TABLE OF CONTENTSWarranty and Service Policy . 3Safety Information . 4-5, 8, 11, 14, 16, 19-20, 25-29, 31-33Materials of Construction . 6Accessory Checklist . 7Outputs . 8Modes of Operation Description . 9Control Panel Guide. 10-11Pre-Programming Requirements . 12-13Program Pump Settings . 14-18Installation. 19-28Troubleshooting . 29-31Tube Replacement . 32-34Exploded View. 35Parts . 36Mounting Template . 37IMEFP 0415b2Econ

WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICELIMITED WARRANTYStenner Pump Company will for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase (proofof purchase required) repair or replace – at our option – all defective parts. Stenner is notresponsible for any removal or installation costs. Pump tube assemblies and rubbercomponents are considered perishable and are not covered in this warranty. Pump tubewill be replaced each time a pump is in for service, unless otherwise specified. The cost ofthe pump tube replacement will be the responsibility of the customer. Stenner will incurshipping costs for warranty products shipped from our factory in Jacksonville, Florida. Anytampering with major components, chemical damage, faulty wiring, weather conditions,water damage, power surges, or products not used with reasonable care and maintained inaccordance with the instructions will void the warranty. Stenner limits its liability solely tothe cost of the original product. We make no other warranty expressed or implied.RETURNSStenner offers a 30-day return policy on factory direct purchases. Except as otherwiseprovided, no merchandise will be accepted for return after 30 days from purchase. Toreturn merchandise at any time, call Stenner at 800.683.2378 for a Return MerchandiseAuthorization (RMA) number. A 15% re-stocking fee will be applied. Include a copy of yourinvoice or packing slip with your return.DAMAGED OR LOST SHIPMENTSCheck your order immediately upon arrival. All damage must be noted on the deliveryreceipt. Call Stenner Customer Service at 800.683.2378 for all shortages and damageswithin seven (7) days of receipt.SERVICE & REPAIRSBefore returning a pump for warranty or repair, remove chemical from pump tube byrunning water through the tube, and then run the pump dry. Following expiration of thewarranty period, Stenner Pump Company will clean and overhaul any Stenner meteringpump for a minimum labor charge plus necessary replacement parts and shipping. Allmetering pumps received for overhaul will be restored to their original condition. Thecustomer will be charged for missing parts unless specific instructions are given. To returnmerchandise for repair, call Stenner at 800.683.2378 or 904.641.1666 for a ReturnMerchandise Authorization (RMA) number.DISCLAIMERThe information contained in this manual is not intended for specific application purposes.Stenner Pump Company reserves the right to make changes to prices, products, andspecifications at any time without prior notice.USA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP3

SAFETY INFORMATIONWarns about hazards that CAN cause death, serious personalinjury, or property damage if ignored.ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARDELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD:The pump must only be used with the Class II power supply that is supplied withthe pump.RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIQUE:La pompe ne peut être utilisée qu’avec le bloc d’alimentation de type Classe IIoriginalement fourni avec celle-ci.RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK:This pump has not been investigated for use in swimming pool or marine areas.RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIQUE:La pompe n’a pas été vérifiée et approuvée pour utilisation sur des applications depiscine ou autre installation marine.DO NOT alter the power cord or power supply.DO NOT use receptacle adapters.DO NOT use pump with a damaged or altered power cord or power supply. Contactthe factory or an authorized service facility for repair.HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE:DISCONNECT power cord before removing motor cover for service. Electrical serviceby trained personnel only.EXPLOSION HAZARD:This pump is not explosion proof. DO NOT install or operate in an explosive environment.RISK OF EXPOSURE:Potential for burns, fire, explosion, personal injury, or property damage. To reduce riskof exposure, the use of proper personal protective equipment is mandatory.RISK OF FIRE HAZARD:DO NOT install or operate on any flammable surface.RISK OF CHEMICAL OVERDOSE:To reduce risk, follow proper installation methods and recommendations. Check yourlocal codes for additional guidelines.This appliance is not intended for use by persons (includingchildren) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experienceand knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction to concerninguse of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.4Econ

SAFETY INFORMATIONcontinuedWarns about hazards that WILL or CAN cause minor personalinjury or property damage if ignored.PLUMBING:Metering pump installation must always adhere to your local plumbing codes andrequirements. Be sure installation does not constitute a cross connection. Checklocal plumbing codes for guidelines.This pump has been evaluated for use with water only.NOTICE: Indicates special instructions or general mandatory action.This metering pump is portable and designed to be removable from the plumbingsystem without damage to the connections.Before installing or servicing the pump, read the pump manual for all safetyinformation and complete instructions. The pump is designed for installation andservice by properly trained personnel.Installation and product must adhere to all regulatory and compliance codesapplicable to the area.This is the safety alert symbol. When displayed in this manual or on theequipment, look for one of the following signal words alerting you to thepotential for personal injury or property damage.Acceptable for indoor use; or, outdoor use when mounted as shown in theInstallation Section.Destiné à une utilisation intérieure ou extérieure lorsqu’il le schéma de la sectioninstallation est respecté.Electrical installation should adhere to all national and local codes. Consult a licensedprofessional for assistance with proper electrical installation.Removing power from recirculation pump must also remove power from pump.The use of an auxiliary safety device (not supplied), such as a flow switch or sensor,is recommended to prevent feed pump operation in the event of a recirculationpump failure or if flow is not sensed.Point of injection should be beyond all pumps, filters, and heaters.Maximum temperature 40 CUSA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP5

MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTIONAll HousingsPolycarbonatePeristaltic Tube & Check Valve DuckbillSantoprene *, FDA approvedSuction/Discharge Tubing & FerrulesPolyethylene, FDA approvedWeighted Suction Line StrainerPolypropylene or Type 1 Rigid PVC body with Type 1 Rigid PVC cap, NSF listed; ceramic weightTube FittingsPolypropylene, NSF listedCheck Valve FittingsType 1 Rigid PVC, NSF listedConnecting NutsType 1 Rigid PVC or PolypropyleneAll FastenersStainless Steel*6Santoprene is a registered trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation.Econ

ACCESSORY CHECKLISTContents3 Connecting Nuts 1/4"3 Ferrules 1/4" or 6 mm Europe1 Injection Check Valve1 Weighted Suction Line Strainer 1/4"1 20' Roll of Suction/Discharge Tubing1/4" White or UV Black OR 6 mm White Europe1 Additional Pump Tube1 Installation ManualUSA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP7

OUTPUTSItem PressurePrefixTubeAssemblyRatioper Dayper Hourper Hourper 160.02.6780Approximate Maximum Outputs @ 50/60HzItem lilitersPressurePrefixTubeAssemblyRatioper Dayper Hourper Hourper 113.404.724725.078.85.5Approximate Maximum Outputs @ 50/60HzNOTE: Injection check valve included.NOTICE: The information within this chart is solely intended for use as a guide. The output data is an approximation based onpumping water under a controlled testing environment. Many variables can affect the output of the pump. Stenner PumpCompany recommends that all metering pumps undergo field calibration by means of analytical testing to confirm their outputs.8Econ

MODES OF OPERATION DESCRIPTIONThe Econ FP is a flow activated pump and will accept a dry contact signal or a 12-24 VAC/VDCsignal from any control equipment that responds to flow. The pump runs at a set time or aset speed according to the mode of operation selected. The run time or the pump speed isadjustable from10% to100% in 1% increments. The control panel displays the modes ofoperation as SECONDS, AUXILIARY and FLOW SWITCH.Before programming, review the pre-programming requirements pages 12 to 13, steps A-D.SECONDS (dry contact signal)In the Seconds mode, the pump can receive a dry (non-voltage) contact signal and will runfor a set time in response to receiving the signal. The pump can receive the signal from, forexample,a water meter or control valve that sends a dry contact signal. There is a choice offive pump operating time ranges and the maximum time is displayed in the control panel;the run time is adjustable from 10% to 100% in 1% increments.1 SECOND 0.1 to 1.05 SECONDS 0.5 to 5.010 SECONDS 1.0 to 10.020 SECONDS 2.0 to 20.060 SECONDS 6.0 to 60.0AUXILIARY (12-24 VAC/VDC signal)In the Auxiliary mode, the pump can accept a 12-24 VAC/VDC signal and will run at a setspeed for as long as it receives the signal. The pump speed is adjustable from 10% to100% in 1% increments. If polarity is reversed when connecting a DC signal to the AUXinput, the pump will not respond to the signal. The pump can receive the signal from acontrol valve or another type of control equipment that responds to flow.FLOW SWITCH (dry contact signal)In the Flow Switch mode, the pump will accept a dry (non-voltage) contact signal from a2 wire flow switch and will run at the set speed for as long as it receives the dry contact.The pump speed is adjustable from 10% to 100% in 1% increments. The connection is notpolarity sensitive (polarity is not an issue when connecting the flow switch wires).USA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP9

CONTROL PANEL GUIDE – BUTTONSThe control panel has a backlit LCD display; when operating it will display the operatingmodes and the % setting. The pump is factory pre-set at the lowest settings. The keypad islocked and in standby mode.MODE%To unlock the keypad, simultaneously press and hold MODE and % for 5 seconds. Thekeypad will automatically lock if there is no operation for 60 seconds.Following are the buttons for programming the modes of operation.MODE PRIMETo prime the pump or run the pump at full speed, first press & continue to holdthen press PRIME .MODEMODE,STBYTo place the pump in or out of standby, first press & continue to hold MODE , thenpress STBY . The pump will not respond to incoming signals when in STBY mode.MODE orMODE To select a mode of operation, first press & continue to hold MODE , then press or to scroll through the selections. The display will show FLOW SWITCH, AUXILIARY (for12-24 VAC/VDC), or SECONDS.% or% After the operational mode is selected, select the percentage setting. First press & continueto hold % , then press or until the desired percentage is reached.10Econ

CONTROL PANEL GUIDE – INDICATORSThe display has flashing indicators beneath the operating mode and setting. The indicatorsare “PRIME”, “STANDBY”, “SIGNAL”, “PAUSE” and “KEYPAD LOCKED” and represent thefollowing functions:PRIME Prime button is pressed, pump will run full speedSTANDBY Standby button was pressed, pump is in standbySIGNAL Pump received a signalPAUSE Pump received a dry contact to the pause inputKEYPAD LOCKED After 60 seconds of no keypad operation, the keypad will lock andthe display will show “KEYPAD LOCKED”Operating Mode5 SECONDSPercentage Setting100%PRIME STANDBY SIGNAL PAUSEFlashing IndicatorsControl Panel5 SECONDS 100% KEYPAD LOCKED USA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP11

PRE-PROGRAMMING REQUIREMENTSBefore programming the pump, collect or calculate the data in steps A through D thencontinue with the instructions for the Seconds, Auxiliary or Flow Switch mode.A.Determine the Maximum System Flow Rate or Well Pump Flow Rate in Gallonsper Minute.If well pump output is unknown, refer to example below:Calculate well pump output rate in gallons per minute (gpm).Determine the output rate by opening a faucet until the well pump turns on.Immediately turn off the faucet and time how long the well pump runs. Next, measurethe volume of water drawn from the faucet until the well pump turns on again.volume of water until the pump turns on (gal.) Well Pump Output Rate (gpm)how long the pump runs (min.)Example: After drawing 10 gallons of water,the well pump took 2 minutes to fill thepressure tank and stop.B.10 gallons 5 gpm2 minutesDetermine Solution Strength Percentage and the Dosage Requirement in Partsper Million.If dosage is unknown, refer to example below:Calculate required dosage in parts per million (ppm).Refer to Oxidation Rates below. Estimate dosage and include the ppm ofrequired residual.Common Chemical Solution Strengths in um Permanganate Dissolved at 1/4 lb per gallon330,000Hydrogen Peroxide770,0001.212,000Sodium HypochloritePolyphosphate Dissolved at 1 lb per 10 gallonsOxidation RatesFor each ppm ofRequired ppm of ChlorineRequired ppm of Hydrogen PeroxideExample: To treat a water supply containing2 ppm iron and 4 ppm hydrogen sulfidewith a chlorine residual of 1 ppm, a dosage15 ppm of chlorine is required.12Econ FPIronManganeseHydrogen Sulfide1230.511.52 ppm iron x 1 ppm chlorine 24 ppm hydrogen sulfide x 3 ppm chlorine 121 ppm chlorine residual 1Total 2 12 1 15

PRE-PROGRAMMING REQUIREMENTSC.continuedCalculate Metering Pump Output Requirement in Gallons per Day .Maximum System Flow Rate (gpm) x Dosage (ppm) x 1440 Metering Pump Output Requirement (gpd)Solution Strength ppm**D.Solution Strength % x 10,000 Solution Strength ppmReference the chart below to confirm the selected pump’s maximum outputslightly exceeds the pump output requirement calculated in C.FP Pump (up to 80 psi/5.5 bar)Item Number PrefixPump TubeRoller AssemblyMaximum Output .0USA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP13

SECONDS MODE (dry contact signal)PROGRAM PUMP SETTINGS1.Calculate the Available Dose Time in Seconds.The available dose time is the minimum time interval between the water metercontact closures.a.60 Seconds Maximum System Flow Rate (spg)Maximum System Flow Rate (gpm)b.Maximum System Flow Rate (spg) Available Dose Time (sec.)Water Meter’s contacts per gallon (cpg)**2.Refer to the water meter model to confirm the contact rate (cpg).Calculate the Pump Operating Time in Seconds.Pump Output Requirement (gpd) x Available Dose Time (sec.) Pump Operating Time (sec.)Pump’s Maximum Output (gpd)PUMP OPERATING TIME EXCEEDING AVAILABLE DOSETIME MAY LEAD TO DOSING ERRORS. To reduce operating time, select a pump witha higher output or use a stronger solution strength.3.Calculate the Pump Operating Time Percentage.Reference the chart to find the pump’s maximum operating time for the formula below.Seconds ModeMAXIMUM Pump OperatingTime in Seconds1 SECOND1.05 SECONDS5.010 SECONDS10.020 SECONDS20.060 SECONDS60.0Pump Operating Time (sec.)x 100 Pump Operating Time PercentageMaximum Pump Operating Time (sec.)****14Value can only be 1, 5, 10, 20, or 60.Econ

SECONDS MODE (dry contact signal) continuedPROGRAM PUMP SETTINGS4.Program the Pump Operating Mode and the Pump Operating Time Percentage.Unlock the KeypadPress MODE and % simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds to unlock the keypad.Pump Operating ModeFirst, press and continue to hold MODE , then press or ; when the displayshows 1, 5, 10, 20 or 60 SECONDS, release both buttons to select based on thepump operating time determined in #2. The operating mode is now set.Pump Operating Time PercentageThe pump operating time can be set from 10% to 100% in 1% increments. First,press and continue to hold % , then press or to adjust the pumpoperating time percentage determined in #3. When the display shows the desiredpercent, release both buttons to select. The percentage is now set.For example, if the pump is set in the 60 seconds mode and the setting is 50%, the pump will run for30 seconds when it receives a signal from the water meter.60 SECONDS50% KEYPAD LOCKED Example of control panel with keypad locked.60 SECONDS 50%Example of control panel set for 50% of 60 seconds.USA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666Econ FP15

AUXILIARY (12-24 VAC/VDC signal)PROGRAM PUMP SETTINGSGeneral GuidelinesThe host device must have the ability to interface with the pump via a 12-24 VAC/VDCsignal. For typical water softener installation, the controller provides the ability to programthe amount of water that passes through the water softener in gallons per signal (referredto as Water Volume per Signal in 2a below) and the duration of the signal in seconds(referred to as Water Softener Chemical Feed Duration in 2b below).Refer to the specific water softener manual for instructions on how to program the settingsand make the signal connections to the metering pump.1.Determine the desired water volume (in gallons) that will pass through the watersoftener to require the (water softener) controller to send a signal to the meteringpump (e.g. at every gallon).NOTE: Smaller water volume between signals generally allows for more evenchemical dispersion.2.Calculate the Water Softener Chemical Feed Duration in Seconds.The water softener chemical feed duration (in seconds) is the programmed amount oftime that the (water softener) controller is continually activating the metering pump(to dispense chemical).a.Max System Flow Rate (gpm) Signals Per MinuteWater Volume per Signal (gallons per signal)b.60 Seconds Water Softener Chemical Feed Duration (sec.)Signals Per MinuteIF THE ACTUAL SYSTEM FLOW RATE EXCEEDS THE MAXIMUMSYSTEM FLOW RATE VALUE USED IN THE CALCULATION IN 2a; THE AVAILABLEWATER SOFTENER CHEMICAL FEED DURATION WILL BE REDUCED AND CAN LEAD TODOSING ERRORS.16Econ