator extension tubing (180cm)50BX00711137Irrigator (30.5cm) PENTAX endoscopes50BX00711554Irrigation Kit - standardEach kit includes:BX00711540 - AquaShield system - 1 eachBX00711561 - Torrent system (ERBE/MEDIVATORS/Olympus pumps) - 1 each20BX00711555Irrigation Kit - CO2 shortEach kit includes:BX00711541 - AquaShield system - CO2 (10cm connection tube) - 1 eachBX00711561 - Torrent system (ERBE/MEDIVATORS/Olympus pumps) - 1 each20BX00711556Irrigation Kit - CO2 longEach kit includes:BX00711549 - AquaShield system - CO2 (152cm connection tube) - 1 eachBX00711561 - Torrent system (ERBE/MEDIVATORS/Olympus pumps) - 1 each20NEW!BX00711557Irrigation Kit – standard, Olympus pumps onlyEach kit includes:BX00711540 – AquaShield System - 1 eachBX00711560 – Torrent System - 1 each20NEW!BX00711558Irrigation Kit – CO2 short, Olympus pumps onlyEach kit includes:BX00711541 - AquaShield System - CO2 (10 cm connection tube) - 1 eachBX00711560 - Torrent System - 1 each20NEW!BX00711559Irrigation Kit – CO2 long, Olympus pumps onlyEach kit includes:BX00711549 - AquaShield System - CO2 (152cm connection tube) - 1 eachBX00711560 - Torrent System - 1 each20irrigation kits

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